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Download: Gingerbread Keyboard for ALL Devices

XDA Forums member hotaru released the Gingerbread keyboard as an .apk file for all users to install and enjoy.  Yep, that means you don’t have to be rooted!  As you can see from the screenies above, I installed it with ease on my stock, non-rooted OG Droid running FRG83D.  Download links after the break!  

Download:  Keyboard for 2.2 |  for 2.1

All you need to do is download the keyboard from above that matches your Android OS, tap on the file when it finishes, hit install and enjoy!

Support thread at XDA.

Via:  Android Police

  • Jblux21

    i cannot see the gingerbread file after i downloaded it, what seems to be the problem? i am using HTC wildfire

  • Joshua Baron

    Well done this is awesome! Put it on my OG Droid without a problem! Glad to see there are a few of us OG Droid users still out there who haven’t upgraded yet! 

  • Andrew

    dont like it much you can’t swype

  • Quesswho22

    Does this keyboard have a T9 feature? if not, i don’t want it. T9 is so much faster for texting. The best one I have found is Smart Keyboard Pro

  • Rick

    Darn shame its not the real Gingerbread keyboard, because its missing features that the REAL gingerbread keyboard is supposed to have…

  • Godfothr69

    I downloaded this file, and the keyboards buttons are so small i cant use it.

  • does not work on wildfire…………
    HTC wild fire users can take the latest fix from the following link

  • Trombone Dixie

    Auto-correction isn't working for me on this apk.

  • Trombone Dixie

    Auto-correction isn’t working for me on this apk.

  • Barlog

    I downloaded this the day it was posted to my DX it worked fine and it had a button for Smiley faces. Then I had to wipe my SD card and forgot to save the file. Now when I download the keyboard is different it doesn’t have Smiley key anymore? 🙁

  • C Henry94

    I am getting parse error. DX 2.2.1

  • Brackett666

    Am i the only one that this not working for.I

  • Cubsoxs87

    ok i down load it and i activiate and it a same kep board need help ive down load few time and still same thing

  • Dre

    *Parse Error* There is a problem parsing the package?

  • Rain_king46

    I agree with the people who said that the buttons are small, i do not love that. But I will say that the software seems to be pretty forgiving about where you tap and does a decent job of figuring out what you meant.

  • Bobinator

    Wow finally, a usable soft keyboard. Thanks, this keyboard works great.

  • Adam

    Has anyone found a link for the D2 keyboard being tiny?

  • DavM

    Parse error
    There is a problem parsing the package.

  • Snsmom1

    “There is a problem parsing the package”… Help please

  • David Sulaeman

    cannot install in milestone xt720

  • Aarp

    Really nice works really good in X10 mini

  • Blackberrycathlabnurse

    it would not work on my droid x (not rooted) 🙁

    • John

      ya didn't work for my droidx either. just doesn't show in my Input Methods ;(

      says it installed fine tho, even rebooted

  • Darko_dab

    doesn't work on desire hd

  • AndrewMCollette

    2.2 link down

  • Dwthrman

    Any ideas? Running Sprint HTC Hero 2.1. I got a parse error.

  • Noob

    When I click on the file on my Droid 2 Global after downloading, it says “Error: gbkb.apk Directory could not be loaded”

    !Why am I not able to install this? Thanks, sorry, I'm a total n00b!

  • RZ

    I just installed the Gingerbread keyboard on my HTC Incredible and it's great! It's simple, clean and accurate, I love it.

  • It is TOO smal! And I don't mean that in the way that its smaller, not it is small, like tiny! It is maybe just 1 centimeter. What is wron with it?!

  • Zak32

    Mine can't work, eveytime i try to press a button it tells me to force close it, I'm using a Desire Z

  • Louisut

    outstanding. the keyboard is much more responsive and iphone-like. I have an original droid now, but with this, I'd be ok without a hardware keyboard on my next phone.

  • Godfothr69

    I downloaded the gbkb apk file and it says that there is a problem parsing the package. Help

  • Works great on my Droid Incredible!

    PROTIP: Remember to enable the keyboard under Settings>Language & Keyboard. It's seems obvious, but easy to overlook (I did).

    • John

      oh..duh. i was like where the hell is this thing. Thanks!

  • I have the OG Droid and I'd like to say ever since I heard about Droid Life, I visit the site numerous times a day. Downloading this new keyboard as I type this. Great work! Keep it up!

  • dano24

    i clicked on the link, then hit download and then i get the message “parse error”

    • Bmuenter

      it did that same thing to me a couple of times… just keep trying it will work

  • Kid Skullz

    Works great on my Incredible. I can finally get rid of swype now. The bugginess was killing me.

  • Bmuenter

    absolutely awesome keyboard! I love it! I was using swiftkey and this is much faster and easier. keep it up android!!!

