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Motorola CEO Talks Global Branding, New Tablets and If He Would Like to Be First to Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha spoke this morning at the Oppenheimer Annual Technology & Communications Conference, delivering on a variety of questions over a 30 minute period.  He touched on the importance (or lack there of?) of the DROID Bionic, where they plan to go globally in the near future through branding, 2nd half tablets, and whether or not he would want to be first to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sanjay is always a good listen, so we’ve put together a brief summary of some of these parts that stuck out below.   

DROID Bionic:

We’ll start with the hottest of topics, the DROID Bionic.  While Sanjay would not go into any specific details, like say a launch date, he did make an interesting comment about this device being an “important product, but not the only product,” which sort of struck us.  Moto in general seems almost surprised at the success of the Photon 4G, DROIDX2 and DROID3, making the late Q3 release of the Bionic much less important, perhaps.  We know that it’ll be huge for their sales throughout the rest of the year, but you almost get the feeling that they have other things in the works to round out Q4 that could be as important.

A New Global Brand:

Moto could be looking to take a page out of Samsung’s Galaxy branding playbook in the very near future.  When asked today about their fragmentation across carriers around the globe (DROID and non-DROID, Milestone, etc.) and if they would adopt something similar to Samsung’s approach, Sanjay was clear that they are ready to do something immediately.

In fact he said that when you release lead products, “within a very short period across multiple carriers around the globe.  That then means you can put marketing dollars behind it and drive sales globally.”  The follow up question then went directly into branding and whether or not it would become more consistent, garnering this response, “You got it.  You will see with global launches, much greater consistency.”

Hello, KORE?  While many of us were looking at the KORE name as the next Moto tablet, what if they instead are using it as their new global brand name?  Just something to consider.

New 2nd Half Tablets:

Tablet talk this morning brought to the front, Motorola’s realization that they put too much weight behind their 3G/4G tablet and that they should have been pushing WiFi versions from the beginning.  Clearly they don’t read this site or our comments enough, or they would have know this from day 1.

He did say this though, “Price points move much faster than we anticipated.  We needed to launch globally with WiFi much earlier.  You will see us launch in 2nd half with our tablets, much more aggressive form factors, much greater differentiation in terms of enterprise capability, in terms of multimedia and in terms of distribution. And potentially some marketing plans behind that.”

So they clearly understand now that people want tablets that aren’t tied to carriers, in different forms factors, and that have much greater multimedia capabilities.  They are also planning a another mass marketing campaign which brings up that new KORE name again that we saw last week throughout a variety of new Moto domain purchases.  There is a chance that it could be the name of their next tablet, but it could also be the new branding of Moto’s mobile line globally.

On Being First to Ice Cream Sandwich:

To finish out Sanjay’s talk at today’s Oppenheimer conference, he was asked point blank, if he would want to be the first to Ice Cream Sandwich after dealing with the frustrations of being first to Honeycomb.  He had this to say:

“It depends. I would say by and large I would like to be the first. But there are times when being the first to launch has greater schedule uncertainty. You are taking more chances with new innovation in the beginning and sometimes that has negative impact. By and large, largely it’s a very positive thing.”

So even after dealing with a half-baked version of Honeycomb and a not-so-impressive selling of the XOOM, Sanjay understands that being the first to a new Android OS is incredibly important  Unfortunately for him, we’re pretty sure that Samsung will be first to ICS.

To Recap:

What I took from listening to this conversation, was that Motorola has big global plans in the very near future through both tablets and phones.  They have realized that marketing their products to a bigger market is much easier if they adopt a new brand name (possibly KORE), and that their focus is no longer just with Verizon and the DROID group.  I did not get the feeling that they will be moving away from DROID, but that everywhere else, they will have some sort of constant name other than Blur that their products can be recognized by.

Any thoughts come to mind from you guys?

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy and Zoom

  • Anonymous

    Zoom has:  Ports: USB 2.0 Headphone Jack HDMI  SGtab does not

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ 16GB AD 3.1 Tab  Operating System: Android 3.1 Honeycomb  Type: Internet Tablets  Screen Size: 10.1″  Memory Capacity: 1 GB  Features: Microphone WIFI Touchscreen GPS Video Playback Bluetooth Webcam Adobe® Flash 10.3 support  Touch Screen Type: Capacitive  CPU: NVIDIA Tegra 2  Storage Capacity: 16GB  Display: WXGA 1280×800  Touch Screen Type: Capacitive  Video Playback: MPEG-4 VC-1 H.264 3GP H.263 Divx/XviD  Audio Playback: WAV AAC MP3 OGG AC3 AAC+ AMR-NB AMR-WB eAAC+ IMY AAC (MONO) RTTTL/RTX OTA  Photo Viewing: JPEG BMP GIF PNG WBMP AGIF  Communications Type: Bluetooth 3.0 WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n)  Battery Capacity: 7000 mAh  Battery Run Time: Battery Usage – Up to 14 hours  Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.1″ x 6.9″ x 0.34″  Weight: 1.25 lbs  Aspect Ratio: 16:10  Cameras Included: 2 – Front & Rear  Back Camera: 3.0 MP  Front Camera: 2.0 MP

