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Motorola Starting To Contact Owners For 4G LTE XOOM Upgrade?

Been exhausting your resources trying to figure out when Motorola was planning on asking people to ship them their tablets for the 4G Upgrade? Well maybe it has finally started. An email was received by a tipster over at Phandroid from Motorola stating this:

Thank you for submitting your Motorola Xoom for the 4G LTE upgrade. You should have recently received a package in the mail with instructions and materials for returning your device for the upgrade.

Our records indicate that we have not yet received your Motorola Xoom. If you are still interested in upgrading your Motorola Xoom, this is a friendly reminder to please follow the instructions provided in your upgrade package and ship your device back for the upgrade.

If you have already shipped your device back to us, please contact us at 1-800-734-5870 and one of our support specialists will assist you with tracking and completing your order.

We have been under the impression that the update was postponed till August, but this is “so Moto”. We’ll also point out that the tipster didn’t actually receive any shipping supplies and also said he had missed a FedEx delivery which could be the package referred to in the email above. So what we want to know is, have any of you gotten a suspicious email, or heard any news from Motorola about the upgrade? We’ll keep you posted.

Via: Phandroid

  • 2Ceedz

    Ok, I’ll try this for the 4th time, really hope my browser isnt messing up and im quadrouple posting…..

    CONFIRMED… I just got off the phone with moto.  I recieved my label last monday, send my Xoom on Thursday, and Moto recieved it this Monday (2 days ago)… she said 5-7 days to upgrade, then 1 day return shipping.  I should be recieving it back no later then next Monday, hopefully this Friday though.  I called *611 yesterday and ordered another return label for the upgrade on my 2nd Xoom, which i should be recieving tomorrow.

    In the story, the missed delivery man was the label, as I had to sign for mine and missed it the first day.  Called VZW the day i recieved it to ensure that the label i recieved was for the upgrade.
    I was suprised when i saw that (im guessing) im the first to recieve the upgrade… I recieved no mail or anything, just asked for it at the store a week and a half ago (corporate store).

    • 2Ceedz

      When calling moto (if a VZW Xoom) give your cell phone number, or it may take a minute for them to find it, LOL.

  • 2Ceedz

    Ok, I am confirming… (or some reason my last two comments I cannot see.  Just got off the phone with MOTO… they recieved my XooM on Monday, i should have it back no later then next Monday.  5-7 days in the shop, 1 day return shipping.

    I went to a store 2 weeks ago, and recieved the label 2 days after, then yesterday callled *611 for another label, which i should recieve tomorrow.

  • 2Ceedz

    funny thing is, i have one Xoom already being upgraded, and im waiting on the label.  YES, the fedex guy WAS the label, as you must answer the door for it.

    I got mine by going to the store 2 weeks ago and asking for it, and another i should have tomorrow, which all i did was *611 and ask for one.

    Didnt even know this was news, LOL.

    • 2Ceedz

      Sorry, meant im waiting on the second label now for my second upgrade.

  • Coriolis

    A little off topic here. However, moto did say the release of the bionic would come with the upgrade of the xoom. As the xoom was originally speculated to be upgraded in august and so is the release of bionic. Perhaps they are both coming earlier than expected?

  • Anonymous


  • Booboolala2000

    OOOOOOOOVerizon should offer free hotspot tethering with anyone that owns an lte phone for their Xoom. Gonna start the Calls tomorrow. Both companies lied.

  • Anonymous


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  • Wsigep

    False per Matt @ the Moto forum- https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/52023

    Emails were sent via errora

  • Wsigep

    False per Matt @ the Moto forums-https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/52023

    Emails were sent via error

  • Me
  • Anonymous

    This is ridicolous!!! Im not sending off a item i payed over $600 for to get a upgrade that Verizon should be able to do locally at any Verizon location.This is a slap in the face to Xoom owners!!! Send it off & risk it getting lost,damaged,or god knows.

    • Whats ridiculous is you paid $600 for this.

      • Anonymous

        man shut up just because you broke & cant afford 1…..fool.

      • Thats actually a pretty decent price

  • Dan

    Love my Xoom and have a thunderbolt in an LTE area.  Thinking really hard about not sending my Xoom in due to the Thunderbolt battery not lasting 3 hours….

    Afraid that LTE will do the same to my Xoom battery that currently lasts all day with moderate to heavy usage.

  • Yawn. Does the SD card slot work?

  • Anonymous

    This seems pretty bogus.  One dude claiming he received an email with no evidence to show for it.  Even if Moto was starting slow, I’d imagine they would do more than one at a time.

  • I am now less interested in the upgrade. Little scared of sending my xoom off and not having it for a while. I am considering getting a 4G hotspot and connect my Xoom and other devices to it. That way I will have 4G/3G or Wi-Fi access to my devices everywhere I go. It may also cost about the same, right? (except for the price of the device, maybe they will give me one with a 2-year agreement 😉

    • Anonymous

      Depends on the maker/model. I was doing the same , but coverage using an Xinfinty 4G/3G that runs off the clear network was bad. best reception came from being on the interstate. Keep in mind im driving, so i cant look down or really obscure areas. I returned it after 1 day of use and the other of just leaving it on untethered.(so i could see the 4G spots).

