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Breaking: Android Market Receiving Major UI Overhaul (Updated)

Anyone else have a market that looks like this?  We just received these shots from one of our readers and it looks like another silent Android Market update might be going out only this time it doesn’t just add a new tab.  This is a full on facelift that makes the market look as hot as any app market you’ll see on any OS.

The interesting thing here is that the new “Related” tab that we were introduced to just a few days ago is already gone and we aren’t caring as long as ours looks like this soon.

Update 2:  Download the new market here.

Update:  The Android Developers team just announced it.  Here are some of the details:

  • Refund window changing to 15 minutes.
  • New carousel with featured apps on main page.
  • Widgets and Live Wallpapers categories added.
  • Related content added to app page.
  • Single page app viewing.  All info in one place.
  • Headed to device running 1.6 and above over the next few weeks.
  • The new version is 2.2.6.

To try to force the update on to your phone, try this:

Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Market and clear data on it.

Check out a bunch of other pics after the break.  

Cheers Adam!

  • JimH

    Don't try the “clear data” trick. It doesn't work and resets all your apps to “Free” or “Purchased” instead of “Installed”.

    • JimH

      And yes 15 minutes to try an app is silly. Sometimes the market won't even download it right away. Often I download something I heard about during the day and check it out at night. Doesn't make sense.

  • Jawshua

    Yeah 15 minutes is just sh*tty garbage! Stupid Google! I'll buy fewer apps as well because of this because now I can't buy one and check it later because I'm busy for fear of not being able to get a refund. So of course that means fewer stuff that I'll buy. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

  • Mlarsen_2001

    Did all the steps and my market still looks the same.i also restarted my phone

  • andrewcweaver

    Was anyone able to force this?

    • Mlarsen_2001

      Not me did not work

  • Bensnake82

    just got the update, it is a big change, smaller phones make think its unorganized

    • Mr. Steve

      What phone did you get the update on?

  • I tried to force the update for the market but no dice! It says im on version 1.86! What gives? Anyone have any answers? (Droid 2.2 MIUI)

  • 1T2dirtnap

    Tried to force update, not working, just have to wait i guess.

  • Kiriuskris

    My market has been force closing a lot lately. I wonder if it's related. Funny thing that the Nexus S phone the BGR guys got doesn't even have the new market yet…

  • HeavyKevy87

    Is this what the Update I got for my OG Droid?

  • acquaz10

    Here's the apk for people who haven't gotten it yet. http://forum.xda-developers.co

    In landscape mode the markets pretty interesting. I overall like it though!

  • NorCalGuy

    I know everyone is upset about the 15 min… but has any one else not been able to get their market to update, I don't know if mine wont because I am rooted on CM6. Any ideas??

  • skatenaked911

    can i upload the apk here?

  • Kevin Jellison

    How many apps are y'all buying? I mean, I agree that 15 minutes is short, but seriously, are you just buying apps all day long and trying them out for 24 hours? I've bought maybe 5 apps in the year plus that I've had my Droid. All those apps were purchased because I needed them after I rooted. Other than that, I have donated to some devs. Stop buying stupid, useless apps and this 15 minutes won't be a problem. I do think that more detailed information should exist as to what an app does so that people can make a more informed decision.

  • Hotguy_e

    So I don't have this I tryed the directions but nothing???

  • Bensnake82

    If u read the android blog,it states that the 15min time change is to help the dev ,so people don't play there app then get there money back

  • Inquizitor

    okay…soo……still got no new market and CM6.1 ogdroid. :.

  • RW-1

    I believe for most apps, 15 min may not be an issue, but what about larger apps, such as GPS trip planning/routing, or a flight logbook app? There have to be apps out there that are more complex that would need more time for evaluation.

    For most developers I know, if I did purchase that supposed complex app, if I decided after that period expired that I wished a refund I would go thru that dev, and likely they would give it to me. So, that said, for myself, I'm ok with it.

  • DarthRogue

    Kellex, is that an unthemed droid x you have there? What's wrong with you? You always have a new theme!!!

  • 1bad69z28

    I agree 15min. is to short of an window, it should hang around 2 to 4 hours. I think a lot of unforseen issues can be worked out or found in that time from both useer problems and Dev problems

  • 1bad69z28

    I agree 15min. is to short of an window, it should hang around an hour or 2 hours. I think a lot of unforseen issues can be worked out or found in that time from both ueser problems and Dev problems.

  • Murphy

    The real question is, how often has anyone refunded an app? I think since I've had my OG Droid since last year…I've only ever refunded 4 apps. Like a poster said earlier, many apps have trial versions. Also, I read the comments on any given app to see all the pos/neg feedback. 24 hours was a luxury, but I don't think 15 minutes is hindering any thing. Usually you buy the app because you've heard good things about it, or trust the developer to deliver something stellar. Not because you want to test the refund policy.

