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The Difference Between The Top Ten iPhone & Android Applications

What a thought provoking title. When you think about the subject and what both of these competitors have is a lot of the same thing. iOS has been around a bit longer than our green friend, and has had the majority of the great apps for some time. But now we see a lot of great games, and applications being ported and created for the Android platform. There is still one major difference – Root. The ability to access the phones hidden data, change files, swap themes, etc. And what makes this so powerful in the everyday market aspect, is the fact that the Android Market supports such applications. Where as our detractors devices must be jailbroken, then use a separate program called Cydia to use their device to its full potential. Widgets, custom icons, full themes, and installing non App-Store apps is all available once jailbroken. Isn’t it great to have all that made easy with Android?

For example – The #2 app on the Android Market is ROM Manager. (Cheers Koush!) Following ROM Manager is a great assortment of Root Access apps. Including  #9 Titanium Backup, #7 Set CPU, and #3 Root Explorer. Compared to the list of the top ten iOS applications, it could be presumed that users of the iPhone aren’t concerned about these types of things. Their list is filled with nothing but games. See for yourself after the jump.

Here’s the lists:

Top 10 iOS Apps
1. Angry Birds
2. Angry Birds Rio
3. Tiny Wings
4. Fruit Ninja
5. Where’s Waldo?
6. Tetris
7. Words With Friends
8. The Sims 3
9. Cut The Rope
10. Plants Vs. Zombies

Top 10 Android Apps
1. Beautiful Widget
2. Rom Manager *Premium*
3. Root Explorer
4. Fruit Ninja
5. Better Keyboard
6. Robo Defense
7. SetCPU
8. Weatherbug Elite
9. Titanium Backup Pro
10. Power AMP *Full Version*

So comparing these lists you see a few things. Apple users love them some games. Android users love utility applications, and making their phones very powerful tools. Do you feel it would be a completely different story if Apple allowed for easy jailbreaking and allowing users to switch up their phones? Is this what truly makes Android the more powerful “Smart Phone”? You tell us. We felt this was a great way to compare the two.

Via: Retrevo

Cheers Dave!


  • Now you can just laugh when your Apple fanboi friend tells you he uses a Mac because he likes to get real work done. That’s the argument I hear all the time.

  • 6242053

    Without doubt the Android is a much versatile instrument. I happened to show a few iPhone users the functionality and their eye balls nearly fell out!!! For business users games are just a past time but when it comes to work i want to transfer data & do ten things at one time which only Android allows.

  • Ease of root is part of the issue, though. The reason why Angry Birds isn’t on the Android list? Because the devs made it free with ads because games don’t sell as well on Android. There are a couple of reasons for this — Apple’s app store being a part of their iTunes infrastructure, making the one-click purchase almost second nature to users, as opposed to Android, where there’s not the same acculturation to phone purchasing. But then, I can also load up an app from anywhere on to my phone.

    Three guesses what I’m alluding to here.

  • Spc Hicks09

    Ok, for everyone saying that Android users HAVE to have all this software to make our device run correctly, please read this.

    You’re an idiot. Did you know that only 3% of Android users are rooted? Yes that means that 97% of Android users are perfectly happy with their stock versions. Why do we download root apps? It’s not to make the phone function. It’s to make it better and faster than when it comes out of the box. I understand that iPhone users that get all discombobulated when Android users talk about customizing their devices and we’re sorry to have confused you. We understand that “customization” is not in the iOS dictionary. So, how about you go learn some facts before typing a ridiculous opinion and trying to state it as a fact. Apps like SetCPU can change our CPU speeds, can the iOS do that? Nope. Do we as Android users HAVE to change our CPU speeds? NO! However, it’s nice to have the option. So  anyway, as I said, learn what you’re talking about first, then come on here and post.

  • Hay_dusten

    the statement of “apple loves games, and android loves apps to make their phones more powerful” is crap, i have had both and the top apps for android are to make your phone “work” period. the stock apps it comes with are crap. stock clock widget sucks, stock messenger sucks, stock everything sucks, atleast iphone stock apps do what they are intended to do, and they do them well. so you dont need 15 different callender widgets, and contact widgets and sms widgets. it does what its supposed to and does it good.

    • Custom Colonel

      exactly…gimme a break with the “we like making our phones amazing!!!”…you have no choice, android fanboys…your phones suck unless you add all these features and hack the crap out of your phones.


