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Verizon’s Samsung 4G LTE Device will be called the DROID CHARGE

Word leaked out of Costco this morning that Verizon’s Samsung 4G LTE device would be DROID-branded, but for some reason still contained the name “Stealth.”  We’ve been told for almost a month now that “Stealth” was just a codename, and with a second confirmation on the official name coming within the last hour or so, we are ready to roll with it.  The device at launch should be called the DROID CHARGE, unless of course something dramatically changes over the next few weeks.

We still aren’t exactly sure how we feel about Samsung joining the DROID family, but at least people can stop calling it the Stealth now.

Cheers Z!

  • Anonymous

    Nice post there. Raised a few things I hadn’t thought about before. Thx.

  • Anonymous

    a 4G smartphone must be a masterpiece….

    and samsung cellphone is wonderful

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  • I dont know if I would trust the costco mobile people. I was talking to one a couple of weeks ago and he said none of their Moto Droid phones have motoblur, and that you have to sign up for it. When I asked him what does my D2 have on it thats different than the OGD, he said thats just a skin from Motorola. FAIL!

  • mojo jojo

    But the Droid thunder bolt is nothing but the evo, been there done that. Samsung does everything and more. Plus the scree is also “more gooder better” lol.

  • mojo jojo

    But the Droid thunder bolt is nothing but the evo, been there done that. Samsung does everything and more. Plus the scree is also “more gooder better” lol.

  • Im guessing it will get gingerbread when pigs fly outta my butt.

  • Anonymous

    Since it ships with 2.2, consider it upgraded already 😛

  • Mylockandroid

    hey, it’s not the nexus s, so i really don’t care about it. samsung cant be bothered to make another device that wouldn’t be ruined on the OS

  • Anonymous

    If it has an unlocked bootloader it deserves the Droid brand more than the Motorola phones.

    • nah not really.

      • Anonymous

        The original Motorola Droid was an awesome phone with an unlocked bootloader with complete freedom! Even HTC Droid Incredible has freedom.

        Every other Motorola Droid since the first has been locked down and in my opinion not deserving of the great name it got from the original. I got the D2 then the DX because of my excitement of my first Droid but have been let down.

        Since Moto is always going to be a locked down phone I think it’s time to pass the good name of Droid on to those that deserve it.

        Moto still makes a decent phone for those that are not interested in customizing their phones (which is most)

        And yes I know none of this has anything to do with a phones name. But I loved my original Droid for what I could do with it and have been disappointed ever since. My X is great phone for someone that only wants to make calls…. anyone want to buy a MINT 3 month old phone? 🙂

  • Rbess1965

    Was hoping to compare this unit with the other 4G’s coming out but for me the priority became the Unlimited data plan that will soon be ending. Problem is we don’t now exactly when. From what I’m seeing on the web and hearing from a semi reliable VZW rep, I believe that to be soon. Possibly by the end of this week. So I ordered a Thunderbolt to secure my unlimited 4G plan. I have 14 days to return it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this Samsung will become available quickly, like within two weeks, so I can check it out. The Thunderbolt doesn’t have an HDMI port and the Samsung has that awsome screen that’s brighter and possibly more power efficient than the others. Never been a huge fan of Samsung RF sections but this unit looks pretty great to me. I would just like to have a hands on choice you know, but due to the timing of the plan changes, I might end up missing out on the Samsung. Guess that’s just the way it goes. The Thunderbolt will still be an awesome phone too. Just wasn’t willing to take a chance on loosing my unlimited data because I will be a heavy user. Good luck in your choices.