  • Anonymous

    Motorola Xoom 10inch Android 3.0 WiFi-Only Tablet  Operating System: Android 3.0 Honeycomb  Type: Internet Tablets  Screen Size: 10.1″  Memory Capacity: 1 GB  Features: USB WIFI Headphone Jack Touchscreen Video Playback Bluetooth Ambient Light Sensor Front & Rear Cameras  Touch Screen Type: Capacitive  CPU: NVIDIA Tegra 2  Storage Capacity: 32GB  Display: WXGA 1280×800  Media Card Types: Micro SD  Processor Speed: 1GHz  Communications Type: WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR + HID  Ports: USB 2.0 Headphone Jack HDMI  Battery Type: Lithium Polymer battery  Battery Capacity: 24 W Hr  Battery Run Time: Max Charge Time 3.5 hours Web surfing – up to 10 hours Music playback time – up to 42 hours Video playback time – up to 10 hours  Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.8″ x 6.6″ x 0.5″  Weight: 1.6lbs  Aspect Ratio: 16:10  Webcam Resolution: 2.0 MP  Cameras Included: 2 – Front & Rear  Back Camera: Auto focus Flash 5MP  Front Camera: Fixed Focus 2.0 MP

  • Im sorry but my Xoom is still an unfinished product. They need to fix the Xoom before doing anything else. I guarantee you if another Moto tablet comes out before my Xoom is finished I will be done with Motorola. Their lack of communication is upsetting.

  • Womack74

    You know, I was really considering purchasing a Droid Bionic, but it seems as if they are not putting that much emphasis on it these days. You would think that with as much fan fare this phone has received since it’s inception, that they would be doing all they could to get this phone out to the masses. So if Motorola doesn’t think that it’s important, then why should I. As each day passes, I get more and more intrigued by the SGSIi and less and less enamored with the DB. Pity, had they launched this phone 3 months ago, it could have quite possibly been the best selling smartphone Verizon ever had. What a missed opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    This makes a lot of sense dude. WOw.


  • MonkeyJamboree

    Where the hell is the news on the Webtop that’s been said to be for most high-end moto devices? my D3 needs it!

  • Anonymous

    While reading about the investors meeting can be interesting and you can maybe get some ideas of where theybare going from it, you really need to he careful and remember the audience to which they are speaking.

    For example the Bionic is already a known entity for investors. So he doesn’t need to sell them on it. He needs to temper expectations so that a poor review or a slow sales start doesn’t send the stock tumbling. If he said that the future was riding on this device, which is set to launch only a short time before the iPhone (based on current rumors) then regardless of how good the device is, it may mot sit well with investors.

    Other things like global consolidation sound good, but can be a huge risk for Motorola. Just look how poorly Blur has fared. There is already (as I see it) two classes of devices from Motorola… Droid and similar devices (matrix, Photon) and then there is the crud like the Backflip, the Cliq, etc… and that isn’t even considering the real junk like the Citrus. If executed improperly, the crud could tarnish the image more than the good devices can raise it. Then what?

    It will be interesting to see if they can execute this properly.

  • Anonymous

    This may be the first negative comment about Moto that is SPOT ON!  There is no doubt that they suck at marketing.  Every good promotion of Moto products has come from VZW.

  • Anonymous

    This is an investors meeting he is speaking at.  This is not a place to “promote” the Bionic.  He did that previously.  To the investors it is already a well known fact.  Now it is about tempering expectation of the stockholders to keep them from dumping the stock if one bad review comes in or initial sales aren’t as hoped.  He doesn’t want the investors to believe that the future is based on this one phone (as it was with the OG Droid).

  • Anonymous

    Get it fixed (or replaced if under warranty)… and figure out what is eating your battery, because unless you are rocking an original Cliq (or maybe a Cliq XT), it isn’t Blur that is the issue.

  • Anonymous

    My bet will be that with the Bionic released in September (theoretically), we won’t see the Dinara until CES.

  • Anonymous

    everytime i see a picture of this turd or read an article involving him i just want to take a big fat dump and fedex it to him.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the multi-apk in the market can now handle that.  It is up to the developers to decide what devices they wish to support.  It is not an Android problem that there are people that want a low end device and that there is a mfr willing to meet that need.  It also isn’t a problem that not every device can be supported.

    There are things you can do on a Macbook Pro that you can’t do on a standard Macbook.  There are things that run on the iPhone 4 that don’t run on the (still being sold) iPhone 3Gs.  There are plenty of lapttops out there that can’t play Crysis or other video intensive PC Games.  

    This notion that fragmentation is such a problem for Android is a straw man built by Apple Fanboys (and Apple of course).

  • Anonymous

    Do you make any actual points that mean anything to investors?  Or have any basis in reality?  Or should he be fired just because you don’t like certain things?

    X2… disappointment?  Why?  Because one person said the Pentile display was bad, and now anything that isn’t an oversaturated, eye seering Super AMOLED Plus Mega Ultra screen is crap?

    Blur is not a problem, any more than any other skin.  Each have their pros and their cons.  Only Sense seems to get a pass on being a bloaty, invasive skin because it has a pretty clock.  

