Good Read: History of Motorola – From Marty Cooper to the OG DROID and Sanjay to Today

If you were looking for a solid article that covers the history of Motorola from its glorious days of inventing the first mobile phone to its eventual fall, rise again thanks to the original DROID, to its landslide decline again before being sold to Google and then to Lenovo, Chicago Magazine has you covered. In a piece released at the beginning of the week, the story of one of America’s most innovative companies is detailed from the good times to the bad. We’re talking from its founding days in 1928 as Galvin Manufacturing Corp to its current up-in-the-air status with a Lenovo acquisition looming over their new downtown Chicago headquarters.

You should really go read the full article if Motorola’s history interests you at all, but for the sake of saving a bit of time and grabbing your attention, we have pulled out a couple of excerpts on events that stood out to us, starting in the 70s.   (more…)

Google Closes Motorola Acquisition, Sanjay Jha is Indeed Out as CEO

With China giving their approval of Google’s acquisition of Motorola over the weekend, both companies said it would be a matter of days before they closed. It took two, as they finalized the deal this morning.

Google made sure to mention that Motorola will remain a separate company and that they will license Android, which will remain open. They also noted that Sanjay Jha will step down as CEO of Motorola and that Dennis Woodside, a senior VP at Google, will take his place as the new CEO of Motorola. This move was rumored all the way back in February. Jha will help as he can to ensure a smooth transition. For those concerned about Jha, know that he made $47 million last year and also plans to take home a massive check for stepping down, now that this deal has been completed.

There were no immediate plans for change specifically noted in the press release this morning other than the fact that Woodside has brought on an all-star team of industry leaders to help the company going forward.

Now that the deal is done, are you ready to see this merger “supercharge” Android?  (more…)

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha Made $47 Million in 2011, Four Times his 2010 Pay

According to a regulatory filing, current Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha managed to roll in a total compensation package of around $47 million dollars in 2011, almost 4 times his pay from 2010. Motorola claims that the rise in pay was due to the successful split of Motorola in to two divisions:  Mobility and Solutions. Feel free to sit and think about that for a second….OK, let’s continue.

This comes only 3 months after Motorola reported their Q4 2011 earnings, which showed an $80 million net loss for the quarter. They have scheduled for their Q1 2012 earnings to be released on May 1, but will not have a live call to discuss them – something they decided to cut out once the acquisition by Google inched closer to completion. Speaking of that situation, we are still waiting for China to sign off on it before it can become finalized officially. The U.S. and Europe already have.

And if you were wondering about his status with the company, according to Motorola, Jha is still the CEO. It has been two months since rumors pegged Google’s Dennis Woodside as his successor. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some sort of announcement on this front when those Q1 earnings are released.

Via:  Reuters

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Bloomberg: Sanjay Jha is Out at Motorola, Google Will Appoint Dennis Woodside as New CEO

Oh, boy. According a report from Bloomberg, current Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha will be replaced by Dennis Woodside, who is a senior VP at Google and has been leading the transition of the two companies and reporting directly to CEO Larry Page.

Now that the merger has essentially been signed off on, we sort of expected there to be some shuffling up at the top. But dropping Sanjay? Did anyone see that coming? OK, be real, many of you were certainly hoping this would happen after 2 years of questionable moves by Motorola’s smartphone division and what seems to be declining sales quarter after quarter.

Neither Motorola nor Google would confirm the move, but Bloomberg seems to be satisfied with their 3 sources who of course, will remain nameless.

If you are wondering how Sanjay will survive going forward, rumor has it that he will make somewhere around $66 million extra thanks to pushing this merger into the lap of Google. I’d say he should be able to put dinner on the table for a couple of years.

And yeah, I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this one.

