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DROID XOOM will be Motorola’s Honeycomb Tablet, Won’t be 4G LTE

How does the Motorola DROID XOOM sound?  According to our sources, that’s exactly what we can expect Motorola’s Honeycomb tablet to be called when it’s announced next week at CES.  We’ve seen the word “XOOM” through a batch of global trademarks, but we have confirmation that this will indeed be the name, it will definitely be running Honeycomb and for now, won’t be 4G LTE.  We’re hoping that it’ll have a USB slot to allow for a 4G LTE modem, but from what we’ve been told, it won’t have a 4G LTE radio built into it.  That’s no big deal though, right?  

We’ve seen the XOOM in action from Andy Rubin and have pretty much made up our minds that this will be the tablet to have in 2011.  You can check out video of it in action here, hi-res pictures here, and some unofficial specs here.

Thoughts on the name?  Better or worse than Thunderbolt?

And how about one more look at that teaser video?

  • The playbook 16G is not as good but it only £169.00 – amazing

  • Totally right. Motorola wouldn’t be able to trademark the Droid part anyways, so Droid Xoom seems about right.

  • I beleive this is going to be one of the best tablets around for the next 2 months. The fact that they allow flash to run + they have tabbed browing should make it a killer especially if the Ipad 2 doesnt allow flash off the bat. Flash is the one thing that can offset not having a super App store since you can play all those flash games without needing an App store.

    I sincerely hope that they have the price under $500 or maybe verizon brings down the price to 200 with a 2 yr data agreement – this should give the tablet a fighting chance against the marketing machine that is the Ipad2 🙂

  • K200tr

    I WILL BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philip Van Luke

    what the hell…. this isnt a 4G LTE tablet? missed opportunity. I was going to buy this but now im just going to wait for a 4G tab in 3 months. smooth move moto

  • Craig

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  • Knightcrusader

    Unless there is some crazy new innovative feature, I'll pass.

    Just like my Droid 2, I am sure this thing is going to be locked down beyond belief, and I'm sick of it.My GTablet has pretty much the same hardware and no locked down bootloader.

  • Craig

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    • davidinchelseama

      Hey Craig, go to hell.

  • cdmoore74

    I have no problems with LTE not being included because I still must have a Droid phone. I don't want to pay for 2 data packages. Plus that's what my 3g hotspot (with work around) is used full.

  • Droid1294

    The name is ok. Glad they put droid in it. No LTE is still a dealbreaker

  • Blah

    No 4g, No deal.

  • Bs_thinker

    Does Xoom rhyme with intercal?

  • rockymtnhigh

    Given the outrageous price for data plans, I could care less if a Tablet is 4G or not. My Tab works great on wi-fi, and I am not paying another $30 for a second data plan for a tablet.

  • ckeegan

    Kellex, I think you're going to the Moto event at CES. If the no-LTE thing is true, during the Q&A, please ask Jha (or whoever) why they are stupid, and then punch him in the face. Thanks.

    • also ask them why the hell they lock the bootloaders. and ask for the keys 😛

  • ADroidX

    Im glad there's no LTE. LTE prices suck! Is this tab going to have a 3G radio in it or just be wifi? I'd personally prefer only wifi, my cell bill is ridiculous already!

    • A5effect

      How does lte pricing suck?? Is actually cheaper than the old 3g pricing, plus the tab pricing will prob be diff. read..

  • JohnPA2006

    So after talking all that smack in the teaser video.
    They didnt even get 4G into the tablet, thats pretty lame.
    Most people with half a brain will get the wi-fi version anyway.
    and use their rooted ANDROID phone hotspot feature anyway.
    Nobody wants to signt YET ANOTHER contract with Verizon. I know I dont.

  • ckeegan

    Yeah, the RAZR failed. Sure.

  • Mr. Joe

    All I care about is what makes this different from a phone. The iPad and all these other Android tablets IMO are just larger versions of your phone.

    Show me something that makes this worth carrying around BESIDES the larger screen.

    • Dptku

      Fail. Know your facts bud.

