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Verizon Begins Assessing Which Android Devices Will Receive Gingerbread

We still don’t know when or which of our Droid devices will receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3), but we know that Verizon is at least in the process of assessing the situation.  Customer service reps are now being asked to tell customers that they are “working with Google as they release source code for device manufacturers to being integration.”  I know it’s not much, but we wanted you to know that it’s on their radar.

Any bets are which phone will receive Gingerbread first?  Ooh…hello poll idea.

  • swapngreen

    Well that will be nice if the adroid gets 3.0, but I also heard that the HTC sales have double to 200k in a couple months so wow there growing quick, but you know what I would still stick with the iPhone and I just sold my other phones to this website I think it was http://www.swapngreen.com I just made extra cash because I don't know if I am going to go get the nexus s or the iPhone 4 well let me know thanks.

  • This is for Verizon. If I have to sign up for a two year contract then I want a phone that will receive ecru update available within that two years if that's not possible then you need to start going to one year contracts or even a month to month basis.

  • droidpro101

    i just hope my bright shiny new pro gets it soon, LOVE THIS SITE

  • Verizon used to be the best of the best when the OG Droid came out. But now they are just hitting us with one fail after another. After having this Droid X for a while this will be my last Motorola Android phone EVER. Unless they decide to give us a phone like the OG Droid (vanilla&no locked bootloader) other then that I'm done. I'm about to trade in my Droid X for an OG Droid

  • droidaholic

    Its just me but I think OG Droid is most deserving of this little treat. It may not be the best phone on verizon anymore but its one of the main reasons Verizon is where it is today with the droid line.

  • dragon19104

    It seems to me that one of the most overlooked features provided with Gingerbread that may factor into a carrier's upgrade decision is native VOIP support. While the Google Voice client for Android does not currently support integrated VOIP, I can't imagine it is too far off. I would venture to guess that Verizon is looking for every possible excuse to leave as many handsets off of the upgrade list as possible. With ~1MM aging OG Droid handsets in service, I can see them passing on the upgrade using age as an dissatisfying, though unsurprising excuse. OG Droid owners are a sizable customer base from whom they can squeeze out every last bit of revenue from either continued use of expensive calling plans or contract extensions for those choosing to upgrade.

  • M S Johnson

    Hey VZW, how about getting Froyo on the freaking Fascinate before you start talking Gingerbread!

    • Jake

      Lol you should have realized when you bought a crappy Samsung phone that they were gonna lag behind.

  • Okay, I have a Droid X and I for one hope (I am pretty sure that I am), that I get Gingerbread. The only thing that I want is for it to come un-skinned, which probably isn't going to happen…naturally.
    As for every other phone, I think the D1, D2, Pro, X, Inc, and S will all get the update, it only makes sense, also, I think that these phones will get more updates after this one, maybe not the D1, but the rest will, I only say this because someone else said the opposite.
    Also, Verizon does have some say, I am sure, about what phone receives what update, why wouldn't they/ They are Verizon phones, of course Verizon is going to make the calls, duh…

  • blade78

    I hope the Original Motorola Droid receive this update.

  • I think the Droid X should get the update first for once!!

    • Jake


  • Jason

    Aren't all of those OG Droid owners due for a new every two soon? They'll all get gingerbread on their next phone.

    Anyone think the HTC Droid Incredible is a slam dunk and 'll get it?

    • skylersmom

      Get the X man. Trust me.

  • I remember reading somewhere that Gingerbread will require phones to have at least 1Ghz.

    • dude that rumor has been squashed.

      • jake

        Like a week ago lol get with the times

  • Skyskioc

    DX Hopefully will get the upgrade first. Please !

  • Automaddux

    The Dinc better be updated!

  • NorCalGuy

    While everyone is waiting for it from verizon for the next 6-8 months I am pretty sure rooted users of most droid phone will be full of gingerbread before christmas, especially with the S dropping tomorrow hello ports!!

  • Buckgrad

    New 4G phones will be released with 2.3 out of the box before ANY of the other phones get the update. All marketing…which makes sense for VZW but sucks for the rest of us.

    • Higher_Ground

      That is what they did with the D2 and froyo, IIRC

  • EC8CH

    The OGD will get it, just so they can sneak in a VZ Navigator preinstall

  • Timoh

    “Working with Google as they release source code.”

    That sentence is a complete lie. VZ doesn't work with Google anyway, the device manufacturers do.

  • saimin

    The Droid 1 is Verizon's best selling Android phone. Very foolish of them to piss off that many customers.

  • Michael_NM

    Nice to hear VZ has been sitting on its ASSessors all this time. I find it hard to believe this assessment couldn't have been completed already. I'll go against conventional wisdom here and predict the original Droid will receive the update first since it doesn't have to be Blurred-up.

  • The following Verizon phones will receive the update:
    1. Eris
    2. Devour
    3. Ally 2, which will be discontinued a month later to be followed by the Ally 2 Global.

    • Mike


    • Michael

      You totally forgot which one would be first ! The BlackBerry Tour that supports Android, without WiFi & a sticky trackball. :O oh wait, it’s the gingerbread THEME. haha.

