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The Difference Between The Top Ten iPhone & Android Applications

What a thought provoking title. When you think about the subject and what both of these competitors have is a lot of the same thing. iOS has been around a bit longer than our green friend, and has had the majority of the great apps for some time. But now we see a lot of great games, and applications being ported and created for the Android platform. There is still one major difference – Root. The ability to access the phones hidden data, change files, swap themes, etc. And what makes this so powerful in the everyday market aspect, is the fact that the Android Market supports such applications. Where as our detractors devices must be jailbroken, then use a separate program called Cydia to use their device to its full potential. Widgets, custom icons, full themes, and installing non App-Store apps is all available once jailbroken. Isn’t it great to have all that made easy with Android?

For example – The #2 app on the Android Market is ROM Manager. (Cheers Koush!) Following ROM Manager is a great assortment of Root Access apps. Including  #9 Titanium Backup, #7 Set CPU, and #3 Root Explorer. Compared to the list of the top ten iOS applications, it could be presumed that users of the iPhone aren’t concerned about these types of things. Their list is filled with nothing but games. See for yourself after the jump.

Here’s the lists:

Top 10 iOS Apps
1. Angry Birds
2. Angry Birds Rio
3. Tiny Wings
4. Fruit Ninja
5. Where’s Waldo?
6. Tetris
7. Words With Friends
8. The Sims 3
9. Cut The Rope
10. Plants Vs. Zombies

Top 10 Android Apps
1. Beautiful Widget
2. Rom Manager *Premium*
3. Root Explorer
4. Fruit Ninja
5. Better Keyboard
6. Robo Defense
7. SetCPU
8. Weatherbug Elite
9. Titanium Backup Pro
10. Power AMP *Full Version*

So comparing these lists you see a few things. Apple users love them some games. Android users love utility applications, and making their phones very powerful tools. Do you feel it would be a completely different story if Apple allowed for easy jailbreaking and allowing users to switch up their phones? Is this what truly makes Android the more powerful “Smart Phone”? You tell us. We felt this was a great way to compare the two.

Via: Retrevo

Cheers Dave!


  • Now you can just laugh when your Apple fanboi friend tells you he uses a Mac because he likes to get real work done. That’s the argument I hear all the time.

  • 6242053

    Without doubt the Android is a much versatile instrument. I happened to show a few iPhone users the functionality and their eye balls nearly fell out!!! For business users games are just a past time but when it comes to work i want to transfer data & do ten things at one time which only Android allows.

  • Ease of root is part of the issue, though. The reason why Angry Birds isn’t on the Android list? Because the devs made it free with ads because games don’t sell as well on Android. There are a couple of reasons for this — Apple’s app store being a part of their iTunes infrastructure, making the one-click purchase almost second nature to users, as opposed to Android, where there’s not the same acculturation to phone purchasing. But then, I can also load up an app from anywhere on to my phone.

    Three guesses what I’m alluding to here.

  • Spc Hicks09

    Ok, for everyone saying that Android users HAVE to have all this software to make our device run correctly, please read this.

    You’re an idiot. Did you know that only 3% of Android users are rooted? Yes that means that 97% of Android users are perfectly happy with their stock versions. Why do we download root apps? It’s not to make the phone function. It’s to make it better and faster than when it comes out of the box. I understand that iPhone users that get all discombobulated when Android users talk about customizing their devices and we’re sorry to have confused you. We understand that “customization” is not in the iOS dictionary. So, how about you go learn some facts before typing a ridiculous opinion and trying to state it as a fact. Apps like SetCPU can change our CPU speeds, can the iOS do that? Nope. Do we as Android users HAVE to change our CPU speeds? NO! However, it’s nice to have the option. So  anyway, as I said, learn what you’re talking about first, then come on here and post.

  • Hay_dusten

    the statement of “apple loves games, and android loves apps to make their phones more powerful” is crap, i have had both and the top apps for android are to make your phone “work” period. the stock apps it comes with are crap. stock clock widget sucks, stock messenger sucks, stock everything sucks, atleast iphone stock apps do what they are intended to do, and they do them well. so you dont need 15 different callender widgets, and contact widgets and sms widgets. it does what its supposed to and does it good.

    • Custom Colonel

      exactly…gimme a break with the “we like making our phones amazing!!!”…you have no choice, android fanboys…your phones suck unless you add all these features and hack the crap out of your phones.


  • Apple Apple Apple. Do not spell it appel again please.

  • Poorly written article. I love android but that top10 thing means nothing. Keep in mind that many people of all ages have iPod touches and many kids use iTouches solely for gaming.

  • Custom Colonel
  • Custom Colonel

    slow news day, huh?  droid life needs to stop their obsession with apple…it’s becoming pathetic.

    • iKing


    • iKing


  • James Kernicky

    Words With Friends sucks…Wordsmith is 10x better

  • Anonymous

    apple = Empire

    jobs = Vader

    No I won’t capitalize their names ever in any post – they don’t deserve it. 

  • Jacob

    While I agree that these lists are very telling (I absolutely love the fact that 40% of the top android apps are meant for rooted devices), it might be prudent to take into account that quite a few of the applications on the android list would not be allowed in the iOS app store. By only looking at the iOS app store, we’re cutting out what might be a significant share of the jailbroken iOS market, while keeping rooted android users in the picture.   Just something to keep in mind… sometimes things aren’t exactly apples to apples.

    • Apple Apple Apple. Please do not spell it as appel again.

  • Riz

    🙁 @ all this bickering, can’t we all just get along? Anyways,

    Hi, I am a Droid X and I like it. It’s cool. I’ve played with iPhones before. Not really my thing. Don’t like how Appel does business nor am I into being controlled by fruit. Anyways, I prefer Google’s business model, you know where they offer tons of great services all for free. In fact, for as much as I use a wide variety of google services, I don’t think I have ever paid them a dime personally. Anyways…

    When I walk into an apple store don’t they charge a cover? hmm, don’t remember. Anyways, appel likes to charge a premium for average. I’m not into that. Maybe thats just me. I mean, ipone was the best at one time. So I understand why it’s popular. But really, they haven’t done a whole lot since Android stormed the scene. Oh accept…

    The iPad @ $5-800 is a joke. It has a little over $200 in parts yet, $5-800. $5-800 has now completely over priced the entire tablet market with the original over-sized iPone. Yes a year later they have some apps that are cool but at launch, a big iPone with almost zero technology that costs appel a measely $229 to produce (look it up, scratch that here LAZiES (http://gear.ign.com/articles/106/1068348p1.html) yet they charge $5-800? Hey appel, how bout you rape us on the apps purchases, services and all the other crap you sell but then lambaste us on hardware too? lol! How bout you put some decent tech in that thing before you go spoutin off $5-800 price tags.. geez. Yet, year after year, ipone, ipad owners keep buying their over priced, under tech’d iDevices with incremental tech upgrades while the competition is advancing hardware and google is advancing software development.