    Locked bootloaders affects what… maybe we are up to 3% of the market?  Yeah, they should fire him for that!  smh.

    Now the Atrix dock… that I have less of an issue.  I think it was a strategy blunder that affects EPS… from an investors perspective… and the fact that they intend to make more of these disasters, would worry me.

    In this meeting he admitted as much about global presence and the need (and plan) to fix that.

    Well, what are they going to have to “show” for a delayed device.  Perhaps not the losses and inventory glut that HTC has with the Thunderbolt, Samsung with the Charge and LG with the Revolution.  Nobody, in their right mind says… hey you should have shipped it broken and unusable, so you have SOMETHING in the market.  

    Neither the NexusOne nor the Nexus S set the world on fire sales wise, I don’t think not being the Nexus maker is that big a deal.

  • Anonymous

    Why would suck a thing even come up at an investors meeting?  It has absolutely zero importance to the investors whether then are going to appease a small but vocal percentage of users by unlocking the bootloader.  If it doesn’t affect earnings, it isn’t in an investors meeting.

  • Anonymous

    Jha is a smart guy, but he’s deluding himself about the reasons Xoom failed. It didn’t flop because of its form factor, or even because Honeycomb is half-baked – it’s because the company pissed off its customers by failing to deliver features as advertised, and segmented the market and treated non-US customers as second-class citizens.

    This was the first device, and they had a specific target audience that really, really wanted to buy it, and like it. They needed to win over the real early adopters, the guys who love stuff at the bleeding edge. The hackers, the guys who love installing Ubuntu on the thing, building custom ROMs, testing the limits of video replay, of 3D performance.

    They also needed to actually make it do all the stuff they promised. It was supposed to have USB on the go, and MicroSD card support. Fair enough, native support wasn’t built into Honeycomb, but that didn’t stop ASUS who licenced tech that allowed them to deliver it anyway for the Transformer. A company that wants to make its customers happy, to make them *delighted* to own the device, will do that – and not point fingers elsewhere. Honeycomb doesn’t have great video codec support built in. OK, but the likes of Samsung licence tech that allows them to play all the common formats super-smoothly. Motorola could have licenced Rockplayer or the likes, problem solved. They promised US customers LTE. OK, so Verizon’s network wasn’t ready but they just stayed silent and did nothing for their customers. No explanation, so rebate for the month of service that was supposed to be delivered.

    This is the behaviour of a company that doesn’t get it, that doesn’t understand the ways it’s making its customers unhappy, and how instead it could be making them very happy.

    The Xoom running Tiamat 3.2 is an awesome device, really. If Motorola had delivered this device – was *even now* shipping this device, as feature-complete as this, as up-to-date as this, and supported in all regions… well, XOOM would be spoken of in the same sentence as the DROID, and not in the same sentence as the KIN, as is sadly how it’s gone.

  • Anyone else just generally NOT like this guy?

  • Given what a cluster **** the Xoom updates outside the US are I think he should rethink his plans for global domination.

  • HaHa Is that Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer in that picture?

  • Mike Mike

    I love watching Moto vomit on their shoes

  • faber78

    This guy is such an idiot.

  • Djstar2k2

    i think sj is a smart dude tech wise but maybe not so much ppl or end user wise and i think thats where the gap is between the hit the og droid was and what mr moto has been putting out.  ok now @ jakub im not sure of the fact sheet but im sure the og droid sold more than dx.  the xoom part failure was due to them lame ass commercials and the price.  and for sj to blame uncle googs is just plain wack.honeycomb 3.0 to 3.2 aint changed much and all other honeycomb tabs are doing well.  atrix was a monster hardware wise but be honest slurr over android kinda tanked it and again the dock was priced to high.  mr moto makes a great phone they been in the game a long time but maybe its time to get back that stock android that gave mr moto the life it had killed after the razar

  • Anonymous

    flap you ears and fly away my paci boy.

  • This guy brings out the worst in what should be their best customers. look at all the flagged posts

  • Every time I see a post with this pic I want to slap this idiot for trying to ruin the Andriod brand and Motorola.

  • DroidX1 0

    Pffffft.  Ice cream sandwich?  Are you kidding me?  Most of the new phones don’t even have Gingerbread yet, and that was Q4 of LAST year.  And those that do (DX1) it’s buggy.  It’s about a 1 year wait for a new Android OS from it’s release.  So Ice cream sandwich is probably 1 year away minimum, more like 1.5 years.  Some phones just got Froyo this year, think about that…

  • RW-1

    Let’s sum this up properly:

    Jha = Tool.

  • slappynutz

    What be the first to ice cream so you can screwed it up like you did with the xoom…

  • Foof

    Hey Sanjay, how about a little love for your Xoom early adopters?

  • I saw a Xoom display out of the corner of my eye the other day at Best Buy, and I swear for a minute I thought it said Zune!. Also, a rep at Best Buy told me that “The Galaxy Tab is ready for Ice Cream Sandwich, but not the TouchPad” I honestly think he meant to say the Thrive, but still.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe that’s why I have no interest in the Xoom. Sounds to much like Zune.

