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DROID3 Added to Gameloft’s Device List, July 7th a Possible Launch Date

The Motorola DROID3 is getting closer and closer to a release even if Verizon isn’t ready to acknowledge its existence yet.  One company that’s ready though is Gameloft, who has added the phone as the “Motorola XT862 Droid 3” to their list of compatible devices.  While this doesn’t necessarily signal an imminent release, it is usually a pretty good sign that they expect people to be using the device to download some of their games in the very near future.

And to throw a date at you – we’re hearing from close friends that Big Red is currently targeting July 7 to make this phone official.  We had been hearing end of June/early July for some time now, but things are starting to get a little more specific.

So what do we know about the next edition of this famous Android handset?  We’ve seen it pop up in Verizon (here too) and Best Buy systems, in leaked tutorial videos, and over at Nenamark in a benchmark which has led us to believe that it will run a TI OMAP dual-core processor.  It should have a front facing camera, 8MP rear camera, 5-row slideout keyboard, 4″ qHD screen, global radios, no LTE, HDMI-out, and Android 2.3.3 with Motorola’s new Blur.

This is the first device of the year on Verizon that will actually sport some 2011 technology, so we’re excited even if it isn’t LTE-ready.  Who wants some D3?

Cheers Eric!

  • That is good news for the people
    interested in the Motorola Pro. In US, it was described as the perfect
    alternative for blackberry and thus the users who have raved about the BB
    device will definately appreciate the features of Motorola Pro. However, though
    the Pro news is given by the well known online retailer of the UK that the
    launch is in JULY, we have to wait and watch to witness the reality or rumor.

  • Luy

    can we get a 4G phone with a keyboard already?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dual Core and physical keyboard are the only 2 attractive attributes of this phone as an OG owner.

  • Anonymous

    Yawn. Blur and locked bootloader = ruination of the descendant of a legendary phone (Droid 1)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I currently have a D2 on a one-year contract that just became available for upgrade.

    I’d definitely buy a D3 if it had LTE.  For that matter, I’d buy it if Verizon hadn’t gotten rid of their one-year contracts.  But since it doesn’t and they have, I can’t see going the next two years without an LTE-phone.

    The big question is: When are we going to see a dual-core LTE phone with a physical keyboard?

  • sean

    BOOOOOOOOOO! another high priced high tech locked down device, screw Motorola.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Djstar2k2

    i was geeked then the slurr showed up.  and after the 6 hrs (yes 6 hrs) it took to flash cm7 to my og droid i see why ppl dont like fooling with rooting.  so like someone else said i think mr moto,vrz and i will part ways and since i cant get a kb pure android and a up to date specs on a phone ill wait for the nexus 3 on whatever carrier hopefully the att n tmo deal will tank and ill go to tmo

    • Djstar2k2

      oh and b4 anyone gets lippy i watch 4 youtube vids and 3 written instructions but the thing is nobdy tells u how or where to trouble shoot.  the update.zip wouldnt open on my og.  and when i finnaly got root using super 1 click root i forgot to save the stock rom and now i cant go back wow lol.  but im loving the gingerbread cm7 tho.  its crazy how 7 months and all these androids dropping nly 4 phones in the us have gb?  pure gb even the power off animation is slick i dont think the skinned androids do that and most def dont have the color schme its a shame

  • Anonymous

    Stop teasing us Motorola/Verizon.  My only guess is that their saving the revised Bionic for the next iphone battle. 

  • Peachkeen

    I hope the Milestone 3 in Canada isnt far behind!!

  • BlackTTC6

    No LTE = No Care

  • Devintothemax

    Screw your D3! DX FTW!! Trolol! Lol I really like my DX tho I dont seem to like keyboards. And who cares about LTE I dont see a problem.

  • Craigg

    I have to agree with most others. No 4G is a deal breaker. There are not enough benefits over the D2G. At present the Samsung Charge is still the best Verizon phone, hopefully the Bionic will be an improvement.

  • Unless the keyboard is on par with HTC’s, which I doubt, I’m going Tbolt.

    You basically have to make the decision between speed of the network vs. speed of the device.  I’d rather have a 4G hotspot for my iPad than something that doesn’t have LTE.  It’s nice to have super modern apps that run at the speed of light internally, but my app needs are basically stream based. 

  • Anonymous

    Damnit Moto and Verizon, no 4G?  wtf…..

    Verizon has been really disappointing this year.

    • Ckoch0125

      4g or not this phone is still a beast dual core, ffc, Gingerbread 4inch screen idk how just because no 4g u say iis a disappointment when the testers said this phone was running circles around the dx2 and others.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I agree, it just would have been nice if it also had 4G.  It’s June and Verizon only has three 4G phones and they’re all old hardware, that’s pretty lame, especially for a new badass phone to not have it. Also Moto skimped on the ram apparently, bad Moto!

