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How to: Return DROID X Back to Android 2.1

For those not wanting to remain rooted, you are probably looking for a way to return from the leaked Android 2.2 update for the Droid X back  to stock 2.1 so that you can receive the update which we are expecting some time this week.  I’ll just say up front that you will lose root access by doing this and there is a chance that rooting official 2.2 may be difficult, so think this over carefully.  Still ready to go?

Step-by-step guide after the break!  


*Warning* – The process outlined below is very risky and could do permanent damage to your device.  If you choose to proceed, you do so at your own risk.  Droid Life will not be held liable for any damage that is caused.

1.  Download and install Motorola USB drivers that fit your Windows system.  (32 bit)  (64 bit)
2.  Download and install RSD Lite 4.7.  (Download)

You will need to patch this after installing.  There is an .ini file included in the folder that needs to be placed in your install directory.  /Program Files/Motorola/RSD Lite

3.  Download the Droid X 2.1 SBF file.  (Find it here.  Middle of page.)
4.  Unzip that file to somewhere other than your desktop.
5.  Open RSD Lite, tap the “…” button, find the SBF file that you just unzipped and select it.

*Tip* – If you are having issues with RSD Lite, check out this video.

6.  Plug your phone into your computer and turn it off.
7.  Boot your phone into bootloader:

With phone off, hold volume down plus the camera button and then power.

8. Release all buttons after 2-3 seconds. RSD Lite should now recognize your phone.
9. Click the start button and allow your phone to flash 2.1.
10.  When the process gets to 100% and completed in RSD Lite, you can unplug your phone.
11.  We’re not done though!
12.  Your phone may not boot up all the way.  You will need to unplug it and pull the battery.
13.  Put the battery back in and boot into recovery.

Hold home and press Power until you get an exclamation mark.  Release home and tap the search button.

14.  Using the volume up/down switch, highlight the option to “wipe data/factory reset”.
15.  Press the camera button half way down to select it.
16.  When it finishes choose the option to reboot your phone.
17.  You are now back to stock, unrooted, buggy Android 2.1 on the Droid X.

Let us know if you run into issues!

Big thanks to Rootz Wiki.  Check them out for your rooting/unrooting needs!

  • Shopfun108

    Worked Great, Thank You! 
    I did this cause Gingerbread needs fixing!  Browser and WiFi are slower than Froyo and I like the Froyo Camera better (gallery comes up when clicking on the pic on bottom left side of screen) 

  • Shopfun108

    Worked Great, Thank You! 
    I did this cause Gingerbread needs fixing!  Browser and WiFi are slower than Froyo and I like the Froyo Camera better (gallery comes up when clicking on the pic on bottom left side of screen) 

  • andrew

    anyone know where I can get the Droid X 2.1 SBF file? Otherwise it looks like I’ll be stuck with leaked 2.2 forever

  • Jjlinke18

    If you have the OTA 2.2 this will just brick your phone. If you have already done this and are getting the MEM_MAP Blank, svc reqd error, all you have to do is download the OTA 2.2 sbf file and flash it the same way, this will fix the error.

    Here is a link to the OTA sbf file

  • Jhazel

    I did this and I get MEM_MAP Blank, svc reqd

  • Sorry for delayed response. You have to overwrite the old pst.ini file because it contains settings for the droid x. This is probably why you are getting an error.

  • i have the official 2.2 ota and i am rooted and i want to unroot my phone and set everything back to how it was when i first bought the phone, so will this do that for me?

    • In the post it states that these are instructions to go back from the leaked Froyo updates, not the official one, and if you continue to read the comments you'll see that it has bricked people's phones from trying it with the OTA update.

  • jdplasvegas

    Awesome! Worked perfectly.

  • DaJudge5694

    I followed all the instructions and every time I hit start it comes up with “Failed flashing process. Failed flashing process. (0x7100)

  • Mquinn3123

    I got to tell you that it works. I was running a froyo rom that would not let me ota verizons update. i was having problems with the rom and bootloader. i followed the instructions and voila. i am now running the stock verizon ota rooted of cource. thank you.

  • Dolsen61

    you guys are awesome. i thought i was screwed, but i just flashed my first rom onto my formerly f-ed up, brand new droid x. i'm definitely joining this site…

  • Son of a bitch I bricked my X. Got the Bootloader
    Err:A5,70,70,00,1F error status. Please tell me someone has the official 2.2 .spf lying around some where? lol

    • Jay Looney

      I did the same freaking thing….. I guess I won't even go to Verizon since Josh they can't help… -_-
      I'm loosing my trust in them…

      • Jhazel

        I got the same error, any fix?