  • All this talk about the different manufacturers making the Nexus Prime.  What if we are all wrong?  What if the true answer, is that multiple manufacturers will be releasing a Nexus Prime on the different carriers.  We already have heard rumors that all the carriers were getting a Prime simultaneously, so it wouldn’t sound far fetched, especially considering the amount of different phone manufacturers we’ve heard were “in the running”, that multiple manu’s would be making multiple Nexus Primes for multiple carriers.  In fact, this approach would seem to make more sense…

  • Anonymous

    I guess I missed something but why are people so sure Samsung is getting ICS first?

    • Anonymous

      I was wondering the same thing. Anyone got an answer? Are they producing the next Nexus?

  • El El Kool J

    well we here in this community want unlocked bootloaders and no blur, but evidently the masses want what we dont. or dont really care, cuz their sales have been great.. but everyone has their haters!

  • Anonymous

    “Unfortunately for him, we’re pretty sure that Samsung will be first to ICS.”

    I’m pretty sure he is aware of just that, and that’s exactly why he answered the way he did.

  • No mention of unlocking bootloaders which they said would be happening toward year end, where allowed, has me thinking they’re trying to tuck those statements under the carpet. If they had any plans to actually do so, it would have come up.

  • Might have been the extremely insensitive picture and comment. Don’t surprised at our readers level of integrity and short fuse for ignorant people. 

    Thanks 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The comment i get was offensive, how is the picture insensitive. He is a man and he existed in history

      • Hitler is like Voldemort, dude. You just don’t go there hah
        Sorry for the lame ass analogy, but I figured it made sense 🙂

  • LotharMTh

    Who cares. So long as they shipped phones with encrypted bootloaders and that crap Blur interface, it won’t matter, they will still lose market share.

  • Shifterracer

    i’m surprised this guys still has a job after the xoom 4g promiss/screwup!

    • hkklife

      He SHOULDN’T have a job after Motorola Mobility’s disastrous 2010/2011 (so far): 

      -Mediocre follow-ups to the OG Droid (D2 etc) and the disappointing X2
      -Bungled Gingerbread implementation (either flaky or delayed)
      -Continuing to push Blur down users’ throats
      -Locked bootloaders & disappearing camera buttons
      -Overpriced Atrix dock accessories
      -Until the Photon, no really strong devices outside of VZW and little global presence
      -Continuous delays on the Bionic w/ little to show for it
      -Disastrous Xoom launch (overpriced, 3G version first, missed deadline for 4G upgrade)
      -Unlikely to get to build the “next Nexus” handset

  • so basically he didnt want to say anything people wanted to know…got it.

    i stand by my statement, next phone is HTC.

    • Anonymous

      LOL.   And you think HTC is any better?  Batteries suck.  Plastic sucks.  And they usually die within the first year.  So good luck with that.  

  • NEXT

    “You are taking more chances with new innovation in the beginning and sometimes that has negative impact. By and large, largely it’s a very positive thing.”
    This statement sums up the competence of Sanjay. He’s should be a politician, not a CEO of a major tech company.

  • Anonymous

    I object. We don’t want that idiot on our team.

  • Anonymous

    I object. We don’t want that idiot on our team.

  • Droid Life is seriously turning into a hate Moto site…I almost don’t want to read any articles related to Motorola due to all the readers hate. It’s sickening….

    • Anonymous

      Not exactly sure what’s so negative about this article.  I actually am looking forward to the Bionic and what they have planned for the future.  Just because they had a rough patch to start 2011, doesn’t mean they are the worst company on the planet.

      Or did you mean because all of the readers are starting to dislike Moto? 😛

      • I definitely meant the readers. I know you don’t spew hate about Motorola. Didn’t mean to make it seem I was dissing your articles.

        • Anonymous

          No need to apologize at all.  

          I think what it comes down to, is people were so pleased with the original DROID that the expect (or at least want) Motorola to bring us something similar.  And when they keep moving as far away from their most successful product of all time, it can be very frustrating.

          The baffling thing to me is how they can stray so far from something so successful.  Normally businesses try to replicate previous success, Moto on the other hand, seems to want to try and keep reinventing it.

          It’s of course also not helping that companies like HTC are being very upfront with their customers about things like bootloaders, when Moto seems to be still tucking their stance away.

          We’re a passionate Android crowd, that’s for sure.

          • Anonymous

            I hear what your saying Kellex but the new “blur” is very polished and no lag. In fact it’s got allot of positive stuff like the 3d affect, carousel effect, that shine across the widgets, etc. Sometimes it really seems you are partial to Samsung in your reviews. No matter what Samsung-G2 can do no wrong even with the power button on the side….. Anyway I just think a review should stick with the product you are reviewing and not bring another phone into it. Motorola made the first Droid and i think people forgot about that just because Samsung made one good phone and HTC is unlocking their bootloaders. Let’s face it the Tbolt was a train wreck, and the Samsung Droid charge was a joke. IMO…. 🙂  I love your site though… 🙂

          • Jason

            Did you see where Jha was even talking about windows 8? You think in the future they could switch over or try to make that apart of there branding. There struggling with android I don’t think takinig on windows 8 would be wise.

