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Download: Swype Beta for Motorola DROID

Forum member BloodiedWraith hooked us up late last night with Swype Beta which is the newest version available.  And when we say “hooked up” we mean a version that is installable without an installer or a registration email.  This is as straight up of an app installation as you’ll find.  He sent me a message last night thanking the Droid Life community for all that it has done and wanted to give back.   I’d say he more than gave back.  Enjoy and be sure to thank him back!

Download:  Removed by request from Swype.

(Of course there are plenty of spots to find them near by.)


1.  Uninstall all previous versions of Swype beta and reboot your phone.
2.  Find the .apk file you downloaded from above, tap on it and install.
3.  Enjoy!


Again, this community just amazes me more each day.  It’s been a full 10 months now and we’re as strong of a community as ever.  Thanks everyone for making this the most enjoyable Droid spot on the planet!

  • bryce

    Where is the download at?

  • Nikosgrover72

    Does anyone know where to go to still get swype back?

  • Kaeo Ortiz

    can anyone tell me where to download this??

  • Drox2k

    Once I downloaded it it wouldn't work on my Droid. Tried it twice. Can anybody help?

  • Jiggy Nole

    Man I was using this when my download expired and I hated going back top the normal keyboard. I've never missed having an app….it was brutal! Thank you for providing this.

  • Seaman

    I am tired of beta beta beta beta beta beta , how about a full version.

  • Paul

    Thank you this is amazing!!! I’ve been waiting for this I have even used slideit. Great job

  • hooker

    thnx looks great

  • Zie Girard

    Does this work on the droid incredible as in the themes cause I really like the red one.

  • Lilgoweezy

    I am not good at this stuff. I have a Moto Droid and I cannot figure out how to download this onto my phone. Help!

  • Davemartin1121

    Thanks for Swype guys… it's awesome! It wouldn't download to my phone so did through my computer then to sd card then astro to install – an amazing program. Thank you BloodiedWraith & DroidLife truly an asset to the community!

  • dinc

    So, it says it's not the right screen size for my phone…and in side veiw, the keyboard looks the same as the one in regular view….dinc.

  • junior mn

    Any way to add google voice search? Love the droid life space key

  • LL

    I meant for not more lol

  • Eddiegu

    Any way of getting these colors more an EVO?

  • Khyzzer123

    How do you get the different colored ones?

  • Ronmarkey

    Anyone else have a problem getting this to work? I had the old beta and uninstalled and rebooted so that I could install the red one, but can't get it to show up in Input Methods. I have tried downloading it directly to the phone and also downloading it to my pc and transferring and then using astro to kick it off. Five attempts, no joy.

    • Geoff

      make sure you enable swype in the settings from your homescreen. settings>keyboard. check to enable.

      Then it should be listed as an input method.

      • Ronmarkey

        Yep, that was it Geoff. I hadn't had to do that for a while and had forgotten about that step. Thanks!

  • DukeTop

    I'd like a Dark Blue and Black one. actually, i have the pngs made, i just cant figure out for to re-sign the apk.

  • bigred503

    Is it possible to just press a single letter and have that be chosen without the menu coming up? i hate having to manually choose a single letter

  • Jhites

    I could kiss bloodIed . Thanks for the swype

  • Guest

    Reply to briderx:

    A beta is a beta, is it “official “… NOT… I'ts a beta!!! use any apk you like, Beautiful Widgets will load as if you downloaded from the market…try loading a PAID APK…Check your coding…your phone..

    We all know anything can be hacked but what is the percentage off people on this forum who can do this????

    SwypeInc's stance on these releases, Read more@ http://beta.swype.com/android/agreement/

    warez..Hmmm seems as if you … Warez is for full paid apps..etc This is a Beta… though your concern is noted.

  • Stephen D

    YES!! I was using another cracked version from the forums but it was for 800×480 devices so it had a few problems. I hope this one works.