    Take a look at idevice 4+ years ago, same iOS nearly 5 years later. Now lets look at android. Android and Google have advanced light years from that first g1 (or is it like a g6?). And it’s only gonna continue because google is concentrating solely on making awesome, functional, ground breaking software and appel, well they are advancing more ways to f**k you at the drive through and spend your hard earned cash on AVERiGE!

    /end satirical rant

    p.s. and no, we can’t all get along because Androids and iSheep are mortal enemies!!!! look it up, it’s true 🙂

    • jason w.s.

      So you really don’t know how to spell the word apple? LoL. Seeing that, right off bat just let me know that it was pointless to even bother reading the rest of your little story about “Evil Fruit” lol….another sophisticated android user eh’? jk ;-P

      • Riz

        🙁 appel is chosen to be spelled that way, just like ipone.. sorry that didn’t make sense to you, I’ll try to make my sarcasm/disdain more obvious next time

  • winning

    iPhone’s don’t need the “utility” apps because the iPhone is already such a great device that users don’t need to make up for buggy/laggy software and other problems with little apps to help them cope.  iPhone users can just enjoy their devices with games and a smooth enjoyable experience.  I’ve got a rooted Droid Incredible and iPhone 4, and their is no comparison between the two.  The iPhone wins at everything.  Sorry to say but it is true.

    • Riz

      lol @ iSheep

      • iKing

        Lol @ aSheep

    • Killershade

      Herp derp

    • ehh… i’m kinda getting a fanboy vibe from you…

    • ehh… i’m kinda getting a fanboy vibe from you…

  • Or you guys are a really small group who spends more money in the Market than the really large group of non root users. 

  • Android FTW. period.

  • Guest

    no one needs to download anything to enhance their iphone experience, it’s convention > configuration.

  • Firearms91

    10. Power AMP *Full Version* – The fact this is necessary is kind of a negative.

  • Anonymous

    I think the reason why is because most of the Android phone have memory problem where if you install a game, boom! There goes the memory. That would just turn off game developers in making their games available on the Android.

    Biggest problem with Android are the phones. Where native memory is small and is this dependant I’m the SD card and apps that can go to the SD card. Help, even apps like gmail and maps, made by Google themselves can’t be transferred to the SD card and needs to be fully installed on the phones native memory.

    • Jacob

      My year-old Droid X has 8 Gb of internal memory… this is certainly not a universal problem with android phones, and it is rapidly becoming less widespread.

  • Anonymous

    yup, I pretty much use my ipod for games and my droid x for everything else.

    • thats what i do also, i use my ipod touch for games, and my phone for everything else

  • Anonymous


  • iPhone users spend more time enjoying there phones, while Android users spend more time maintaining them?

  • Either eliminate root required apps from the listing or include the Cydia and other jailbroken device markets iPhone has. I bet there are just as many utilities on those markets as there are in the Android Market.

    • You can’t. Reason, you can’t dl jailbroke apps from the iTunes store…but yet, you can dl rooted apps from the Market. Point made.

  • Anonymous

    power amp is so awesome. I love how it finds album art for you.

  • Anonymous

    1-feature exclusive to android
    2-feature exclusive to android
    3-feature exclusive to android
    5-feature exclusive to android
    7-feature exclusive to android
    9-feature exclusive to android

    1-on android
    2-on android
    4-on android
    6-on android
    7-on android
    8-on android
    10-on android

    10-possible to be on iOS, but isnt

    3-coming soon to android
    9-coming soon to android

    6-im sure theres tetris on android market

    android: 6 apps never availible on iOS 4.3 and lower, top 3 included
    iOS: only 1 app not either on android or in production to be on android (5)
    yeah, iOS has more apps than android

    • This shows how bright the future of Android is. iOS developers moving to Android and your not seeing it so much the other way around (although I can’t name an app that went Android to iOS I’m sure there’s a few).

      • speaking as a professional software developer, the reason you don’t see android apps migrating to iOS as frequently is because of the fact that the android market is lagging behind as far as developer support and android is a beast to work with.

        Thus far, when developing mobile apps, we’ve never once gone android first – it’s always been iOS. If there’s enough demand, we consider a port to android. The reason you don’t see this migration in the other direction is because iOS is, from a developer’s perspective, the obvious first choice.

        There’s nothing inherently wrong with android as a platform, it’s just that:

        a) Apple’s app store is better-curated and easier to find things in, though the new market website has definitely improved things in android’s camp. Still, right now as far as app purchases on-device (impulse buys are important!) iOS offers the end user a better experience.

        b) Development and long-term support of iOS apps is far, far cheaper for the same reason that developing a console game is less of an ordeal than a PC game. You have a limited set of hardware with very little variation in OS, specs or behavior. Testing on android is, to say the least, a complete pain, and god help you if you need to write some native code because you’ll need to compile your app separately for multiple architectures.

        c) Developer-level APIs behave differently on different devices, not by design, but because of bugs introduced by the OEMs writing the software – this means that you could spend forever tweaking your app to run on one phone and still have several problems on another, and that’d be great if there wasn’t another major android device release every month or so (not that I’m complaining about that from a gadget geek perspective, though. 🙂

        I’m sure I’m gonna get my ass chewed out for suggesting android isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, but I’m just trying to offer a realistic view of the landscape here.

        • Okay. I can completely see why it’s iOS to Android now. Thanks for that read protocollie. Its great to hear opinions from the pros. Thanks!

  • 66racer

    Or should we say would the list be different if android had actual games lol sure we “do” but im all out android now but apple did have way more games to kill time with on long flights

  • A1pha

    All this say is that average users install apps on their iPhones and Tech Geeks install more apps on their Droids.  As a sysadmin who supports users I would say this is true.  Most “normal” droid users don’t install any apps, they get confused by they process.  Most iPhone users install hundreds of useless and annoying apps.

  • Anonymous

    So basically iPhone users enjoy tons of games.

    Android users on the other hand have next to no games worth a damn (and the few they have are actually iOS downports that run better on iPhones anyway) thus they spend their time tweaking their phones to install animu themes or replace the awful default Android keyboard.I’m a gamer and the App Store has all the apps I could possibly want, so iPhone for me!

  • both platforms are cool, but i feel android like beta. don’t get offended, i have both platforms.

  • So basically people with iPhones use the App Store to get great well made apps and enjoy their device with fun experiences, while Android users Need to download a bunch of confusing shit just to make their phone work decently or avoid feeling like a bargain-bin knockoff. Sounds about right.  

  • What makes me mad about this is that the top Android apps are apps to improve the phones performance  whereas on the iPhone, the apps are games because the performance of the phone is already great.  That’s 1 thing I give to apple…  No matter how many apps you have opened it’s like the same speed for the majority of the time

    • Spc Hicks09

      No it’s because the iOS doesn’t have the option to increase the performance, sorry but it’s true.