  • suchashorttime

    I don't know why everyone is in such an uproar about this. This won't make app-buying and worse, harder, or more unfair. It will simply change the way developers release and market their apps. Obviously no one is going to go out on a whim to purchase a new app for the sake of trying it out and risk wasting money in a 15-minute return window. This has several implications. Developers will, like another poster said, release free trial versions, or, better yet, release functional free full-versions with a paid-for PRO option (i.e., Launcher Pro). This will also mean that developers will put more emphasis on marketing their product in the store so a buyer will know what they're buying by looking at the app details. Seriously, how many apps are in the Market that have crap info? All in all, this will improve competition among developers to sell higher quality apps and make the sale count. Instead of thinking about it as a negative immediately, I think buyers and sellers need to embrace how imposing restrictions such as these improve any marketplace.

    Now I expect all of you to thumbs-down the hell out of this 🙂

    • DBK

      Ah, suchashorttime, always the voice of reason. 🙂

      • suchashorttime

        🙂 man do i miss you dudes.

        • DBK

          lol ditto. redneckrah says hi. 🙂

  • Cmrstang

    One of the other changes they have made is to the app size limit, which is now up to 50mb. How long will it take to download 50mb on 3g? By the time you get it downloaded and installed the fifteen minutes will be up. Once we start getting better games and graphics the app size is definitely going to increase. Not everyone has wifi.
    Not all apps are cheap and as the better games come out the prices will increase (Madden $9.99) so unless they have a free trial version it will keep a lot of people from buying the game. I have never pirated a app and still won't but this will keep me from purchasing any expensive apps.

    • Cgmartin33

      The application or game is not running while it is downloading therefore wouldn't be counting down until it is installed. If it takes three days to download…you will still get your 15 minutes once the app is installed.

  • BoomBam

    15 minutes was just an unnecessary change.

    • theineffablebob

      It will get more iOS devs to migrate to Android in the long run. Many of the big devs don't like that you're able to refund apps. Lowering the time limit to 15 minutes from 24 hours is a compromise–you can still refund apps, you just have a lot less time to do so. I think an hour would be much better, though.

  • NadTwist

    While 15 minutes might not be bad for a dollar app, it could prove costly for the apps I purchase (sling player $30). Don't be quick to judge.

  • Well, I tried to force it using the recommended instructions above – but no go. It simply brought back the same Market. 🙁

  • WhereIsTony

    It sickens me that people feel so entitled that if they don't like the return policy they declare they will steal the apps.

    If you don't like the policy, don't buy the apps, dont use them and make the adult choice that they are not worth the price. That is your right.

    It is not ok to decide that you will simply steal the app for free.

  • Crackinvtec

    My market doesn't look like that it isn't fair that the orginal droid doesn't get updates like the droid x

  • Devin Jones

    15 min? Holy!

  • Also This “15 Minutes” Me Personally I Would Know That App Inside And Out Before That Time Is Up Just To Make A Decision.

    • Cgmartin33

      Me too Mike…i guess there are lots of short bussers/window lickers that need 24 hours. At least the slow or illiterate have an excuse…the rest of you are just trying to take advantage.

  • What Was The Original Time Allowance Before You Could Not Refund An App…??

  • Br_d

    And what if you find conflicting reviews on the internet? Some people love it, and some people hate it? Guess that developer won't get that sale, because the buyer won't know for himself which side he falls on without trying it for himself.

  • whole thing looks ugly compared to the previous one….thumbs WAY down on the 15 minute window too. What do we gotta do to create some heat on this post to get people to pay attention to our dislikes?!

  • Man, people just love to complain about something when they are spoiled. Apple has a no refund so once you purchase, it is yours good or bad. That is why many off the apps have a 'free' version for you to try. It you like it then buy the full. That is what I've done. I also don't think it will make me buy any less. I usually know less than that if I like the game or app anyway.

    No biggie…15 minutes..yes an 1 hour would have been better and 24hr was a luxury. Get over it and move on.

    • Devin Jones

      Lol gonna miss those good ole 24hrs. it definitely was a luxury.

  • JoeLivesLife

    Didn't get it either on my new D2G. Are you sure it works? Looking forward to the new market!

  • b-rad

    does this update do anything for D1 . cause it sure as hell dont look like it… i had the update. but none of it looks like the pics im seeing here. please respond…. before i go to verizon and raise cane

    • BloodiedWraith

      I'm assuming you got the update to Android 2.2.1 (FRG83D)… that has nothing to do with this. This is a Market Update, you won't be prompted for this. So before you go to Verizon and complain for absolutely no reason partake in either one of two courses of action:

      1) Wait until it automatically updates
      2) Try following kellex's instructions to see if you could possibly manually force it to update:

      Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Market and clear data on it.