  • Got my fingers crossed for the Droid X!

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Unfortunately, I think the Droid will be left off. It's barely up to the task of running 2.2… and the memory issue that wouldn't be an issue with Apps2SD is an issue for my apps now… so I'm praying to the FSM that your report of HTC devices in the 2nd half of next year is merely a case of under-promising so they can over-deliver.

    • NathanS

      My OG Droid runs 2.2 just fine. Both in Stock ROM and Custom ROM form.
      Over clock it to 800mhz, totally stable, and there's no noticeable speed diference between the D1 and the D2.

      Going from 2.1 to 2.2 saw a very noticeable speedy-feel increase.

      I don't expect 2.3 to run as well on the D1 as it does on more recent phones, but it should run it.

      If VZW doesn't release it for the D1, I'm sure the custom ROM market will cover it.

    • Google reps have stated that anything that runs 2.2 will run 2.3 as well or better. And the OG droid runs 2.2 very well actually.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        2.2 is an incredible amount slower than 2.1… especially when you add in the home screen redraw lag and the app tray redraw lag. It simply doesn't have enough under the hood…

        • It most certainly was NOT slower on my stock Moto Droid…maybe you did something wrong. I definitely saw a speed increase after installation. And a significant one at that.

  • Omfgitsjustin

    Custom rom FTW! I can't wait for it to be available for the incredible.

    • themiracle2012

      It is. Check your rom manager.

  • My d1 probably the day someone gets the source, cause I ain't waiting for Verizon.

  • 360silent

    from (og) droid and up

  • Give em time to strip out the good free stuff and crap it up w/ blur

    • Timoh

      and bing

  • I would think most Android phones aside from the OG Droid/Eris/Devour will get it.

  • droid inc, droid x, droid pro, droid 2, fascinate…..and og droid (barely)

    • Mike

      im with you. i think all of the “droid” lineup phones will get gingerbread. i dont think most of them will get much else after that though aside from some bug fixes or app updates

    • Why “barely”? The OG Droid runs FASTER with 2.2 than it did with 2.1. Google says that any phone that runs 2.2 should run 2.3 as fast or faster. So whats with the “OMG Droid will barely even run 2.2”

      • i agree it should…but some of the older devices (like eris) will no longer be supported from what i understand. i could be wrong, again.

        • Well, whether or not it is supported on the eris will be up to HTC. The fact that HTC may choose not to support it does not mean the Eris cant run it.

          That being said, there are other variables besides processor speed…like on-board storage and RAM sizes.

        • LobbyDizzle

          Even if it isn’t ‘supported’, could a custom ROM maybe allow an OG install?

  • If the OG Droid doesn't get Gingerbread, theres going to be an angry mob forming shortly after the release

    • Hogasswildmc

      I think Google already said Gingerbread requires at least a 1GHz CPU. Droid will be the next Eris unfortunately.

      • Keithsmnr

        Someone at Samsung said that..but shortly after someone else said “There is no hard coded minimum hardware spec limit for android 2.3”

        • Mike

          yes LG said that they were not aware of the 1GHz requirement. so who knows at this point..

        • Mr.Joe

          @Hog: No there is no requirement
          @Keith: No it was LG who said it.

      • Jeremy

        That was LG who stated that but then they retracted the statement and both them and Google have stated there is no known CPU number you need to have in order to run Gingerbread. Moto will prob do their testing and will either update it or atleast strip it down to be able to run on the OG Droid. I don't seem them leaving the OG Droid behind when the largest bracket of Android users have the OG Droid.

      • the G2 runs 800mhz and is pretty new…if they get 2.3, then OG droid should get it right?

    • JT

      Agreed. But if LG's Optimus One (600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227) can handle it, then the Droid can handle it, no prob. Now, VZW releasing an officially supported upgrade to 2.3 for the Droid?? That's up for debate.

    • Bo W

      I will be outside your nearest Verizon store selling torches and pitchforks. Please stop by and browse my selection….

  • Hogasswildmc

    I think this is what Verizon will do. They will time their 4G products with Gingerbread integration. So if you don't care about 4G, you will want Gingerbread. If you don't care about Gingerbread, you will want 4G. Covering their bases.

    • Hogasswildmc

      They gotta make money on those phone contract renewals!

  • Laovercash

    I hope the incredible will.

  • S617


  • jiggaman508

    Verizon is the worst for system updates…devices that do get it probably won't get it it for a long time and there will probably be a few good devices left out…

    • Anonymous

      First of all, Verizon has very little to do with system updates. The manufacturers are the ones to blame. In terms of manufacturers though, I would place Samsung at the very top for the worst for system updates. Been that way for quite a while, since way before Android even existed.

  • koolshaggy

    Why is this a new story? Isn't this the same case for Sprint and AT&T?

  • Mx00dt


  • kimir

    looking good for the eris. w00t *sarcasm* at least i am caught up with the galaxy s stuff HA

    • Lakerzz

      I put Froyo on my moms hero…if that gives any kind of hope, idk.

      • kimir

        i have launcher pro with the froyo dock… 😀
        good enough for me.
        i'll get the droid incredible hd 😀

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Gingerbread all the way!!!