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DROID 2 Global Update Ready to Go, Fixes Global Calling Bugs

According to the document above which was created on December 7th, a Droid 2 Global update is ready to roll out and improve all of the global features in this 1.2GHz beast.  We don’t have word as to when it’ll roll out, but for those of you running into issues while bouncing from country to country, this update should help.  


+ Device now prepends 011 to Country Code to send SMS messages.
+ Device no longer indicates “No Service” after powering up.
+ Device no longer resets when changing from Global Mode to GSM/UMTS communication.
+ Device now refreshes the user interface display when switching from GSM/UMTS to Global Mode.
+ Eliminated the blank screen when dialing the call forwarding string *71.

Other improvements:

+ Improved audio during voice calls.
+ Reduced user interface lock-ups.

To our D2 Global users out there, let us know if this becomes available.  And so you know, this update should fall into the “pull” category which means you can go to Settings>About phone>System updates to check.

The update is only 15.6MB and your phone will be on system version 2.4.330 afterwards.

  • cjenk88

    I have just a couple questions about this update. Will I lose root after installing the update? Can I successfully reroot my d2g after installing this update? And if so, what method should I use? The lengthy ADB shell method?

  • dapoohpooh

    Just got my update OTA few mins ago—Dont think i wanna do it–might screw my superuser but i root then unroot using Z4root–

  • Craigg

    I performed the update and lost superuser access. Wireless tether is not working. Verizon is up to their games again 🙁

    • dapoohpooh

      Did u use z4root?? if it screwed yours im not doing it–

  • Lukebovill

    Received it this morning, but had to reroot afterward.

    • CurrentWeb

      So, the z4root will work with this update?

  • Update is out!

  • Doh5

    I just pushed mine to my phone OTA.

  • JoeLivesLife

    Nothing yet for me…

  • lonndoggie

    Oy, and I just rooted my wife's new D2G. Guess I get to check out z4root's unroot capability…

    • Ray

      Don't think you need to unroot since there are no D2G roms out so your still running stock unless I'm missing something.

      • sudoapt

        Team Defuse released Fission 2.4.2 yesterday for the d2g.

  • Don't see it on my d2global. But I will keep checking all day

  • Slam

    whoooo is first???

    • David

      mitch_g is first. 😛