      • b-rad

        yea verizon CS just cleared that up for me… the market update is pushed out by google not verizon. she said usually every 14 days in waves. But im impatient and Kellex suggestion didnt work for me… thanks for your response… to save me search time and rumors.. do you know what all FRG83D changes includes?

    • b-rad

      pleaseeeee respond…

  • Jason

    There are some apps that you need some time to test. This past summer I purchased an app that was a golf course GPS and stroke tracker. It did not work correctly and the UI was bad. Having 24 hours, I was able to play a round to determine if if worked correctly. I'm not too concerned about the .99 apps, but for apps that are more expensive, this gives you a little more sense of security that what you are purchasing is quality.

    • I totally agree. I purchased a 40 dollar gps app that took me 2 days to download because of the poor servers it was hosting from, broken download software, and large file size(over a gig). How am I supposed to test that in 15 mins?

  • The timing is not an issue for me. I try to do my due diligence before I purchase an app, just like any other purchase. If the app doesn't work as advertised, there are other avenues that I can use to resolve the issue. Overall, I'll see if I can actually get this new market – then make more comment on it.

  • CORYK333

    So what is the required response time the devs must follow if some1 has a problem with the app after 15 mins????? No prob if they wanna lower the return time, but its gotta work both ways

  • Legion

    Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me……….15 minutes, hours, or seconds, it doesnt matter. It only takes a few seconds to copy an app from data/app and data/app-private and only a few minutes to crack if you have coding skillz. 😀 They should get rid of the refund policy altogether if they truly want to discourage pirates.

  • Crackinvtec

    I have the orginal droid my market doesn't look like that isn't far how other droid get updates and now the orginal droid

  • Jeez. From a 24-hour refund policy to a 15-minute refund policy? Just like that? Really?

    That's crap.

    I'll just stop 'donating' to the developers and start gaffing the apps I want off the interwebs then. If after 15-minutes and up to 24-hours later I decide the app is of decent quality or above, worthy of keeping, and I like the app enough and want to keep it, I'll uninstall and go the market and 'donate' to the developer and re-download.

    Fark em for such a lame @$$ policy change.

  • Stephen D

    As awesome as this is, the 15 minute refund window is a very bad move. There are times when an app works, and then you'll stop playing it, and then suddenly stops working. The 24 hour refund window was great. 15 minutes isn't long enough.

  • Chris

    15 minutes? looks like i'll be downloading all my paid apps off of websites now for free. I'm sure most people will do that. because i need at least an hour to decide if i want an app.

    • OpticQ

      Please help support the devs that make good apps and actually buy their apps. (:

    • Anonymous

      Boohoo Soma,

      I don’t get what I want so I will just steal.

      Friggin leeches.

  • versusxiii

    Can't force the update. Anyone with luck?

  • Cgmartin33

    Its amazing how many people are pissed off about the 15 minute refund window. Does your cheap ass get to test drive a car for a day before purchasing? How about wearing a pair of shoes for a day and returning them the next day used?…and we are only talking about a buck in most cases. Quit being soo f'ing cheap with your $600 phone and $30 data plan for christ sake. Maybe this will make people research things a bit more…maybe read a comment or two. Better yet look at the handy ratings that were posted for you or look up a youtube video before using something that you were probably going to return anyway.

    • Finire

      Yes, I can test drive a car a full day before driving… Yes, I can take a pair of shoes back after a day if I don't like them.

      • Cgmartin33

        Um…not sure where you live but there is a no cooling off period when buying cars here. You drive it off the lot and its yours for the next five years. And you are telling me you can remove the tags off of a pair of shoes, dirty them, put scuff marks on the bottom and return them? I guess if you shop at Walmart…they will take anything back.

        • Jonathan

          I agree about the cheapness of people…dang…it's a dollar. But there is in fact a cooling down period off buying a car and it's 72 hours in the state of California. Its there to protect buyers from feeling tooo pressured from car salesmen etc…it's legit! Do it once…okay…twice…wow…three times…they're onto you and probably no mas!!

          • Cgmartin33

            Nope, there is a no cooling off period in California…see attached
            Put three w’s in front of this…I can’t post links.

    • OpticQ

      Funny thing, I read a comic a while back how people flip out if they have to pay 99 cents for an app after buying a $300-$500 phone..haha.

    • SjB

      umm…yeah, it’s called a test drive lol. a lot of dealerships do 24 hr test drives now.