    • cloak420

      yeah ipad and galaxy tab are phones but the new xoom is gona be 2.3 not phone os but tablet os

  • ckeegan

    I personally think it will be LTE, and I don't care what your sources say. Honestly, the rumor of the Stingray being LTE has been around since the very first Stingray rumor. Why in the world would Moto/Verizon make this relatively ground-breaking device, that they're going to launch during the biggest consumer electronics show in the world, and not have it take advantage of the brand new network that Ivan will be making such a big deal about during the freaking keynote of said event? It makes no sense. A USB modem would be equally idiotic, because (correct me if I'm wrong), the only ports are located on the “bottom” of the device. How would you hold it if there's this big stick sticking out?

    PS – The people whining about a Wi-Fi only version live in a dream world.

    • DBK

      Denial is your friend.

      • ckeegan

        The person that was able to come up with a handful of images of the Verizon branded version said it was LTE, so I think we're beyond just my denial.

  • ckeegan

    I think Verizon down played the Galaxy Tab because it's stupid.

  • ke4qpf

    Oh great, they're back to the 4-letter word they tried to avoid by switching the product line-up names to Droid… FAIL!!! Also // 4-letter FAIL words: RAZR, ROKR, SLVR, yadda yadda yadda

  • LTE4G

    “We’re hoping that it’ll have a USB slot to allow for a 4G LTE modem, but from what we’ve been told, it won’t have a 4G LTE radio built into it. That’s no big deal though, right? “

    Right I want a F'ing stick coming out the side/top/bottom of my sleek new tablet, might as well put some duct-Tape on the back to complete the Redneck looks… anyone see how HUGE those usb sticks are for 4G?

    Why not must make a special or standard Card slot like laptops have (newer than PCMCIA) smaller that would hold it inside and thus allow u to upgrade to 4G or 4G advanced someday that might make sense!

  • Gg101

    Please no blur.

  • Mikeg2716

    Yeah I won't even be using the 4g only the wifi. Sounds good now only money is going to be the deal breaker

  • Wmsco51

    IIs it true the reasons for these tablets being hooked to phone company's is because of Google app market? That it is required to be hooked to a phone co.

  • fallenshell

    I have to say I really wish they would stop trying to bundle tablets into wireless data providers. I mean having the option is nice but like so many others I would prefer just Wi-Fi only versions. I mean if I have a Mi-Fi I really would not want to pay for additional data for my tablet etc…

    As for the name I'm indifferent it's a moniker so that we can all reference it faster than typing productID: wrt-54G (thank you linksys) and it's ilk.

    • DBK

      THE TRUTH!

    • Jake

      I like having the option. If they had a $99 feature that allowed all lines on a plan to share unlimited data (including tablets, even though they don't do calls), then I'd rather do that. Tethering the tablet to my phone is a fine alternative, but I'd gladly pay a little more to not have to fire up the tethering app on my phone every time I want to use the tablet. Plus, I like the background updates, push notifications, etc., that only occur when the tablet has an always-on data connection.

  • Finire

    I'm definitely looking for a wi-fi only version. Hopefully if there's decent pricing on this then I'll be picking it up either way, just without a contract.

  • r0landct

    Well it's a toss up. Xoom sounds weird and Thunderbolt sounds dumb. But I doubt anyone will care what the names are if they live up to the hype.
    +1 on a WiFi only edition. Especially it there is a USB 4G option later on.

  • I believe that Verizon significantly and intentionally down played the Galaxy Tab, to favor the iPad, (to be in good graces with Apple for the inevitable upcoming Verizon iPhone) it will be interesting to see exactly how Verizon handles this Motorola Xoom, price and promotion wise.

  • I want 4g

  • I'm okay with the tablet not being 4G, but I think if anything, this has to rival the i*ad 2, which might be 4G. Then the i*ad has a bragging right and an advantage over the Droid tablet.

  • Skyskioc

    Isnt that a Mazda commerical ? Xoom Xoom Xoom…………………..Just wondering

  • dualsub2006

    WiFi only please. I want no part of another VZW contract to use the thing. I am more than willing to pay full freight as long as I can have it contract free.

    • davidinchelseama

      EXACTLY, dualsub. I have a smartphone for browsing. I don’t need to lug a 10-inch tablet around with me. That is simply foolish. Might as well have a neon sign over your head that says “ROB ME, PLEASE.” (Same goes for laptops, by the way.)