            “We’re not leading the charge on Windows 8, but as we become comfortable that [Windows 8] is a viable ecosystem [and] that the quality of innovation and quality of services and quality of capabilities [are] being delivered there, we will certainly be open to that,” he said in response to a question.
            Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20090423-64/motorola-ceo-completely-open-to-windows-8/#ixzz1UdZIpzZS

          • Anonymous

            I have to disagree with some points here.

            1.  Not sure that the Droid was Motorola’s biggest success ever.  I’m not even sure it is their best selling Android phone since (as many people appear to have forgotten) the Droid X was a huge hit last year, selling out the first day.

            2.  Only the original Droid was unlocked… even the Milestone version was locked.  So it is not like they were moving away from a position… they have maintained it from the word go with the exception of the VZW Droid which was like DevPhone 3 (G1 and MyTouch being DevPhone Rev 1 and 2).  So it was an “exception” and really that is all.

            3.  Where Motorola has been a complete and utter failure so far is marketing.  VZW was responsible for the marketing behind the Droid.  Left to their own, Motorola comes up with… well… that stupid commericial we saw during the SuperBowl.

            4.  The part of about HTC is true… somewhat, but even they have been having to do some dancing lately, because they are going to upgrade something, then they are not, then they are again, then it won’t void your warranty, then it will.  Perception is definitely a big part of this as HTC is perceived to be more “friendly” and I guess this is the reason people (in forums like this) are more willing to give them a pass and not complain when Sense has gotten so bloated it can’t fit on phones that are less than 6 months old, or they put their foot in their mouths about Gingerbread updates.  Much like the marketing area, Motorola fails in this respect… but that doesn’t make their actual phones any worse.  

            There is nothing wrong with passion… or debate.  But I think what Michael is talking about is the sheer anger and almost person (and sometimes personal) level that people seem to take.  It is like “How dare you like a Motorola phone?”  and doing so seems to make some people think it is then OK to just lash out in a vile manner.

    • I hate Moto and I hate you for not hating Moto.

  • Anonymous

    “they should have been pushing WiFi versions from the beginning”

    and a world of Android fanatics smugly tapped “I told you so” from their Galaxy Tabs and Transformers.

  • Anonymous

    Sort of like first to launch an lte tablet and then can get it done. A real company would always want to be first and make the best jha is a fool.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely hate the name KORE. The Droid branding is just genius, but as we all know, it didn’t come from the “great brains” of Moto. Now, they are on their own, and you can tell that they suck at marketing.

  • WW

    Its his subtle way of saying dont expect that much from the Bionic.

    • docking

      Have to agree….What a perfect opportunity to promote the Bionic today and they blew it.  I have been holding out, but the more I read from this site and comments, it makes me wonder what phone I really want. I love my OG, but I want speed and docking ability.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like theyve figured out what they’re doing to gain larger user base and sales. Only thingnleft is to gain back the developers by offering a similar unlocking tool like HTC’s implementation.

  • Dr. Buttballs

    Sanjay likes penis in his booty hole.

  • It’s always interesting to see how many lies he spits out of us face, but other than that, no, I don’t find him to be a “good listen.”

  • Steel888

    Why all the hate on moto? Anyway, thanks for the D3. Its been A++.

    • Unexpected62

      mine reboots once/twice a day and the spacebar sticks while the battery gets raped…

      • Anonymous

        Then get a replacement or get rid of it, easy.

  • remember the razer line up ?  and how they f’d that up 

    • Blood

      What did he say?

      • Rizzidy

        You have to remember these bleeding heart Portlanders have absolutely no sense of humor.

      • CaptainAmerica

        Really look at your picture and name. If you knew anything about Hitler it would be that he was a P■ssy who committed suicide.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t say Captain America.

  • DayTurkOurJobz

    all the Bionic vs SG2 vs Vigor folks (like me), don’t act like you didn’t know to close your eyes when Sanjay sprays us in the face with the “Dinara” in Q4, and will make every Bionic owner gag violently for having waited so long only to be pushed aside like a big hunk of old tech, all right around santa time!

  • OG Droid

    When I see a picture of this dude all I can think of is hate!!

  • Jim Dandy

    Don’t hate the Bionic, hate this [email protected] face.

    • Jeff

      He comes across as arrogant and he talks down to his customers…  I do not think it helps Motorola for him to make public statements…..

      • Anonymous

        He was talking to investors.  Everything in here is geared towards that.

    • Anonymous

      I just paiid $21.87 for an iPad2-32 GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://to.ly/aUlw

    • Adam Elghor

      why cant i like this comment a million times!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    What an idiot.  Moto says they are just now figuring out the preference of the consumer for WiFi?  I’m not buying it (pun intended), there’s no way they’re that stupid.  I think it’s more likely the carriers offered them marketing deals to push 3g/4g versions of the tablets, which bit them in the azz when sales were lackluster.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I thought when I ready that last article.  They are going to use it for marketing, it’ll mean a Moto phone or a certain experience.  They’ve never build custom websites (other than a landing page) for a device and doubt they are going to start now.  
    Coming this winter: Droid HD a Moto Kore Experience

  • Anonymous

    F Sanjay

    • Anonymous

      While I got caught up int he popular bash Sanjay stuff with the Xoom 4G debacle.  I have to say you can’t kill the guy yet.  I’m sure if you tracked the CEOs of HTC and Samsung they had some unsuccessful  products launch under their watch.  If they come through with a solid 2H and mimic what HTC is supposedly going to do with bootloaders I think it’ll all be forgotten in 2012.

