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Breaking: Android Market Receiving Major UI Overhaul (Updated)

Anyone else have a market that looks like this?  We just received these shots from one of our readers and it looks like another silent Android Market update might be going out only this time it doesn’t just add a new tab.  This is a full on facelift that makes the market look as hot as any app market you’ll see on any OS.

The interesting thing here is that the new “Related” tab that we were introduced to just a few days ago is already gone and we aren’t caring as long as ours looks like this soon.

Update 2:  Download the new market here.

Update:  The Android Developers team just announced it.  Here are some of the details:

  • Refund window changing to 15 minutes.
  • New carousel with featured apps on main page.
  • Widgets and Live Wallpapers categories added.
  • Related content added to app page.
  • Single page app viewing.  All info in one place.
  • Headed to device running 1.6 and above over the next few weeks.
  • The new version is 2.2.6.

To try to force the update on to your phone, try this:

Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Market and clear data on it.

Check out a bunch of other pics after the break.  

Cheers Adam!

  • JimH

    Don't try the “clear data” trick. It doesn't work and resets all your apps to “Free” or “Purchased” instead of “Installed”.

    • JimH

      And yes 15 minutes to try an app is silly. Sometimes the market won't even download it right away. Often I download something I heard about during the day and check it out at night. Doesn't make sense.

  • Jawshua

    Yeah 15 minutes is just sh*tty garbage! Stupid Google! I'll buy fewer apps as well because of this because now I can't buy one and check it later because I'm busy for fear of not being able to get a refund. So of course that means fewer stuff that I'll buy. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

  • Mlarsen_2001

    Did all the steps and my market still looks the same.i also restarted my phone

  • andrewcweaver

    Was anyone able to force this?

    • Mlarsen_2001

      Not me did not work

  • Bensnake82

    just got the update, it is a big change, smaller phones make think its unorganized

    • Mr. Steve

      What phone did you get the update on?

  • I tried to force the update for the market but no dice! It says im on version 1.86! What gives? Anyone have any answers? (Droid 2.2 MIUI)

  • 1T2dirtnap

    Tried to force update, not working, just have to wait i guess.

  • Kiriuskris

    My market has been force closing a lot lately. I wonder if it's related. Funny thing that the Nexus S phone the BGR guys got doesn't even have the new market yet…

  • HeavyKevy87

    Is this what the Update I got for my OG Droid?

  • acquaz10

    Here's the apk for people who haven't gotten it yet. http://forum.xda-developers.co

    In landscape mode the markets pretty interesting. I overall like it though!

  • NorCalGuy

    I know everyone is upset about the 15 min… but has any one else not been able to get their market to update, I don't know if mine wont because I am rooted on CM6. Any ideas??

  • skatenaked911

    can i upload the apk here?

  • Kevin Jellison

    How many apps are y'all buying? I mean, I agree that 15 minutes is short, but seriously, are you just buying apps all day long and trying them out for 24 hours? I've bought maybe 5 apps in the year plus that I've had my Droid. All those apps were purchased because I needed them after I rooted. Other than that, I have donated to some devs. Stop buying stupid, useless apps and this 15 minutes won't be a problem. I do think that more detailed information should exist as to what an app does so that people can make a more informed decision.

  • Hotguy_e

    So I don't have this I tryed the directions but nothing???

  • Bensnake82

    If u read the android blog,it states that the 15min time change is to help the dev ,so people don't play there app then get there money back

  • Inquizitor

    okay…soo……still got no new market and CM6.1 ogdroid. :.

  • RW-1

    I believe for most apps, 15 min may not be an issue, but what about larger apps, such as GPS trip planning/routing, or a flight logbook app? There have to be apps out there that are more complex that would need more time for evaluation.

    For most developers I know, if I did purchase that supposed complex app, if I decided after that period expired that I wished a refund I would go thru that dev, and likely they would give it to me. So, that said, for myself, I'm ok with it.

  • DarthRogue

    Kellex, is that an unthemed droid x you have there? What's wrong with you? You always have a new theme!!!