      • Cgmartin33

        Its called a BCA or Borrowed Car Agreement…usually only on high end cars but that’s beside the point. If you signed the contract and took possession it its yours period. They make free apps or trial versions for “test drives” people. Quit being lazy…do some research and make an educated decision before blowing your precious 99¢. I guess the cheap bastards out there were spoiled by the whole 24 hour window to beat a game and then get a refund thing.

    • What about the 40 dollar programs that are over a gig in size? The ones that take 2 days to download because the software they built is so buggy, every time the download times out, you have to delete all the temp files and start over. How is one supposed to test that in 15 minutes?

      • Anonymous

        Well then you should know that its buggs and do the refund before it downloads genius.

  • Thagoof25

    has anyone actually been able to force the update on their phone yet?

  • Finire

    I have to agree with many others that have commented on this. A 15 minute refund window for apps is ridiculous. Up to this point I have been faithful purchasing all Apps that I want to have. I have refused to go down the path of piracy knowing full well that each of my purchases went to support the developers that I know deserve our help.

    Now, with a 15 minute window, I have no chance to actually test an app that I think might be worth it, but am not sure. So… Now I might as well go find an APK out in the wild and give that a try. And after I've gone through that trouble, what's to keep me from just keeping what I've already got on my phone. I'm not saying that I will not support the developers, but this is going to make it much harder to support one that I am either unfamiliar with, or that is new to the market. The 24 hour window gave me the confidence I needed to give someone a try.

    All in all, I hope they see the error of there ways, and go back to the 24 hour window. I know my vote is to keep what we have now. I don't mind the UI changes, but I do mind this.

    • OpticQ

      I honestly don't think this calls for piracy being an option…

    • Cgmartin33

      Thats about as ignorant as it gets. That’s like saying I didn’t get to try on that shirt so I stole it….unbelievable! What the F is wrong with people?

  • Anilraj420

    people buys apps lmao

    • Yes, people buy apps. Many of the developers build these apps in their off-time, whether they are in school or work a regular job, and they spend a lot of time on them. Have you ever built an app? Do you have any clue at all what kind of work goes into something like Launcher Pro? I know I can’t do it! And I’m happy to support people like Fede who go without sleep trying to make their app better for my consumption! I bought Launcher Pro Plus, not because I needed or wanted the widgets, but because even on the free version, Launcher Pro is effing amazing, and I wanted to support Fede’s efforts so he doesn’t have to just up and quit one day because he can’t make a living on it.

      Even the larger companies that produce games and such, they have to pay their people, everybody’s got to get a paycheck from somewhere. Would you really, honestly, prefer to keep pirating apps and have the developers shut down and stop supporting them because they can’t make enough money to keep going?

      • Cgmartin33

        Agreed…you probably saw a number of my rants about people who are going to steal apks online because of the trial period change. It baffles me how people take advantage of another persons hard work and complain about something that is out of the developers control.

  • Shaun

    If the refund window is going to be 15 minutes, and they're truly interested in protecting the customer experience, then they need to implement some safeguards on what makes it to the market. I love that anything can be submitted but there are soooo many crap apps and rip-off apps. Back before Angry Birds came out there was one called Angry Birds that was advertised by the dev as “a way to prank your friends.” There were so many comments from people apparently unaware they could even refund. If the window to get a refund on a rip-off app like that is going to go from a full day to fifteen minutes, there needs to be something in place to protect the people who won't read and just download an app at face value.

    I don't see how this could be a measure to curb piracy, though. I've honestly never pirated an app, but I imagine you would just download it, back it up, and refund. Not like that takes more than a minute. I'm honestly just confused by the move.

    New market looks good though.

    • Part of me says that anyone too lazy to read a comment page doesn’t deserve their refund, but I know that’s a bit harsh. I talk to plenty of people who are still learning how their Android phone works and are pretty clueless when it comes to the market.

  • Chris Nimon

    15 minutes? Sometimes we run into a problem installing and it takes longer than that to get it straightened out. Not to mention this doesnt give you much time to try an app out. They are taking a step back, NO, make that a flying leap backwards on this one. I dont mind shortening the 24 hour rule but someone seems to be suffering from anal cranal inversion 🙁

    • I tend to agree with this. Even apps that have 4 or 5 stars and great comments can end up not working right on particular phones, or not be quite what you were looking for, and you often don’t realize that within just a few minutes.

  • Does anyone have a Moto Charm with this new market on it? I am curios what it will look like on the widescreen view (with a smaller screen than the one above).

