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Show Off Your Home Screens Day!

(K, Picolas, and Tato)

Can you believe that it has been something like 3 months since we last had a “Show us your home screens!” day?  Today’s event seems long overdue, so we’re hoping to see some really creative stuff now that there are hundreds of themes and app packs for both ADW and LauncherPro.  We also have a variety of devices that we cover on a daily basis in this Android world including tablets like the Motorola XOOM and Galaxy Tab 10.1 that bring a whole new customization element into the game.  This should be fun to watch.

For those that are new, what we’re asking for is a shot of one or all of your home screens in the comments followed by a little description of the setup.  This is how we share ideas, widgets, clocks, wallpapers, icon packs, themes, etc. with the rest of the DL community.

As you can see up top, we’ve got the 3 home screens of the DL staff – dirty details of the looks will be posted in the comments.

Update: We’ve posted up the wallpapers that we are all using here.

*Note – Taking screenshots can be done by non-rooted users through the Android SDK or with a variety of screenshot apps from the market if rooted..

Show us your home screens!

  • MojoPong

    original droid running cm 7.0.1


  • Mr. Joe

    Mines NSFW so I can’t post it =(

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like I need to get Widget Locker!

  • Lockscreen:  WidgetLocker with SIMI clock & weather, Battery Indicator Pro, Missed It.
    Homescreen:  ADW EX (swype up for apps and down for notifications), Simple Text icons, Fancy Widgets with Honeycomb Theme, Mobile Signal Widgets Pro.

    Droid X ApeX 2.0.0 RC2, 1265MHz @ 69V

  • Tom

    Libert GB .8 with the OreoSlice theme. Simple.

  • Ricky Babalu

    Droid X: Launcher Pro

    • Anonymous

      Can I get a hotdog with those buns!

  • Screen 2 WidgetLocker + ExtendedControls

  • My homescreen is kind of a jumbled mess (Literally) but I like it:)

    • Calculatorwatch

      Haha that’s pretty cool, how did you do that?

  • Ugadroid

    Thunderbolt BAMF 2.1
    Pretty simple. Custom Ring, SiMi Clock, Circle Launchers, beautiful widget and modded battery…

  • inspire 4g,cm7,honeybread theme,adw launcher

  • Anonymous

    On Mr. Picolas’s home screen what is that widget that shows the unread messages, calls, and emails?

  • Anonymous
    • Aubreyvt

      Hey can i see the next screen over to the right. 🙂 I bet you have some auwsome apps on it.

  • BiGKiDd —

    Using ADW Ex, Minimalist Theme, Minimalist Text, invisible Circle Launcher, Simple Calendar, Clockr Evolution, Simple Text, Beautiful Widgets.

  • Liquidsphere300

    How can I get the application for the middle wallpaper? And
    also xfenixknightx, love your simplistic wallpaper app. Where can I get that? Thanks everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! Zedge app. Wood shelf regal. =)

  • iconia!

  • Droid Charge. Launcher Pro. I want to run a different ROM… anyone have a suggestion for the best one for Droid Charge..?

  • ZeroLozen

    OG Droid – CM7 – LauncherPro – Drop Theme Yellow

  • Droid2 LauncherPro Plus + Minimalistic Text + Phantom Music Control + Clockr Evolution + Circle Battery

  • DroidzFX



  • BiGKiDd —

    Using ADW Ex, Minimalist Theme, Minimalist Text, invisible Circle Launcher, Simple Calendar, Clockr Evolution, Simple Text, Beautiful Widgets.

  • http://goo.gl/KHQEv

    I’m boring. :p

  • Anh

    DX on Liberty GB, Launcher Pro, widgetsoid, Circle Launcher, gTabSiMiClock widget, and Circle Battery Widget

  • Simple:


  • Droid X running ApeX 2.0 RC2 with BluX theme for GoLauncher.

  • LPP and CM7. Orange and black themed (go Giants!) using Orange Octane. SF skyline as the background. gTabSiMiClock widget.

    • SF BABY! Woot woot!

    • LionStone

      very cool! 
      Giants win first of the double header today!!

    • Aditya

      How can I get this wallpaper?

    • Boo, go A’s! Nice theme though!