      • RW-1

        The problem with that statement is that Jha and his company have a string of failures, not just one or two devices.

        This is a company that got lucky with one device, and milks it until it’s dead. V3, Droid, and I won’t include the Xoom here, though a fail.

        • Droid X was the best selling smartphone on Verizon…..

          Yes to you geeks it was fail because blurrr/bootloader but somehow everyone else bought it.

          D3 is selling great now too….

          Xoom had no blurr/bootloader and look how shitty it sold, lte would make little difference.

          Atrix might have been initially a failure thanks to at&t but now it’s probably the best device out there.
          Unlocked, GB, dual core, 1GB ram, great size, great gps, great speakers, great “phone” qualities.

          Meanwhile all you trolls are waiting for the SGS2 which is some magical device, dual core, gb, 1gb ram, blah blah, same shit, nothing special, except gps is weak, wifi is weak, no led notification, screen defects  but you have the SUMALDFOFE screen with over saturated colors you can brag about.

          Seriously already get better/equal benchmarks with my crappy Moto than a stock GS2 and that’s clocked lower.

          For the next device it had to be something more special to upgrade.  quad core, 2gb ram 720p +, tegra 3, something. 

          But really the Bionic should have been out long time ago, that’s one thing Moto really screwed up on.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think anyone thinks Motorola products are crappy. Why so negative?

            They are great… We just want them to allow unlocking for those that want it.

          • TARSIS BRITO


          • Anonymous

            Do you actually read these threads?  I understand where Juakub is coming from, because it is the same thing over and over again.  Hearing the same, stupid, unsubstantiated revisionist claims.

            Myth: “Motorola hasn’t had a good phone since the OG Droid”

            Fact is that the Droid X was a big hit last year, and while the Atrix dock is the bomb I expected it to be, the phone seems to be doing just fine.  Too early to tell about the Photon, but since Sprint seems to invest so much in the EVO brand, not sure how it will do.  And if the Bionic does well, then Motorola is doing just fine with good phones.  

            Distortion:  Xoom was a failure because of Motorola.

            Honeycomb was not ready for prime time when it launched.  I see the Xoom much in the same light as the original G1.  It is the one that takes the hits for being not fully baked, but at the same time, each revision (which hits this device first) is making it better and better.  

            I have also seen BS like “build issues” and so on.  Not reality.  Revisionist history.  If Motorola made a mistake with the Xoom, it was that they should have had the wi-fi ready at launch and also had a 16 GB model (both carrier bound and wi-fi) at the launch to match lower price points.  Funny point is, Jha admits as much in this speech.

            and I can go on, but I have said this all before.

            In your case, you may just be looking for the unlocked bootloader.  But others are seemingly out for revenge, like Motorola ate they pudding at recess or something.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with the first part.  As for the Xoom I think the LTE upgrade blame has to be put on them.  Samsung got an LTE Tegra 2 tablet out the door before their upgrade started.  I can’t see blaming Verizon or Google on not being able to meet the same deadline Samsung did.  I think it’s this problem that’s generating the most anger, much more so than 3.0 buginess and sdcard.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t deny that this was a major screw up by Motorola not getting the 4G out the door in a timely manner.  Fair enough, and I don’t argue with anybody that complains on that point.

            But I disagree that this is the reason for the vitriol. (since there are more people a… with wi-fi than 4G and B. Most of the real haters I am talking about don’t even own the tablet).  Just look at how many people bitch about the SD Card because some mfrs used the hack to enable the card.  Look at how many claim poor build quality (never an issue with Motorola devices), when that has never been an issue, and of course it doesn’t apply to only the Xoom.  It has come to a point where if the name Motorola is on it… it seems to give people what they believe is free reign to just lash out in every direction.

          • Anonymous

            Agreed, most posters are just following the flock.

          • Anonymous

            Alot of people just get carried away with what they are trying to say and end up not making their point. I do it myself sometimes… For example if I say the D1 is the last great phone Moto made. This is perhaps not the best way to make a point because of course the DX was a superior phone “and I owned it” but it was not superior in regards to roms and kernels. 

            Actually I think every single one of us is correct in whatever we say because we have different needs and wants. One phone could be perfect for one person while it is not for the next. Motorola phones would be perfect for everyone if they just gave the option to unlock like HTC is headed towards. If every company gave us the option to void our warranty and rest that on us, then we would just argue over which phone is best…. LOL  Which is all we do anyway….  

          • Anonymous

            I love it…. well said….