  • Ferg40

    15 min? Wtf is this?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I loved that “related” tab – that makes SO much sense to see what other apps are similar to what you searched for.

    so, all in all, the GUI is nice but the removal of the “related” tab and the 15 minute BS makes it a lame deal as I see it. Pretty GUI is nice, functionality that makes sense is better. I will not buy more because of the neat GUI.. but I will buy more if I have more than 15 to test and can find related apps to my search that I might like bettter.. but not anymore

  • saimin

    If the 15 minute limit is to make game sellers happy, how about making the limit optional. Vendors can choose 15 minutes or 24 hours. 15 minutes may be fine for game buyers, but not for most other apps.

  • John


    love the review shown in image 4 of 6 (just noticed it)

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    I agree, the refund time should be longer. The apps like unecm and psx4droid and rom finder. Bought all, none worked. Got no response from devs. And because I tried getting help from devs, it takes sometimes longer than twentyfour hours to get response emails from devs(I can think of at least twenty apps that it took almost 48 hours to get a response) it was to late to get refund. 15 dollars, down the drain. I don't buy apps anymore just cause the 24 hr refund time was to short.
    My opinion… don't bitch about refund time cause you don't try to help once you get money.

    • balthuszar

      hwo about…try it, if it doesnt work, refund it, e-mail dev. when the dev gets back to you, re-install it…simple

  • mlawlor777

    opened up the market with no change, but then my FRG83D update hit. so that downloaded just fine. now my gmail crashes and so does my market. and my contacts arent there. my maps also appear to be at least a decade old. i dont know whats going on but my OG droid is kinda useless now. any ideas?

  • I had been considering purchasing the Tasker app, but I wanted to try it out for a full day to decide if it affected battery too much for me to use it. guess I won't be buying it now. That developer just lost a sale because of the shorter refund time.

    • Wow that must be cool to be the only person in the world with your phone who is considering buying tasker. Is it a custom made phone, Im jealous. Get the point – someone somewhere has your exact phone and has purchased tasker. Read the comments or surf the web for reviews. God forbid you Google something on a google android device.

  • Can we show off our Angry Birds Seasons Day 10 Score now?

  • 8pen sucks period!

  • mathees

    imagine trying to master 8pen in 15 minutes…

  • Mark

    Frankly, I am not impressed. Shortening the refund window to 15 minutes is a big disappointment compared to the relatively small improvements mentioned. One step forward, two steps back.

    • MOTOX

      yes but there trying to attract developers and developers like shorter refund times….hey i can try it…uninstall…try uninstall…yah its anoying….but hey if it means better games, then i think its worth it…maybe paypal will come along?

    • JubbaTheHutt

      Steps back? I'd say it's more of a giant leap!

      Hopefully Google pulls its head out of its ass and reconsiders the refund window.

  • Mth2134

    Kellex, anyone confirm getting this yet?

    • John

      ya, i did

  • demonofthesword

    No luck on my DX either, I see a theme here.
    I just hope it fixes my installation issues. Some apps download but get unknown error 18when trying to install. Haven't been able to play Angry Birds Seasons as a result 🙁

  • After trying the manual update, Titanium Backup won't update….WTF?

  • Wyveryx

    Hmm… Shorter Refund time, Still no way to organize by rating, and a carousel for viewing apps?

    Doubt it will be that exciting, because with a shorter refund time I won't be trying out apps as much. i don't like wasting my money on someone's idea of a good app that turns out bad. I also wish that would really consider adding in a rating system that allows the users to sort by it.

    But that's just my two cents.

  • Chris

    nothing on droid x 🙁

  • No luck. DX

  • No luck. Droid x

  • zizzybaloobah

    15 minutes? I'll be buying far fewer apps for sure.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      yep, this will cause me to buy a lot less apps, most apps need more than 15 to determine. bad move.

      • As mentioned somewhere else in the comments, one thing to consider is figuring out the battery drain of an app, which definitely takes more than 15 minutes and is often a factor in whether or not to keep that app or try an alternative.

    • Seriously, why? Does it take more than 15 minutes to figure out if you will use a program and it is useful/adequately bug free?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, Joe, it actually does. If you’re intending to give an application a good, thorough look before you decide whether or not it’s actually worth it’s price, you need more than 15 minutes.

        Terrible move, Google. Terrible.

      • Anonymous

        Yea, it can. As was mentioned earlier excessive battery drain is one thing. Also there could be a show stopping memory leak or something like that, which may not be noticeable in 15mins.

        Plus there could be network issues that last awhile and prevent you from getting a refund. What if you’re riding in a car, download an app, but then don’t have signal for awhile? Or if your network is having an outage (like Verizon did last week that lasted for a few hours)?

        I can understand wanting to shorten the window, a full day did seem a little overgenerous. But I think it should be maybe cut in half or cut to a few hours, 15mins is just too short for it to matter.

    • Dirtysanchez

      Your name is about as cool as your attitude…Dev’s need support.