  • 1bad69z28

    I agree 15min. is to short of an window, it should hang around 2 to 4 hours. I think a lot of unforseen issues can be worked out or found in that time from both useer problems and Dev problems

  • 1bad69z28

    I agree 15min. is to short of an window, it should hang around an hour or 2 hours. I think a lot of unforseen issues can be worked out or found in that time from both ueser problems and Dev problems.

  • Murphy

    The real question is, how often has anyone refunded an app? I think since I've had my OG Droid since last year…I've only ever refunded 4 apps. Like a poster said earlier, many apps have trial versions. Also, I read the comments on any given app to see all the pos/neg feedback. 24 hours was a luxury, but I don't think 15 minutes is hindering any thing. Usually you buy the app because you've heard good things about it, or trust the developer to deliver something stellar. Not because you want to test the refund policy.

  • suchashorttime

    I don't know why everyone is in such an uproar about this. This won't make app-buying and worse, harder, or more unfair. It will simply change the way developers release and market their apps. Obviously no one is going to go out on a whim to purchase a new app for the sake of trying it out and risk wasting money in a 15-minute return window. This has several implications. Developers will, like another poster said, release free trial versions, or, better yet, release functional free full-versions with a paid-for PRO option (i.e., Launcher Pro). This will also mean that developers will put more emphasis on marketing their product in the store so a buyer will know what they're buying by looking at the app details. Seriously, how many apps are in the Market that have crap info? All in all, this will improve competition among developers to sell higher quality apps and make the sale count. Instead of thinking about it as a negative immediately, I think buyers and sellers need to embrace how imposing restrictions such as these improve any marketplace.

    Now I expect all of you to thumbs-down the hell out of this 🙂

    • DBK

      Ah, suchashorttime, always the voice of reason. 🙂

      • suchashorttime

        🙂 man do i miss you dudes.

        • DBK

          lol ditto. redneckrah says hi. 🙂

  • Cmrstang

    One of the other changes they have made is to the app size limit, which is now up to 50mb. How long will it take to download 50mb on 3g? By the time you get it downloaded and installed the fifteen minutes will be up. Once we start getting better games and graphics the app size is definitely going to increase. Not everyone has wifi.
    Not all apps are cheap and as the better games come out the prices will increase (Madden $9.99) so unless they have a free trial version it will keep a lot of people from buying the game. I have never pirated a app and still won't but this will keep me from purchasing any expensive apps.

    • Cgmartin33

      The application or game is not running while it is downloading therefore wouldn't be counting down until it is installed. If it takes three days to download…you will still get your 15 minutes once the app is installed.

  • BoomBam

    15 minutes was just an unnecessary change.

    • theineffablebob

      It will get more iOS devs to migrate to Android in the long run. Many of the big devs don't like that you're able to refund apps. Lowering the time limit to 15 minutes from 24 hours is a compromise–you can still refund apps, you just have a lot less time to do so. I think an hour would be much better, though.

  • NadTwist

    While 15 minutes might not be bad for a dollar app, it could prove costly for the apps I purchase (sling player $30). Don't be quick to judge.

  • Well, I tried to force it using the recommended instructions above – but no go. It simply brought back the same Market. 🙁

  • WhereIsTony

    It sickens me that people feel so entitled that if they don't like the return policy they declare they will steal the apps.

    If you don't like the policy, don't buy the apps, dont use them and make the adult choice that they are not worth the price. That is your right.

    It is not ok to decide that you will simply steal the app for free.

  • Crackinvtec

    My market doesn't look like that it isn't fair that the orginal droid doesn't get updates like the droid x

  • Devin Jones

    15 min? Holy!

  • Also This “15 Minutes” Me Personally I Would Know That App Inside And Out Before That Time Is Up Just To Make A Decision.

    • Cgmartin33

      Me too Mike…i guess there are lots of short bussers/window lickers that need 24 hours. At least the slow or illiterate have an excuse…the rest of you are just trying to take advantage.

