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Motorola Everest Tablet High-res Pictures

On Monday night, Andy Rubin surprised all of us when he pulled out a Motorola prototype tablet running Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and a dual-core NVIDIA processor that we’re pretty sure is the Motorola Everest (Stingray/Droid Tablet).  This would be the 10″ tablet that will be everywhere at CES in January and hopefully on store shelves by February or March.  You can watch video of it in action at this post, but we wanted to make sure you saw this crystal clear shots of it as well.  

A few things we’ve gathered from these shots:

  • A back camera with what looks to be a dual-LED flash.
  • A centered front-facing camera.
  • A volume rocker switch on the side.
  • Absence of home, search, back and menu keys, but we already knew that.
  • It’s unbelievably thin.

Seriously, that tablet is so thin.  I think Motorola just turned a 10″ tablet into a one-handed device.  Win.

Via:  Android and Me, All Things D

  • Mgnmss

    how much cost in indian rupee plz tell me

  • Agent Orangepeel

    when is it coming out???

  • Chris

    I heard the ipad will be releasing a new app in 2011 called the toilet. What it does is basically just has a big circle in the shape of a toilet bowl in the middle of a screen so people can use their android phones or google tablets while shitting on the ipad and it will make things much easier

  • Android3

    This metal you guys are talking about, I think it's going to be similar to the Droid X. I know in the 1st picture it looks gray, much like the i*oop. If you look at the 2nd picture, you can see clearly that the device is black, just a glare from all the studio lights.

  • Jcarli00

    look at those NASTY, long, fingernails! Yuck!

  • Seaman24

    hes doing the SHOCKER !! to the tab , sweet ,,,,, lol.if you dont know what the shocker is then you wont understand, cant belive nobody noticed. but if this tab is a decent price Ill end up getting one, if I can share my 3g or 4g through my phone to the tab for on the go internet, and gps.

  • Riverjao

    One-haned-hold, 10 inch tablet??? They should call it the Motorola Perfect 🙂

  • Clift


  • ckeegan

    First of all, is it just me, or does the screen look like 4:3? Also, I am seriously hoping for landscape docking in the final product. Come on!

  • Im not buying anything which is motorola after i got the Milestone.
    the bootloader and lack of support is just …

  • Ryan C

    This should be a very fine piece of technology and a good launching point to put Android out there and get it recognized. im really looking forward to where things will go from here.
    Also, in the video, i hate how they, along with many people i know, are constantly comparing every new potentially good tablet or smartphone to the i*ad or the i*hone. Like come on, this is an amazing product, don't judge it and compare it to the i*ad! judge it on what *it* is and what *it* can do.

    • JagoX

      That's a common response when a new product comes out that takes off the way the iPad and iPhone have. If it was the other way around then they would be asking “Does it do (blank) like the Motorola Tablet?”

  • 1bad69z28

    I just took a second look at the video, that pad is worth all 10K very nice resolution. and you can tell this thing is packing some great hardware, flows very nice and that Nvidia dual core is looking sweet. This pad is going to cost a pretty penny I think. but it's worth it, if you have the cash. I feel sorry for those GTab buyers this Moto might just Dominate the market. We will see.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    someone needs some nail clippers

  • EggoEspada

    I was gonna get a iPad 2, but Motorola and Google might bring something great and different. Defiantly worth waitin for.

  • NewsWorthy

    I like and am very excited about this but is anyone else even considering the Chrome Netbooks being developed? Considering Android is basically a Google Mobile Operating System(Correct me if I'm wrong), what happens when their new line of 10 Second Startup – Do Everything On The Web Notebooks are released?

    • Timoh

      No chance. Im not running a web only OS any time soon.

    • Megginsonp

      Android is basically a linux operating system. These new netbooks rest in the hands of “Cloud Computing”.

  • This is definitely more of what I was expecting from Android tablets. Now I just hope they can put it out at an affordable price. $500 is just too much.

  • Maestro

    Anyone else notice the row of ports along the bottom in the first picture? I'm assuming there's a micro-USB and micro-HDMI, but it kind of looks like there's something else. Am I crazy?

    • Megginsonp

      Probably a 35mm headphone jack..

  • I'm starting to feel like maybe I jumped the gun in getting the GTab, than I realized, this will probably have some kind of locked down boot loader like the DX/D2.

  • Ben M.

    No Netflix WatchInstantly = Suck

    Anyone know if they've made progress on getting a netflix app moved into Android? The blockbuser nonsense just isn't cutting it…

  • Zach

    Samsung Tab who?

  • richlost

    Not for nothin…. But why call it Everest? Doesn't that indicate the peak, the ultimate… the highest, nearly unobtainable?
    Is this the best tablet that Motorola will ever come out with?
    If you start at the top down is the only way to go.

    • Megginsonp

      Ever heard of the Droid Incredible?

    • NewsWorthy

      …Or you can continue to expand the Everest line thereby raising the bar or peak as you called it each time. Good point though.

  • saimin

    I'm not getting excited until I hear a price. Samsung Galaxy Tab was a big let down.

  • Br_d

    Okay, with those metal sides and the little gap near the corner, that thing is a dead ringer for a giant i*hone 4.

    • Towelie420

      Let's hope they didn't implement the antenna into those metal sides 😉

  • Michael_NM

    Everest? Great name, because this is going to be the coolest thing ever-est! 🙂

    • kellex


    • Anonymous

      Hey may have long nails because he plays guitar (Spanish-style). Just saying.

  • We get a close up of Andy's rather long finger nails.. so we learn not only we will never be the master of this dog (from the video clip for those that havent seen it) but apparently we doesn't want to master down this fingernails. gross

    • imronburgundy

      My thoughts exactly. Creepy.

    • kellex

      That's too funny. Those are some pretty long nails…eww.

    • 1bad69z28

      Yikes, those nails are long LOL, The old man looks like Ichabad Crane and the lady keeps trying to take away the pad from Rubin lol, I also noticed that the questions were slanted towards Apple example “Like the IPad” or “Isn't this exactly what Apple did”. Apple Homers!! Rubin did say that the prototype it's self cost 10K !! Wow his pad ins more than just Honeycomb, proabaly a few years ahead lol

      • EC8CH

        When she said, “the i*ad only has one (button)”, I wanted Rubin to slice her head off with his razor thin android tablet.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, yeah I noticed all of the quick comparisons to the iJunk. Like they
          had a point to make or something. She really wanted to grab the pad from
          Rubin, probably to run out of the studio and give it to Jobs himself. lol

      • Anonymous

        That’s Walt mossberg. He’s always licking steves mangina.

  • Oh this is what a $10,000 tablet looks like up close 😉

  • Hope that's a girls long fingernails.

  • Kevinb77

    How much?

    • Muddy B00ts

      $10,000 and a date with your sister. 😛

      • YoMomma


        • Anonymous

          why you laughing yomomma? she’s part of the deal

  • Merc56

    I gotta have this !!!!