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Motorola Releases Updated Media Link, Finally Sync Everything with your Android Phone

Motorola has released an update to its Media Link software that includes a ton of new features like syncing of iTunes and Media Player files without having to pull your teeth out.  After just a quick 20 minutes of testing, this update appears to have revived the software and might even get some usage from me.  I’ve used DoubleTwist in the past and it always stays on my computer for 5 minutes before the frustrations kick in and I have to uninstall it, but this new Media Link looks like it’ll be a keeper.

Oh, this might only work with Motorola devices.

Download it here.

Cheers Jim!

  • Lee Yokum Jr

    well I have to say I WISH my interface screen for Motorola Media link looked as nice and polished as the screenshot above, to be honest, I wish it DID look more like an itunes interface. It looks like crap, like something that would have come out about 5 to 7 years ago, and after the ease of syncing my Iphone with Itunes all these years this is rough, the program is slow, and honestly it should automatically show whats on the SD CARD AND whats on the Internal Storage instead of having to switch back and forth to see whats on each under storage location at the top, back up and restore is horrible..WHAT am I backing up? what I only want to back up certain things? is it an incremental backup or always a full? overall this program lacks functionality and speed, as well as some key features, if youve gone through the trouble and expense to own a smart phone and sync content from your computer (PC or MAC) then you ought to be offered something more robust and smoother running than the piece of crap made by nero

  • The_Man1291

    Sucks that is not on the Mac !! You think Motorola dare to put this for mac users …. there alot of mac users that loves Droid phones including myself.

  • simple enuff to be perfect. (cuz i do use Mac, so HAHA)

  • Anonymous

    As with all media sync apps for the Droid, this too does not work. I have Windows Media Player disabled, but this app thinks I am actively syncing the media between my Droid and the WMP. I can't go forward until I stop the sync process with WMP … but it is running. Any ideas?

  • Havoc70

    As soon as i buy my songs from Crapple Iscrews i immediately convert it to MP3, no more problems.

  • SteroidalFish2

    No Zune support?

  • IF you have a MAC then use doubleTwist

  • Chris Nimon

    Hey, i downloaded this but mine doesnt have that Droid-Life theme like the picture above 😉

    • droidinmind

      That's funny !

  • nblufire12

    Had troubles installing. It just restarted my computer and then never finished installing…?

  • this is a PC only thing right? If i have a mac i cant download it right?

  • r0landct

    32bit only like the last one?

  • Spaniard85

    I'll have to say it too…


    • lol @ you for supporting @pple

      • Spaniard85

        So it's my fault that both Macs I've owned have been FAR better machines than EVERY PC both myself and my family have ever owned?

        …shame on me then.

        • BAoxymoron

          windows is only as good as the operator… mac does everything for you… that's the whole argument between apple and well everyone else is what is better… specifically what is better in what fields the desktop(windows doesn't = pc… a linux and mac computers are person computers as well) mobile, etc.
          as for the comment from tyler… every time anything gets popular over zealous fan boys emerge… apple does it to android and windows, android does to apple, linux users to everyone else etc…. people think their way of doing stuff is best and everyone else is an idiot… I guess I'm just saying that while it sucks people are like that in the end they're going to exist so enjoy life and ignore them

          • picaso86

            Is it bad that I have a MacBook Pro and a Droid 1??? :{

          • BAoxymoron

            no but in my opinion it's bad that you even think it could be bad… both are great devices and both have their pros and cons… but apple and android elitist tell you that you have to have one or the other because their device is perfect and the other device is a piece of crap… it's annoying, it's childish and counter to the very idea that is android and that is imo community

    • The350zWolf

      Yeah, where is the Linux version too!!!

    • socalrailroader

      The Mac support is in Steve Jobs' Truss 😀

    • Downvoted.

    • Nully
  • Brandon

    does this allow to sync playlists created from Zune?

  • Mwhartman

    Once again Moto has dropped the ball! Their refusal to recognize the Mac platform is just arrogant!