      • Anonymous

        Developers need support, yes. But developers also need to make sure that the product they are putting out is high quality. If developers believed that they were putting out the highest quality product they possibly could, then they would have no problem whatsoever with the 24-hour refund period.

        This benefits poor-quality developers more than anything.

        • Anonymous

          An app on a slow phone with large amounts of data (maybe 50mb+) on the app may cause a download to last fifteen minutes with poor internet connection. Definitely needs to be more than fifteen minutes (especially to really get into an app. If an app doesn’t last more than 24hrs, it’s not worth buying)

  • Reason for the refund window being shortened according to Google: Devs requested it. “…we will reduce the refund window on Market to 15 minutes. This change will be largely transparent to buyers, but will help developers manage their businesses more effectively.”


    • I still agree that the smaller refund window is worse. It makes me more apprehensive to try an app. Only having 15 min. is really short, sure some apps you can figure out within a couple of minutes whether you want to keep it, while others aren't so apparent in a quarter of an hour. Unfortunately I don't think this is best for the customer, because if someone was going to refund it between the 15 min – 1 day mark, they're certainly not going to want it, meaning NOW they're more likely to complain and try to lower the ratings for an app. Sure you can't make everybody happy, but giving someone more of a chance to get a refund on something they don't want is probably a good thing.

      • I agree with the change, actually, however, it would be nice for the 24 hours to be optionally set (although, I do not know how popular that option would be). Some applications, such as keyboards, sometimes take a while for me to actually know that they will be worth it for all day use. Although, I'm still happy refund is even an option, at all. Not going to take that for granted.

      • I agree, I feel that if you need to shorten the window, make it something like 9 hours. Decent time to see how well the app works. I personally do not download a lot of apps of the market right now, that is because my I bought a i*hone for review, tried to return it, found out I was 1 day over the the return window (purchased on release day before all the bad news). Canceling that junk in March, can't wait for the next Droid device.

  • Ozzzy3z

    I buy a fair amount of apps. Largely due to the confidence I have that I can fully test them for 24 hours. If the refund window does drop to 15 minutes, my app purchases will drop off as well. Bad move, it will cost devs in the long run.

    • an hour at the least would be nice

    • It's for the sake of devs. Piracy is a huge problem for devs, and I'm sure they imagine this will cut down on the piracy.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        and purchases

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately it will also INCREASE piracy. 15 minutes is a joke plain and simple. By the time you install it, initiate it, and attempt to mess around with it, AND THAN decide to receive a refund, it’ll be too late.

        By the way, it should be noted that Apple allows up to 90 Days for users to claim a refund…hopefully Google steps up to the plate.

        • I didn’t say it was effective, simply that it was their INTENTION.

        • Anonymous

          Um..I’m pretty sure Apple doesn’t let you return your apps at all, unless they just changed this.

          EDIT: I just searched around and even checked Apple’s Terms and Conditions: http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/terms.html

          “All sales and rentals of products are final. “

        • Dirtysanchez

          So here’s Apple’s App Store refund policy:

          There are no refunds. Period.

          More accurately, you can get a refund only under one circumstance, and it has nothing to do with whether you like the app or not. According to paragraph 12B of Apple’s App Store Terms and Conditions, you’re entitled to your money back when, “On occasion, technical problems may delay or prevent delivery of your product.” Other than that, you’re out of luck.

          UMmm…..WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!! DROID!

        • Acehalo2

          Yes 90 days for refund, but only for manufacturers defects and the like for the /physical device/. All /app/ purchases are final the moment you press buy.

          Just thought I’d correct you on that. Everything besides that is spot on.

      • iTpHo3NiX

        That’s not true. I would figure that it would INCREASE piracy of their apps. Anyone on a rooted phone has at least tried Titanium Backup and has backed up a protected app, takes less then 10 seconds. So decreasing the time would just make piracy more popular as people who want to try an app, and actually try it, will start looking for other ways of obtaining the application. Once they have, who’s to say they would end up uninstalling it and buying the full version… I’m all for the UI changes, but I won’t be buying very many apps unless they’ve been vouched for. There will also be a lot less ratings and comments on applications as well since a lot more people wont be downloading them… It’s a shame really.

        • Anonymous

          Wait…so you can just buy an app, back it up with titanium, uninstall the app and get a refund, and then just reinstall with titanium?

          • iTpHo3NiX

            I’m not going to go through the way of doing it as I do not support piracy.

            I am well aware of that, also JRummy’s app (droid x/2 overclock) if you try and back it up and re-install it after getting a refund will show a message saying “Please install from the market” lol Google had added a new anti-piracy api for devs to use when they make their programs to protect it. But it’s up to the devs to utilize it.