  • Josh Williams

    If you did the 2.2 OTA update, do not do this. I did and now have a bricked phone. When it turns on it says:




    MEM_MAP Blank

    Service Req'd

    I went to verizon store and they are going to send one to me in the next few days. They tried to flash it but couldnt get it going. They actually gave it back to me (with 29.01 bootloader, but same MEM_MAP blank error).

    • Dd

      same here.

  • Jbbrack03

    You may need to put your SBF File in your “My Documents” folder. I got a “Failed” error until I did this (windows 7 Professional 32-bit). I had it in the root of my C: drive and it would not flash. I moved it to “My Documents” and it worked right away. So if you're having issues, you should try this.

  • Tuna

    Works, just takes FOREEEEVVVERRRR to boot up, stick with it.

  • Erik

    I get to step 8, but RSD Lite never recognizes my phone and the Start button doesn't highlight.
    What am I doing wrong? PLEASE help.

  • xraybravo

    this worked exactly as described. many thanks

  • Jcbravez

    Unable to get RSD Lite to recognize my X.


  • Hey; for those getting the 0x700 error- http://androidforums.com/droid-all-things-root/74153-if-you-get-failed-flashing-process-0x7100-rsd-lite.html#post1274587
    Works for me, when NONE of the other fixes did. Yay for Poor Programming on Moto's part!

  • Erdabbs

    Worked Great! Thanks D-L!!

  • I have a non-rooted 2.2 (leaked) Droid X and and am trying to flash back to 2.1. I have the sbf file and all the components. When I'm in RSD Lite and try to make it start it fails immediately. I did make sure to move the .ini file into the HD file.

    Do I need to be rooted for this to work or anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

    • Tommyboy585

      Open the RSD lite.zip folder and open the folder in the file. copy the .ini file and paste it into c:program filesmotorolarsd lite folder. You need to make sure you replace the file that is already in that folder. Also if you are running win7 you need to run RSD lite as an administrator. I hope that helps you.

      • I have already done both of these things. I even went and deleted the .ini file that I had copied in and replaced it with the original file. I'm honestly at a loss.

        • I got it to work, I thought just because I was administrator RSD would automatically run as an administrator. When I right clicked it and selected Run as admin it worked. Thanks for all the help and sorry being a little dumb!

          • Tommyboy585

            no problem man glad I could help.

      • Dean2359

        I cant find that motorola folder. can you help? thanks

  • RSD Lite is not detecting my device (win7-64 bit). I have my phone connected, drivers installed, bootloader up, yet RSD lite shows no device

  • the link to the Droid X 2.1 SBF file is not working? anyone help?

  • Rolix C

    worked flawlessly. Hope I can now download FROYO…. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT

  • Tim

    If you are running Windows 7 64-bit make sure you use the usb driver in the “the_gift.zip” . The one from motorola's site will not work.

  • Tom

    Couldn't get my phone to activate through vzw, if this happens to you just call into the customer service, and they will give you a procedure to go through. For what its worth I told them that I had just erased the cache and data and that it wouldn't reactivate.

  • Gary

    Worked perfectly! Thanks!

  • Tom
  • Kryptonetics

    Will this return me to 2.1 after a failed 2.2 update?

    • Josh Williams

      Tried it, left my phone bricked. All the steps appeared to work just fine (rsd read 100%, rebooting phone) – afterwards it just shows:

      MEM_MAP Blank

      Service Req’d
      Battery OK
      OK to Program
      Connect usb….

      Took it to verizon saying the update did this and they are sending another out :/.

  • Toastid

    RSD Lite 4.7 download link is dead

  • rezin

    Not a chance…im running the froyo leak with tranquility 2.3.3…which is basically droid x minus blur….too nice to jump in a stock rom now

  • Jhr1822


    i tried to revert back and got the black screen with this messege


    30.03 Err:A5,70,70,00,00

    MEM_WAP Blank

    Service Req'q

    Battery OK

    OK to Program

    Connect USB

    Data Cable

    i tried and tried first i got a fail at result then i reinstalled RSD and added the patch. after that same process but got a pass on rsd result but still get same messege.

    any sugguestions….and this after i get word the official is out

    • Yeah… you installed the OTA 2.2 then tried using the 2.1 sbf file in this article. The newest update changed the encryption keys on the bootloader, so that old sbf won't work. Worse, it locks your phone up. There's no immediate fix for that right now. Sorry, dude =/.