  • Apple Apple Apple. Do not spell it appel again please.

  • Poorly written article. I love android but that top10 thing means nothing. Keep in mind that many people of all ages have iPod touches and many kids use iTouches solely for gaming.

  • Custom Colonel
  • Custom Colonel

    slow news day, huh?  droid life needs to stop their obsession with apple…it’s becoming pathetic.

    • iKing


    • iKing


  • James Kernicky

    Words With Friends sucks…Wordsmith is 10x better

  • Anonymous

    apple = Empire

    jobs = Vader

    No I won’t capitalize their names ever in any post – they don’t deserve it. 

  • Jacob

    While I agree that these lists are very telling (I absolutely love the fact that 40% of the top android apps are meant for rooted devices), it might be prudent to take into account that quite a few of the applications on the android list would not be allowed in the iOS app store. By only looking at the iOS app store, we’re cutting out what might be a significant share of the jailbroken iOS market, while keeping rooted android users in the picture.   Just something to keep in mind… sometimes things aren’t exactly apples to apples.

    • Apple Apple Apple. Please do not spell it as appel again.

  • Riz

    🙁 @ all this bickering, can’t we all just get along? Anyways,

    Hi, I am a Droid X and I like it. It’s cool. I’ve played with iPhones before. Not really my thing. Don’t like how Appel does business nor am I into being controlled by fruit. Anyways, I prefer Google’s business model, you know where they offer tons of great services all for free. In fact, for as much as I use a wide variety of google services, I don’t think I have ever paid them a dime personally. Anyways…

    When I walk into an apple store don’t they charge a cover? hmm, don’t remember. Anyways, appel likes to charge a premium for average. I’m not into that. Maybe thats just me. I mean, ipone was the best at one time. So I understand why it’s popular. But really, they haven’t done a whole lot since Android stormed the scene. Oh accept…

    The iPad @ $5-800 is a joke. It has a little over $200 in parts yet, $5-800. $5-800 has now completely over priced the entire tablet market with the original over-sized iPone. Yes a year later they have some apps that are cool but at launch, a big iPone with almost zero technology that costs appel a measely $229 to produce (look it up, scratch that here LAZiES (http://gear.ign.com/articles/106/1068348p1.html) yet they charge $5-800? Hey appel, how bout you rape us on the apps purchases, services and all the other crap you sell but then lambaste us on hardware too? lol! How bout you put some decent tech in that thing before you go spoutin off $5-800 price tags.. geez. Yet, year after year, ipone, ipad owners keep buying their over priced, under tech’d iDevices with incremental tech upgrades while the competition is advancing hardware and google is advancing software development.

    Take a look at idevice 4+ years ago, same iOS nearly 5 years later. Now lets look at android. Android and Google have advanced light years from that first g1 (or is it like a g6?). And it’s only gonna continue because google is concentrating solely on making awesome, functional, ground breaking software and appel, well they are advancing more ways to f**k you at the drive through and spend your hard earned cash on AVERiGE!

    /end satirical rant

    p.s. and no, we can’t all get along because Androids and iSheep are mortal enemies!!!! look it up, it’s true 🙂

    • jason w.s.

      So you really don’t know how to spell the word apple? LoL. Seeing that, right off bat just let me know that it was pointless to even bother reading the rest of your little story about “Evil Fruit” lol….another sophisticated android user eh’? jk ;-P

      • Riz

        🙁 appel is chosen to be spelled that way, just like ipone.. sorry that didn’t make sense to you, I’ll try to make my sarcasm/disdain more obvious next time

  • winning

    iPhone’s don’t need the “utility” apps because the iPhone is already such a great device that users don’t need to make up for buggy/laggy software and other problems with little apps to help them cope.  iPhone users can just enjoy their devices with games and a smooth enjoyable experience.  I’ve got a rooted Droid Incredible and iPhone 4, and their is no comparison between the two.  The iPhone wins at everything.  Sorry to say but it is true.

    • Riz

      lol @ iSheep

      • iKing

        Lol @ aSheep

    • Killershade

      Herp derp

    • ehh… i’m kinda getting a fanboy vibe from you…

    • ehh… i’m kinda getting a fanboy vibe from you…

  • Or you guys are a really small group who spends more money in the Market than the really large group of non root users. 

  • Android FTW. period.

  • Guest

    no one needs to download anything to enhance their iphone experience, it’s convention > configuration.