  • Joelseph

    What are these top 10 lists based off of?  # of downloads I presume?  That naturally slants the list toward people who root and flash lots of Roms – as they are very frequently re-downloading the same apps, and ROM Manager is naturally the most common app they re-download.  This isn’t necessarily a fair perspective of an average Android User.  Not sure how to get a better list unless it’s possible to base it off of # of users who have installed the apps.

    Just Sayin…

  • Jason Purp

    Apple’s app store has all games because they’re more strict about what apps get put onto their market, dumb fucker.

  • TBolt

    You could view the list such that Android users need apps to make their experience better/tolerable while iOS user don’t. It’s all about spinning the “facts”.

    Also, what are the top apps on Cydia which is an app store for jailbroken iOS devices.

  • My phone is not just a toy, but an information hub, communications platform, multimedia point and most importantly Mine, set up the way I want it. Thats why I’m a fan of both HTC and Android.

  • new wallpaper

    make pic a wallpaper pleasssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Anonymous

      Long touch the pic and choose “set as wallpaper “

  • Michael Flagg

    I think the list for IOS is, for the most part, reflecting the addition of non-business / entertainment only devices. I don’t know how many iPods are out there, but I’m sure there are just as many 8G iPod touches as there are total Android devices. To add to the strong the game oriened users, throw in the couple of generations of 32 and 64G iPods used by the more fotunate kids and adults with deeper pockets.

    In our house my fifteen year old daughter has a droid x non rooted and full of games and she also has an 8G iPod, not jail broken and full of games. For me, my droid x is fully modded and running gingerbread with no games and my iPad is not jail broken and has no games.

    The point is, I don’t think the apple app market majority is of iPhones and ipad users. The android market is of more serious user leaving the game play on the devices that do it the best, PS3 & XBox. The android market trend is about modding your phone ’cause you can. IOS devices for most all users have no need to be jail broken, after all the benefit doesn’t out weight the risk. Apple has your use of their product scripted that way and that’s why they dictate what you receive on their market. Flash is not in the script and your Internet experience will be substandard on an IOS device until the world does what Steven J says! Change ALL that is Flash to HTML5.

  • i think the perfect combo is an Android Phone with an iPod touch. The only argument people ever give me is that the iPhone has more apps, but it lacks as a phone, which is what it is. So just get an iPod touch, and you’re good.

  • Robsbot The Robot

    I keep seeing in this posts comments that people are stating that iCraps are more reliable but you can play more with android. This statement is completely and utterly false. Just go on youtube and you can find fake commericals of people trying to use an iCrap device and you can watch it lag, watch the applications crash on a real iCrap used by a real person. In fact, in the IT world (where I live and work) iCraps are known to have about a 6-9 month life span before the phone gets so unbearable the user either buys a new one or does something else equally drastic.

    iCraps are not reliable and do not last. My droid X however has been rooted since I got it and I am able to clear data and caches to keep it running smoothly. The interface is silky smooth, my applications don’t force close, and I never have a single issue with it. Reliable? Absolutely. Droid Does.

  • this is from back in January, which still is mostly games or calorie counters.


  • Floyd Pigs

    This article is extremely misleading. The iOS list is right but only paid apps are listed on the Android list. I’m wondering if there’s even anybody here who’s used both iOS and Android. Fruit Ninja isn’t even the top Android game. Furthermore half of those Android apps go hand-in-hand. So yeah the entire debate is moot.

  • Anonymous

    Theming is one billion times easier on the iPhone due to winter board. It is one thing i miss from ios.

  • Guest

    or should we look at that android users have to do so much more tweaking to get some form of what they want as opposed to apple where things just work and there isnt a whole lot of tweaking needed. i have a droid x and love it the way i have it but im not in love with it…the root access my phone has makes it much more likeable than when it did not have it. at some point you get addicted to tweaking it, but looking back on it all I kind of wish I didnt have to download all these apps to get the phone working the way it should.

  • Josh Minsley

    The top 10 iOS apps are from the App Store.  You can’t buy (or even find) jailbreak and utility apps unless you go someplace else.  Meanwhile, with an open Android market, users can download whatever they want.  Who knows how many people jailbreak an i*hone, but this article is (pardon the pun) comparing apples to oranges. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • HolyGrail

    This is a stupid argument. Why can’t I enjoy both? ( Typed from the ipad thethered to the thunderbolt )


    ANDROID is better we know. Lets just stop talking about it. iPhone users have feelings too.
    -Dell Streak/waiting for LG Optimus 3d

  • I believe Android is (for the great majority) for the more tech savy people. Everyone I know that has an iPhone isn’t as technologically as inclined as ‘us’. I’m not Apple hating. If you look at how Apple has approached the phone market you will see that they market it as more of game-boy like device. Their commercials show more games and fun stuff you can do then the Android commercials. Android commercials tend to flaunt their speed and hardware abilities. If you watch the commercials (even for the tablets) you notice a lot of them say “… running Android 3.0 or Android 2.x” I’ve never herd an iPhone commercial saying what version iOS they are running. Also a big thing I think is funny is that Apple makes their iPhones, you don’t see iOS come stock on any other phone. Apple is a name brand. I feel like you could easily dumb down the hardware ‘standard’ in the iPhone or rename the iPhone4 to the iPhone5 by simply putting better camera’s on it, and people will still buy it because it’s an iPhone. With Android you have many manufactures making phones. That meaning you have a competitive market. Thats why I feel Android is always ‘cutting edge’ hardware, and thats why Google manages to pump out new installments of Android so often. Until iPhones can detect and cure cancer I believe Android will always be top of the line (unless Android beats them to that too!). Like I said before, this is all my opinion, Apple people don’t get bent out of shape and flame. Although I wouldn’t mind hearing an Apple enthusiast’s opinion on my thoughts.

  • Anonymous


  • we all know Andy can beat apple with a flashlight lol…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Here’s you some quote to show you some lack of the intelligences of the a-typical android loser: 

    “Apple users love them some games, Is this what truly makes Android the more powerful “Smart Phone”?

  • Ntedwar

    Having gone from android to iOS, the difference for me has been that I don’t need to download as many apps to do the same amount of work. iOS has been simple, faster, and more intuitive than each android unit I’ve had… I only point this out because this post, unlike most on ddoid life, is especially vapid, base, and guilty of selection bias. The base features on each device are different and therefore what one downloads is necessarily different.

    • Anonymous

      Would you mind elaborating? I’m not trying to make a flame war, just curious. It just seems to be that a Droid out of the box is equivalent to the iphone in useful features. Then once you start downloading apps the Droid takes off.

      • Carmen Diva

        A droid out of box is not equivalent as an iphone.

