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Verizon Preparing to Sell a 16GB Motorola XOOM with 4G LTE?

Less than a month ago, Motorola announced the XOOM Wi-Fi for $599 which we all assumed was their attempt at competing with Apple along with the ridiculous amounts of other cheap tablets that were poised to hit the market.  What if they weren’t stopping there though?  According to our friends at Verizon, a 16GB model could be in the works.  And just like the 32GB Motorola XOOM that’s available now, will be upgradeable to 4G LTE in the near future if the screenshot above holds any weight.

No word on what pricing could end up at, but we’re seeing WiFi-only tablets with 16GB of storage fall in around the $400-$450 range.  Could a 4G 16GB XOOM land on Verizon at $699 or even cheaper?  And should we assume that a WiFi-only 16GB XOOM would follow as well?

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  • Starhelius17

    They can stop now. Motorola was stupid enough to compete with a freakin’ Apple product in missteps and half-truths. The recent sales report has shown–The Xoom was a failure, at least as far as making Moto an actual competitor in the tablet market, and I think most of it is their own fault. Not to mention that there should have been no way, no matter the specs or openness or what have you, that this thing came out not only priced HIGHER than the new hotness (Ipad 2), but about $200 DOLLARS HIGHER!

    I’m glad they failed because they deserved to fail. I’m hoping that others learn from Motorola’s mistakes and decide that if they’re going to compete, they will at least release a product that is competitive.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola drop the ball with the xoom pricing. I have one but it took waiting around for a cheaper or what they thought was cheaper version. They could have sold way more if they had three different version off the top. Bad move super bad move

  • Ohlookitzneil

    I’ve forgotten about those 10 in. tablets. There all too pricey and lacks so much compared to the latest cell phones. If they want a chance to even put a small dent on apple, they better think about hard-working middle class people. I’m that not stupid nor eager to to invest our my hard-earned money just so in 3 months or so there is a nicer version of the product. *lower the price, like 200 bucks, maybe, just maybe my eye will be interested – LOL!

  • Cincybearcatfan

    Had one since launch day. I just sold it on EBAY. It SUCKS hard. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone other than the biggest Android Fanboy’s out there, and I’m a pretty big Android Fanboy. LOVE my DINC. Hated the Xoom. Lost $300 when I sold it. Live and learn. NEVER another Moto device for me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to think that Motorola is just making up this XOOM stuff on the go. It has been so mismanaged and botched it’s no wonder that only 100,000 have been sold.

  • chris

    First they release a 32 gb Xoom and then a few months later they release a 16 gb Xoom? I’m no math expert but isn’t 16 gb less then 32 gb?

  • chris

    First they release a 32 gb Xoom and then a few months later they release a 16 gb Xoom? I’m no math expert but isn’t 16 gb less then 32 gb?

    • Anonymous

      no, 16gb is more than 32gb.

      trust me, i was a math major in college 😉

  • Anonymous

    I personally would want the 32GB over the 16GB…but they should have released this one at launch! I don’t understand why Moto insisted on hampering sales of the XOOM by not releasing multiple SKUs like Apple does with the iPad? Not everyone wants, or can afford, the high-end device. Anyone who may have been swayed by this is probably already lost to the iPad 2 at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Who in their right mind would actually sign a 2-year contract for a tablet? Not only is it cheaper to tether to an actual phone, but the Xoom will be obsolete in a few months.

    I can’t wait to see all the suckers who buy it whining in 6 months about Android fragmentation and how dare they come out with newer tablets only a few months after they were suckered.

    • you might want to think twice before tethering your device, unless you are paying for it, then nevermind. just follow @P3droid about this topic.

      • Anonymous

        You mean the guy who has been proven wrong on multiple occasions now? No thanks.

    • Porschephile2k3

      It won’t be “obsolete”, but it will be “outdone”.

  • 16gb is such little space to me. I carry TONS movies and a TONS of music on my phone and nearly filled up my 32gb already.

  • BasilofBakerStreet

    And how do we utilize E911 on our XOOMs?????

    • We don’t, but how many tablet owners don’t have a smartphone on hand 24/7, too?

  • Anonymous

    If it isn’t in th $400 price range its dead in the water.

  • Im waiting for a $300 > tablet with honeycomb.

    • Anonymous

      equation fail.

  • Anybody concerned about the weight of these tablets? I held a Xoom in best buy and seemed to heavy compared to ipad. Don’t get me wrong, hate ipad, but if Galaxy tab 10.1 is lighter then ipad, I’m all over that one.

    • DroidzFX

      The weight doesn’t really bother you after your use to holding a device that size. And either way no one is really going to hold something like that for extended amount of time anyways. Dont hold anything and stick your arm out parallel to your body. How long you going to do that?

      • I to noticed the weight difference. The xoom is a bit chunky. Interested to see what the Galaxy 10.1 feels like in my hands.

    • I’m also all over the Galaxy 10.1, but not for the same reason. Since it’s Samsung, I expect the screen to be fantastic when compared to the Xoom.

      • DroidzFX

        They should advertise Samsung with ” Tablet comes with Honeycomb. The last update you will ever need”

        • That is definitely a concern for me as well, what i do like about moto, they will update devices compared to other OEMs

  • Anonymous

    It would be a sweet dessert for $500 or less.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be interested in a 16gb wifi XOOM

    • palomosan

      At $400 I’ll get one. I could buy an SD card of 32ghana for 50 at Amazon.

      • Anonymous

        Good luck getting it to work in the XOOM! lol

  • Anonymous

    They need to make a sub-$500 tablet to get people’s attention. They had a few fails already with not offering wifi only versions first and not offering anything less than the 32GB versions.

    I doubt Moto will go below $499.