          • I LOVE MY DROID2X

            They keep hating on moto ceo and motorolla in general lol these stupid trolls feel that droid 1 was the first android phone it was the best at that time and the one that revolutionized android but the best droid to this date is droid x or droid2x depends on how that is selling. Regular people do not care about how a minority people feel about bootloader and shit we look for quality and moto has that and more. DROID 1 DROID 2 DROID X DROID 2X MOTOROLLA PHOTON ATRIX BIONIC DINARA EVERYTHING IS GOOD FROM MOTO STOP THE HATE AND GO PLAY WITH HTC TOYS STUPID TROLLS

          • Anonymous

            Well said…

          • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        You refer to it like it’s over.  Um, I still don’t have 4G.

        LTE = Lied to Everyone.

  • Anonymous

    What is ICS supposed to do, I see alot of people get excited about it & the only thing I know is that its supposed to deal with this fragmentation issue android has

    • Anonymous

      It’s Honeycomb with more features and meant for smartphones and tablets alike. It helps bridge the gap between the two devices for both the consumer and the developer – consumers get a consistent look and feel and UX across devices and developers can more easily program their apps to work on multiple devices and form factors without breaking a sweat.

      • Anonymous

        Yea but do they still have that problem with different screen sizes, different processors, ram you can fix the software problem…but what about the hardware problem seeing that there more android phones everyday.

        • geedee82

          You think having hardware choices is a problem? iGnorant

          • It’s a problem when fragmentation among developers occurs. Look at EA games and Gameloft with their piss-poor device support. That’s just 2 examples off the top of my head, there are others.

        • Anonymous

          I never said the problem would go away. I just said it would be easier to handle because before Honeycomb 3.2 there wasn’t really anything you could do to appease multiple form factors. ICS will expand on Honeycomb’s technology.

    • Shieatt

      Not much is known, but it will be interesting to see what matias duarte does with the ui.  It is known that much of the Honeycomb UI elements will start showing up in phones with Iee Cream Sandwhich, but for the most part, no MAJOR features are really known to be coming with the next iteration of android

  • He is a liar and bamboozler. Fix the devices you already have ripped off your customers with and stop worrying about Ice Cream Sandwiches.

    • I just ate an Ice Cream Sandwich. They are good.

      • I just ate a jelly bean, they are better

        • I just ate your mom, Ill take the ice cream sandwich now.

          • Hey douchecanoe, get the F*ck outta here.

          • I will, riding your mom till her legs fall off!

          • Adam Elghor

            what did he say

        • Was is a Jelly Belly jelly bean flavored like an Ice Cream Sandwich?  Cause that would be Win of the Year.

          • no it wasn’t, now I wish it was 🙁

        • Adam Elghor

          well i just had a Klondike bar bitches!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I just ate a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. They are better. :]
        Seriously, I can’t stand ice cream sandwiches. The wierd chocolate stuff they put on it destroys my stomach. Now a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. That’s yum.

        • Anonymous

          Weird chocolate stuff?  It’s essentially chocolate cake compacted into a slab.

          • Anonymous

            It’s a perversion of chocolate cake. LOL. I used to like it but one day I couldn’t stand the taste of it anymore.

          • Anonymous

            Tastes like cake to me. *shrug*

    • Anonymous

      When has he lied? And stop with the racism (in response to your other comment). It’s the “YOU LIE!” thing with Obama all over again.

      Anyway, Motorola realizes they messed up with tablets and are making sure they get them right the second time around. Motorola entirely redesigned a flagship phone and delayed it multiple months just to make sure they got it right. Motorola keeps bootloaders locked and difficult to unlock because their primary concern is the enterprise, something no other smartphone or tablet manufacturer (except RIM, naturally) really focuses on. All in all, they are doing quite a bit right, but they need to tweak their approach a bit for more success.

      Stop with the ignorant hatred.

      • LotharMTh

        And yet they still shipped it with that crap Blur…they delayed it and delayed it to make it perfect, yet they kept blur, they aren’t even trying any more.

        • Anonymous

          Every manufacturer will put their custom software on every device of theirs, save for Nexus series and a few other exceptions. It’s a major selling point to say “you could buy that Samsung, OR you could buy our Sense-capable HTC phone. You’d be crazy to give up Sense! You can sync your phone with our services that are awesome!11!”

          Motorola had Blur on their Bionic at CES 2011. They have it in August 2011. They never lied about removing it and want to make sure Blur is a great skin and will not stop until they can achieve that goal.

          • LotharMTh

            They have to work harder. It sucks worst than a STD laced hooker.

          • Anonymous

            No, it really doesn’t.  Quit with the hyperbole, the redesigned and no longer called blur is a gigantic improvement over the old blur which you are probably still thinking about.

        • Anonymous

          I will concede one point.  The MotoBlur launcher sucks.  But guess what… so does Sense, and so does ToouchWiz, and so does the stock launcher.  That is why there is such a large market for LauncherPro, ADW, Go Launcher, etc.

          That being said, Blur is now the least invasive of the major skins.  This is not like the crap they put on the Cliq.  Yes, back then it was complete and utter crap.  But that simply isn’t the case any longer.

          Sense is getting so bloated that HTC is having trouble shoehorning it into phones that are 3 – 6 months old.  TouchWiz,… well… it is just always gonna suck.  It did on Windows Mobile and it does now… nothing changes there.