        Case in point: 
        Depending on which droid/Android you have, you may experience lag(Droid Charge) vs an iphone whose archaic UI is very fluid…So on Android you have to download Launcher Pro, Go launcher or ADW to replace the UI

        Not starting a flame war either….I love both my Charge &  my Xperia Play!

        • Anonymous

          Well you may have a case in point with the Charge, but with stock TB, there isn’t any lag…so, out of the box, just with screen size, 4G and options…TB > ip

    • Now just trying to make a point was your android a stock android experience or a skinned.  Because a non skinned android would be faster and smoother and possibly more simple than a skinned on.  For example using a nexus S or nexus one or OG droid to an iPhone would be a more fair comparison than a droid 2 or HTC incredible both of which are skinned or even worse a samsung with it’s touchwiz

  • Ntedwar

    Having gone from android to iOS, the difference for me has been that I don’t need to download as many apps to do the same amount of work. iOS has been simple, faster, and more intuitive than each android unit I’ve had… I only point this out because this post, unlike most on ddoid life, is especially vapid, base, and guilty of selection bias. The base features on each device are different and therefore what one downloads is necessarily different.

  • Anonymous

    it would be cool if the pic was 1200 x 1600 or something bigger.

  • I’d like the 30 seconds it took to read this crap-pile back.

    Android fan or not, there’s something called ‘substance’ and ‘intelligent commentary’ which make an article worth reading. You might want to research that some.

  • Anonymous

    Apart of games a lot of apples popular apps are social apps, when I watch AppJudgement 90% of the iPhone apps they review are social apps.

    iPhones are for people who don’t know a thing about technology and post everything on Facebook

  • the hand candy gets DUHs, Android just DOES.

    • DBK

      lol Crapple DUHs, Droid Does.


  • Hand down android just lets you do more with your phone. The general public might like their games and such but everyone I talk with about android is always surprised what it can do and do for FREE. I’m not an Apple hater, its just from past experiences Apple likes control in their systems and I think once people realize how Apple limits what your phone can do they change their minds. Some Android manufactures and even the carriers want to have the same control as Apple does, I think its too late for that on with Android. The cats out of the bag and experienced user love the customizations Google and the developers have created. Android was the replacement of what Windows Mobile use to be. I’m pretty sure most Windows Mobile users jumped straight to android.

  • Rizzidy



      Top as in, most downloaded.

  • Peter Tallerico

    Apple doent have widgets… Nuff Said

  • Man, every argument about iOS having more and better apps just flew out the window the minute I saw the top 10 apps are crappy time wasters.

  • Anonymous

    Every kid and do-nothing hipster has an iPhone.  I’m not surprised that game apps dominate it.

    • Chad

      I know I can’t even go to Walmart w/o seeing some 10 to 12 year old boy or girl w/ an *Phone.  LOL
      Don’t see many 10 to 12 year olds w/ an android yet.

  • I should also note that posts like these make me want to re-root my OG.

    A+ work

  • RW-1

    Nope, it is simply that Crapple doesn’t allow apps that require or assist in jailbreaking their devices. If that were so then you would then see more similarity.

  • I think this speaks more to the user base of the two platforms. Apple users tend to think of their phones as shiny, cool, but in the end, toys (with a phone). Android users tend to see the potential of a device and want every bit of usefulness out of their phones.

  • guest

    i have to be honest..i like iphones cydia…its the seperate jailbroken market pretty much

  • Rick Lopez1

    I think this proves that android phones are for dorks, I’m good with that since I own an iPad too

  • Logan3209

    I guess they didn’t come pair the top 10 Cydia apps to Android apps.

  • Anonymous

    Any reason in particular its comparing paid Android apps to paid/free iOS apps?

  • Anonymous

    I’m just glad we have a notification bar 🙂

  • Thank you for showing me to Power AMP, I LOVE IT!!

  • I haven’t read all the comments, but does anyone else think its funny that Apple is the Droid?

  • Anonymous

    Hey why isn’t weather bug working

  • Anonymous

    Hey why isn’t weather bug working

  • Actually, PvZ is no longer free. It was for one day only on Amazon, its now just under $1.49. Plus, if the iOS list is the most popular paid apps, so is the Android list.

  • Actually, PvZ is no longer free. It was for one day only on Amazon, its now just under $1.49. Plus, if the iOS list is the most popular paid apps, so is the Android list.

  • Avram

    I can’t beleive that nobody else has pointed this out, but your whole article is flawed.  I gaurantee that the lists are the tope 10 PAID apps on each platform.  Angry Birds and Plants v Zombies are both available free on Android.  In general more Android apps are free with paid versions on some ad free aps or utility applications.  Android users have more free quality games available than iphone so of course they will be less likely to pay for games. 

    It’s not about power vs fun; it’s free fun vs paid fun. 

  • Azills

    i*hone is not a smart phone its a multimedia device that makes phone calls, that list proves it
    android is a smart phone and its list proves that.

    that is all…

    • Carmen Diva


    • Anonymous

      So……how’s exchange working on that Mot0 dR0Id x? LOL

      • Robsbot The Robot

        Flawlessly. Thanks for asking.

  • Kierra

    I’m not really a “power user” but I do like Android’s customization. Thats it and that all

  • Cgmartin33

    Lmao… It blows my mind how 4 apps that require root are in the top ten… Never would have guessed it! I guess we are a pretty big group (think about that next time you want to lock down phones Motorola) 😉

  • Ccboyal

    Well you just proved android is a pos. Iphone doesnt need all the utility apps cause it works out the box. Apple is not depended on the end user to optimize their software.

    • tomNasty

      OK that makes no sense

      • Anonymous

        Neither does HTC

  • Carmen Diva

    I don’t understand why people say Android is a “Smarter” phone
    than Apple iphone.

    Aside from tinkering and customization we can do on our droids/android
    phones, what else is there that makes it a smarter phone?

    • Widgets, Integration, Multi-tasking (not sneaky app switching), Flash

      Just to name a few

      • Carmen Diva

        widgets are subjective….
        Multi-tasking–again subjective

        Flash–Aside from Galaxy S2…i’ve yet to see Flash actually perform without lag or bugs

  • Jared T

    One could argue that iOS doesn’t need all the utility apps to function well – that it’s already built into the OS. I understand that saying that in this forum is blasphemy, though. Just saying… don’t be such a homer for Android that you don’t expect more.