  • Anonymous

    I want Mr. Picolas’ wallpaper!

  • Here are a few recent incarnations of the main home screen my trusty rooted DroidX:

    1) Liberty Gingerbread w/ Green Goodies theme under ADW Ex w/ Tha Metal (currently using)

    2) & 3) Liberty Gingerbread w/ Gingerbread Yellow Icon Pack

    4) & 5) Rooted Gingerbread, pre-Liberty, Simi Clock & BattStat

    6) Rooted Gingerbread, pre-Liberty, black text icons & BattStat

    • Anonymous

      That hand wallpaper is pretty damn cool.

      • Jeremy Gentry

        yah, there is a girl taking her underwear off and we are all looking at the cool hand wallpaper…. 😉

        • Guest

          that’s how the hand would look after the finger charged.

        • Anonymous

          Did I need to state the obvious? 😛

          • Jeremy Gentry

            LOL i guess i took care of that for you! 😀

      • Well, then, here ya go. Let me know if you can’t grab these. Also, the Hendrix pic is also badass in B&W.

      • Well, then, here ya go. Let me know if you can’t grab these. Also, the Hendrix pic is also badass in B&W.

    • Loving the hand wallpaper, where do I get that?

    • Ps5281

      Love the wallpapers – where can i find the android one?

  • Dave

    Droid X, running rooted GB (will be CM7 when vid camera fixed), LPP, Beautiful Widgets, Date in Tray, transparent Google Finance widgets, SwitchPro widget, and Apps Organizer for the games icon/folder

  • Jeremy Gentry

    Thunderbolt Running Gingeritis v1.0 and Sense 3.0

    • Anonymous

      Of course you’re running with THAT background. 😉

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid, Droid Concepts, LPP, SimiClock & Beautiful Widgets Weather

  • Nathan

    TypoClock, Beautiful widgets, and LauncherPro setup.


    • Anonymous

      Liking that wallpaper.

      • Nathan

        I think I stole that from one of the posts on here 🙂

    • Frederick

      I’ve seen this a few times…so I have to ask.  How does it happen where the clock widget and time in the status bar aren’t the same?

      • Nathan

        The widget tries to stay in memory, but it gets kicked out on my OG droid from time to time.  Usually when I go back to the screen for a few moments it updates on its own.

  • John
    • Don’t forget to update your healthcare. 😉

      • John

        heh 😉
        (sw = software)
        i won’t…hell, i wouldn’t get paid if i did

    • Anonymous

      forget the healthcare, you just better not forget to call your grandma !!!!!!!!!!!

      • John

        i know ;(

  • sense ftw.

    download the OUCH BUTTON from the amazon app store please!

    • MOTOX

      what device? tmo espresso sense?

      • mytouch 4g, yea, espresso sense. 

  • Here it is 😀

    • Anonymous

      Love me some simple. 🙂

    • OG Droid

      where did you get those icons for the bottom?

      • im not sure exactly what they’re called but i got them from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=824656

        • OG Droid

          Cool, thanks

  • Minimalistic Text + Widgetsoid + Fancy Widget Pro


  • ssjnimma

    Simi clock, BW, simi Widget, LP


    • Anonymous

      That’s very nice.

    • How did you make your dock like that? It looks really cool!

    • How did you make your dock like that?

  • Thunderbolt Das Bamf Remix, Launcher Pro Plus, Circle widget launcher, Simi Clock

    • MOTOX


  • Iwontraceyou

    Running Das BAMF Sense 3 RC3 using GO Launcher EX Beta, WidgetLocker and custom Icons

    • Anonymous

      Nice! How do you get those icons?

      • Iwontraceyou

        Icons are called VA-Glow or something like that.  Just google it.  They’re supposed to be MIUI inspired.  I think I got them from DeviantArt.

    • who is that beautiful woman!?

      • Anonymous

         She looks way too young…

        • its all good, im 15 😛

        • Anonymous

          Her name is Laurelle and she’s a model from Canada.  I found this set on dA.

          EDIT: She’s 18 this year. Just found her model profile on some random site.

          • js


          • Anonymous

            The “wash” photo shoot… http://bit.ly/m8UATR

          • anon cow

            Didn’t you know, they’re all 18!