        • Dirtysanchez

          But…….!!!! Most Dev’s (if there smart) have a trial or free version that you can download so there are other ways without piracy of trying a app before you buy it and commenting on that app so other people can decide if they want it. ALSO!!! PIRACY is a way to get apps for free but when updates come out you !! CANT!! download them….that’s right!!! YOU CANT! You think your just going to be able to apk the new paid version of angry birds when it comes out!! LOL NO!!!! Your going to have to download the game from there server which gets authenticated from what you paid for in the market which was the KEY to download it from the server. Dev’s are finding ways to block these piracy issues….but hackers are doing there jobs as well. DROID!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        How would this cut piracy at all? The time you can test a paid app with the possibility of a refund has nothing to do with piracy. If anything this will increase piracy. Since you no longer have a decent window to test out an app, people will be more inclined to pirate. They may justify it saying it is just for a trial, but once you have a free app it is hard to justify deleting it and paying for it.

        I buy tons of Android apps, way more than ever did for my iPhone. I will think a lot harder before I buy now. This will undoubtedly lead to less purchases for me. I was pretty reliably buying 1-2 apps a month, if not more depending on what was recently released.

        • Anonymous

          I was buying about ten apps and games a month, now I might buy 1 a month (and that’s iffy).

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree. I buy tons of apps and games due to the security of testing it extensively. 24hrs isn’t enough to beat a (good) game and if it really is such a great game then I will buy it. With merely 15 minutes after downloading and getting past the splash screen, I may only have five minutes to try, close, re-find in market, and finally return. To nerve-wrecking for me and the average customer, I will not buy nearly as many games and apps anymore.

  • mathees

    why change the refund limit? thats the one thing that made the market better than the app store

    • Because Devs requested it. “…we will reduce the refund window on Market to 15 minutes. This change will be largely transparent to buyers, but will help developers manage their businesses more effectively.”


      • mathees

        understandable. defiantly a sacrifice im willing to make to keep the devs happy

        • And if there really are refund worthy issues in the app, you should run into them in the first 15 minutes

          • Racketier

            Not true. Many apps I have bought only because I know I have a full 24 hours to try them out. I’ll be buying far fewer apps now.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            HUH? are you kidding?? some apps are so deep, you need days to get the feel and some, I might buy and really test hours or a day later when time permits. Now, I just will not buy.

            The devs “requested” it my ass (1) the devs making crappy apps and people refunding them hurt them while the people making killer apps that do not get refunded and (2) google just wants to make sure to keep the revenue so did this. bad move

          • Anonymous

            So very, very wrong. It can take more than 15 minutes of using an app to realize that there are serious problems with it that warrant a refund.

    • Dirtysanchez

      The App Store wants you to pay for EVERYTHING!!! The Android Market has 80% of there apps for FREE! The App Store makes you pay for angry birds (My Fav Game)! The Android Market FREE! An Apple is a Fruit just like Steve “The Fruit” Jobs. Android is a Cool green alien who brings me Flash, Multitasking, Divx and many other AWESOME (swype..*cough*) things! DROID!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        mark sanchez

        • Dirtysanchez

          u should just kill yourself after that post! WOW! DROID!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            well that’s not nice. i love my droid but doesn’t mean i dont have think that every single feature it has is better than the competition

  • No update/forced update not working on my DX, yet.

  • Ajohn483

    Wow, this looks gorgeous. I am so glad they updated it. I am still waiting for it on my Droid 1 though. Hurry up Google.

  • Mayze23

    Did I just read that the refund window is only 15 minutes instead of 24hrs? That's bogus if true.

    • how's it bogus? still better than iOS

      • Just because it’s still better than iOS doesn’t make it an OK change. They could make it so you can’t ever root phones and Android would still be better than iOS. It would make more sense if they changed it to something like 6 hours. What if I want to test an alarm clock app? It could take a long time before I know that it works.

        • Really, you cant set an alarm for 60 seconds, or hell even 5 minutes. That still gives you 10 minutes to return the thing. Why does no one think before they speak.

      • Freefall237

        Under that logic why not make it 5 minutes still better than iOS? 24 hours was a good time limit to test a app and see if it worked for you seems like a weak stance to me if you app is any good at all the user will still want it 24 hours after buying it. 15 is not a fair time to test for a good app.

        • Anonymous

          OK, yes while I agree just because it’s better than Apple’s stance doesn’t mean its okay to lower it down to something like 5 mins.

          Now for games, this is PLENTY of time, either you like the game, it sucks, it doesn’t work, etc.