  • Anonymous

    plus like MR.Joe said, he doesnt need the 2 to be the apple ios…it just shows the force is week with the apple for having 4

  • Carmen Diva

    Apple’s apps are more refined to me and perform better but are very pricey

    but Android has a lot of different alternatives(some cheaper or free than apple)
    yet a lot of Android apps are buggy 

    I liked my experience with Apple and if i wasn’t tied to itunes, i’d so be with Apple
    over android

  • Anonymous

    theres no question that open source os rules the phone world, rem is even more open than ios and our phones are much cooler looking 🙂

  • This is the way I see it:

    Apple’s whole appeal is simplicity. People love i-products because they are reliable in that you’d have to try really hard to break it. It’s the reason I bought a Macbook for college. I can’t let my technical curiosity compromise my 5 page term paper. Everything is locked down and goes through Apple, so it eliminates flaws and issues caused by 3rd party apps not approved by them. Apple won’t make it easier to jailbreak their phones. Why? although it would make them more competitive in Android’s playing field, it would compromise what they did to gain such a fan-base in the first place.

    Android on the other hand, is more for the technically minded individual. We can root and modify the phone to our heart’s content. We can make the phone TRULY our own. This is why I love Android, and why I’ve stuck with it. There are times when ROMs or themes may slow down the performance or battery life of the phone, but you know what? We can FIX that! Android was made to be modified and played with. This explains why so many of the top 10 list is fully of utility apps to help modify the phone.

    In conclusion. It’s all about what the person needs. Need a phone that won’t quit humming along no matter what hell you put through it’s software, but will never be any different from when you got it out of the box? Go iPhone. If you want a phone that you can make your OWN, customize, and modify because…well, you f**kin can, even if sometimes curiosity will slow it down, and not every modification is an “improvement”? Go Android.

    ‘Nuff said 🙂

    • Stanger

      well said

    • I concur.  

      They both have their place.  If I were to be given the option of either a nexus phone or iPhone I’d happily choose the former.  

      • Jack Martin

        if i had to choose between an apple iphone or watermelon i’d choose watermelon because it tastes better then an apple.

    • jason w.s.

      You are completely right. I’ve had every Droid device since the OG, and i’ve also had a  couple  iPhones, and i really love them both. Android is definitely for people that love rooting and tweaking and changing things on their devices. With Android I noticed that apps and things could be really laggy or jerky or freeze and crash some times, and then everything may work completely fine for a while, running without a hitch, seeming like things would always get wonky on me when i was trying to show someone something on my phone, lol, never fails. You just never knew what you was gonna get. With IOS and iPhone, you always know what your gonna get, ALWAYS. It seems that you never have to worry if this app will work right, or if that app will freeze up your phone, anything and everything just always does what its supposed to. Everything just seems so seamless and fluid on the iPhone…so quick, and yes, simple. I’ve never gotten pissed and ready to just throw my iphone out the window because it locked up, or just rebooted on me out of the blue for no reason whatsoever, because that just doesnt happen, ever. To me, Android OS always feels like its still in the making, or a beta or somthing that is still rough around the edges and is almost complete, but just not quite there yet, while IOS on the other hand feels like a polished, finished product, that runs like a champ, ready for prime time. But, like I said, I love using both, always have and always will. 

  • Huffy

    It’s because anyone can pick UP an I phone and use it. It only does so much. Android on the other hand is for the smart people

  • tjhrulz

    Way to use my second image for my username kellen

  • Samudra Sanyal

    I want to +1 this. Why won’t you let me?

    • Kwparker80

      Are you on a Honeycomb tablet? Mine doesn’t work either. Just like you can’t rate an app from the Market app for Honeycomb. You have to go to the web based Market to do it.

  • Jack Martin

    thats why i always say the Iphone is a toy. any android phone is everything else

  • Mcook1670

    I tired of major app developers kiss appples ass…line 2,Skype,HULU. It would nice if they would make the same apps for both os, not one for apple and then one that sucks for android. Apple doesnt support flash yet hulu has their lips all over apple’s ass and yet their still waiting to release an app for android, same goes for netflix

  • Like evileclipse said, stats of apps purchased in Cydia like 3G Unrestrictor, Lock Screen Info, Infinidock etc. are not going to be available for this sort of comparison.

    Also to all the Android haters let me first say that I am currently rocking an iPhone 4 and here is my smartphone history; Symbian -> iPhone -> iPhone 3G -> iPhone 3GS -> Samsung Galaxy S ->iPhone 4.
    The apps are that are top 10 in android are not to make Android usable as you say it is to make it better. There are a lot of things out there that make iPhone better too like the apps I mentioned above. Don’t tell me you would not be all over other keyboards like swype if you had the chance.

    Things is that iOS is super usable for anyone. I went back to iphone because I missed it and I wanted an Android Tablet (Xoom) and an iOS device. But know I think I will be going back to Android when a CDMA compatible GALAXY S2 device arrives at Verizon. I get tired of phone really easily and with Android flasing custom ROMs will keep me happy longer.

  • Like evileclipse said, stats of apps purchased in Cydia like 3G Unrestrictor, Lock Screen Info, Infinidock etc. are not going to be available for this sort of comparison.

    Also to all the Android haters let me first say that I am currently rocking an iPhone 4 and here is my smartphone history; Symbian -> iPhone -> iPhone 3G -> iPhone 3GS -> Samsung Galaxy S ->iPhone 4.
    The apps are that are top 10 in android are not to make Android usable as you say it is to make it better. There are a lot of things out there that make iPhone better too like the apps I mentioned above. Don’t tell me you would not be all over other keyboards like swype if you had the chance.

    Things is that iOS is super usable for anyone. I went back to iphone because I missed it and I wanted an Android Tablet (Xoom) and an iOS device. But know I think I will be going back to Android when a CDMA compatible GALAXY S2 device arrives at Verizon. I get tired of phone really easily and with Android flasing custom ROMs will keep me happy longer.

  • This just shows supply and demand. Not a good way to compare the differences in a technical level but more of user preference.

  • Eric Richardson

    Honestly, I think the biggest piece of info from data like that is really how big the rooting scene is get)ting. When root apps can claim some top spots, then is the rooting community really that small as most like to make it out to be?

  • Wheeets

    Dave: When I installed better keyboard on my device, i was alerted that better keyboard might keep my info, such as credit card numbers, passwords, ss#’s. etc. With all the ID theft out there, I was really wondering if it is ok to use?

  • Anonymous

    Why are there so many iFans here?  I thought this was an Android site.

    • Jboogie1289

      They’re here to support a winning team!!! That’s what losers do, so please……cheer on iPhail fans!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just want to know when Verizon is going to offer me a stock Nexus.  Kellex, how is the service on that Sprint Nexus S you have?

  • Mcneilmoe

    thats cause android is a real smartphone!!!!!!!!

  • I find it funny looking at the APPLE! I’ve always thought looking at it that it’s just like all of their products, ……”hmm I think its missing a little something”

  • Uneronumo

    Interpreted another way, it appears to me that iOS users are enjoying their devices, while Android users are much busier trying to make their devices functional.

    • Uneronumo

      Btw, I have a Droid 2 running Liberty 2.0.1 and a non-jailbroken iPad 2. I love both devices.

