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Motorola Attempts To Straighten Out CEO’s Statements On Third Party Applications

It’s never a good thing when the words of a CEO are taken out of context and flipped. But wait, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha did say that 70% of Android Phones that are returned, are due to the fact consumers are installing poor performing 3rd party applications from the Android Market. This seemed to only anger the Android community, causing Moto to receive some not-so-kind feedback. The statement from Jha:

Android is really truly multitask so you can run 64 parallel apps at the same time, and that has an impact on consumer experience and we’re beginning to understand it and understand why 70 percent plus of devices that come back are because they’re downloading third party applications and the impact that that has on the performance of the device.

Now Motorola has had to begin damage control and their PR teams are doing their jobs. In a statement from a Motorola:

He did not state that 70 percent of smartphone returns was due to third-party applications, but that examples of potential contributing factors are battery life, sluggish operation and third-party applications. We’re trying to clear up that was not the point he was trying to make.

To help their case, they are relying on their investment in ‘MOTODEV‘, which they say gives developers the tools to build great applications. So since they are providing some developers with devices to test and run their applications on before releasing to the Market, that should cut back on the amount of “poor performing” 3rd party apps. We shall see if this clears up any question about their CEO’s feelings toward his approval of Android applications. What do you feel? You think the man that brought Motorola back from near extinction should be forgiven? Time will tell.

Via: PC World

  • Step down, Sanjay. {{-_-}}

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  • Granted

    Yeah well as a developer when I read that I know exactly what he meant and no effing PR department is going to reverse it my eyes. It simply means that Motorola is trying to shift blame on myself and other developers when he should actually be looking at his own problems within his damn company. Are all applications going to work properly and not screw up a Motorola phone, hell no, but do the majority of them work and this is a lame attempt to assign blame, well hell yes. Eff you Sanjay, in your big stupid ass.

  • Ultim8gamr

    70% of devices come back with 3rd party apps only shows that the masses want to use Android how it was meant to be, open source.  What should have reported was what percentage of Moto devices are returned due to defects.  It’s not 3rd party apps causing the issues.  I know that I have had to return all my moto phones multiple times.  I’ve been through 3 or 4 KRZRs and now my D2G just crapped out on me and will be going back for warranty.  Moto devices are prone to fail. 
    If the device was designed for the Android platform, hardware should be integrated to support 3rd party apps.
    Either HTC and Sammy don’t mind their devices coming back with third party apps or they manage to build better devices and that isn’t an issue. 

  • Djstar2k2

    is there A WAY TO order a d3 stock from mr moto direct?

  • Sjosephf

    Its funny that he talks about 3rd party apps being so bad when Blur was the biggest POS lay over in history lol. Its better now but far from being looked upon as good.

  • Anonymous

    I love how Motorola is trying to say it is third party Apps that are the problems rather than their own skin. Motorola has never been a software company. Never has, never will. Stick to hardware or go back into bankruptcy.

  • faber78

    fuk moto….done with them forever.

  • RW-1

    Follow up:

    Let’s face it, if you are going to be the CEO of a corporation such as Motorola, then you cannot afford to be
    poorly misunderstood every time you open your frackin mouth.

    You can lose the tool, and cut the PR emergency response staff in half, since they won’t be needed on a hour to hour basis…. There’s a $$$ saver for you!

  • RW-1

    Tool: “and understand why 70 percent plus of devices that come back are because”

    PR: “He did not state that 70 percent of smartphone returns was due to third-party applications, but that”

    Sorry, these two quotes clash like oil/water, apple/everyone else, or moto/common sense …

    PR = Fail. CEO = Tool.

  • EC8CH

    “the man that brought Motorola back from near extinction ”

    … and drove it right back into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t these PR teams have any grammar skills? 

    • RW-1

      Pecause they are prom the Fillipines, where every P is an F and vice versa, besides grammar.

  • Anonymous

    I must be one of the few that actually likes Blur.  It’s not as obtrusive as it used to be, and blends in very well with stock Android (Gingerbread on Droid X).  Some of the modifications are actually very nice looking, and I’ve noticed no noticeable slowdowns because of it.  It’s like my X is an entirely new phone.  Compare that to HTC’s Sense that completely takes over your phone whether you like it or not.

    • Freygrimrod

      I enjoy some of the widgits also but would prefer if I could have the option of removing all of it……

  • Release the Bionic with an unlockable bootloader or accept being 2nd to HTC.  Those are your only two options motorola.  You can spin, you can defend, you can point fingers, but those are your ONLY two choices.