    • Ckoch0125

      4g or not this phone is still a beast dual core, ffc, Gingerbread 4inch screen idk how just because no 4g u say iis a disappointment when the testers said this phone was running circles around the dx2 and others.

  • dshizzel

    Had the OG, wife got water on hers, bought the D2 full pop and gave her my OG (it’s only fair). I really like my GB-leaked D2, but I’m looking for bigger screen and dual core, so yeah, I’ll go with no LTE.  

    • Ckoch0125

      Not to mention it will be cheaper since it isn’t 4g

  • Hrishmawi

    Anyone notice that the two year contract is eligible for an upgrade for this of us that bought the OG On day 1 of the is the day before July 7? just saying coincidence much?

    • Or they could be “super cool” to their customers and release it a week earlier in time for the July 4th weekend and let their OG loyalists upgrade a week early.

  • Jammer71477

    Would it be wrong to want this phone out July 14th? Would be a wonderful birthday present to myself, even with the Blur. Realistically I don’t see buying a 4G phone as an option for another couple years at least. Given that the 4G phones have their bugs and 4G is in it’s infancy, by the time those of us upgrading this year are due for an upgrade the 4G network should be better and there will hopefully be a better selection of 4G phones at Verizon.

    • Jammer71477

      *due for upgrade again

  • Anonymous

    unlocked boot loader please… *sigh* This will likely not happen, which is disappointing.  I’ve clung to my OG Droid in hopes that Verizon would release a phone that can be drooled over, such as the D1 was.

    Don’t care about LTE.  As one commenter said, it’s still buggy, and in it’s infancy.  It won’t be available in my area for some time, and I’m sure it’ll be spotty at best.  I was hoping that they wouldn’t try and phase out physical keyboards.  IMO, no matter what anyone says about how responsive an on screen keyboard is, there is nothing like being able to actually feel the buttons you’re typing on. 

  • Anonymous

    still sporting the OG here…this will be the phone to finally get me to upgrade…even if my upgrade isnt until october…i dont have a need for 4G, i like my unlimited 3G thanks

    • James_Ever

      Yes, I agree, 4g is still in its infancy in my opinion even though I have coverage in my hometown, the devices for LTE aren’t cooperating with dual core and having wifi helps as well, so its a non issue. I need a better phone now, not a year from now, as the keyboard on this one has become worn down. Here’s hoping for a pre release date like the DX2!!!

      • Ckoch0125

        Plus 3g phones are cheaper

        • James_Ever

          Yep, exactly. Paying for good technology that works for me supersedes great technology that needs work and the manufacturers haven’t come up with a way for them to work and don’t need that extra headache.

  • Mr.Joe

    First? With the exception of the FFC the DX2 is overflowing with 2011.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing… suddenly a DX2 with Tegra 2 is not “2011” worthy? Personally, i think the whole front facing camera thing is way overplayed.

  • EeseRr

    How much ram does this have?

  • This can’t come soon enough so I can get off my X2. Just get it to us a week earlier on July 1st so I have it to play with over 4th of July!

    • Ckoch0125

      You have 14 days which is still outside ur return even if it comes July 7.

      • Huh? What does that have to do with the D3 coming out on July 1st instead of the 7th?

  • Anonymous

    No interest here. Lack of 4G LTE is a dealbreaker for me.

  • Rich

    I was excited about the D3 until i heard about blur.  I’ve decided to break up with Big Red in or around October.  I will be seeking the purest Android device on the market (may have to wait a bit longer for the Nexus 3)

    • Droid1294

      i’m also leaving verizon for nexus 3 on sprint

      • Inkster09

        Nexus 3 it is for me too

      • Ckoch0125

        I wish I could do the same but can’t because I want to know I’ll have coverage w.e I go and the others just dont cut it.

    • asdf

      Why not just wait until the Galaxy SII comes out? Then you can have the best phone and the best company.

      • Anonymous

        If the Galaxy S2 becomes the Vibrant 2 and they muck with it the way they did with the first, you may be waiting for one screwed up “BING”ed phone.

      • Adam Ridley

        I’m sorry but it can’t be the best phone since it couldn’t survive a 3 inch fall to a pillow without taking a dent.  Also still sporting the OG and will be waiting for the Bionic.

  • Anonymous

    wonder why verizon is being so quiet abt D3 still so close to release. are they trying a soft release of an unlockable (cross fingers) phone to see how many of D1 upgraders genuinely do care?

    or are they also trying to minimize interest in the Slider experience since it’s such a pain to design for.

    • Moto stated none of their phones would be unlocked/able until “late 2011”. This won’t be one of them.

      • Ckoch0125

        No they didn’t state none will be unlocked until late 2011 they said the photon won’t be unlocked nobody knows about this. Idc if its locked as long as its not encrypted if people would do some research and not say something just because other sites do. The TB was locked but not encrypted as long as iits not encrypted it’s nothing to root and unlock.

