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Video: Sony Internet Blu-Ray Player, Google TV Unboxing and Hands-on

We’ve had our Sony Internet Blu-ray player for three days now and finally sat up long enough from our comfortable couch slumber to put together a walk-through of Google TV for those of you interested in this new technological sensation.  Actually, we’ve included the few day old unboxing too, so that you can see exactly what we’re working with here.

First impressions?  This may not change the world, but it’s definitely changed most of the way I enjoy entertainment, while chillaxin’ in front of the tube.


Full Walk-through/Hands-on:

Anyone have any questions?

  • Anonymous

    I love my Google TV. I have a Android phone so I know how to work the android off the Google TV. Working with DISH as well I got a lot of experience with it.Like how to load apps, browse, work the Live TV and search for my show and set the future show for a recording. I never expected anything to do this but I’m so glad I got my Google TV.

  • Trixmydo

    I have a Sony home theater which is hooked up to the internet and iPhone 4. Can I still get google tv and use my home theater with the speakers.

  • Oh nice, thanks for your information!

  • Dricks_818

    how do save pictures from the web had a hard time figuring it out can n.e body help out

  • Doorz

    I think what a lot of people arent getting is that its not about getting internet on ur tv but its about the seamless integration of internet on your tv and have ” real functionality ” . does anyone remembre the old smart phones or PDAs? yea they did it all but u really didnt do anything well ( compare an ipaq or symbian sony ericosson smart phone to an android phone or iphone)
    yea you can browse the internet on your ps3 but u have to turn it on and use an OS that was clearly made for gaming first and browsing second
    u can also replace all ur remote with the sony one since its a universal remote ( as long as u have a simple setup)
    i think for a family room ( not a media room) it adds alot of functionality and makes browsing online content easy and instant

  • Nice post So what exactly is stopping Sony, Well you know since Google didn't manufacture the device? It can bring me many useful information.

  • a1locjaw

    Hey Kellex, thanks for the very thorough review… I enjoyed it a lot.. the only other thing I'm looking for is a review of the Blue Ray player… How well was it at playing blue ray disks? Also how good was it at upscaling and presenting regular DVD videos?

    I'm needing a blue ray player and if this does good, it may justify buying one.


  • The350zWolf

    This is really cool since it will bring integration to many people, but I have to say that this is nothing new. I am already doing all this, and for quite some time, with my linux box that has tv tuner and hdmi out and mythtv. Also with my computer I don't get any of the network blocking. I'm sure that all this will change, but for me now is not something that will excite me.

  • picaso86

    how do you connect your Cable Box to GTV?

    • Cable box hdmi output plugged into hdmi input on the Google TV box.

  • Docism

    Am I missing the big picture, If I connect my laptop via HDMI won't I be able to do all the above and more? Is the Sony Google TV picture quality better than if I were to connect my laptop to my TV? The fact that ABC, NBC and CBS turned off access to full episodes isn't a big selling point either.

  • Chris.Go

    That's crap, look at the remote/keyboard. I wonder how many suckers are going to waste their hard earned money on that? I can wait till it's on the TV or more centralized myself. With DirecTV, DVD/BR, Games… this is just business for business sake.

  • Josh

    The Sony controller looks like a 1980's video game pad. I think I'll just stick with my uber 1337 Intel i7, 12gb RAM, Nvidia GTX285, 2TB, Windows 7 Ultimate media center PC for now. It's great controlling it with a Logitech Air mouse and keyboard, playing Starcraft 2 in a window while watching football and surfing the web at once.

    • Josh

      oh yea, almost forgot. It does Blu-ray and makes Blu-rays and it's all hooked to a 52″ LED and Bose 5.1 system.

      • Madcow06

        I didn't realize this article was about bragging about your home theater/pc setup.

  • jahpickney

    Update (from another forum): The PS3 lets you browse the web on your TV, watch Netflix and Hulu, Play DVDs, Play Blu-Ray Movies, share photos and videos you downloaded, Video chat with friends, and play video games, and has been announced to have Google TV on it in later software updates free-of-charge.

  • LobbyDizzle

    I'm not feeling the tab switching… There should be a quick button to switch.

  • Seems very cool from this picture . maybe i wanna have a try .

  • Warheart1188

    My accommodation for this thing at work is really convincing me that I need this.

