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Download: Gingerbread Keyboard for ALL Devices

XDA Forums member hotaru released the Gingerbread keyboard as an .apk file for all users to install and enjoy.  Yep, that means you don’t have to be rooted!  As you can see from the screenies above, I installed it with ease on my stock, non-rooted OG Droid running FRG83D.  Download links after the break!  

Download:  Keyboard for 2.2 |  for 2.1

All you need to do is download the keyboard from above that matches your Android OS, tap on the file when it finishes, hit install and enjoy!

Support thread at XDA.

Via:  Android Police

  • Jblux21

    i cannot see the gingerbread file after i downloaded it, what seems to be the problem? i am using HTC wildfire

  • Joshua Baron

    Well done this is awesome! Put it on my OG Droid without a problem! Glad to see there are a few of us OG Droid users still out there who haven’t upgraded yet! 

  • Andrew

    dont like it much you can’t swype

  • Quesswho22

    Does this keyboard have a T9 feature? if not, i don’t want it. T9 is so much faster for texting. The best one I have found is Smart Keyboard Pro

  • Rick

    Darn shame its not the real Gingerbread keyboard, because its missing features that the REAL gingerbread keyboard is supposed to have…

  • Godfothr69

    I downloaded this file, and the keyboards buttons are so small i cant use it.

  • does not work on wildfire…………
    HTC wild fire users can take the latest fix from the following link

  • Trombone Dixie

    Auto-correction isn't working for me on this apk.

  • Trombone Dixie

    Auto-correction isn’t working for me on this apk.

  • Barlog

    I downloaded this the day it was posted to my DX it worked fine and it had a button for Smiley faces. Then I had to wipe my SD card and forgot to save the file. Now when I download the keyboard is different it doesn’t have Smiley key anymore? 🙁

  • C Henry94

    I am getting parse error. DX 2.2.1

  • Brackett666

    Am i the only one that this not working for.I

  • Cubsoxs87

    ok i down load it and i activiate and it a same kep board need help ive down load few time and still same thing

  • Dre

    *Parse Error* There is a problem parsing the package?

  • Rain_king46

    I agree with the people who said that the buttons are small, i do not love that. But I will say that the software seems to be pretty forgiving about where you tap and does a decent job of figuring out what you meant.

  • Bobinator

    Wow finally, a usable soft keyboard. Thanks, this keyboard works great.

  • Adam

    Has anyone found a link for the D2 keyboard being tiny?