      You have two options at this point. You can wait and hope a new 2.2 sbf for the Droid X gets leaked out, and attempt RSD Lite again using the new image, or you can also take it to a nearby Verizon store and ask if they can fix it.

  • Jeremy

    I have a Mac. Can anyone tell me how to do all of this on a Mac?

  • Rob Hartwig

    Worked great! Just took me about 20 minutes!

  • Mecevans

    error im getting right now in rsdlite

    “phone is not compatible with multi userface superfile”

    • Mecevans

      solved: moved the pst_flash ini from the downloaded file to the installed folder on my hd.

  • Zippy

    When I get to step 8, my computer is asking to install the driver for “s flash omap3630 MI”. Can anyone help? RSD Lite finds the phone when not in bootloader, but as soon as I turn off and go to bootloader it asks to install this driver. I'm stuck! Can anyone help?

  • Rich


  • Brian

    Great write up! Easy as pie to follow. Returned my X back to stock from the 2.2 leak so I can get the official update tomorrow (hopefully).

  • Darren
  • Matty032

    Whew! Flashed back to 2.1 with no problems. Just follow their directions to a T, and you'll be fine. Two months of worry gone. Hope the official is better than the leak.

  • Mj2332166

    Make sure you reprogram your phone. I had a hell of a time cause I forgot about that! everything is back to normal now.

  • If I changed the build.prop in order to make the market work will i have to change it back?

  • Football4lifeson

    Is the process any different if you lost your root when going to the 2.2 leak?

  • Ccrsems5

    I have a problem… of course. I have followed everything as closely as possible, but when I select the .sbf file, then get phone into bootloder, the start button never lights up. I am running the first leaked 2.2 and it has been acting a little flaky lately, so I'd like to get back to 2.1.

    I placed the ini file correctly, and the phone is in bootloader mode, but when it shows up in RSDLite, there is no info about the device. Any suggestions?

    • leathernuts

      Im in the same boat. I would like help too. Im gonna try on my computer at home and see if the operating system makes a difference. At work here, Im on Vista. At home is XP.

      • Ccrsems5

        Hey. Thanks for reply. My computer at home is win7, here at work it's Vista. Let me know how it works with XP. I have used both my home computer and this one at work before successfully with RSDLite,etc. On my old droid1 I flashed way too often! Haha

    • Jay

      i’m having the same problem with no solutions. were you able to fix this problem?

      • pman

        above, a post describes that you must put the sbf file into your my documents folder. I had it in the C root, and didn’t work, but I moved it and it worked.

  • T Batman T

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I think on newer versions of DROID X's the Boatloader can only be reached if you do “VOLUME UP + CAMERA + POWER”.

  • Hogasswildmc

    I'm still not convinced that I will need to do this to update if I only applied the leaked update.zip to begin with.

  • xbenzerox

    Great instructions. I was actually really worried about trying to do this, but it was very easy. No problems and back to buggy ass 2.1.

  • Edjm711

    I'm at work and cant download. When my girlfriend goes to download the 32 bit usb drivers it wants her to log into a motodev something. Can someone let me know what that is? Thank you!

  • Steph

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  • Since it's a pull update, i will not be flashing back until i know for sure. i remember i was frantic to unroot my D1 when i heard 2.1 was “soon” on its way.

  • Anyone think it will be possible to SBF back from the official 2.2 release if it turns out that it sucks compared to the leaked 2.2 release?

  • DROIDX $##@

    I get so far with the RSD LITE but get this error: “Failed flashing process. Phone {0000}: Phone is not compatible with multi-interface super-file (0x703B); phone connected.

    CAN ANYONE HELP? I am running the first leak non-rooted

    • MaXiLiM

      make sure pst_flash.ini from rsd-.zip file is copied to c:program filesmotorolarsd lite folder.

      • DROIDX $##@


      • Dean2359

        where is that moto folder?

    • DROIDX $##@

      OK i am stupid and fixed the issue: I forgot to insert the .ini. file in the directory!!! Thanks Droid-Life

      • Freshk3v1n

        sorry im kinda new to this but when i try to go back to 2.1 i keep getting the failed message, and i wanna know how u did this “insert the .ini. file in the directory” cuz im confused lol

        • Dean2359

          how did you insert that file?