    • Andy Porter

      but my device is fully functional and works perfectly and is really fast with no problems. Except I can make my perfectly functional device even better by changing the phones features WITHOUT rooting. like the keyboard, music player, gallery, homescreen, and pretty much every other feature in the phone. ever try doing that on a stock iphone without rooting it? and you mentioned how android users are busy trying to make their device functional. my device works perfectly and extremely fast with no problems so what did you mean?

  • evileclipse

    Without angering everyone here, please understand that an ios device is just as customizable as an android device. I’m an android owner/operator/ modder, but this is a biased view of this info. Of course there are no root apps available thru the app store. I bet the number of people who have downloaded winterboard in cydia is more than all the downloads from these root apps combined. I bet if you polled cydia for it’s top downloads they would rank a little higher in the Ios top apps. Please don’t flame. Incredible running 2.3.3 with sense 3.0, so u know who I’m rooting for!

    • hah, “rooting” for. 😉

      • evileclipse

        Ahha at least u see what I did there

    • Exactly. Great point. It is the fact that Google supports the rooting and hacking, while Apple snubs it. Which to me gives Android an upper hand. The manufacturer (Google) stands behind their product and WANTS you to tinker with it. I love it. 

    • Chris Leighton

      Yeah, but all 10 top iOS apps are games. Like, 1 topAndroid app us a game. That’s pretty sad.

  • OG Droid

    That picture is Awesome!!!

  • xxdesmus

    I think most iPhone users are relatively simple creatures. They don’t look for utilities to make their phone more useful — they willingly and blindly accept what Apple has told them is the best thing, and they just use that. Oh, and they play a lot of games with all their free time.

  • Jim Dandy

    I thought the majority of android users don’t root. How can Rom Manger pull in #2?

    • Anonymous

      It’s counted by number of downloads. Re-downloading after switching ROMs adds to the number.

      • evileclipse

        I’m just asking, are you sure it recounts everytime its redownloaded? If so, that makes a whole lot more sense about those three root apps! You have to redownload them every time you flash a rom.

      • evileclipse

        I’m just asking, are you sure it recounts everytime its redownloaded? If so, that makes a whole lot more sense about those three root apps! You have to redownload them every time you flash a rom.

      • Kwparker80

        In my experience with switching ROMs most of the rooting apps are already included at startup. You do have to download the again on some of them.

    • I know. We think the rooted community is so small but this stat proves otherwise.

  • Derek Ng

    The android market is fluttered with root access apps as well as normal apps. iOS App Store has no jailbroken apps whatsoever so it makes it easy to show iOS owners are gamefreaks. Don’t get me wrong, I love my android but this comparision seems a little bias. haha

  • I recently switched from Android to iPhone. Android is still very respectable in my eyes precisely for the reasons cited in the post – root access gave me the power to make my device faster, and use apps that gave me more overall control. I like that Android – and the other OS’s – exist for the competition. Everyone wins.

    FWIW: The reason I jumped to iPhone is integration of everything. I’m a graphic designer and work on a Mac every day, so all of our photos, music, etc. is already managed by Apple products, which made jumping to iPhone very attractive.

    I think the games aspect of iOS is likely more because that’s where the best ROI is  for developers, so there’s a richer product offering. Beneath that layer of apps, though, I bet we’d see similar apps for work, photography, social media, etc. that we see on Android.

    Great idea for a post! 

    • Yep. My girlfriend works for and dies for Apple. Your reasons cited are the same reasons she sticks with Apple. I always try to explain that I can enjoy Apple products from time to time, and I feel that there should be a symbiotic relationship soon 🙂 hah


    • Luke Skywalker

      NOOOO!!!!! We lost dan to the dark side. maybe if i use my jedi force as shown in the picture above i can possibly bring him back.

      • Michael

        wow, you’re such a dork!

    • Luke Skywalker

      NOOOO!!!!! We lost dan to the dark side. maybe if i use my jedi force as shown in the picture above i can possibly bring him back.

  • 5 of the apps for Android are to make the phone function as it should. Say no more.

    • RFGOD


    • evileclipse

      Aside from Better Keyboard, none of those change the phones function. Troll a lot?

    • evileclipse

      Aside from Better Keyboard, none of those change the phones function. Troll a lot?

    • Anonymous

      Right, because on an Android device, users can root to remove crap they don’t want and make the phone, “function like it should.” On Apple, you don’t have the choice! Wow, what a sweet deal for iPhans. Oh well, instead of thinking of ways to personalize your iPhone, how about another game of Fruit Ninja?

      Your argument is silly. And btw, have a good time not removing that spyware that comes included (free of charge!) with every Apple device because you can’t root to make the iphone, “function like it should.”

    • not necessarily, think of rooting like modifying and tuning a car. everyone wants something different depending on what you use it for. as android users we have more doors open to us than an iPhone user. (btw i own all mac computers one with an ubuntu VM) some of the main reasons i will never look back at the iPhone is
      1. clutter, all those app icons everywhere.
      2. took them until what, ios v3.x before you could change wallpaper?
      3. like someone said earlier its more of a multimedia device than a smart phone.
      4. apple believes they have the “perfect consumer product” and everyone else is inferior.

      While android is by no means perfect, at least let the consumers have a choice. which in my mind is better than being force fed the same garbage over and over.

  • TheAndroid1

    This can be twisted either way.  You could say that Android is the more “powerful” platform.  Or you could say that Apple users don’t need to modify their phones to make it work right, it is plenty fast without overclocking/modding/alternative ROMs.  While android users are trying to make their phones not suck Apple users are having fun with the highest quality and newest games available on the App Store.
    Power vs. Fun, it’s your choice.
    (For the record, my personal choice is Android, just please stop with the Apple Bashing.  I feel like I have to choose between iPhone users who think that nothing can beat the iPhone because it is perfect and Android Users who think they are these genius hackers because they can follow INSTRUCTIONS on how to root their phones)

    • We’re not bashing! Hah. 
      But yes, this could be spun either way. We just thought it was thought provoking. 🙂

      • Kwparker80

        It is, Tim, but if you look at the Market for Honeycomb almost all of the most popular apps are games too. Grab Kellex’s Xoom if you don’t have one and check it out.

        I am a huge Android fan, but I also like to play with the wife’s iPhone sometimes. Tech is tech, and I like it all.

        And let’s get something straight. The reason the same app is different on iOS and Android is that they are written on different platforms. There is no way to ‘port’ an app from iOS to Java. They have to be completely be rewritten on the other platform. To ‘port’ something over is to use the same base code and a different compiler. Not gonna happen between iOS and Android.

        And I say ‘Let the games continue’. Do any of you really believe either platform would be as far along as fast as they are now without all this competition? To each his own, and let’s hope the “fanbois” on both sides keep fueling this battle.

        I still like Android better FWIW.

        • Martin

          Code reuse has nothing to do with porting an application.  Stick with databases.