  • digitalicecream

    Nice review, p!ss poor video so it was great to listen to and horrid to watch. dislike the keyboard from the Sony. Since I dont need a bluray player, I'm wondering if the logitech review will control a HTPC? What I want to do is plug a HTPC directly into the logitech review. That way I have full control of my HTPC and its media library. I also want to plug in my XBOX360 into my review. Wondering if I can plug that in to it and if the Review lets me control everything. (My HTPC has a blueray player/burner so I dont need yet another player).

  • since your connected to your network..can you pull/share videos, music, etc?

  • Shannonckerr

    Can you talk about:

    1. I hear support for comcast is not as good as dish. Can you dive into this? I have Comcast so I'm concerned. Is better support coming for Comcast?

    2. I hear some people on the Revue site saying we might want to expand memory. What does it come with and what reason now would we want to expand it for?

    3. How did you get your pic library to show up on there? I guess you are sharing that directory on your home PC and Google TV searched the local network for what is being shared?

    4. If I have videos on my home PC can I watch them on Google TV?

    5. The mouse trackpad seems clunky compared to a regular mouse or the Review trackpad. I actually gave it a try today at BestBuy and wasn't impressed. Did you give the Review keyboard a try? Seems like it would be more intuitive for today's users. I do like the idea of getting a Blu Ray included since there is only one HDMI input and that obviously goes to Comcast. We already have a Blu Ray and I guess we can throw it in another room.

    6. What about expanding? Hard drive? What purpose would it serve if I bought and attached one? I see there is an HD webcam. Have you heard about any other items coming down the pike? Would be wonderful if it had a motion sensor that you could just wave your hands, swipe and point to eliminate that mouse trackpad.

    I guess I'm torn. Would like to have Blu Ray and full Keyboard. Like the idea of having everything piped through my Google TV box, but not sure if I want to give up a full keyboard. Election night sure would be fun with Google TV 😉

    • Shannonckerr

      Oh and any word on other Google TV units coming soon? I'll Google it, but I didn't know if you had any info that a Google search might not come up with.

    • Shannonckerr

      Do you have access to the music on your home PC? That sure would be convenient.

  • nerdkill

    will someone please explain to me why someone would buy this as opposed to a logitech revue? the blu-ray player isn't very impressive and it doesn't come with harmony remote software. i just don't get it.

    • Shannonckerr

      This is a good question. I like the Review keyboard better, but I do like the idea of having the Blu Ray and cable both going through the Google TV pipeline. Would make life easier I'd think. I'm still trying to figure out which to get. I tried that Sony controller and did not like the mouse trackpad. I guess I'm getting too old (like a regular mouse), but really it is not that great I think.

  • CheeseLover

    Kellex, Please, when you make video's, use manual focus.

  • jahpickney

    Sony Google TV: 399.00
    Sony PS3: 299.00
    Nuff Said

    • bravoleader2

      PS3 is not the same as Google TV. You obviously don't know what it does.

      • jahpickney

        Can you tell me what it can do that the ps3 can't? Make a list then i'll make a list of what the ps3 can do.

      • Tom

        PS3 is indeed not the same as google tv, BUT! for those of us who say… have a DVR, and have certain things on our TV, Google TV isn't really necessary if you have a PS3….are there some features that GTV has that PS3 does not? of course… ps3 doesn't sync up with your cable provider, but not everyone needs that…

        To me, right now, after watching this video… I have determined that I do not need, nor want GTV until it is a bit more mature and integrated into TV. For now, what the PS3 has and does is more than enough to suit my personal needs. That may not be the same for everyone, but the fact is that GTV only does a few more things than PS3 (minus the whole gaming aspect) and not everyone needs that.

        • Michael

          I don't think you even know what GTV does exactly cause you haven't really addressed bravoleader2's q. Your response is very vague and general. Not much help.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            PS3 can be easily updated to include Google TV… just like it was easily updated from BD 1.0 all the way up to 3D BDs… so chances are, once the price of the Blu Ray player falls from 399 to 299… you'll see an update for it.

        • jahpickney

          So we all know the ps3 plays games, blu rays, has an internet browser (with flash), has video on demand store, netflix, hulu plus, and can act as a dvr with a usb device hooked up to it, or is you have a linux enabled system, you can download a dvr application, but the only thing I see is that it allows you to sync it up with your cable provider, but I would never use that to replace my fios multi room dvr, so I dont not see a justifiable purchase if you already have a ps3 like Tom said.

          • Contra202

            I've never heard of ps3 having video chat capabilities, or DVR capabilities, how does that work?

          • Anonymous

            you use a usb camera, or the ps3 eye camera for video chat, and you use a usb device that hooks up to the cable/sat box to record shows…..