        • Anonymous

          Motorola said they would ” begin to offer devices that are unlockable/ relockable in late 2011″ Unless the calendar changed, July does not equal “late 2011” so by definition, Lonnie is correct, and you are the one that should be researching before staring anything.

          It is true that locked does not equal encrypted, but have you seem anything from Moto that would give you the slightest reason to believe that they are going to suddenly change course between what they have been doing and what they stated would be the change layer this year?

          Could they change it mid- stream ahead of the unlocking they already announced? Anything is possible I guess, but seems more like wishful thinking than anything else.

    • Anonymous

      Because that is verizon they don’t give any info til close to the release like a few days before.

    • Anonymous

      When does VZW ever give long leads on their phones? Wanting to sell out their D2 higher on their agenda than anything else.

      They don’t manufacture the phones do they don’t Cassie how much of a passion it is to design, only that it sells.

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Man! I really wanted this phone to have LTE…….its really sad how Motorolas savior (Og droid ) was and is the only droid i ever loved. Beautiful phone

  • They’re probably just waiting for the next version for LTE so they can call it the Droid 4(G)

    • Anonymous

      maybe a droid 4 and a 4G?

  • SprottheDestroyer

    I don’t need or want lte. I do want and need the D3 though. July 7th can’t come soon enough!

  • Anonymous

    Screw LTE I want unlocked!

  • You guys forgot to put in the Dual-Core OMAP!!! :O

  • Twofourturbo

    no LTE.. I’m out..

  • manny108

    What about the Bionic???

  • J Dub

    I’m a realist about LTE. Its not coming to my everyday usage area for at least 2 years. Plus there are still a lot of kinks to work out it seems. I’m fine with 3G speeds until the 4G experience is better than 3G now. I want the D3 but having a D1 now I will miss the ROM scene that the D3 won’t have.

    • You’re also in Virginia, eh?  I was really pissed off to see the launch area and the GIANT HOLE over the entire state.  I’m going with D3 – I’m not getting LTE until the next handset anyway.

    • Anonymous

      should be in bburg in summer 2012 someone told me, who knwos if thats true or not

  • Jonathan Carnesciali

    dont care about LTE i want a unlocked boootloader

  • jbonics

    My only gripe with my D2 is that in my area Verizon has the worst 3G speeds (Tampa). I think I’m going to find a new carrier instead of being disappointed for another 2 years.

  • I really do not understand why Moto is so far behind the curve with 4G.  This entire wave of Droid phones is weak without 4G.  Most people buy phones for 2 years.  That is a long time in tech years.

    • EeseRr

      That is a long time period. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Patience young padawan…

      LTE is still pretty young tech.  Moto is most likely waiting until they have a LTE device that is worthy of releasing.

      Note: there is another major player (who’s name we will not utter here) who isn’t rushing into LTE either.

      • For Christ’s sake, say Apple.  I’m so sick and tired of people who think they are Harry Potter characters and can’t say Voldemort.

        My wife is getting an iPhone, I’m getting an Android and I use an iPad. 

        • Anonymous

          Actually, it was a Lord of the Rings reference.

          Ease up…it was just a joke.

          • eh, not fully directed at you, just hate people who censor the word iphone and stuff like that.  It is possible to like Coke and Pepsi.  It is possible to like Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony. 

          • No.

  • I’m sorry. Did you say Droid Bionic? No? Ok then, nevermind…

  • STiK

    LTE is great *When it works right*

  • Interstellarmind

    no LTE no buyee

  • Anonymous

    it hasnt been until now that i realize i want LTE
    my current town may not have it but im assuming it will only get more expensive once they change the data prices

  • Masterchiefb1117

    Man Ive gone through Droid phones like crazy starting with OG Droid. Currently my line up is like this;
    OG Droid
    Droid 2
    Droid Incredible
    Droid X

    Not to fond of Droid X2 so maybe I should get Droid 3. would be nice 🙂
    Lets see if Moto can WOW me this time

    • Masterchiefb1117


      LTE would be nice but cant see Moto putting that in their Droid series. Maybe thats the WOW factor im hoping for.

  • If only it had LTE 🙁

  • Usawrestling

    Ugh. Have the D1 and really wanted the D3, but can’t justify buying a new phone that does not have 4G

    • OGstillrocks!

      Agree.  Looks like I’ll be on OG D1 until D4 w/LTE comes out in summer 2012 (hopefully).

    • just keep that OG forever then cause your gonna be waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the next best thing…..theres always gonna be something lacking and you’ll be stuck with it until the end of time…..on the flip side its really a bad phone to be stuck with 😉

      • Anonymous

        bad yes…horrible? no…though its getting outdated really fast, but as i said in a different post, there just isnt anything worthy of being a successor to it in my eyes…until the D3 comes out anyhow

  • Anonymous

    Only a few more weeks possibly!