    • Rooting the phone,IMO, doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone is sucky. some people buy a phone because it has great hardware, but with ROM manager, you can run CM7 or whatever ROM you like to more fit your liking, which in turn can possibly make your hardware run even better.

    • Jeff

      I agree,

      With Android you MUST root the device in order to get rid of carrier and manufacture’s bloatware…

      Then Google introduces many bugs in every new version and refuses to fix them…. Many devices are stuck on Froyo and it has many serious bugs….

      I would smash my Droid if it was not rooted with custom rooms….

    • Actually the way to interpret this data is very simple. Android users don’t buy apps, as is apparent by the 17 to 1 ration of App Store revenue vs Android Market revenue. The fact that root only apps are in the top 10 is further proof. Root users who everyone agrees are a minority are able to propel the apps they use to the top 10 because they are the only users who are buying apps. 

  • jimmiedylan

    Apple products are superior and do not need these types of apps. Android handsets need this stuff to make them usable at all. 

    • It could also be said Apple users don’t know how to do anything better with their device than play a game.

      • jason w.s.

        I guess you missed the memo, there are ZERO apps in the iOS app store that pertain to rooting/jailbreaking. Thats what Cydia is for. So therefore, how can anybody be surprised that its all games and not any root utility apps in the top ten?

    • Jboogie1289

      You’re on the wrong forum chump!!

      – 10.

      Superior? I got $20, can I get the same thing that he’s smokin’.

    • Bobby Marcus

      but my stock android phone NON rooted works perfect and extremely fast with no problems. i do enjoy changing the built in features to just the way i like it. like the keyboard, music player, home screen, or anything else on the phone. try doing that with a stock iphone without jailbreaking it and let me know how far you get. lol. apple products are stuck with w/e apple makes. alot of apple users have had pretty much the same design since the first iphone in 2007 so they don’t understand the possibilities of being able to change the phone to the way they like it

  • Hellomoto

    This website should be called Troll-Life.

    • Dsim91

      If you don’t like the site then bug off loser

  • Rocktoonz

    I too love that pic.  It might just become my new FB proile pic 😀

    • Rocktoonz


  • Yagermeister

    Because the i*hone is built for children, soccer moms, and the elderly…I think the list makes perfect sense 😉

    • Anonymous

      I have an ipad and a droid 1 thank you very much. I think that this is partially right. The iOS is built for being extremely simple to use, and there are no settings that the user has to fiddle with that they might not know how to use. Android on the other hand is more about making the phone the way you want, and it does it well. I happen to like both for different reasons: I love my iPad because it is easy and simple to use, and yet is still a powerful device. I like my Original Droid because I can dive into the hidden features of my phone and really bring out the power in it, and I get to choose what keyboard I want to use. I hope that we can realize that iOS and Android can co exist like Ford and Honda do.

      • Yagermeister

        Agreed Beez1717… Agreed.

  • Maniko (Meister_Li)

    Yes, I’d actually say that the iPhone would benefit greatly from an easy root or “Jailbreak” – but it’s not going to happen. Anything that could take away from Apple’s revenue is mercilessly shot down, and even “jaibreaking” itself does not, installing a different market application or flash does, in a way. 

    It’s the whole IBM PC vs. Apple thing again. The PC won because it gave there users a great choice and a lot of different ways to personalize and tune their devices while Apples… Well, they where Apples.

    The best indicator that the PC won is that Apple-Computers are also PCs nowadays. 😉

    •  I don’t think so.  PC had and still has the lion’s share of 3rd party software development.  Back in the day you would have a time finding software developed for apple.  There were only a handful of office type applications and for every 20 pieces of “PC” software you’d find 1 MAC based piece similar. 

      Apple has the advantage with the 3rd party developers now, but the developers are slowly starting to put stuff out there for both platforms.

  • jbonics

    LLike everyone know iOS is marketed for girls or, well for girls. Easy and sweet. Android is for anyone and everyone and its always been like that. Before android the ONLY thing I liked about iOS was the ability to access the web, oh no flash this sucks. And thats it


    could almost say the same about better keyboard, but seriously, weather bug is in the top 10? it shouldn’t even be in the top anywhere.

    aye. aside from that, loving the rest of the list. Awesome to see BW, Rom manager, titanium all up there. Though the ones i love the most are Robo Defense and PowerAMP. both android exclusive apps. that i’ve personally used pretty much since they were created.

  • Love all the root apps in the top 10!

  • Agerman

    iPod/iPhone OS looks fine (no need for beautiful widgets)
    Works fine (no need for SetCpu, Better Keyboard, etc.)
    & it’s built in apps do the trick (no need for Weatherbug)

    • Agerman

      *playing devil’s advocate btw…

    • What “looks fine” to one person (steve jobs) is not always looking good to everyone else 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thats easy and convenient to say when you can’t use Beautiful Widgets (no widgets), SetCpu (no root access), Better Keyboard (you can’t install your own keyboard) and Weatherbug (again, no widgets).

      • Anonymous

        Oh damn, you killed it KillaPenguin! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      “do the trick”

      content with mediocrity?

    • But with iPod/iPhone OS it’s take it or leave it with regards to hardware and ui

  • so basically serious people buy androids devices

    • Jason Patterson

      serious people and smart people buy android devices. because you have to know how to use an android device if you want to use it to its full potential. anyone with hands and eyes can use an iphone. i’ve seen 3 year olds and 10 year olds using an iphone. never seen anyone that young using an android phone because its alot harder to understand unless you know how to use more advanced technology

  • Now that popular iOS Games are being ported over to Android, it’s a best of both worlds – great games and equally great root apps. 

    • They may have been ported to android, but try playing the same game on iOS and android it will be a completely different experience.  With Apple, the experience is clean with not near as many issues, with android it just feels sloppy and out of place.

      There are great things about android, but that apps are not that.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed…well for the most part.

        Not to mention the sheer size of iOS gaming catalog compared to that of Android’s.

  • James Murphy

    Is another Apple-bashing post really necessary at this point?

    • We’re not bashing. Just saying, “Hey look! This is interesting!”

    • i dont see this as apple bashing (not as much as it could be certainly)

  • Dman27

    well iam pretty sure every game you listed for apple is on android ROFL

  • Mr.Joe

    I hate that image SO MUCH!

    Do you really thing Andy needs TWO lightsabers to beat apple?  

    He only needs one.  Hell he could still beat them with a broken one.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone knows the Apple can only use one lightsaber at a time anyway.

      • Anonymous

        Apple cant multi task. Hes only using 1 saber at a time while the other 3 are for show.

        • Bobbyzio36

          Actually, you be wrong. When you JB everything changes, including the ability to do the things people see as problems with iOS.

          • Danny Holyoake

            That changes nothing. iOS is still flawed in that it can’t handle multitasking very well, if at all. Jailbreaking is not an acceptable workaround/excuse.