          So not trying?  I’d say they are trying harder, but since people (around here) are so angry about a locked bootloader, everything Motorola does is “wrong”

      • Droidrev71

        Let me guess mapekz, you like spending money on ideas? Did you invest in the idea of the 4g xoom? Well, I did and that situation has pissed me and others off!! If you want to get technical on wether our not he lied is crazy. He is a thief!

        • Hasn’t pissed me off 4g is a waste on tablets…it rips through that data cap…..I’ll keep it 3g

        • Titan253

          Dont forget, you and everyone else technically bought the idea of a 3g tablet that would be upgraded to 4g. Now, it’s fair to say that you never anticipated it taking this long, but that’s the risk that inherently came with moto’s strategy. That’s not to say i wouldn’t be just as pissed as you with the situation, but it’s the price you pay for being an early adopter 

          • Anonymous

            Exactly. I bought my Xoom knowing it would be a while before I got the 4G upgrade. Did they say they weren’t doing it? Nope. It just took a long ass time. I don’t understand where this idea of a “Xoom debacle” came from. They never lied to us in this respect.

            Besides, it’s not like we’re crazy enough to actually buy those rip off 4G packages from Verizon anyway. Most of us just wanted a Xoom ASAP for WiFi use since we knew the WiFi version would take longer to come out. I’m happy with my purchase.

          • Droidrev71

            Ohhh man ohhh man. When something is promised on may out june and july and august then into september, there is quite a story there. Not only the 4g crap but the sd card support! I don’t care if I was an “early adopter” I could ruin out and get out now and still be in the same boat. I wouldn’t steal and lie to make money neither should motorola. They knew before they were sold that the lte wasn’t going to work. That’s why they changed the bionics processor! So they did screw us on purpose!

          • Anonymous

            You confuse “rumor” for promises.  There was 1 delay.  Everything else was speculation, rumor, inuendo and guesses.

          • Droidrev71

            3g on anything tablet or phone sux. So you waste your money on a “4g” tablet and don’t want the 4g, ok? So why wouldn’t you be upset that your tablet is worth much less than what you paid for it? Why wouldn’t you see the fact that you were scammed? Ohhh, cause you didn’t want to pay 4g price data.. Now I understand.. Are you kidding me? Do you know how long the non replaceable battery will last on a xoom? By the time they have this thing up to date (if ever) you are going to have to carry around a car battery to use it! These batteries lady any where from one to two years depending on usage. I was told that fact directly from motorola. So I think they mislead me period! Thank God I sold mine a few weeks ago. Motorola can kiss my a**!

          • Droidrev71

            They lied by selling you a device they knew wasn’t 4g capable! You seriously can’t see that? Wtf.

          • Anonymous

            There is nothing about the device that is not 4G capable.  Are they having problems getting whatever LTE radio they are using to work with Tegra 2.  Yup.  It is a frustrating situation to be sure, but you are making an unfair leap.  

        • Anonymous

          Did he ever give us an exact date on when to expect the 4G upgrade? They said later this summer IIRC. Summer doesn’t end until the last week of September. Even if it takes another week or so, they are only human so they never really lied to us.

          Now, if they said they would give us the 4G upgrade free of charge and we would be able to send in our devices and have them returned with the new hardware…and then today they say “by the way, nope, we can’t do it. Bye!” then yes, they are lying to our faces and are thieves. But they have not done this and nothing points to them going this route either.

      • Kevin

        what racism? and where did obama come from? do you notice a lot of people rolling their eyes when you talk to them at a party or work?

        • Anonymous

          I believe the racism is in the remark now flagged for review.  And while a poor analogy, what he meant by the “Obama again” was there was an incident where a person yelled “You Lie” during one of the Presidents speeches.  The only real similarity is that in both cases the one doing the screaming of “you lie” had no basis in fact, just a dislike for the speaker.

      • You are the ignoramus. They have messed up every phone they put their greasy little hands on. Get over it. It’s the truth. Their customer satisfaction is less than 35%-Horrible Mensa boy. Their enterprise integration is the worst of the bunch, you have no clue. They stink, you suck.

      • Nerdslogic

        Personally I think they he lied with the whole “we are going to unlock boot loaders” thing. Yes….I know….late 2011….well we are getting late into 2011 and I don’t see no unlocked boot loader, mention of unlocked boot loader, or hint there of for my X2, D3, DX, D2G, or Bionic….you would think at least their “Flagship” phone would have the promised and oh-so-sought after unlocked or unlockable boot loader….but does it.


        • Nerdslogic

          I am not saying I have a Bionic….I am saying the soon to be released Bionic is LOCKED

        • Anonymous

          Earlier this year HTC promised unlocked bootloaders.  They did NOTHING until the HTCDev site… (which still isn’t live).  “Late” 2011 and SUMMER are NOT the same thing.  Also the caveat of “where carrier allows” is the one thorn in that.

          Also, if any phone would be the one to stay locked it would be the flagship, because that is the one that you want to ensure has “a common user experience” and you don’t have variations flying around confusing people.



  • Good news. I never used Motorola, but I’m willing to switch bionic depending on what happens. My dad still uses a Razer. (although his first one broke, hes using my moms old one) granted his phone use is about once a week.