  • pitchblack86

    My Droid x came with swype and it still works fine. Don't know why some are asking for this for there's …however I'm looking for this for my brothers Droid 1. The previous one I installed for him keeps saying that it isn't the right size and in landscape it is really small…does this fix that problem? Already downloaded the red version so I'm crossing my fingers that it might work. Anyone know if it will? Its an hour drive to get to him and really don't want to waste the time haha. Thanks. Droid-life rules!

    • Geoff

      why don't you just email him a link to this post? It's a pretty simple process. JMHO.

  • Wilsodw

    Great information

  • Batman

    I am truly grateful thank you…

  • Miguel Caballero

    Works awesome I love droid life

  • Craiglapp2

    Will not work on my X…works fine on original, is there a fix?

  • Span112

    works great! Can't wait to get good on it!

  • Truthman.

    Thank god some Droid related site is willing to host/post this for us, Idk why they ship devices with Swype but won't let us “loyal users” opt into the beta.

  • jtwildman1

    TY… what is the deal with Swype only offering a beta to certain ppl. make it available or a paid app already!! What are you waiting for??? jeesh!!

  • mhoe

    This… is… the greatest news in a long while……..

  • Mmswipefile

    I installed it. Should it come up automatically when I text? It's not working. Can anyone please assist me?

    • Muddy B00ts

      you need to go to settings, language and keyboard and click enable swype. Then long press on any text field and select input method-swype. boom.

  • Kelly

    The red one is gorgeous, love it!!!

  • WillieClinton

    Thanks!! I missed the beta release and was waiting on another drop of Swype. Works great!

  • jmu33

    is this only for droid 1? my droid 2 says “application not installed” 🙁 im guessin its stupid bloatwares fault

  • Jager07

    Can't get this to work. Installed ok and appears in Apps, but doesn't show up as an option to use when inputting text, no matter which app I'm using. I even got a few apps that will ask which default text entry method I prefer and Swype isn't one of them. I'm currently using SwiftKey (pay version, not beta) as my default. So either Swype doesn't play nice with SwiftKey or something else is wrong. I've never used Swype before, though, so maybe I'm just missing something.

    • Jager07

      Nevermind. You actually have to go into setting–>Language & Keyboard and manually select Swype as an input method. This didn't happen automatically like with other input apps, so I just missed this step.

  • M0train

    I downloaded and it says its installed but not sure how to make it work. I see the standard keyboard only. Help.

    • Muddy B00ts

      go to settings-> language and keyboard->click to enable swype. Long press on any text field and select input method->swype. git 'er done.

  • PyroHoltz


    Been waiting for this ever since I missed the beta.

  • Colin

    THANK YOU BloodiedWraith!!! I've really really missed Swype!

  • BloodiedWraith

    I'm glad everyone is enjoying these. Just make sure you send some money over to bad4u6669 if you get a chance. He worked hard on the themed ones for me which I turn give to the community.

  • char-Lo

    so i love swype but when i got the update about a month ago i updated and wasn't able to correctly update swype for my moto droid…so now i would love this for my phone but im just wondering if this version i can download without being rooted or if i have to be rooted? because im not rooted.

    thanks for any help:)

  • can't get it to download :/

  • what if your currently running the version that you signed up for?

  • Raquelr84

    I downloaded this, the swype shows up, and I try doing the swype text but no words type. I do see the lines as I swype text, but no words are actually visibly typing out. Am I the only one expierencing this?

    • that happened to me with the last update. uninstall the version you have then reboot and install the new one.

  • atico

    this is awesome thanks!!!!

  • briderx

    How LEGAL is this? I remember the Swype team asking websites to not list these, as it's a closed beta and they'd pursue legal ramifications..

    • haha do u really care?….

      • briderx

        haha.. Yeah, when their legal team comes at Droid-Life because they're posting something, when they were personally emailed and asked not to post it.. It affects the whole community. I don't agree with Swype keeping the beta closed, but it's their software, and their choice… We should respect that.

        Is it okay for me to post the Locale APK on here? or how about the Backpacker Trails APK? Beautiful Widgets APK? No, it's not okay. They call that warez. This is also considered warez.