          • Anonymous

            Especially when it’ll just get broken come next update. If you root your Android phone, you get updates much earlier and sometimes get updates your phone would never have gotten. If you jailbreak an iOS device, you wait weeks for updates everyone else has gotten already.

          • That’s completely wrong. Jailbreaking doesn’t prevent you from updating the iPhone’s firmware. Rooting however, disables OTA updates from your carrier and you will be forced to rely on some cooked up ROMs hurridly made by a snobbish programmer on a developer forum for the rest of your phone’s life. Either you are lying or just terribly ignorant. 

          • 66racer

            if you update on a jailbreak= loose jailbreak and start over
            if you update rooted= loose root and start over, yes I recieved ota when only rooted, on a rom and thats the difference, maybe you mis-spoke or are ignorant

            Not all roms are half baked, there are several seriously nice roms out there and all the good ones make your phone faster

          • well i don’t have to root to do anything that my phone SHOULD do. It already does it.

        • Its because the apple is general greivous (prob wrong spelling) from star wars who had all those lightsabers, ie he is the bad guy… Kenobi wins anyways

        • Mr.Joe

          Actually iOS4 can SOMEWHAT (I use this lightly) multitask. 

        • Tj

          try talking to someone and using the internet on the og Droid stock at the same time, doesn’t work. works on the iPhone tho.

          • …i just tried it and it worked?

            not only did you just make a fool of yourself, but you also tried to back apple up by stating a completely retarted feature.

          • Mr.Joe

            Actually talking and surfing is a pretty nifty feature.  Too bad it’s a GSM feature and a cheap ass flip phone can do it.  Nothing special about it.

          • Anonymous

            Requires WiFi on CDMA phones. You probably used an AT&T/T-Mobile phone on UMTS.

          • Tj

            actually I have an og Droid and just tried it and the internet won’t even pull up…(once again no problem on my iPhone) NEXT week I’m canceling my og Droid because not only that but it was slow and always did funny things on it’s own. had to resets it several times. maybe to technical for me because my iPhone just works no technical assistance needed, my 5 yrold can even use it, but not the weird Droid

          • BigRed4X15

            Your absolutely right iOS and iPhone was designed so that 5 year old children can use it. I prefer to have something sophisticated and open so that I can decide the experiance I want from my smart phone. Like they say, you have to be 10% smarter than the equipment your trying to operate, I guess when it comes to you and your 5 year old, the Droid has you beat!

          • Tj

            my og Droid is slow I’ve had Verizon check it out several times for the random force close issues and still the internet won’t pull up if I’m talking on it, but will work the second you hang up(what’s wrong with this phone is their something I have to turn on?). I was glad Verizon picked up the iPhone, I still could do anything on my iPhone my Droid could do without any problems or slowness. So yes I choose ease of use and use abilitys over lag and force closing any day. I use the internet and email all the time since I own my own shop, and I find myself picking up my iPhone more often then my Droid do to simplicity and it just works no lag.

          • you’re comparing 2 different speeds of processors. first of all, what version of android were you on? 2.2 is great, but have you tried 2.3? second of all.. are you aware that you’re comparing a proprietary 1ghz processor in the i*hone compared to 550mhz in the droid? 
            are you kidding me? that’s like comparing a 2009 asus netbook to a 2010 macbook. compare it to an iphone 3g or 3gs. guarantee you that the droid will be faster every time.

          • Tj

            running 2.2 so I checked for updates and og Droid is up to date …does 2.3 enable the talk n surf at the same time? I like both of these phones. Have had the Og Droid since it came out but has always acted funny sometimes, but would really like to be able to talk and surf at the same time, if it’s such a simple feature why can’t the og Droid do it. I use my og Droid for sites w/flash content like ducati.com .I’d like to be able to talk and see these sites at the same time like my iPhone.

          • what iphone are you using? att or vzw? the og droid will never be able to do that. i was just addressing the speed issue.. any cdma only phone will not be able to do surf and talk.  its just a differebt technology that cdma is not capable of. 

          • Apple

            You are an idiot and really should not be on this website or using an Android phone at all.

          • Anonymous

            This whole thread is weird.  Turn on wifi and you can use the net while talking on a Verizon droid.  Verizon phones can not do data and voice at the same time.  

          • Anonymous

            This whole thread is weird.  Turn on wifi and you can use the net while talking on a Verizon droid.  Verizon phones can not do data and voice at the same time.  

          • jason w.s.

            Lolol, sophisticated eh? lol, too funny. Your comment reads like a cheesy infomercial. A sophisticated “experiance” as you say, is something that can only be enjoyed by an Elite Android user such as yourself, lol jk man ;-P

          • Curtislambert1

            You let your child use your iPhone? are you deliberately trying to stunt his/her intellectual growth? Better start looking to to special schools now…

          • Tj

            by the way your rude for calling me a fool I was just explaining my experience

          • Anonymous

            cdma…. gsm… if that doesn’t make sense to you then that’s why you have an iphone 🙂

          • i can do it on my thunderbolt, but if you knew anything about cell phones, it’s not good on GSM, and is one of the reasons that the iPhone has trouble holding calls

          • not a verizon iphone

          • Djstar2k2

            that being totted as a feature is kinda lame cuz GSM can do it not cdma but I can do the same thing on my of droid using wifi and since android truely multitask it does it flawlessly. and you should not that att n tmo androids can sufprf n talk too

          • Anonymous

            My Thunderbolt can do that with no problem.  Can’t say the same for the Verizon iPhone.

          • Jarrell0406

            my thunderbolt as well and i love to hell with the i*phone

          • Jarrell0406

            my thunderbolt as well and i love to hell with the i*phone

      • And even then..Apple will probably tell him he’s holding it wrong..

    • Larry

      Someone made it into a clock for Fancy Widget!


      • Rocktoonz


      • Rocktoonz


      • Mr.Joe

        How cute! 

      • Mr.Joe

        How cute! 

      • Mr.Joe

        How cute! 

    • Cody Lemley

      he doesn’t need lightsabers just a chuck norris app

      • Mr.Joe

        Or an apple peeler. 

      • Anonymous

        That was full of Winning.

    • Pnoymagnetix

      You do know that this pic is basically a reenactment from Star Wars III, right?

      • Captain_Awesome

        I see that Captain Obvious is on the scene.

        • Mithedhel11


    • Jboogie1289

      If you look closely at the crApple footing, it appears as if it’s about to retreat. Nice job Andy!!

    • tjhrulz

      Check out my pic it does more justice 

    • iKing

      Actually you need about 198 more of those lightsabers bcuz it takes 200 android phones to beat 2 iPhones…. 😉

  • Twofourturbo

    love the picture

  • Anonymous

    So true… my iPod is for gaming, my Droid is for, well, everything else 🙂