Google+ Introduced, A New Way to Share Your Social Life

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Wow.  So Google just unveiled Google+ which looks to be one hell of an impressive social tool that may even stretch beyond what Facebook has been doing for the last few years.  Through this new service (which is invite-only at this time – sign up here), Google is preaching the idea that users want to have more control over what they are sharing and who can see it.  I would 100% agree to that.  We all have different pockets of friends, groups, drinking buddies, sports teams, etc. that don’t necessarily need to see everything in our lives.  With Google+, you get to pick and choose who sees what, and that’s a pretty big thing (check out this demo site).

The whole “project” has an impressive set of features such as +Circles, +Sparks, +Hangouts, +Mobile and +Huddle that all come together to make this, at least to me, the next big phase in social networking and sharing.  I think the big struggle now is to figure out how we can pry all of our friends from Facebook and get them into using something new and fresh.  I guess we would also need to make sure they continue to purchase Android phones as well, until this launches on that other platform.

There are a whole set of videos to get you up to speed on each aspect of Google+ after the break, including a link to the mobile app.  Remember though, you have to receive an invite in order to use it.  

Introduction to Google+:

Google+ on Mobile: Market Link

Exploring Google Circles:

Exploring Google Sparks:

Exploring Google Hangouts:

Google Huddle:

Instant Upload:

You can read all there is to know about Google+ at the Google Blog.

Tell me what you guys think?  Is it too late for Google in the social-sphere?  Is this your next social network?

Cheers Tony and Mark!



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