    • On the contrary, mac users tend to be the arrogant ones… They all run around screaming “MY MAC IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOUR PC” and then five minutes later its “dude can I borrow your PC? this program I need for [something productive] doesn't work on my mac”, and then they're forced to concede the crappiness of crapple to use my PC 🙂

      • BAoxymoron

        Tyler… people like you make android users look like a bunch of 12 yearold douche bags… grow up get a life and stop making the rest of look like a bunch of pricks thx 🙂

        • DBK

          Uh, I think you're confusing Tyler with yourself….. o.O

          • Anonymous

            why? Because elitist piss me off? Android, iOS, BB or even Symbian ; Mac, Windows and Linux; Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Rim or whatever else… they all have their pros and cons… and each OS and company could learn things from both and all of them could improve greatly… hell that’s the point of the GNU Project and Android and something being open source is so that everyone can take what they like from something and make better based on other ideas that they’ve either come up with themselves or derived from elsewhere… like I said in another post the best part about Android isn’t a particular feature or even necessarily that it’s open source… the best part is the community that comes with it… a community that is a fun place to hang around and a place to share and use innovations from around the world whether from Argentina, Ontario, Illinois, Redmond, Washington or even the dreaded Cupertino, California

  • MansterRock

    I like iSyncr and iSyncr WiFi….very easy to use…no cables…no bloated app to install on PC

  • Higher_Ground

    winamp FTW

  • JimmyD

    QUESTION: Will this software run on its own WITHOUT other programs (like iTunes, MediaPlaer, etc.)? …or does this software have to be used with another program that manages media files?

    (The reason I'm asking, is because I currently do NOT have any programs to manage my media files… I simply have folders and sub-folders with all of my music files, video files, etc stored, and I'm curious about media management programs now.)

  • jcdagget

    Any try using on an HTC phone?

  • Fawzi94

    Come on Moto no mac version?

  • Daveru79

    So will I be able to sync my .wmv movies to my phone now?

  • Dhalls16

    Is there Anything for mac????

    • KleenDroid

      Yes… Ipod or Iphone… sorry, just kidding

  • finally no more frigging i*unes

  • jsquared

    Too bad it doesn't work on a Mac.

  • Tony Williams

    …ummm…got one for a Mac? 😛

  • Akowal

    Does it work with windows 7?

  • dellbx

    Now, if only Motorolda could get the media player in the Droid X to work

  • Kevin

    flac? doen't look like it.

  • Josh

    Why in the Hell did they make it look exactly like a i*unes look alike?! How about a Droid theme, more industrial and dark?

  • PC only? Boo!

  • I'll give it a shot by iSyncr and iSyncr Wifi are the easiest and awesomest solutions thus far.

  • theineffablebob

    Motorola makes software worth having? wat iz dis?!

    • Anonymous

      i’d say rsdlite is pretty worth having… well if you have an open bootloader alteast

  • Where's Abriel? :-/

  • 11knives

    Uhh… First? Always wanted to do that for some stupid reason.

    • You should of thought twice… 😛

    • lol at least the person who thought they were first earlier was second…but third? c'mon man!

      • 11knives

        Now I'm on a mission! lol

  • I still have to figure out how to play my iTunes music without having to re-pay for the all. I wish I never purchased them from A**le in the first place. At least some of my music is playable.

    • k1cks

      Doesn't apple allow you to upgrade each of your songs to DRM free for a small fee? In the past I used a program called hymnn to strip out the DRM from my iTunes purchases so that I could play them on the Zune that I picked up.

      • Yep!

      • bravoleader2

        They only let you upgrade certain songs, not all.

      • if by small fee you mean like $.30 a song, paying them MORE MONEY when you already paid to BUY the song is completely ridiculous, Mr. Whack Jobs needs to go iPhone himself

        (Kellex please forgive my rampant swearing today. I have used curse words far more often than is acceptable on this site, but the strength on my feelings of Apple and their DRM crap is just too strong)

    • Myth


      Burn to a CD/DVD and import back as MP3. It'll clear the DRM.

    • Anonymous

      first re login to your account so that you can use the songs then burn an audio disk to a rw disc then rip it again in mp3
      edit: yeah what myth said… sorry didn’t see you down there

    • Blades

      Yea, I quit buying songs from apple just for this reason. For a long while I had a Zune(ok, one of 5 people…lol) but when I couldn’t transfer my Itunes purchased music to anything else without having to use the burn and rip method. I just quit purchasing music from apple and I now buy my music from Amazon. They have pretty much the same selection and they are DRM free. Which is nice..

  • Stephen D