      I just want a tablet as a type of “coffee-table book,” to consume media at home. And for more heavy duty stuff, I have my laptop.

      Who the hell are these people who can shell out all this extra money to Verizon? My partner and I pay about $129 a month right now, for service with two phones: a basic slider phone with no data and my HTC Incredible, which has unlimited data. I’m not gonna add another 30 buck a month to that bill: NO FREAKING WAY.

      Of course, if one wants to root one’s phone, fine. Personally, I’m not that interested in screwing with my smartphone to root it and be able to use it as a hot spot for free. I’m sure I’d end up bricking the frigging thing. It’s too expensive to replace if I ruin it, and void the warranty.

  • Shaun

    Just pray that it doesn't Xoom so fast that it becomes MotoBlurry to its users.

  • Riverjao

    They could call it the Motorola Droid Your Mom Looks Pretty In Pink. I just want the thing!!!

    • Riverjao

      And I want wi fi only! PLEASE HAVE A WI FI ONLY OPTION!!!!

  • Timoh

    Like a lot of others I would rater it be wifi only.

    What the hell is going on with the naming of devices for Verizon. Thunderbolt, Xoom? Did the CEO contract grandchildren?

  • Chad

    No 4G? It's already yesterday's news then!!

    • NKTizzle

      So you can name another tablet with LTE then?

      • Chad

        Probably will be able to in about 10 more days.

        • DBK

          *face palm*

  • NeoTheOne

    It's hard to believe that Motorola would wait until AFTER the LTE Launch, to launch a non-LTE tablet.

    • onDroid

      They're waiting for honeycomb not lte.

  • Smooth

    With the prices of 4G, it will be along time before I make the jump from 3G, I'm glad it wont be LTE…

    • cjohnson481

      The per month cost of a VZW 4G LTE USB modem is actually cheaper than the cost of a VZW 3G modem.

      • Timoh

        I thought it was exactly the same.

        • cjohnson481

          3G USB Modem – $59.99/month for 5 GB
          4G LTE USB Modem – $50/month for 5 GB

        • NKTizzle

          No, the new BBA plans with 4G data are $50, the old 3G only plans were $59.

      • Riverjao

        Ya, but they'll tack 7 or 8 BS extra little stupid things to charge You for so that the overall price will be more. Like a “Touching Your 4G Device Over 100 x's Per Day Charge.”

  • BK3

    I don't think this thing will sell if it doen't have a wifi only model, especially since it won't have LTE. However, I don't see Verizon letting this happen.

  • Josh

    Wi-Fi is all I need. I won't be using my tablet anywhere without it already tethered to my smartphone anyways. I always have my phone nearby or in my pocket.

    • EC8CH

      you're thinking like someone who has rooted their phone and tethers for free…

      good man

  • NKTizzle

    I don't think we'll see LTE in tablets till they get the hardware size down. Has anyone seen the 4G USB modems???

    • Timoh

      Yeah, how will they ever fit a LTE radio inside a phone?

      • NKTizzle

        Do you know what a few mm difference is in terms of design? The Xoom looked pretty thin. Thinner than the Thunderbolt…

        • Timoh

          I think that was perspective, it looked thinner because it's a bigger device. I doubt it's thinner than a phone, for one, you have to fit in the battery still.

          • NKTizzle

            I still think hardware size dictated the exclusion of LTE.

    • EC8CH

      LTE phones (thunderbolt) don't appear to be any larger than 3G phones

      • NKTizzle

        My statement was more of an aside. Compare the 3G modems to the 4G modems. Why are the 4G’s so much bigger?

        We’ll have to wait for the specs on both the phones and tabs come out so we can tell for sure…

        • EC8CH

          needs more insulation to hold in all that LTE lightning 😛

          • NKTizzle

            I lol’d 🙂

  • I wonder how much. I want a tablet but the Galaxy is meh and I don't buy Apple.

  • Michael_NM

    No LTE? Sounds like the Xoom won't zoom zoom… Nice to hear it will be a Droid though.

  • X-Out Of Mana?

  • Nxus1ne

    No big deal there's no LTE on it. I'd prefer a Wifi only version anyway, so I can just tether my phone to it.