          But for apps, I’m curious as to what apps are so BIG and “deep” that you guys need even an hour to play around with? Besides Titanium Backup, which is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. Doesn’t the combined screenshots+ratings+comments+15 mins+possible videos provide enough to make a judgment on whether you like the app?

          • Not to mention, why shouldnt you have to pay for enjoying the app until you find that one feature that makes you want to return it. You will use the app all day to get what you needed out of it and then you just return it. People are taking this a little too seriously. Just like the 48 hour window they implemented with Froyo, its all trial. They are determining what works best for everyone. They have to keep the devs happy as well. Without devs there are no customers.

          • Victorythagr8

            Let start with any Launcher apps. Usually it takes more than 15 minutes to see alot of their bugs. You need to test how the launcher perform win low-memory situation. You also want to see all the customization of the app.

            Then you got those location based setting apps which people who actually owned one knows it takes more than 15 minutes to see if it works or not because you have to test it in 2 different location.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, fair enough-location apps, I don’t really use them, so I didn’t think about that.

            As for launchers, which I know you would say, which launchers can be bought right now that don’t have a free version that you can test out? Tasker has a 7 day free trial, LauncherPro has a demo version, Quick Desk has a demo version. GO, Zeam, and ADW are all free. I just went through the market and online to find this all out. If the free versions work and you’re satisfied with it, the 15 mins is, I think, enough time to fiddle around with new features.

            Plus, since LauncherPro and Tasker can be bought directly from the devs, if you had a problem, you could just shoot them an email.

          • Anonymous


      • Mayze23

        Yeah you are right. It is true that 99% of the time I know right away wether our not I'm going to keep an app.

        • saimin

          I disagree. More and more apps are location-based and you're not going to know how it really works until you're out on location.

          • Simple Solution: Don’t buy it until you are

          • FortitudineVincimus

            reality check: life isn’t that simple

          • Read the damn reviews. Thats what they are there for. Honestly I wish that Google would implement a restocking fee, just to shut you up about this. Then maybe you would think before hitting the buy button knowing certainly well that you plan on returning the thing after you have gotten your 30 minutes of joy out of it. Example = Locale received horrible reviews once it came out of beta, so I didnt buy it. Tasker came out and received excellent reviews. I bought it. Works just like the commentors said. Oh, wait – can you not read. Im so sorry, i feel so bad now.

      • iTpHo3NiX

        A brick is better then iOS… so that’s not saying much, and as an Android user I take offense to that.

  • cizzlen

    Lol at one of the comments saying “eff u apple”. Wow I'm amazed that market looks beauuutiful!

    • kellex

      Saw that too. Classic.

      • Anonymous

        do you like it kellex i wish they would keep those colors but not have the thing be round (on the main screen)

  • acquaz10

    looking sexy. I want it…NOW! Haha.

  • Mth2134

    Developer “steam”?
    That's hot. 😛

    • Mth2134

      Aw u fixed it. 🙂

  • It's about time. The market has needed an overhaul for a long time. Now do something about all that damn spam Google.

  • jellyout

    This looks awesome, however I have yet to see my android market updated to this..

  • joe

    I want this!! No luck on my droid 🙁

  • Mth2134


  • Bnitty5br

    I want that now

  • Micklu109
    • I like what is outlined there with one exception… 15 minute refund window!? Granted, having a refund at all is nice, but sometimes an app really needs a full day to test fully.

      • JT

        Totally agree. Why the “one-size-fits-all” mentality on this? My prediction: This won’t last as some apps would need a longer grace period than others. An alternative would be a trial version of every paid app which just seems like more work for the devs and I can’t see that working either. I have faith Google and the Devs will work out a *Bug Fix* for this decision.

        • Cgmartin33

          JT…I totally agree. App developers (especially the ones with large paid apps) will eventually see the importance of trial or lite versions to let people sample their work before purchasing. And the ones who have a problem with that are the ones that take advantage of the system and don’t understand what charge backs do to developers and the price of apps.

    • Looks like the only requirement is that you be running 1.6 or higher. Wish they had of out lined how long before the majority of devices receive the update.

  • joe

    I want this!! No luck on my droid 🙁

  • Bob

    The Dev Blog just posted about the changes.

  • No luck on my Droid 1.

  • John

    cool. anyone else getting this yet?


  • StuntinX

    Nope I'm outrageous lick too

    • StuntinX

      Umm… wow bad auto correct :-/ supose to say I'm outa luck too

      • Chester

        LMFAO!! actually reminded me of the story where a kid got a text message from his dad saying that he and his mom were getting a divorce. Kid was all pissed that he was told in a text message and so called his parents. Apparently they were actually sending the message letting him know they were going to disneyland. Gotta love that auto complete 🙂

  • Squrel23

    That's more like it!

  • Im definitely feelin this