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DROID Incredible Owners Receive One of the First Really Polished Gingerbread ROMs

Good news for Droid Incredible owners, you may have the first-almost-fully functional Gingerbread ROM thanks to r2DoesInc over at XDA Forums.  As of late last night, the newest build fixed almost everything that would cause you to not use it except for video recording and a working GPS.  Other than that though, the browser now works fine, the camera snaps shots, and things like multi-touch have all been polished up.

This seriously is ready for a full test drive from our crew of DI owners.

Find full support and the newest download links at this thread.  Video action after the break.  


Cheers IncDoes!

  • Videsajr

    So just installed the OMGB gingerbread rom, everything installed successfully
    but the The gingerdroid appears with the status bar loading, its been more than 10 mins and nothing!
    help, please

  • Jaysckap

    The new site is up T3hh4XXOR.com

    • Jaysckap

      that is wrong goto T3HH4XX0R.com for all your Gingerbread needs

  • Anon

    Man stock android is ugly. i like the sense interface

  • Just wish my Incredible had a battery that was incredible also 🙁

  • Asdrsa5
  • Talkdj

    No GPs. Market Mgr force closes. But the copy and paste is cool!

  • Asdrsa5
  • tjhrulz

    Voices in the background
    Female “do you own a home”
    Male “yes”
    Female “discount”
    Female “are you gonna buy online”
    Male “yes”
    Female “discount!!!!”
    Female “isnt getting discounts great?”
    Male “YESS!!!!!!”
    Female “there is now discount for agreeing with me.”
    Dont you love commercials like this LOL

  • Mr2turbo15

    cant wait till the moto droid gets a good one that works

  • palomosan

    I'm gonna probably try it tonight to see how it looks and performs.

  • bookworm1990

    Is sense going to be gone when gingerbread comes?

    • palomosan

      Yes, if you installed this rom, sense will be gone since this is Stock Android.

      • tjhrulz

        no i think he is asking when HTC releases it will sense be gone, my guess is no they will still put sense in seeing as there is nothing stopping them that I can see from doing it right now.

        • bookworm1990

          She, not he, and that is exactly what I was asking, thank you 🙂 . I like Sense too, and I've been looking forward to the update.

  • Well I'm not surprised.. THE PHONE IS “INCREDIBLE”! It should definitely be getting the best!

  • V941726

    Don't use the one in rom manager!!!!
    It's old. Go to the site and download OMGB- 4

  • thesailingboss

    if i wipe my data when I install in rom manager, will its erase my nandroid backups? sorry im new to this

  • Kiriuskris

    Finally some DI love!

    • Allen

      Me too. That's a major drawback to this release.

  • I would jump on it but a working GPS is a must for me

  • would totally jump on this if it had gps support as that's the thing I use the most

  • The350zWolf

    The DInc seems to have won the gingerbread race. I'm still looking forward to getting gingerbread for my OG droid

  • acquaz10


    haha i usually can't stand when people do that…

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      I usually cant stand when they think they are first but are actually second. : )

      • CivilDroid

        ZING! haha

  • AnothaMexican

    Its also in ROM Manager

    • Msnight04

      Don't use Rom Manager. Those builds are from before the Source Code dropped. Downloading OMGB builds directly from the XDA thread is highly recommended.