  • Jodie Morris

    Guys it might be small but its a whole lot more accurate

  • MLarsen_2001

    I got it to work. I was nothing thinking and had to go under my settings and go to Language and Keyboard to change it to gingerbeard Keyboard. It is kinda small will take some getting used to.

  • MLarsen_2001

    I have downloaded both links and still nothing is happening or changing. my phone is not Rooted like it says it does not have to be and still nothing is different.

  • Vic

    It'd be better if they remove the 🙂 and add a button for comma. How often do people use the smilie?

  • Jamie

    not working on droid incredible:/ any reason why?

    • Bmuenter

      it took me a couple of times on my incredible and i finally got it to work. the fist time i downloaded it the file was corrupt. i tried it again and it worked perfect

  • KleenDroid

    Maybe the developers can make one that is the correct size for the Droid 2. I love this new keyboard on my new DX, but on my wifes D2 (my old phone) it is miniature. Even Tim-O-Tato with his tiny little fingers couldn't type with it! 🙂

  • Downloaded fine to my DINC, except I do not have the smiley faces key…. weird.

  • JesseMONSTER

    I’m Pretty sure that my Incredible is RETARDED because no keyboard that I download works on it.

  • Alphabets13

    anyone having issues downloading…try downloading right from the xda link…that worked for me and no waiting.

  • Magmoss3

    Is BlindType still on hold?

    • EC8CH

      Blintype was acquired by Google some time ago… if Blindtype's tech isn't in this keyboard one would think it would eventually find its way into the stock andy keyboard… the colorscheme of the gingerbread keyboard looks kinda familiar though

  • Dincverizon

    Everytime I download it , and install , when I go to impute method. And nothing shows up , what am I doing wrong ?
    HTC Incredible .

    • Rbonilla81

      menu>settings>language and keyboards>highlited gingerbread keyboard. then lets say you are going to text hold down where you would text then select input method and select gingerbread

  • Jesusmacabee

    works great! droid incredible w/ uncommon sense 1.1

  • DroidXWins

    It works pretty good on my DX. Not as big as stock keyboard but definitely useful. Only problem with it is that if u type a work and then go back to it and tap on it to replace it with another word, it just throws the new word in with the old word… ex: work replace with workshop = wworkshopsorks. So overall I like it but it is still a little buggy

    • Alphabets13

      i noticed the same thing. that is the only issue i see so far with it on my X. the keys aren't too small or anything like some other people are having problems with. i really like this keyboard.

  • Peurifoyd

    When are we speculating gingerbread to be released?

  • sholtkamp

    interesting.. i have droid 1 running ultimate droid. About Phone says 2.2.1 frg22d . Keyboard will not install. I tried both keyboards. any suggestions out there…

  • Mlarsen_2001

    Does not seem to work for me.downloaded file and all I get still is swipe or multi touch

  • Errocha


  • Chad_99_98

    how do i use the keyboard, when i hold in it only gives me swipe and multitouch DX

  • One_ina_milli

    The keyboard is great,it has great accuracy and corrections,my Droid x basically running gingerbread,so I'm ready for honeycomb

  • LandLockedPH

    Yes, it is small. But it's also missing haptic feedback (whether I check the box or not). 'Gotta have that feedback to be useful for me.

  • Jcat29

    i installed it and set it nd everything but its not working :/ Dinc

    • Smittenjones

      It seems that Sense devices might have a problem parsing the package, but I'm not sure.

  • Wbdrummer

    Took a while to get it but i got it to work. Awesome stuff! My droid x looks like it has stock gingerbread almost! Between this and launcher pro icons. Little small but still awesome.

  • Khyzzer123

    Every time i try to install it on my phone it says “There is a problem parsing the package”

  • jdplasvegas

    I'm loving this gingerbread keyboard. I guess that I'm one of the few without the tiny keyboard problem.

  • ADroidX

    I downloaded the apk and my DX said unable to parse the file… trying again

    • 11knives


  • Kaluna00

    You Guys ROCK! Thanks Pete


    It won't even allow me to put it on my phone. Droid incredible.

  • ADroidX

    Is this one working? The last one last week wasn't working right. Caused FC's requiring a flash of a recovery image…

    • Robert

      Yeah, it’s working. At least on my OG Droid. This keyboard has some well adopted improvements, just takes a little bit of time to get used to the smaller letters.

  • Kineowallace

    Can you post a mirror

  • Brianmitchell66

    Why is the keyboard so small on my droidx

  • adm930

    works perfectly fine for me on my Droid X. THANKS!!

    • Cehrl7

      How did u install it?

      • adm930

        put it on my SD card from the computer, opened up Root Manager and installed from there. It doesn't look small on the screen to me…


    Look! For everybody getting a small keyboard. DL LCD Density App for free on the Market. Then Set first to 300 reboot then set it to 260 reboot then set to 240 reboot voila normal keyboard.

