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HTC Incredible 2 Pictures Arrive, Fans of the Original Should be Very Pleased

A device that we are fully expecting to launch with the DROID tag attached to it decided to make an unofficial public appearance yesterday.  The Incredible 2, which is essentially the Incredible S that debuted last month at MWC, is looking like a clear winner for those of you not expecting to see LTE service any time soon.  It has a 4″ Super LCD screen, front facing camera, 8MP rear camera, 1GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, and that sexy contoured back that we loved on the original.  My only complaints about the first Incredible were the small screen and lack of front camera…looks like they solved that.  

Is this anyone’s next phone?

Via:  AndroidSpin

  • Endorphin

    Where is the Optical Track-pad (joystick)?

  • Theodor33e

    Where’s the trackpad??

  • Liglesias2

    What is the diff. It looks the same,Srcreen any thing else???

  • P_roy009

    I would love for this to be my next phone if verizon would say the word

  • Weapondrift

    Dear HTC,
    Is it REALLY that hard for you to produce a phone with AMOLED screen?! WTF

  • Anonymous

    Looks like it’s all plastic again. Thumbs down.

  • babu

    just pre ordered in india

  • Ulnek75

    i have the original. i’ll only be pleased if this has better battery life. htc phones seem to be battery hogs. i didn’t have that experience with the original motorola droid. love the phone and all but even the 1800 battery isn’t enough.

  • MK17

    sigh…. another phone that’s only marginally better….

  • Anonymous

    I just hope the battery life is better than the first

  • So….if I’m reading correctly here, the only difference between the DInc2 and the TBolt is that the TBolt is 4GLTE and the DINc 2 is not? Other than that and a slightly larger screen, I see no discernable difference in specs?

  • Anonymous
  • This phone has tiger blood for sure! Winning! Definitely want this.

  • how is a 3.7″ screen considered “small”? it’s perfect.

  • Pblazers

    This thing pretty much has me sold on looks alone. A bigger, murdered out dinc. I can live without the dualcore. The ram upgrade and the front facing camera work for me. Now… if only Verizon would give us original dinc owners a early upgrade offer… I know I know but a dude can dream right ?

  • Njd32

    The only problem i have with this is the 1ghz snapdragon. Thats going to be out of date soon!

  • Keoki323

    Not happy….. No LTE? Come on.

    • Sdouglas3673

      Thunderbolt is your answer for this…

  • Computer Dreams

    never was a fan of the incredible, it looks nice tho, im still waiting for the bionic and x2, sowwie ima a motorola whore

  • Crgggltn

    Love my DI and this will be my next phone. This will do everything i need and then some plus I love the look of the DI series.

  • Jmanin

    I wish this had a 4.3″ screen. I have the Incredible and that and battery are my only issues. I think I’ll pass on this, at least for now.

  • The only device that I’d bother upgrading to is the Droid Bionic, or that Droid 3, assuming that it’s Tegra powered/front facing camera/4 Inch screen. I had the Incredible before and while it was nice (shitty battery life and small screen aside), this device barely improves on the original Inc.

    And on a side note, why will this make the Droid branding? The Xoom and Thunderbolt aren’t branded, so why would the Incredible 2 make it?

    • Tim242

      It’s the next gen of a Droid-branded device…

  • pj

    Although I love my incredible, I don’t think I can really justify this as my upgrade. I actually like my 3.7″ screen, and have no use for a front cam. The extra 256 mb of RAM would be nice, but I’ve never ran into memory issues yet. To me the best part is the deletion of the optical trackpad. I know some people use it, but I completely forget its there until it starts sticking and scrolling thru stuff.

  • Zat

    Hello. I’m from Singapore where this phone was launched exactly a week ago. I bought it and the best part of this Incredible S is it’s amazing battery life. Heave usage from 12 noon to 12 midnight (music, 3G, twitter, email) and there’s still 30% left.

    And it’s so speed!

  • yeyeyeyeyeye

    No trackpad?? That’s the only thing that made this phone unique, now its just like every other HTC phone 🙁

  • LionStone

    I like this phone very much as a follow up to my Droid Inc. but would have preferred it to be 4g, but I understand they need to offer devices without the 4g too, soo, waiting patiently for the T-Bolt. The manager at the local VZW store said he’s sure the Bolt will be out this month just that he didn’t know exactly when…

  • Alvinm 77

    Read the internal memory dropped from 8GB to 1.1GB. That’s what’s in the Incredible S which is the same phone. If so thats a fail. I need at least 4GB. It don’t matter to me tho. Thunderbolt is still a slightly better device in my opinion and that’s what im getting!

  • Anonymous

    No dual-core? No qHD dispaly resolution? Oh boy an extra 256MB of RAM.

    Personally I don’t see this as a major upgrade over the Dinc. More as a minor evolution over the original Incredible.

    I’m waiting for a real upgrade, perhaps the Bionic.

  • Jothen2002

    I have had the OG since day 1 ! This may be my first upgrade as well since we will never have 4G in Tahoe …
    Would some one please be kind enough to explain:

    What is DLNA feature compared to HDMI ?

    and can you video chat on 3G …if not then what good is the FFC?

    Thanks …DL community

    OG .MIUI 1.3.5

    • dlna is wireless beaming media to tv while hdmi is though a wire, hdmi can do 1080p and dlna can do 720p
      my opinion is that hdmi is beter because unless you have a newer tv that has dlna in it, you have to by extra hardware to get dlna working and most tv that are at least from 2006 or maybe even a little before have hdmi,
      as for the ffc it should work through 3g but wont look very clear kind of blury, but through wifi it should be fiine
      btw OG DOID FOREVA

      • Jothen2002

        Thank you for taking the time. A great detailed response.

    • Anonymous

      I have used DLNA from my DX to my ps3, simple and easy to set up, and it worked great for me. No extra hardware required to stream to ps3. Although you can’t beat HDMI

  • I love my Incredible and am fairly unimpressed with the current list of new and upcoming phones. If I had to get another phone right now, I’d get another Incredible. Unless something else comes up before the release of this and my next phone purchase, I will be getting the Incredible 2.

  • Ngomez2010

    Hey all just had a conversation with a verizon employee who said thunderbolt will be out on the 17th but will go on sale on the 20th. He confirmed htc had a battery issue so they had to redo the kernel

    • KSChris

      The 20th is a Sunday.

      • Dfnsdfb

        mwahahahaha!!! crazy people dont even think before they lie any more!

        • Anonymous

          no lie..i was driving…sorry for the error..

        • Anonymous

          he called me a dumb@$$ for getting a dx so close to the tbolt release…and he seemed pretty informed about it, i wish i was able to get proof to make it concrete.

    • Anonymous

      sorry, 21st. i was driving to brooklyn for a date…so sorry.. fool…

  • Thats it?

  • Mr. Joe

    The small screen? It was 3.7″. Same as the Original Droid. Plus lack of a front facing camera? This phone came out before the “front facing camera” phase.

  • Anonymous

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  • norman_LTE_4g