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Download: Swype Beta for Motorola DROID

Forum member BloodiedWraith hooked us up late last night with Swype Beta which is the newest version available.  And when we say “hooked up” we mean a version that is installable without an installer or a registration email.  This is as straight up of an app installation as you’ll find.  He sent me a message last night thanking the Droid Life community for all that it has done and wanted to give back.   I’d say he more than gave back.  Enjoy and be sure to thank him back!

Download:  Removed by request from Swype.

(Of course there are plenty of spots to find them near by.)


1.  Uninstall all previous versions of Swype beta and reboot your phone.
2.  Find the .apk file you downloaded from above, tap on it and install.
3.  Enjoy!


Again, this community just amazes me more each day.  It’s been a full 10 months now and we’re as strong of a community as ever.  Thanks everyone for making this the most enjoyable Droid spot on the planet!

  • bryce

    Where is the download at?

  • Nikosgrover72

    Does anyone know where to go to still get swype back?

  • Kaeo Ortiz

    can anyone tell me where to download this??

  • Drox2k

    Once I downloaded it it wouldn't work on my Droid. Tried it twice. Can anybody help?

  • Jiggy Nole

    Man I was using this when my download expired and I hated going back top the normal keyboard. I've never missed having an app….it was brutal! Thank you for providing this.

  • Seaman

    I am tired of beta beta beta beta beta beta , how about a full version.

  • Paul

    Thank you this is amazing!!! I’ve been waiting for this I have even used slideit. Great job

  • hooker

    thnx looks great

  • Zie Girard

    Does this work on the droid incredible as in the themes cause I really like the red one.

  • Lilgoweezy

    I am not good at this stuff. I have a Moto Droid and I cannot figure out how to download this onto my phone. Help!

  • Davemartin1121

    Thanks for Swype guys… it's awesome! It wouldn't download to my phone so did through my computer then to sd card then astro to install – an amazing program. Thank you BloodiedWraith & DroidLife truly an asset to the community!

  • dinc

    So, it says it's not the right screen size for my phone…and in side veiw, the keyboard looks the same as the one in regular view….dinc.

  • junior mn

    Any way to add google voice search? Love the droid life space key

  • LL

    I meant for not more lol

  • Eddiegu

    Any way of getting these colors more an EVO?

  • Khyzzer123

    How do you get the different colored ones?

  • Ronmarkey

    Anyone else have a problem getting this to work? I had the old beta and uninstalled and rebooted so that I could install the red one, but can't get it to show up in Input Methods. I have tried downloading it directly to the phone and also downloading it to my pc and transferring and then using astro to kick it off. Five attempts, no joy.

    • Geoff

      make sure you enable swype in the settings from your homescreen. settings>keyboard. check to enable.

      Then it should be listed as an input method.

      • Ronmarkey

        Yep, that was it Geoff. I hadn't had to do that for a while and had forgotten about that step. Thanks!

  • DukeTop

    I'd like a Dark Blue and Black one. actually, i have the pngs made, i just cant figure out for to re-sign the apk.

  • bigred503

    Is it possible to just press a single letter and have that be chosen without the menu coming up? i hate having to manually choose a single letter

  • Jhites

    I could kiss bloodIed . Thanks for the swype

  • Guest

    Reply to briderx:

    A beta is a beta, is it “official “… NOT… I'ts a beta!!! use any apk you like, Beautiful Widgets will load as if you downloaded from the market…try loading a PAID APK…Check your coding…your phone..

    We all know anything can be hacked but what is the percentage off people on this forum who can do this????

    SwypeInc's stance on these releases, Read more@ http://beta.swype.com/android/agreement/

    warez..Hmmm seems as if you … Warez is for full paid apps..etc This is a Beta… though your concern is noted.