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Another HTC Thunderbolt RUU Pops Up Just Before Launch (Version 1.10.605.3)

It looks like the final RUU for the HTC Thunderbolt has been leaked just 12 days before the phone is supposed to hit stores.  We’ve seen at least two of these since the phone was announced at CES (here and here), so you might as well grab this one for your collection.  Oh, if you missed our news on pricing from yesterday, you can check it out here.


Via:  911 Sniper

  • michael

    Coming back to this old article sure brings some hypebeastin nostalgia. days away from launch, lol….

  • Iixintervention

    when is the thunderbolt suppose to be released??

  • Anonymous

    So does anybody want to put out the over/under on how long it will take to root the tbolt? I’ll start by giving a wild guess of 30 days after launch…

    Hopefully it’s the same process as the incredible and it gets rooted early. I really want to upgrade my phone, but half of my apps are for root users only! LOL

    • Anonymous

      its already been rooted….

  • Welp, my best buy up here in frosty Minnesnoda had me on hold for about 20 minutes while they tried to come up with an answer.. She finally told me they don’t have any word on when they will be able to sell them, but assured me they would call me asap when they did… I just don’t think HTC or Verizon would wait till the day before to announce a release date.. Either way i’ll live, and so will you.. I went from the OG Droid to the Droid X and have not been happy with their “blur” or cheaply made cell phones. Really looking forward to sense and HTC.. Whatever day that may be..

    Motorola << ______

    • Anonymous

      While I don’t like blur, I find that my droid x seems pretty solid. The original droid is a tank. Though I am for sure buying the thunderbolt, it seems like htc devices feel cheaper than motorola’s devices.

      • Anonymous

        true…my incredible….i got my droid x…hate blur…so this metal look of the bolt will hopefully be strong.

  • Pooch

    I really wish that people would stop talking about Best Buy having it on the 14th. It’s not going to happen. Best Buy and all of their misinformed, jump the gun employees have gotten you all worked up for nothing, and you will end up feeling like a sucker for believing them.

    • Anonymous

      nope, you’ll be the sucker who misses out on 1.

      • Jwort93

        If they are gonna be releasing it on the 14th, then why is there not a single mention of it in Sunday’s the 13ths ad?

  • Angelic Momma

    I just called Best Buy, and they told me that they haven’t gotten a release date for the HTC Thunderbolt yet. Verizon Wireless knows nothing at this point in time right now as well. Or so they tell me.

  • Raptor007

    I will be stopping into the BB store tomorrow to see if I can get mine instead of Monday, it never hurts to ask.

    • Anonymous

      if u do post a quick review or look at and pls ask them the final off contract price if your going to activate it on a line…just saying….if u do..thanks! 🙂

  • NCX

    hopefully this doesn’t effect the root method that was found on XDA, they just rooted it today and there not releasing it until the phone is out so they don’t patch it before release. If i recall, the EVO was rooted before it came out because of Google IO giving them to all the people in attendance. Now we have the ThunderBolt rooted before release, this could mean we’ll have a sell out and more support than was anticipated.

  • Hoot352

    So the RUU is an update for the ROM for a phone that’s not even out yet? Are these free upgrades/updates? Also, Since there’s been 3 for this phone already, is it necessary to get all 3 or just the latest one?

    • Frankxs

      I believe Droid-Life is basically saying that this is the last “”tweak” of the OEM RON before release. In my opinion, after reading about this phone for a while, I think it was probably a tweak for either the Mobile Hotspot or Skype – and it may have been waiting for this tweak that held up the original release date (perhaps the 14th). I personally don’t believe only BB will have it on the 14th. I think BB will have it on the same day that VZW does. And I think it’ll be the 24th. But… we’ll know in two days 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What does RUU stand for Please??

    • Anonymous

      It means: Are you, you? To which I say, “Yes, I am me.” LOL

      RUU: ROM Update Utility

    • seems to be ROM Upgrade Utility.

      • Anonymous

        MNM will have to give you some “Likes” for that one LOL Hope you’re having
        a great weekend 🙂

      • Adventuremaui

        What does ROM stand for again??? LOL

        • Hoot352

          Pronounced rahm, acronym for read-only memory, computer memory on which data has been prerecorded. Once data has been written onto a ROM chip, it cannot be removed and can only be read.
          Unlike main memory (RAM), ROM retains its contents even when the computer is turned off. ROM is referred to as being nonvolatile, whereas RAM is volatile.
          Most personal computers contain a small amount of ROM that stores critical programs such as the program that boots the computer.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Go here for a faster, US mirror of the zipped RUU: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=938820

  • YoMomma

    They are completely leaving there customer service reps out to dry with the Thunderbolt, as we speak this guy has no idea about this phone or when its coming out lol

  • Thunderbolt’s costs too much $$ for me to have… Ugh. Why isn’t anything cheap anymore….

  • Netflix apk PLEASE!

  • EdB

    12 days before Thunderbolt in stores??? I was just at Best Buy and they confirmed it is in next weeks ad and will be in stores Monday the 14th. Verizon store still denies any knowledge of the phones release date.

    • viper76269

      Best Buy has exclusivity. It still comes out the 14th, but isn’t available everywhere until the 24th

      • EdB

        Do you mean even Verizon won’t be selling it at their stores on the 14th?

        • Anonymous

          pretty much, no, it will be available at verizon stores on the 24th….at bestbuy on monday….they are the only other verizon retailer to be able to sell this phone.

          • Anonymous

            Nobody is sure if best buy will be selling it on the 14th. You going to get activated on a 4g plan without knowing the pricing of said plan? Seriously how are you guys so certain about the 14th?

          • BH

            I was at a Verizon store today. The guy said the 27th or 28th, and that there wouldn’t be an additional fee for the 4G network. He didn’t seem to have solid info on the date, and this seemed to be somewhat of a guess.

  • Anonymous

    So does anyone plan selling this on ebay? would love to buy 1 just don’t want to wait till like next week for a check from paypal….

    • Odiej34

      Instant transfer or PayPal debit are much easier.

      • Anonymous

        if you would sell me 1 i would using paypal…i just want 1 this week….hate my droid x and i don’t feel like waiting a week for the check from my paypal.

        • Odiej34

          It would have to go through ebay, unless you live in AZ. Keeping one and flipping two. I don’t know about this week but as soon as it comes out, no problem.

          • Anonymous

            really? 🙂 *becomes happier*

          • Anonymous

            oh i said this week because at bestbuy..its out this week. but whenever someone posts this on ebay… 🙂

  • Mth2134

    Eh…if only the tbolt were the same price as these RUU releases…..

  • Mth2134

    Eh…if only the tbolt were the same price as these RUU releases…..