Is the Motorola KORE the Next Big Tablet or Phone?

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When Motorola starts buying up domains that include a robotic or DROID-esque type of word, we start paying close attention.  Such is the case this week, after they apparently bought a variety of them which all include the word “KORE.”  Can you get anymore futuristic or mechanical than that?  Could it be the XOOM2?  Maybe the device to follow the Bionic that is currently codenamed DROID HD?  CEO Sanjay Jha said that their current plan is to have another LTE phone by the end of the year.  We just assumed it was that leaked AT&T device, but wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be on Verizon.

The current list looks something like this:,,,, and  I’d say they fully expect whatever this is, to be huge.  You won’t find Moto owning, or even

*Note – Many of you in the comments are pointing out that this could be a mash-up of Core, Quad-Core and Kal-El (NVIDIA’s new processor) – KORE.  I’m liking that.

Any guesses?

Via:  Fusible, Android Community



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