  • Stelv81

    Droid Life should take a poll to see who actually still likes Moto

  • Anonymous

    Motoblur is the problem. My Droid performed much better out of the box than my DroidX did out of the box.

  • JoeInMO

    I believe that closer to 100% of the problems are due to poorly a poorly written application: Blur.

    • RW-1

      Agreed, and 100% of the corporations problems are a poorly intelligent CEO: Jha

  • He can clear this real easy, give us a damn 4G phone that’s worth our money.

  • Anonymous

    Give me a thrid-party app any day over bloatware that comes with the phone.

  • RecursiveNature

    This is no different than what happens with standard PCs. I would easily say that 80-90% of the computer issues and general slowness problems I’ve resolved for other people are the result of installing poorly written software or just running too many programs at the same time. It would be expected that people do the same with the $500-$600 miniaturized PCs we carry around in our pockets now.

    Couple this with my theory that the majority of cell phone vendor stores are staffed by the rejects from fast food establishments and they tell you it’s imperative that you run certain apps on your phone for better performance (i.e. auto task killer apps) and you can see a possible weak spot in the process where things could go awry.

  • Anonymous

    What, am I supposed to hear this and go, “Oh, okay, everything is alright now”? No. They’re still ignoring the number one problem, and that’s Blur.

  • fish1552

    If you look at his original comment with an unbiased view, I can see how the point was meant the way the PR responded.  If an app doesn’t kill itself and continues to run and suck battery life, the casual user of course is going to assume it is a faulty phone.  And since the majority of phones returned with no obvious “non-tweak” work done to them (read: idiots trying to use 1 click root methods and bricking devices) or physical damage (cracked screens, wet/broken devices) are by those casual users, the only obvious cause is poor untested app design.
    You know darn well Moto tests the hell out of their Blur and pre-installed software so the user installed stuff is the only other option to mess things up.
    And quit crying about the unlocked bootloaders people.  Moto has already said they were going to start leaving them so they could be unlocked and relocked this fall.  If they go back on their word, THEN jump all over their butts.  But both Moto & HTC has come out in favor of unlocking.

    • GotSka81

      I can agree with what you’re saying to some extent…however, if the cause of the phone being returned as “faulty” is because of poor performing apps, then the technician who authorized the return is to blame equally.  If an app is written poorly, it will drain battery, for sure…but if a user installs that app and is unhappy with the battery life on their phone, they go to their carrier for support.  The carrier’s technician is supposed to troubleshoot the device and make a decision if they believe the hardware on the phone is defective.  If they don’t take the time to do a factory reset, then they haven’t done their job.  My point?  Maybe Moto should stop looking at the dev community at large as the problem, and start considering the losses brought on by their own partners.  If there’s one way to lose a customer, it’s to insult them.

      And as far as bootloaders go, I give Motorola (or any other carrier, for that matter, including HTC) any credit or respect until they follow through with their promises.  Moto can claim all day long that they care and they want to unlock the bootloaders, but until they do, all we have is phones with locked bootloaders.  Furthermore, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be doing this already, including unlocking phones retroactively.  Should Thunderbolt owners be punished for purchasing the only phone HTC decided to lock down?  No, unlock it for them, and make good on your mistake.  So far, nothing has been done.  The D3/Bionic will be the true test.

  • DroidTre

    Dump MotoBlur and all will be forgiven 🙂

  • Anonymous

    See, Mr. Jha probably was misunderstood here, however Motorola needs to comprehend this; for mid tier “smartphone” users locked BLs and MB are more than likely non issues but in the case of “high end” turbo charged superphones, the nerds ARE YOUR MARKET! Locking them down and blaming them for your awful software is NOT ACCEPTABLE! You want to differentiate so badly, kiss TI’s ass to get back into their good graces put their dualcore in the Atrix call it the “Droid Legacy,” launch it with LTE and Vanilla ICS/GB and watch our nerd panties melt. It’s just so…dumb that they are having these issues.

  • Anonymous

    … answer this question (January 2011), Sanjay Jha: https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/45249?tstart=30

  • Why should they have to apologize for that statement? I’d agree 100% with the statement that poorly written apps are the largest cause of poor performance on an Android device. With great power comes great responsibility – just because you CAN run as many apps as you want of any poor quality you feel like doesn’t mean that you should. Can’t blame the hardware for bad software.

    You CAN blame the hardware for bad hardware, however. Motorola Droid (original) has a whole pile of hardware bugs.

    1). Even with the included charger, the touch screen gets noisy when plugged in, and it gets much worse with aftermarket chargers. Grab an icon to try and move it and just hold it still to see what I mean. It’ll be shaking like Marty McFly.