      • +1 haha

    • Anonymous

      Loving the lock screen.

      • iwontraceyou

        Thanks.  I think it’s called MIUI 3 lockscreen or something like that.  Doesn’t it look like she’s trapped until I unlock it?

        •  where did you get the lockscreen?

          • Anonymous

            XDA.  It’s called “Press Me” WidgetLocker Theme

          • thanks!

        •  where did you get the lockscreen?

    • TheONE

      What icon pack was that?

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t get them in the market.  Just read the reply to xFenixKnightx 

    • Seth

      How do you have different pictures on the different screens.  Do you have to be rooted for that? I have never been able to figure that out on my OG Droid.

      • Anonymous

        I use WidgetLocker for my lock screen.  It allows you to use a separate wallpaper, kinda like MIUI.  I happen to be rooted but I’m not sure if that has any bearing on it.  Didn’t start using it until after I rooted.

  • Launcher Pro + Minimalist Text + Circle Launcher + Widgetsoid


  • Samudra Sanyal

    Droid Incredible running CyanogenMod 7.1, Honeybread Theme with Go Launcher running a mix of Honeycomb and Blue Neon themes.

  • Rocking a D-L wallpaper with Clockr widget, “MinimalBread” theme from the Market for CM7, and the DarkEdge Pink icons from the lovely Koveleski. (Can get those is the Market too)

    • Ricky Grundy Jr.

      i need this wallpaper.

  • Anonymous

    Just some apps I use a lot…and Nyan Cat. http://i.imgur.com/8nIXO.png

    • Anonymous

      That wallpaper is hilarious.

      • MOTOX

        like the sprint commercial…

        • LionStone

          haha….yup! My kid showed me that Nyan cat video one day and I couldn’t get that jingle outa my head lol!

  • Rocking a D-L wallpaper with Clockr widget, “MinimalBread” theme from the Market for CM7, and the DarkEdge Pink icons from the lovely Koveleski. (Can get those is the Market too)

  • Anonymous
    • Christian Melendez

      Where can i get this bookshelf setup?

      • Anonymous

        Zedge App. Its called Wood Shelf Regal. Looks great on Samsung Galaxy!

    • Scott

      wow, this looks really good, i might switch up my screen now 🙂

    • what clock is that? 

      • Anonymous

        Beautiful Widgets. =) 

        Beautiful SuperClock 4×1 Widget with SuperSense skin by Scott Stenbakken

    • Scott

      how do you get the smaller weather and time so you can have another row of apps on your main screen?

      • Anonymous

        Beautiful Widgets. =) Beautiful SuperClock 4×1 Widget with SuperSense skin by Scott Stenbakken

      • Anonymous

        Beautiful Widgets. =) Beautiful SuperClock 4×1 Widget with SuperSense skin by Scott Stenbakken

    • Anonymous

      I should have cleared things up, sorry guys. Didn’t really think people would dig this, heh.

      Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
      Launcher Pro Plus
      Wood Shelf Regal Wallpaper from Zedge app
      Beautiful Widgets – Beautiful SuperClock 4×1 Widget with SuperSense skin
      Folder Organizer app for the folders.
      Bloatware, hidden.
      No root, no need. 😉

  • Anonymous

    New wallpaper pack [email protected]:disqus  that should be out soon. 🙂

    ADW EX launcher, Minimalist White and Tha Gemstone icon packs, simi clock widget, inivisible circle launcher.   Oh, and I’ve also included my lock screen which is by Widget Locker.



    • Kmg4w

      where can we get the wallpapers in the post?? they’re gorgeous! must have

  • PattyOMalley

    What are the wallpapers you guys use? They look awesome

  • thats a little…. scary

  • I kind of want the wallpaper for the one on the left 😀

  • Bo

    middle screenshot clock widget – what is that?  i must have it!!!!

    • Bo

      Nevermind – I found it.  ClockQ for anyone interested.

  • Droid Incredible
    CM7.0.3 with ADW Launcher and Red Remix Theme with some custom icons
    RedEye Live Wallpaper with Fancy Widgets Acid Red Flip Clock skin