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How to: Overclock the DROID X or DROID 2

A lot of talk about overclocking the Droid X and 2 today, right?  Confused on how to actually get the job done?  What apps do you need?  What settings should you use?  We’ll do our best in this post to get you all set up, so that you can fully enjoy your Droid.  

*Warning* – Overclocking and rooting your device is incredibly risky.  There is a chance that you could do permanent damage to your phone, just understand that you are doing this at your own risk.  Warned ya!


First Steps:

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
2.  You need to have run Koush’s Boostrap.  (Droid X) (Droid 2)
3.  Create a backup in Clockwork Recovery.  (Instructions)


1.  Download one of the new overclock apps.  (JRummy’s)  (Unstable Apps)
2.  Open up your app of choice (we used JRummy’s for this.)
3.  Tap on “Set Scaling Frequencies”.

*Note 1* – DO NOT choose to “Set Frequencies on Boot” yet.  We have to feel out a stable frequency on our phones first before making that decision.  If you choose one that is unstable and “set it on boot” your phone may never boot back up or you may have to flash a backup.

4.  Choose a kernel voltage.

*Note 2* – Here is the basic idea of a kernel voltage.  The lower the voltage, the cooler your system will run and you should see a longer battery life.

5.  Pick a frequency.

*Note 3* – When you tap on one of the listed frequencies, it will be set to your phone.

*Note 4* – Each frequency has a variety of slots which you can also set your phone at.   So just because you chose a 1.4GHz frequency, doesn’t mean you have to run it at that speed.  You could drop it down to 1.1GHz if you want.

6.  You have now set your phone for overclocking.

Using SetCPU:

1.  Download and install SetCPU from the market.

*Note 5* – This tool is used to set up your overclocked phone for optimal performance.

2.  Open SetCPU and choose “Auto-detect” from the first menu.
3.  It should recognize your device and also show your phone clocked at the new speed you chose above.

4.  From here you can set up profiles, a min and max speed and get your phone tweaked to your liking.


1.  Have fun showing off your newly overclocked phone with some benchmarks.  The two favorites are Quadrant and Linpack.  Both are available in the market.

Last Note:

1.  If you have found a stable frequency and a group of settings in SetCPU, you can think about setting these on “boot.”  What that means, is your phone will boot up overclocked and running however you set it up in the overclock app and SetCPU.  Again, this is risky and you will need a backup before doing this.

The overclocking process for the DX and D2 is still young, so be prepared for some hiccups along the way.

Drop your questions below or hit us up in IRC!

  • Davidshaneaustin_98

    Calling ALL Overclockers! Please help in anyway you can! http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Alzheimers-Blitzkrieg

  • Pnsdhrn

    Dear Jared,I purchased Droid Overclock, your new version, which contains all the set ups available in Set CPU namely,Profile settings,Presets etc.By using the advanced option I set up 4 custom presets and applied one at boot.Also i have set up 6 profiles and checked the Use Profiles box.Do these settings will remain permenant   even if I switch off the phone and make it on?Also whether the Set CPU is also to be used together with Droid Over clock/I have selected Low Voltage Scale  and frequencies as  1000 MHz max and 250 MHz min.Please advise.Waiting with thanks,pnsdhrn- Show quoted text –

  • davagain

    I’ve had no luck using SuperOneClick on my D2 running 2.2.  Gets the ADB server running, then hangs waiting for device.

  • Mcode

    what happened to my post?

  • Mcode

    How come when I ope up the Droid X overclock app it just says loading and loading and loading…………..

  • Hondacivic247

    I got a droid x and followed every step and have no issues I’ve messed with the overclocking and voltage. I have a speed tester and I feel like if the voltage isn’t set on a higher setting and you choose anything over 1.2ghz that there isn’t enough volatage to properly run the processor at those speeds. I could be wrong but so far the best for me is low voltage and overclocked at 1.2 or 1.25ghz

  • Um yea, i have a milestone2 in Hong Kong and it would let me overclock it… anyhelp?

  • viewthis66

    this works great.

    question… you know when you are in the Droid Overclock app and the tab to the upper right? when you tap on it a drawer like page comes out. i’m wondering if there is a widget just like that i can put on my phones desktop with the ability to put app of my choice.


    • Anonymous

      Yes, it comes with the newest version of Jrummys application from the market. Just look for it in your widget list.

      • viewthis66

        are you referring to a Droid Overclock widget? if so that’s not what i meant. sorry for not explaining what i’m looking for correctly. i know there is an Droid Overclock widget. i’m looking for a widget that acts like that tab in the Droid Overclock app. do you know of one like that?

        • Anonymous

          Oh, no sorry. I’m sure there’s one out there but I don’t know about it. Posting in this old topic wont get much attention though, you should try the droid-life forums.

          • viewthis66

            ok cool. thank you. i will head over there with this discussion.

  • Nice post. Worked great the first time. DROID X FTW!

  • Theonlytalkinggoat

    My X will run overclocked for a while, but goes back down to its stock value, after a couple minutes.

  • Theonlytalkinggoat

    My X will run overclocked for a while, but goes back down to its stock value, after a couple minutes.

  • Well I don't need THE FASTEST phone in the wild, i just need it to work when I use it. Thanks for the instructions and thanks to the devs who have worked so hard! Thanks

  • Thelastnameisl

    Question: What Theme/Rom Is That? Thank you

  • whitefire

    Is this working for D2 yet?

  • nathan

    When i open the app it says an error occured loading system files. How do i fix this. Please help 🙁

  • 1papachi

    i have setCpu but i'm unable to overclock my droid2 even after selecting the “auto-select” can anyone please le me know if im doing something wrong?

  • k1ng617

    Just hit 1694 @ 1.3Ghz & ULV using Jrummy's. I think I might dial it back for everyday use, because the X is pretty powerful as is.

  • awyoted
  • awyoted

    哇 好帅

  • Lovn my X

    What exactly is overclocking and why do I need it. I have the Droid X and of course I'm not using it to its capabilities but I'm trying to learn. Can someone explain this to me.

  • My DX will only overclock on Medium Voltage. Otherwise it re-boots. Tried uninstalling many times & tried every friggin option. Anyone else having this?

  • Colby629

    I did the quadrant bench mark. I got 1705. My droid 2 is becoming a beast. But wont let me do. 1.4. Can anyone help. Im stuck at 1.35

  • k1ng617

    Thanks to all the recent breakthroughs in rooting, nandroid backups & overclocking I finally took the plunge and bought a Dx to replace my D1.

  • Dsm2k2

    is there anyway to overclock a droid 1 without rooting?

    • Motion

      No. In order to overclock you must root. It is very easy to root a Droid 1.

  • Shid

    Newest update fixed it!!!

  • Roger

    cant get it to work guys. It will only control speeds once i do an initial adb push and speed set. I thought your program controls the kernel i pushed via adb?

  • Xgrinder911

    Ooooook so when are we overclocking the d1 at these frequencies??

    • Shid

      You do realize that its a totally different CPU right? the D1 has a 500mhz processor stock and the D2 has a 1ghz processor stock, thats why the D2 is seeing higher numbers.