        “Warez” refers primarily to copyrighted works traded in violation of copyright law. The term generally refers to illegal releases by organized groups, as opposed to file sharing between friends or large groups of people.

        – Doesn't matter if it's freely available to a small group, or a paid-for app. It's all the same. Kellex can run this site in any manner he sees fit. I'm not saying he can't or whatever, I'm just stating a fact for those who are uncertain of SwypeInc's stance on these releases.

        • I think it’s their software and they have a right, but they really have to be realistic and expect people to do this. They have great software, that’s ready, yet you can’t get it unless you decide to pirate it.

          If there was a version on the market, this wouldn’t be here, and most of us would happily buy a copy.

          • Anonymous

            I would purchase Swype in a heartbeat if it were on the market. I’m part of the closed beta, and their stupid downloader causes so many problems that I have to get a pirated copy if I want it to run at all!

            As for people posting Locale, Beautiful Widgets, etc., those are available in the market. If you pirate one, you’re stiffing the dev by not paying them for their readily available, paid product. Swype does not make their software available to any but beta testers and manufacturers. So when someone pirates a copy, they’re not taking any money from Swype. I’m not saying Swype has no right to do with their software as they please; I’m just saying that you can’t claim pirating a copy of Swype beta is exactly comparable to pirating a copy of Beautiful Widgets.

          • Geoff

            “I would purchase Swype in a heartbeat if it were on the market. I’m part of the closed beta, and their stupid downloader causes so many problems that I have to get a pirated copy if I want it to run at all!”

            Happened to me too. I cannot for the life of me get swype installed on CM6. Looks like i’m gonna have to rip it off here too. Bummer.

          • Bucky

            then you download a virus for your phone. congrats tards.

    • Anonymous

      lol shhhh it ok

  • any way to change language on this, i wanted to right in english and french.

  • o thank god.

  • Smitty258


  • htcinc

    Is there a link to down load swype for the incredible to please ty

  • evltwn

    I just installed the beta one from the email last night…uninstalling and will install the red one, it looks so slick.

  • glaurung

    Is this official or a hack?

  • Jem Harris

    Works on DINC, just installed and tried. You get a message at first saying that the keyboard is not meant for that screen size but just hit ok and it works just fine.

  • Thornfullessrose

    Will this work on the droid 2? it has an older version.

  • Nebur1686

    Hi is this only in english? I instaleed it but i cant chance the language imput to spanish.. there is not option for other language.

  • Diffused Havoc

    Anyone know if the version of swype on the Droid X is an older beta version or if it is a different build specifically designed for the X?

  • El El Kool J

    Yah the RED one is were its at!! I think everyone is with me on that one.. 😛

    • Anonymous

      hey i cant get teh read one it says its temp unavailable can u help me out

  • guest

    From the pictures,
    I guess there's no voice input button ?

    • El El Kool J

      you don't need voice input when you've got swype! I could type out a whole paragraph faster than it takes to say it and wait for it to type it..

    • Billonmars

      No voice, I prefer the voice option when driving.

  • brains

    does the red one have a red trace of the path you're 'swyping'? if so, how is that acheived?

    • El El Kool J

      yes it does!! cool huh!!

  • bkj216

    Oooo nice

  • guest

    will this work on the Droid X as well ?

    • El El Kool J

      probably not cuz the Droid X swype keyboard is native not a uninstallable app like it is for D1. so you wont be able to uninstall and reinstall. 😛

  • tbaybe


  • Chrstphr Wlk

    Red is sweet Swype is slick Thanks

  • We need mirrors on those. Megaupload is dying on me lol

  • Amdweck

    Thanx man love the red one using it now

  • Jmiranda3983

    awesome!!! i've missed my swype!!!

  • bloodiedwraith YOU ROCK!!!

  • nice!!! i been looking for this

  • nice i b

  • Acalvillo5


    • Vinzky

      how do i get the red one on my droid x

  • Tracy Wilborn