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Motorola CEO Talks Global Branding, New Tablets and If He Would Like to Be First to Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha spoke this morning at the Oppenheimer Annual Technology & Communications Conference, delivering on a variety of questions over a 30 minute period.  He touched on the importance (or lack there of?) of the DROID Bionic, where they plan to go globally in the near future through branding, 2nd half tablets, and whether or not he would want to be first to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sanjay is always a good listen, so we’ve put together a brief summary of some of these parts that stuck out below.    (more…)

Motorola: We’ll Have Another LTE Phone and 2 New LTE Tablets by the End of the Year

With the release time frame of the DROID Bionic now out of the way, we can start focusing on what Motorola has for us in the future.  CEO Sanjay Jha in today’s Q2 earnings call, would not go into intimate details (not that we were expecting him to), but he did mention his company’s plans to release all sorts of LTE products throughout the rest of the year, bringing their total to “at least” 5 devices.  Aside from the Bionic being the first dual-core 4G LTE device, Motorola will also release another LTE phone and 2 LTE tablets (not counting the original XOOM).

No mention of a carrier, but one would have to assume that at least one of these new devices will head to Verizon as the only carrier with a substantially established LTE network.  AT&T is supposed to be launching their first LTE test market some time this summer, but are not expecting devices other than hotspots to run on it until late 2011.

Could the other phone be the new AT&T device that popped up yesterday?  Possibly.  Do these two tablets include the XOOM2 which has been spotted a couple of times now?  Or maybe one will be a 7″ tablet to try and widen their portfolio?

Should be an interesting finish to 2011 for Motorola, especially with all of the frustrations of the first half of the year.  And let’s not forget, other than new devices, we still have bootloaders to talk about along with some major releases from other companies.

MotoBlur the Name on the Way Out Again, Don’t Expect the Skin Too Though

Here we go again…

Remember all the way back in August of last year when we all debated for months as to whether or not the original DROIDX would have MotoBlur on it?  And then upon finding out that it indeed would, we also learned from CEO Sanjay Jha that the company would start to move away from the name due to a not-so-awesome public reaction to it?  We’re sort of moving back in that direction – or did we ever move away from it?

According to the crew over at Engadget, they were surprised to notice (we weren’t) that the name “Blur” was no where to be found in any of the press materials that accompanied the newly announced Photon 4G yesterday and started asking around.  What they received was a comment from a Moto spokesperson who confirmed that the company is still trying to move away from the name “MotoBlur”, but that doesn’t  necessarily mean we won’t be seeing it on every major handset going forward.

In fact, back in August 2010 when this story first popped up, Moto was clear that they were going to continue to use Blur as a skin – they just weren’t going to call it Blur publicly.  They have basically lived up to those statements; how often have you seen them use the name “Blur” over the last year?  Unless you are an obsessive media personality and are on an earnings call, you probably haven’t.

Unfortunately for them though, we’re still around and will make sure that everyone knows that the blueish overlay that causes constant frustration on their device  is called MotoBlur.

Via:  Engadget

Motorola Attempts To Straighten Out CEO’s Statements On Third Party Applications

It’s never a good thing when the words of a CEO are taken out of context and flipped. But wait, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha did say that 70% of Android Phones that are returned, are due to the fact consumers are installing poor performing 3rd party applications from the Android Market. This seemed to only anger the Android community, causing Moto to receive some not-so-kind feedback. The statement from Jha:

Android is really truly multitask so you can run 64 parallel apps at the same time, and that has an impact on consumer experience and we’re beginning to understand it and understand why 70 percent plus of devices that come back are because they’re downloading third party applications and the impact that that has on the performance of the device.

Now Motorola has had to begin damage control and their PR teams are doing their jobs. In a statement from a Motorola:

He did not state that 70 percent of smartphone returns was due to third-party applications, but that examples of potential contributing factors are battery life, sluggish operation and third-party applications. We’re trying to clear up that was not the point he was trying to make.

To help their case, they are relying on their investment in ‘MOTODEV‘, which they say gives developers the tools to build great applications. So since they are providing some developers with devices to test and run their applications on before releasing to the Market, that should cut back on the amount of “poor performing” 3rd party apps. We shall see if this clears up any question about their CEO’s feelings toward his approval of Android applications. What do you feel? You think the man that brought Motorola back from near extinction should be forgiven? Time will tell.

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