  • Brttwrd

    its too small in my opinion. its so tinyfied, that wen it first came out everybody flipped out thinking it was a messed up port that didnt work correctly. ill continue to use my htc ime mod on my dx :3

  • But… what about the warning that “this input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers…” is this standard when adding a different keyboard with DROID?

    • Rohdawgeleven


  • David Nguyen

    Well, for some reason, it forced close on my mytouch 4g even my phone is rooted

  • Papaspartan05

    SwiftKey ftw.

  • Jawshua

    Bummer, not rooted here. But I know that keyboard couldn't be as awesome as my slide keyboard, ShapeWriter! Not even Swype tops how amazing ShapeWriter is!

  • Stevo760

    To small on droid x man!!!!!!!!

  • Maybe Im missing something (could be because I didnt download this one) but Im using apex with the gingerbread keyboard and and the keys are smaller but not so small its hard to use. Could this one be even smaller?

    I like the smaller keys because more space in-between keys makes for more accurate typing..

    • Joe

      I tried apex and tranquility 3.6 and the GB keyboards in those were the same size as this on DX.

  • choosn2change

    dies not work on desire z rom for inc 🙁

  • Walker_daniel

    its cool that its out already and all…..but i think ill stick to the stalk keyboard i have big hands and the keys are easier to hit. but thanks for the release!!

  • i had the parsing issue as well, just downloaded onto laptop and got the file that way. but i am also having the issue of the super tiny keys. looks nothing like the screen cap. it may be a d2 issue. will just wait for the official update for gingerbread then,

  • viewthis66

    still getting the parsing error. suggestion Droid-Lifers?

    DX non rooted

    • Joe

      maybe try downloading the file to your computer and then transferring it to your phone or emailing it to your gmail account. That's how I did it and I had no issues.

      • viewthis66

        ok cool. i'll give it a shot. thanks!

  • Cehrl7

    Wont install..problem with parsing. I tried to extract, but no go. Any suggestions?

  • andrewcweaver

    Even though you suffer on size….Droid X…. it's 10000x better then the stock multi-touch keyboard.

  • BeeJay

    I need a microscope to see this keyboard on my D2!

  • Wolfspirit68

    I've tried the Gingerbread keyboard and it is not as nice as the multi-touch in my opinion. I don't like the square buttons. I'll keep my Multi-touch thank you. =)

  • Joe

    To all the people who had problems with the link (at least the 2.2 one), I just was able to download it and install w/o issue about 10 minutes ago.

    Has anyone on 2.2 tried running the 2.1 apk? Just asking because the 2.2 keyboard is too small.

  • Error

    feel like a noob, getting parsing error, cleared cache and still getting parsing error. Thanks for any help.

  • aaron

    the keyboard is to small on the droid 2

  • BrianWM

    The keyboard is horrible on my sgs fascinate. Also, vibrate doesn't work. It “looks” ok, but the drop in size kinda sucks.

    • Dnfklas

      worked great on mine!

  • Imdfnman

    I like the keyboard, BUT its SOOOOO small…DX

  • Chris Nimon

    Nice black theme for it. http://www.droidforums.net/for

  • Jasonkahn11

    Anybody else think these keys are really tiny onbthe droidx although accuracy doesn't seem to be to badly affected.

  • does not work on .340 dx

    • Joe

      running 340 on a droid x and it works for me (however it is smaller than I'd like).

  • Sluggo97

    Cannot open file; DroidX Froyo 2.2+, non rooted.

  • CPGustafson511

    I like Sense keyboard better.

  • Ray

    Tried the 2.2 multiple times. I keep getting a Parsing Error!

    • Jstew182

      Had this problem the other day then I realized I never unzipped it. Try unzipping the file in Astro or whatever file viewer you use.

  • Spaz33g

    Linky no worky. Every time I try to download it, it just hangs there forever and then says download complete but I get a parsing error

  • Hogasswildmc

    Why do I want this if I use swiftkey or swype? What does it do better than the previous keyboard?

    • Mechagodzilla

      I love Swype, but I find this to be more accurate (moreso than SwiftKey, which I uninstalled). Basically, Swype is faster (for now, since I'm used to it), but I have to go back and make a lot of corrections. This is slower, but I get it right out of the gate. Word prediction is incredibly good, even with my fat finger syndrome.

  • Bjackson 4

    my keyboard is small. How do I get this to be the regular size.

    • Joe

      Wish there was a way…

  • Agacom24

    i downloaded the 2.2 version on my Droid 2 and it comes up very very small? I cant even type on it let alone see the letters….help? I usually dont have any problems with this kind of stuff but it came up very small on my screen for some reason?