    • Yeah, I wanna buy this off-contract and just tether my soon-to-be LTE device to it!

      • Jamerson90

        Cant wifi tether. Android wont let incoming connections be an AD-HOC (the type of connection you create when you make a wifi hotspot). This might change in Honeycomb, Idk, but currently there is no way to connect to an AD-HOC network

        • Eric

          yes u can they did it with the Galaxy Tab.

          • Jamerson90

            Why would you ever wifi tether with a galaxy tab? Was that incoming or outgoing, because there is no wifi only tab yet

          • Shaun

            I would imagine some folks out there have bought one without a contract…

          • Jamerson90

            What I’m saying is why would they build it in there to where it can connect to an ad-hoc (infrastructure network) which is created when making a wifi hotspot from your phone. I tried to connect to an ad-hoc network with my Droid 2 and it would not connect. It doesnt even show it as being a possible connection.

          • Hans Gruber

            The Tethering in Galaxy and Droid 2 are accomplished as hacks neither device is ready out of box!

        • Timoh

          There are ways to put your phone into infrastructure mode. It's possible.

          • Jamerson90

            I know its possible to create an infrastructure mode (otherwise known as AD-HOC) in which other devices can connect to your internet using that connection. But What I’m saying is that I tried connecting to an AD-HOC network (created by and android phone) with my android phone (which uses the same cellular bands that this is going to use) and it would not connect. It wouldnt even show the connection.

          • DBK

            Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

          • Jamerson90

            Yes. Just because I cant do it doesnt mean it cant be done, but if you had read my OP all the way to the last sentence I stated “This might change in Honeycomb, idk”. But you should also realize that any device that wants to officially be supported by Google Apps (market, gtalk, etc..) it must have cellular data currently. Again, this may change, but I doubt google changes that little tidbit.

          • DBK

            I read you OP but I wasn’t responding to that one. I was responding to that last post. And my point still stands. Yes, maybe it will be easier with Honeycomb, but just because you can’t do it NOW doesn’t mean it can’t be done NOW. /clarification

          • BigRed4X15

            I don’t want to sound dumb here, but wasn’t this problem addressed when the galaxy tab came out? I thought they came out with a mod to allow the galaxy tab to connect to an AD-HOC network, maybe it will work for this tablet.

            here is the link for how to do it with the galaxy tab:

          • Jamerson90

            If there is a hack for it, that’s great. But my original statement was out of the box android cannot connect to an ad-hoc network, and I got jumped because I said it based on my experiences with it

          • DBK

            That right there was the problem. You never actually specified “out of the box”, you generalized your statement, and thus was “jumped”, as you put it. You need to be more careful how you word things here. 🙂

          • “it can be done” implies that you actually “do” something lol thats what we do on this site!

          • Anonymous

            AD-HOC isn’t Infrastructure. AD-HOC is peer to peer. Modding your phone to broadcast in infrastructure mode is like turning it into a WAP.

            Stock, Android is designed to only connect to Infrastructure and to only broadcast in AD-HOC.

          • Anonymous

            Do you have any suggestions on how to mod your phone to be in infrastructure mode? I never had much reason to make my phone tether to something else, until this past weekend when my wife got a Nook for Christmas and we were in an area that didn’t have good broadband. So I tried to download a few apps like Wireless Tether and couldn’t ever get it to work…found out later it’s because the Nook doesn’t recognize AD-HOC. So I would be very interested in trying to figure out how to make it act more like an AP. I’ve got a D1, CM6.1.2.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not sure on the D1. The place I got the files for mine only had them for D2 and DX. I can do a little searching for you because I’m bored but your best bet would be to search for Droid Infrastructure mode on google and check the usual forums.

          • Jake

            You guys need to get laid.

        • Dan

          What? I can wifi tether using my Nexus One just fine since the 2.2 update. No need for Ad-hoc. The phone acts like a “real” wifi-hotspot, ready to be connected to.

  • acquaz10

    How exactly is xoom pronounced? Is it like zoom? Or oom? Or x-oom? Someone help haha.

    Haviing lte won't matter to me, we got an i*ad for xmas and honestly, it sucks, iOS is so bland and boring and I'm always looking for the back and menu button, and looking to pull down a notification. I need an android tablet!!