  • So far I like the Logitech interface better, and I've got bluray via my PS3, so… I guess I'm still on the fence: a laptop connected to my TV with wireless mouse/keyboard, or a $299 Logitech Revue so I can do everything in simple “app” format and surf while I'm watching TV via picture-in-picture.

    The real question is, will my wife let me spend ANOTHER $300 after getting a $300 PS3 last year ; )

  • Jasons_waxxx

    Why does Sony insist and persistantly put out remotes that DON'T have backlit keys.
    Cmon Sony.

    Other than that and no internal hard drive, this is a good starting device especially if you are already in the market for a blu-ray player.

    • Arcanexvi

      Battery life.

  • I dont see the big need for Google tv its YouTube redone. And for anyone to think the major networks will just give there video content out for free is crazy. With companies like NetFlix paying for that content shows they want money not to be friendly with Google.

  • STILL IR?? Seriously, wer're in 2010 now, not the 90's. Geesh.

  • Chungking

    what is the difference between this and me hooking up a pc to the tv through the connection and using a wireless mini keyboard?

    • That you dont have to hook up a PC to the TV, and the Wireless keyboard is built-in-the package XD

  • Man I really want one of these. Maybe one day…

  • I heard there isn't support for surround sound from input sources yet. Is this true? I understand the blu ray player does not have a problem with surround sound, but say you plug your cable box into it; will you be hearing dts digital surround sound?

    • Christopherriley6

      yes u will i have mine pluged in like that …my surround stays on…

  • Bobhillyard2003

    so, you hook your cable/sat box in to the google box then out to your tv?

    • chris


  • Mth2134

    How many of you scrolled thru your Tweets looking for the What Up! tweet? LOL! I did…. 😉

  • Will

    typing from my google tv right now. i must say its pretty nice. Dont think they have extensions yet.[ literally just plugged it up] But i do recommend it. Dan no sound from box, dont even hear the fan. Fin I have fios it works with box, don't know if it replaces it. All in all pretty nice. Watching football while typing this!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Did you get the box with the Blue Ray player? if you did, let us know how good that aspect is. thanks in advance.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Does it have root yet?

  • villian1998

    What is sad is that microsoft has been working on this for years…oh well….. better buy this now before they lock the boot

    • You do know the manufacture locks the boot loaders, not Google? (you obviously don't)

      • villian1998

        So what exactly is stopping Sony, you know since Google didn't manufacture the device?

  • machinegun68

    Does this thing allow you to watch tv from your Android device?

  • DarthRogue

    We already have a windows media center pc and a blu-ray player, but neither of them are made by Google…
    That being said, i'm going to stick with what I have, because I already have it… xD

  • Does it make an sound from the box itself. ie…fan?
    chrome to phone or phone to chrome?
    Can you have extensions in chrome?
    And how does the porn look?

    • Christopherriley6

      First the porn is out of this world…really in ya face …lol not able to do the chrome to phone thing yet its still pretty new….bestbuy didnt even know they had them in yet…lol

      • Anonymous

        I’ll never turn good porn away (hey, I’ll never turn mediocre porn away if I’m hurtin’…grin)

  • Finire

    Looks like an amazing device, but the only thing that would make me get it is a built in DVR function and the ability to replace my Verizon Fios box/DVR.

    Until then, I'm still shopping around for a blue-ray player to buy myself for xmas.

  • wow it looks freaking awesome

  • Mrpicolas

    Ahh me pockets is thin to bad I need CES Vegas money or I'd be watching me some Google tv

    • Michael_NM

      I'd be happy to got to CES for you. That way you can get a Google TV now. 😛

      • Mrpicolas

        Oh no CES is Christmas vacation for me I'm going LOL…

  • Kellex its great to look at Droidlife on a 67inch tv lol.

  • Atavanhalen23

    WARNING OFF TOPIC: Hey Kellex, you wouldn't happen to have the Droid-Life wallpaper used in this article would you? http://www.droid-life.com/2010/10/22/droid-rom-friday-rz-baseline-by-rz/#disqus_thread

    Really really really want it

    • They Have A Boot Animation With That Logo, I Would Download The Boot Zip Extract The .Png.


      Download The Zip, Open It, Change It, You Can Use Any Paint Program To Mess Around With The Files.

      • Atavanhalen23

        thanks man but i wouldnt know how to add the little androids in the shadow at the bottom. im not that goood with those programs. thats my fav part of the wallpaper. they look so cool with the droid life logo over them.

      • Atavanhalen23

        ok thanks alot!

  • Flip5621

    sweeeeeet F1st