    2). You can’t charge the phone without turning it on, and if you completely flatten the battery, you can’t recharge it. The phone has to be fully booted to charge from the wall charger. If your battery is too weak, it will try to boot, then end up in a reboot loop, further killing the battery. The only way to recover from that is an external battery charger or by plugging into a true USB port, which somehow bypasses that need to boot when power is applied.

    3). The power button is REALLY hard to hit, and after awhile, it will wear out and get stuck in, making it even harder. Multiple reports of this one

    4). The capacitive button backlights wear out and glow dimly after awhile. Multiple reports of this failure.

    • Nathanael Glad

       i have none of those problems with my droid 2 global. 

    • Jim Davis

      I have an OG droid (bought in December 2009) and I don’t have any issues with 3) or 4).  I DO have a white camera button, however.  Are people playing the drums on the power button to make it wear out?

  • Seems like Motorola’s been making mistakes left and right they later have to correct. First that comment about buying elsewhere if you wanted an unlocked bootloader, then trashing of the first Bionic, the late 4G upgrade for the Xoom and now this.

  • Anonymous

    He just doesn’t get it.  Unlock the bootloader!  You lost another customer Moto…going with HTC or Sammy.

  • Anonymous

    to all the people that complaints as if they were developers:
    Maybe you should change and join apple, because they know what you like even before you even realize it. 

  • LivinFree

    I’ll igonre all the Exec lip flapping once they unlock there devices like they sold us on with the D1. Until then I don’t give a rats ass what comes out of any of there mouths anymore. I believe these yahoos as much as I believe a politician spilling his line of crap trying to get votes

  • Jim Dandy

    No pressure Motorola :p

  • Jeff

    How to lose customers 101….

  • Apps can have significant effects.  Download the Fort Worth Star Telegram app, and the Fox News app.  Watch what happens to performance on the OG.  Poorly programmed apps can ef up phone performance.  If you have Gingerbread you can watch for culprit apps on your phone just by taking a look at running services.  If you haven’t ran an app, and it just wakes itself up anyway and starts running in the background, there’s a good bet that is probably an app you wouldn’t want on your phone.

    Most of these news websites have crappy apps, but also have mobile versions of webpages that work just as well, and won’t stink up the phone.  So I just bookmarked the mobile version of the webpages I like that called it a day.

    Even though I don’t like giving much credit to Moto (after the OG Droid, they are double dog dicks) they are correct in pointing out that crappy apps will have a negative effect on phone performance.

  • Interstellarmind

    he may be the guy that brought moto back from extinction, but he is DEFINITELY the man bringing back into extinction. i’m going to think of it as google bringing moto back from the brink and jha bringing it to that brink again. idiot.

    • Inkster09

      Another statement of the year!

  • Rizzidy

    F Motorola

  • Mikey

    Screw Him And Whatever He Says, I Love My DX2.

  • Kevinmills7

    Either way they aren’t getting my business, HTC all the way!!! (well maybe the SGSII also)

    • Inkster09

      How about a Google phone by whoever. Why HTC?

    • Inkster09

      How about a Google phone by whoever. Why HTC?

    • Inkster09

      How about a Google phone by whoever. Why HTC?

      • Kevinmills7

        Mainly because of the build quality and design, i know they are all just slates but all HTC’s look awesome to me, well most HTC’s….. (chachacha excluded ha)

      • Kevinmills7

        Mainly because of the build quality and design, i know they are all just slates but all HTC’s look awesome to me, well most HTC’s….. (chachacha excluded ha)

      • Kevinmills7

        Oh, and sense, I love sense, especially 3.0. I think stock froyo is kinda bland, and gingerbread is a little bit of an improvement, but I am really waiting for icecream, that is going to be amazing.  (And all other skins put over android just plain suck IMHO)

        • Inkster09

          That’s the whole point so u can do whatever u want to not make it bland.with sense your stuck with sense

  • Anonymous

    For every finger they point at 3rd party apps, there are three pointing back at them in the form of MotoBlur

  • Anonymous

    Hes putting them right back in extinction with locked bootloaders and blur

  • JD

    Just unlock the bootloaders, I’m willing to ignore everything else.

    • Inkster09

      Where is dbw and his comments on this lol

      • Inkster09

        Beat it Sanjay ja

    • Inkster09

      Hear hear or is it here here? Lol dunno

  • John

    Can’t wait to jump over to HTC later this year

  • B6a

    That’s a good way to put them back to extinction if he doesn’t support the Android and Dev community