       I decided to wait till the network is more robust. For me, it was 25$ a month for unlimited 4G except i rarely hit 4G , stuck on 3G and pulling video took forever.. Even a basic 1minute video. Everything else was decent. Xinfinty came from my cable provider..Clearwire/Clear/Comcast.

  • Hurray… then I’ll have 2 4g devices and no damn 4g in my area.. cmon Verizon maybe instead of focusing on the East/West coast you could focus just a little more attention to the midwest?

    • RW-1

      Yes, and this relates HOW to a MOTOROLA update posting, which VZ has nothing to do with?

      • Its not like the upgrade has anything to do with Verizon or their network. 


  • Anonymous

    I’ve gotta get something off my chest here…

    This is the fourth place I’ve seen cover this story. From what I can tell its all stemmed from ONE person, who may or may not have received an email from Moto, that may or may not have been intentionally sent to him. 

    The missed Fedex shipment is the key here, cause obviously this email paired with a box really means something, but until that is resolved I’d just chalk this up to someone at Moto accidentally sending out this email. Or the guy making it up. 

    I’m just like everyone else, waiting for my upgrade, but I’d like to see something conclusive or logical before getting my hopes up. 

    And just so everyones clear, I’m not trying to disparage the work of any of the writers for any of the places I’ve seen the story covered. I’m obviously reading these blogs and sites BECAUSE I want to read all the news and tidbits that come to light, it just gets annoying once in a while when the same story makes the jumps from one site to another all day. Usually its droid-life breaking the news that others pick up on instead of the other way around though.

    I can’t wait to check back an hour from now and see the droid-life images of some guy with a box and instructions about how to send his Xoom in for an upgrade, then Ill really get excited. 

    • Rizzidy

      See that “rumor” tag at the top?

    • Anonymous

      This reminds of what the writers of all tech blogs do and I can appreciate why to some degree.  They post on everything and anything.  So then when they can post on real info they can link back to their rumor post to prove they were the story first and pat themselves on the back on how accurate they were.
      However they hope all those inaccurate rumor posts are forgotten.  They seldom get reference in a follow post.I too am not singling out DL, I love the site, it’s just funny to see all these site brag about being on top of  something like this if it pans out and then not commenting on pushing false hype it is turns out to be crap.

      • We’re not bragging, just want to make sure everyone out there knows whats up. If anything is up at all lol

        • Anonymous

          Not the rumor posts, but the follow-ups when they can be confirmed usually sound like pats on the back when you link back as if you knew the whole time (and sometimes I bet you guys did).Again I am not criticizing as “everyone does it” and you guys obviously have a successful website/blog so you know what works.  I’m on here regularly so it would be hypocritical for me to say it bothers me a lot.  It is just one of those things that irk me sometimes and wasn’t sure if anyone else saw it that way.

          • MrToTo83

            I like the link backs because it helps me clarify what I read it was and what it is. Sometimes there are things we think are coming and one ore wo things didn’t make it officially. Going back helps figure out what it is.

            I don’t see it as bragging or we were first just a reference back.

      • Anonymous

        Completely agree. 

        The truth is that anyone who writes in this space has had their lives made easier because of twitter and how easy it has become to simply share and retweet a post.

        Twitter has also made things easier and more difficult for a reader.

        Because we now don’t need to navigate to each site every hour to see if anythings new, (Which I still do for some reason…) we can follow all the sites and see the stories pop up on my twitter feed as they come in. When Phandroid covers something at 10AM, I see it at 10:05. When androidcentral picks up that story 30 minutes later (writing about it with no new info, pretty much paraphrasing the article, quotes and all and putting “via”) at the bottom of the post, I see that article show up on my feed at 10:45 AM. 

        Then, in the afternoon Droid-Life covers it, again with NO NEW INFO, and just links back to the original article. What does this add to my life? I know I follow all these sources independently so I have no one to blame but myself, but still gets to me a little bit. 

        Again, I am not singling out Droid-Life. Like I said before, most of the time I see stories broken here and picked up by other outlets. I’m merely posting this here, because I feel the quality of the content, conversation in the comments and general editorial “feel” is most conducive to a discussion about this issue. I spend most of my time reading about things here first because I believe they are up at the top, if not the best at what they do. 

        I hope people enjoy my rant, and don’t start bashing me for bashing DL, but mostly I just wanted to put my thoughts down on a piece of “paper.”

      • Interstellarmind

        i couldnt’ disagree more. i feel like D-Life makes it a point to let you know when a rumor’s a rumor and when a fact is fact. as far as callbacks, i’ve seen enough times kellex referring back to incorrect rumors. i think on this site, at least, it just so happens that they post rumors that are usually a little stronger than jsut rumor so it seems like they’re calling back to only good guesses.

    • Anonymous

      They should have mentioned the tip was sent in by a tipster named, “Sanjay Jha”.  

  • Interstellarmind

    are we supossed to reach out to moto and tell them that we’re waiting for the upgrade?

  • Mike Brady

    I sent my xoom in for Glass replacement today here’s hoping it comes back with fresh glass and 4G goodness!

  • T Hall

    No notice here yet….  And I would really like that update!

  • Celerioty00


  • MFG

    I haven’t…oh wait, I returned my XOOM and am getting the 4G Galaxy Tab 10.1 lol

    • Anonymous

      maybe if you send it to Samsung, they’ll send it back with a microSD slot, HDMI out, and USB port.

  • No email or shipping supplies yet here. 🙁

  • Joke