  • What Was The Original Time Allowance Before You Could Not Refund An App…??

  • Br_d

    And what if you find conflicting reviews on the internet? Some people love it, and some people hate it? Guess that developer won't get that sale, because the buyer won't know for himself which side he falls on without trying it for himself.

  • whole thing looks ugly compared to the previous one….thumbs WAY down on the 15 minute window too. What do we gotta do to create some heat on this post to get people to pay attention to our dislikes?!

  • Man, people just love to complain about something when they are spoiled. Apple has a no refund so once you purchase, it is yours good or bad. That is why many off the apps have a 'free' version for you to try. It you like it then buy the full. That is what I've done. I also don't think it will make me buy any less. I usually know less than that if I like the game or app anyway.

    No biggie…15 minutes..yes an 1 hour would have been better and 24hr was a luxury. Get over it and move on.

    • Devin Jones

      Lol gonna miss those good ole 24hrs. it definitely was a luxury.

  • JoeLivesLife

    Didn't get it either on my new D2G. Are you sure it works? Looking forward to the new market!

  • b-rad

    does this update do anything for D1 . cause it sure as hell dont look like it… i had the update. but none of it looks like the pics im seeing here. please respond…. before i go to verizon and raise cane

    • BloodiedWraith

      I'm assuming you got the update to Android 2.2.1 (FRG83D)… that has nothing to do with this. This is a Market Update, you won't be prompted for this. So before you go to Verizon and complain for absolutely no reason partake in either one of two courses of action:

      1) Wait until it automatically updates
      2) Try following kellex's instructions to see if you could possibly manually force it to update:

      Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Market and clear data on it.

      • b-rad

        yea verizon CS just cleared that up for me… the market update is pushed out by google not verizon. she said usually every 14 days in waves. But im impatient and Kellex suggestion didnt work for me… thanks for your response… to save me search time and rumors.. do you know what all FRG83D changes includes?

    • b-rad

      pleaseeeee respond…

  • Jason

    There are some apps that you need some time to test. This past summer I purchased an app that was a golf course GPS and stroke tracker. It did not work correctly and the UI was bad. Having 24 hours, I was able to play a round to determine if if worked correctly. I'm not too concerned about the .99 apps, but for apps that are more expensive, this gives you a little more sense of security that what you are purchasing is quality.

    • I totally agree. I purchased a 40 dollar gps app that took me 2 days to download because of the poor servers it was hosting from, broken download software, and large file size(over a gig). How am I supposed to test that in 15 mins?

  • The timing is not an issue for me. I try to do my due diligence before I purchase an app, just like any other purchase. If the app doesn't work as advertised, there are other avenues that I can use to resolve the issue. Overall, I'll see if I can actually get this new market – then make more comment on it.

  • CORYK333

    So what is the required response time the devs must follow if some1 has a problem with the app after 15 mins????? No prob if they wanna lower the return time, but its gotta work both ways

  • Legion

    Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me……….15 minutes, hours, or seconds, it doesnt matter. It only takes a few seconds to copy an app from data/app and data/app-private and only a few minutes to crack if you have coding skillz. 😀 They should get rid of the refund policy altogether if they truly want to discourage pirates.

  • Crackinvtec

    I have the orginal droid my market doesn't look like that isn't far how other droid get updates and now the orginal droid

  • Jeez. From a 24-hour refund policy to a 15-minute refund policy? Just like that? Really?

    That's crap.

    I'll just stop 'donating' to the developers and start gaffing the apps I want off the interwebs then. If after 15-minutes and up to 24-hours later I decide the app is of decent quality or above, worthy of keeping, and I like the app enough and want to keep it, I'll uninstall and go the market and 'donate' to the developer and re-download.

    Fark em for such a lame @$$ policy change.

  • Stephen D

    As awesome as this is, the 15 minute refund window is a very bad move. There are times when an app works, and then you'll stop playing it, and then suddenly stops working. The 24 hour refund window was great. 15 minutes isn't long enough.