    • Zoom I believe.

      • EC8CH

        How can “XOOM” be pronounced “ZOOM”

        Lets just changed the pronunciation of the entire alphabet while we’re and spell ZOOM:


        • How do you pronounce xylophone? Xerox copy?

          • EC8CH

            I thought of that…

            XY=Z is one thing, but
            X=Z is quite another

          • http://www.elearnenglishlanguage.com/esl/pronunciation/x.html


            I believe you lose

            Alternatively, from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X

            “English: X is typically a sign for the compound consonants [ks]; or sometimes when followed by an accented syllable beginning with a vowel, or when followed by silent h and an accented vowel [ɡz] (e.g. exhaust, exam); usually [z] at the beginnings of words (e.g. xylophone, Xenon), and in some compounds keeps the [z] sound, as in (e.g. meta-xylene). It also makes the sound [kʃ] in words ending in -xion (typically used only in British-based spellings of the language; American spellings tend to use -ction). It can also represent the sounds [ɡʒ] or [kʃ], for example, in the words luxury and sexual, respectively. Final x is always [ks] (e.g. ax/axe) except in loan words such as faux (see French, below).
            In abbreviations, it can represent “trans-” (e.g. XMIT for transmit, XFER for transfer), “cross-” (e.g. X-ing for crossing; XREF for cross-reference), “Christ” as short hand for the labarum (e.g. Xmas for Christmas; Xian for Christian), the “Crys” in Crystal (XTAL), or various words starting with “ex” (e.g. XL for extra large; XOR for exclusive-or).
            There are very few English words that start with X – the least amount of any letter. Many of the words that do start with X are either standardized trademarks (XEROX) or acronyms (XC). No words in the Basic English vocabulary begin with X, but it occurs in words beginning with other letters. It is often found in a word with an E before it. X is the third most rarely used letter in the English language.”

          • EC8CH

            I admit defeat… for now

            When some one officially pronounce it as “exhume”, I will be back to claim victory 🙂

          • DBK

            lol Tyler just made you his bitch 🙂

          • EC8CH

            Well I am officially wrong, and XOOM is officially a stupid name 🙂

          • EC8CH

            nice edit 🙂

            Xerox you have a point… in the beginning, but I have a point in the end.

            I’d call it a tie 🙂

        • Bigrob60

          In chinese I think X is pronounced with a Z. Also Peter has what might be the most valid use of X.

          • EC8CH

            Well if they sell it in china then with that name it may work, but you can’t expect the entire English speaking world to know that you replaced the “Z” with an “X” and still want us to pronounce it as a “Z”

            Peter’s use of an “X” is actually the use of an “XY”

            In any case it will be pronounced exhume. Look at the marketing to this point, case closed.

      • kellex

        Yeah thinking “zoom”. Zooooooooooooooooooooom!

        • EC8CH

          I disagree, and I prefer the more morbid “exhume” pronunciation.

          • random

            Thats what I believe it will be

          • EC8CH

            I think they are trying to play off the archeological connotation of the term “tablet”, just like in the youtube promo vid.

            It’s like Indian Jones exhumed this highly advanced “tablet” from an ancient South American temple that was actually a spaceship with crystal aliens in it…

            God I hate Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls 🙁

          • DBK

            Lol 😛

          • NovaeMeme

            Oh hell no. Nobody wants to equate a cutting edge tech product with something “dug up” from the past. The video is showing evolution, not relic hunting. Let alone one of the more popular uses of exhume tends towards “suspecting foul play, they decided to exhume the body to do an autopsy.” You’re way off base, dude. Xoom as in zoom as in speed. End of story. And even idiots know to pronounce x like a z in most cases.

          • EC8CH

            Well this idiot, thinks you’re wrong. Even the font they chose for XOOM
            makes me believe my pronouciation is correct. Looks more dug up than zippy

          • DBK

            I like EC8CH’s explanation better. You had to go and rape it. Thanks. -_-

          • EC8CH

            Is that a Southpark Indiana Jone’s raping reference???

            …if so +1

  • tbaybe

    wont be lte?? wonderful!

    • Anonymous

      how’s that wonderful, it’s still going to be 3G which roll into one of the tiered data plans for tablets.