    • Dw900rr79

      What exactly did you do to insert it? I think i did it right. But I am still getting this same issue and i know i am not doing something right!

  • Craiglapp2

    If you aren't rooted do you need to go back to 2.1 to get the update. I used the first leaked 2.2 which has worked fine except I loose widgets alot.

  • DJ Christian Lee

    bringgg on 2.2 …………….!!!!!!!!!

  • Rooted2.1

    I don't think you need to unroot if you are rooted on 2.1. As long as you have all the stock bloatware in place, the 2.2 OTA should install just fine, but you will, in all certainty, lose root.

  • KJ

    What can we backup from our phones before wiping them? I'd like to smooth the process of getting my phone back to the way I like it after the update.

    Settings? Installed Apps? Settings for those apps?

  • Tiny

    How do you go back to the original 2.1 if you don't have root access and you updated to the original leak of 2.2?

    • Gg101

      This process does not require root.

      • Tiny

        Thanks. I will try it out. Will keep my fingers crossed.

  • tjpeco

    Thanks Kellex!

    Hopefully the official 2.2 will have fewer bugs than the leaked 2.2

  • I Don't Have A DROID X, But To All Who Own It And Are Rooted, I Would Wait And See What Comes In This New Update First. Then If It's Appealing At Least You Have This Site To Help Make The Change.

    *Food For Thought*

    • Steve Jobs

      Your little finger ever get tired of hitting shift to capitalize every word?

      • Nope, Sure Don’t…Oh Look It’s Still Hitting The Shift Button, “Oh No!!!”

      • noneya

        if i could like this twice i would. LOL.

  • ericsorensen

    Thanks for posting this! I will give it a try tonight.

  • Tuna

    Do we know any clear differences between the original 2.2 leak and the version that's supposed to drop tomorrow???

  • Lorenzokellogg

    IM not hearing no difference from the leak to the official I have the leaked 2.2 an rooted myself phone quadrant is 1578…..so I don't care for the official…..if there's nothing drastically changed…an the flash is superb

  • I am sure there will be a root very quickly with 2.2 on DX as I already rooted a D2 for someone last week.

  • How would one uninstall if you have 2.3.15 installed and have Koush's bootstrap installed? Should that be uninstalled first? Thanks.

    • ajbattaglia83

      It doesn't matter if you are going to flash the sbf its going to wipe you clean

      • kellex

        Yep, this process works for any build.

    • Gg101

      This method totally wipes your phone and restores it to the way it came out of the box. No need to uninstall anything as it will all be gone. You will need to reactivate it and set it up again from scratch.

  • El El Kool J

    This is a guide to get your phone back to a bug filled Android experience.. 😛

  • User9001

    Kellex, why are you saying rooting the officail 2.2 may be difficult. Has the official 2.2 already been rooted on many other phones?

    • DroydHead

      I think he means that it's possible that the exploits for the Droid2 2.2 exploits will not work with the X's official OTA. Maybe. No one really knows yet.

      • Rain_king46

        Exactly, its not unreasonable to assume that Moto and big red will have blocked the rooting method that works for the D2 in this new OTA update. That could be what took a while was trying to lock it down better…

        • kellex

          Pretty sure they were delaying it to patch the exploits. They'll tell you “exchange issues” but come on. 🙂

    • BAoxymoron

      yes but usually for awhile its only through abd… until someone like easyroot compiles it into an single button root

  • Kraymanbauer

    Sweet job as always kellex. Glad you picked up on the all the? 'S and the sometime cold shoulder they were running into! DL's fearless leader at his best again!

  • quiklives

    I never updated to the leaked 2.2, but I do have my phone rooted. Do I need to do anything? I used easyroot, which offers an unroot option. Is that necessary?

    • Mendobendo

      I'm pretty sure you will have to unroot your phone.

  • bravoleader2

    Looks like you're getting ready for the real 2.2

  • Can we still update if we only rooted our 2.1's?

    • Mendobendo

      Unroot your phone first.

      • DroydHead

        Can you do, “mv /system/bin/su /system/xbin/su” and keep root for 2.2? Or does that only work for the leaked 2.2?

        • Anonymous

          was wondering this myself

    • ajbattaglia83

      Yes but you will lose root

  • Mendobendo

    Thanks for posting this. Droid-life.com is the bomb!