    • Topsecretsquirrel

      I have the same problem on my Droid 2, and it looks like several others have as well. Anyone have a Droid 2 that this works on or have a fix?

      • @ronoffringa

        If you use LCD Density from the market, set it to 300, reboot, set it to 240 reboot it'll look right until you reboot again… it's a pain. Not worth it in my opinion.

    • same on my D2G

  • Vinzky

    I hate DROIDLIFE…can't keep up with all their new releases. But, make sure to keep it coming tho. Luv you more and more everyday. BTW, this is an awesome keyboard. (even without swype method).

  • Btpetirna

    On my Droid 2 global the keyboard is very small. It takes up less than a fourth of the screen. It is unusable compared to the picture. I guess it doesn't work correctly on the droid 2 global….?

  • im new to downloading stuff and .apk files and stuff… i downloaded it straight from my phone, clicked install. touched done. but when I go into Handcent SMS, its still the default DI keyboard and doesnt give me an option.. any help?

    • Jager07

      Go to settings>Language & keyboard and put a check-box next to your new keyboard. Then in Handcent, long-press on the data entry screen and it will come up with the option to select Input Method. Touch that and it will let you switch between keyboards.

  • viewthis66

    i can't seem to download it. well i can download the apk but then when i select to open it i get some error about something not downloaded.

    • Sluggo97

      Same here, please advise- soonest.
      Thank you

      • viewthis66

        i tried again just now. no luck. i’m sure Kellex or another loyal Droid-Lifer will address the issue.

      • viewthis66

        try downloading the file to your computer and then transferring it to your phone or emailing it to your gmail account. That’s how I did it and I had no issues.

    • KleenDroid

      You can’t download it directly to your phone from Mega… You have to download it to your computer and then transfer it to your phone.

      • Anonymous

        i downloaded it from my phone on mega and it works fine

  • Why is the keyboard so small????

    • Agacom24

      ya mine showed up really small too on my droid 2! it cant even type on it let alone see the letters

  • Non_existant2k3

    Has anyone been able to use the screen off animation yet? I would love to have that.

  • Why is it so small

    • Hey Now!

      That's what she said!

  • James

    Did not work on rooted 2.1.

    • kellex

      Did you try the 2.1 keyboard? 😛

      • James

        Yes and the keyboard was very small not workable.

        • I have the same problem as James. Disappointing :(.

  • Hahahaha

    Still didnt work on my Motorola Milestone running 2.2.1 with cyanogenmod 6.1

  • are we sure this is safe to use? it asks for access to everything, and when switching to the keyboard android warns that this keyboard is capable of recording and sending out all keystrokes including personal information, passwords, credit cart etc.

    • every keyboard does this, including if you install swype. thats pretty much an inherent piece of software keyboards.

    • wiz

      That is a standard warning they put down for all third party keyboards

  • Is this version any larger than all the previous versions that have been posted around random forums/websites? Even on my huge Droid X screen, the keyboard feels cramped. Otherwise, it's an amazing KB.

    • Joe

      Nope, it’s still small. Probably takes up 1/3 of my screen. Droid X as well.

  • Chris

    i'll stick with swiftkey keyboard

  • frankandsimple

    is this any different from the earlier version that was released for rooted users?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, just works for non-rooted users now.

  • Jerry Lange

    didnt work for me. installed using cyanogenmod 6.1 stable on droid incredible.

    • Anonymous

      Mine didn’t show at first, so I disabled the default keyboard and selected just the Gingerbread, went off the type something and it works like a champ!

  • omg, it's such a great keyboard

  • you know there was already a version that didnt require root? you could just take the apk from the original file and install like you would any other app and it worked 100% fine. i had this keyboard working perfectly on my non-rooted Incredible for about a week now.. 😛

  • First time i have commented in a while, just wanted to say droid life is the best community for all stuff droid. And the people here are great for advice, keep it up everybody

    • Yay! See now, this is a nice comment 🙂
      Thanks, Amon! We'll do our best!

      • Im in college and I am too busy to comment, but i love how the site has grown. My OG Droid is still relevant thanks to this awesome community

        • mikb261

          Life doesnt get any less busy after college lol

          • Anonymous

            Depends on whether or not you worked through college. 30 hrs+/week and 12-18 units leaves much less time than a simple 40 hour work week.

          • Anonymous

            40 hour work week? I could get into that!

          • Mdeamicis

            i take 12 or 13 units at a time, 9 week terms and five terms a year on a 3 year grind program. i got to tell ya, 5 active duty deployments under my belt and it tough to call which is harder. school is no joke man.

          • FO

            I simply came here to post a LOL at 40 hour work weeks.

  • nice now i can have both 😀

  • zOMG First?!!?

    • CsBen15

      I was so close…

    • Enrique

      Sharr up! You note fameis!

    • tbaybe

      zOMG yes

    • cheater!!!!!