  • Firearms91

    10. Power AMP *Full Version* – The fact this is necessary is kind of a negative.

  • Anonymous

    I think the reason why is because most of the Android phone have memory problem where if you install a game, boom! There goes the memory. That would just turn off game developers in making their games available on the Android.

    Biggest problem with Android are the phones. Where native memory is small and is this dependant I’m the SD card and apps that can go to the SD card. Help, even apps like gmail and maps, made by Google themselves can’t be transferred to the SD card and needs to be fully installed on the phones native memory.

    • Jacob

      My year-old Droid X has 8 Gb of internal memory… this is certainly not a universal problem with android phones, and it is rapidly becoming less widespread.

  • Anonymous

    yup, I pretty much use my ipod for games and my droid x for everything else.

    • thats what i do also, i use my ipod touch for games, and my phone for everything else

  • Anonymous


  • iPhone users spend more time enjoying there phones, while Android users spend more time maintaining them?

  • Either eliminate root required apps from the listing or include the Cydia and other jailbroken device markets iPhone has. I bet there are just as many utilities on those markets as there are in the Android Market.

    • You can’t. Reason, you can’t dl jailbroke apps from the iTunes store…but yet, you can dl rooted apps from the Market. Point made.

  • Anonymous

    power amp is so awesome. I love how it finds album art for you.

  • Anonymous

    1-feature exclusive to android
    2-feature exclusive to android
    3-feature exclusive to android
    5-feature exclusive to android
    7-feature exclusive to android
    9-feature exclusive to android

    1-on android
    2-on android
    4-on android
    6-on android
    7-on android
    8-on android
    10-on android

    10-possible to be on iOS, but isnt

    3-coming soon to android
    9-coming soon to android

    6-im sure theres tetris on android market

    android: 6 apps never availible on iOS 4.3 and lower, top 3 included
    iOS: only 1 app not either on android or in production to be on android (5)
    yeah, iOS has more apps than android

    • This shows how bright the future of Android is. iOS developers moving to Android and your not seeing it so much the other way around (although I can’t name an app that went Android to iOS I’m sure there’s a few).

      • speaking as a professional software developer, the reason you don’t see android apps migrating to iOS as frequently is because of the fact that the android market is lagging behind as far as developer support and android is a beast to work with.

        Thus far, when developing mobile apps, we’ve never once gone android first – it’s always been iOS. If there’s enough demand, we consider a port to android. The reason you don’t see this migration in the other direction is because iOS is, from a developer’s perspective, the obvious first choice.

        There’s nothing inherently wrong with android as a platform, it’s just that:

        a) Apple’s app store is better-curated and easier to find things in, though the new market website has definitely improved things in android’s camp. Still, right now as far as app purchases on-device (impulse buys are important!) iOS offers the end user a better experience.

        b) Development and long-term support of iOS apps is far, far cheaper for the same reason that developing a console game is less of an ordeal than a PC game. You have a limited set of hardware with very little variation in OS, specs or behavior. Testing on android is, to say the least, a complete pain, and god help you if you need to write some native code because you’ll need to compile your app separately for multiple architectures.

        c) Developer-level APIs behave differently on different devices, not by design, but because of bugs introduced by the OEMs writing the software – this means that you could spend forever tweaking your app to run on one phone and still have several problems on another, and that’d be great if there wasn’t another major android device release every month or so (not that I’m complaining about that from a gadget geek perspective, though. 🙂

        I’m sure I’m gonna get my ass chewed out for suggesting android isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, but I’m just trying to offer a realistic view of the landscape here.

        • Okay. I can completely see why it’s iOS to Android now. Thanks for that read protocollie. Its great to hear opinions from the pros. Thanks!

  • 66racer

    Or should we say would the list be different if android had actual games lol sure we “do” but im all out android now but apple did have way more games to kill time with on long flights

  • A1pha

    All this say is that average users install apps on their iPhones and Tech Geeks install more apps on their Droids.  As a sysadmin who supports users I would say this is true.  Most “normal” droid users don’t install any apps, they get confused by they process.  Most iPhone users install hundreds of useless and annoying apps.

  • Anonymous

    So basically iPhone users enjoy tons of games.

    Android users on the other hand have next to no games worth a damn (and the few they have are actually iOS downports that run better on iPhones anyway) thus they spend their time tweaking their phones to install animu themes or replace the awful default Android keyboard.I’m a gamer and the App Store has all the apps I could possibly want, so iPhone for me!