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HTC Lexikon will be Verizon’s Next DROID?

You are looking at a picture of the HTC Lexikon which could very well be the next “Droid” family member, meaning it’s headed to Verizon and packs a big enough punch to receive the coveted label.  While the picture above looks slightly different than the photos we’ve seen of a new slider from HTC that is also possibly headed to VZW, the specs appear to matchup.  An almost 4″ screen plus a slide out keyboard; is that an instant win for some people?  It looks a lot like the Incredible, which in our books is a good thing.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that an RUU (HTC leaked ROM) has already dropped.  Catch it and rumored specs after the jump.  

Rumored Specs:

RUU File:  Download (Please let me know if you figure out how to download this, hah!)

Source:  911 HTC
Via:  Android Guys

  • Ianefan

    Why in the world did they go 800mhz! My Droid 1 is overclocked to 800mhz!

  • Timmah

    It looks like a Droid X with a case. XD

  • If it is not spec'd as good or better that an Incredible it is not incredible. 800Mhz and 5MP are both turn offs.

    Both are BOZO no nos

  • Man, i was looking so forward to that phone…but if the are going to slap a 800mhz processor, and a 5mp camera on it with Android 2.2, i dont see whats any better about it over my Incredible, besides the QWERTY….i know mhz dont matter…but i was really expecting this phone(if it is the GSM/CMDA phone) to launch next year with a dual-core processor and Android 3.0. It was going to be my next phone after the Incredible, and probably my last phone for a while…but with these specs, no way.

  • http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-lexikon-ruu-extracted-its-bingtastic
    The put bing on it. guess what im not buying??

  • Wmsco51

    Whats the end of life cycle Droid 2 is allready dead droid1 dead nexus one dead. I for one am tired of buying a phone get it home and be told ELC or stop making them or better yet here's a new Droid….and heres one…….and here's one…but notice your contract is still valid which is crapp! No upgrade for 2 yrs. Your upgrade should be activated as soon as ELC. Or stop making them. That's consumer protection rights. Right???

  • KoolBurro

    800MHz: FAIL

    • xenacenon

      Yep. But we all know the case was different with the T-Mobile G2 phone. The math is different with its 800MHz procs.

    • realigion

      It may be slow, either way, but the fact that it is 800MHz can have nothing or very little to do with it.

  • Eryk

    It's one sexy bastard, but the 800 mhz is kind of a turn off.

  • Garrett

    800Mhz? Does that fall below the threshold for the Gingerbread update? Why release a phone, especially that is supposed to be powerful if it won't qualify for atleast one upgrade from the OS it starts on. That just doesn't make any sense to me.

    Luckily, it is from HTC, so hackers like Cyanogen will probably be all over it. Boo Moto.

    • Garrett

      My apologizes,
      I just did some more research and figured out there are no minimum specs.I never saw a follow up to that article on android police which said the so called minimum specs were a false rumor.

  • meh, guess im waiting longer

  • DJyoSNOW

    HTC Lexikon: REALLY a 5mp camera, my Incredible camera is nothing Incredible, SO WTF. My previous outdated wm Samsung Omnia had every camera feature available. I guess it's not for me to understand why HTC or camera phones in general have not beefed up the features.

    • angermeans

      When will people understand that mega pixel does not show the overall camera quality? 5mp is more than enough I have taken plenty of pictures with the Dinc and the Nexus One and to be honest the N1 (in my opinion) took better pictures.

  • Ben

    WHY is that blasted search button red?!

    Am I the only one that thinks it looks weird, when all the others are standard?

  • maybe if its a dual core. maybe

  • Evermour

    Meh they just want your money. Or this is for people who want a smartphone but not as complex? but looks …fancy smancy.. Yeeuh…fancy smancy…

  • Darn, was really hoping this phone would be a winner! My contract is up in the next few months, waiting for something that may actually sway me to let go of my D1.

  • Spencer

    I would like a phone with a 4.5-4.7″ screen (with little bezel and a fwvga screen display with the ratio being that nice and skinny 16:9 for the hand). I'm tired of these 3.7 and 3.8 inchers, I feel like even my droid x's screen should be a little larger…

    • We may be the only two who like big screens :). Everyone seems to complain that the X and EVO are too big. I just wish the Streak was on Verizon and had Vanilla Android and a Snapdragon or better.

      • Wmsco51

        Big screen is awsum. I can see it. My eyes don't get blurry from strain.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed the new Samsung tab shaweet!

    • chris

      thats just way to big

  • nik

    Pretty bad specs compared to the incredible and othe phones. 4g please?


    camera is only 5mp? =/ still love my Incredible.

  • SIR

    msm 7630 processor has a update gpu so yes at current clock speed be better than snapdragon

  • Mikeyoungblood84

    Arent we getting past 800mhz yet?

  • Cjharris1985

    I can't get it to run. It says that my phone is not connected…….what am I doing wrong?

  • they drop'd the ball w /512 ram……

  • Illegalskittle

    the new and old pictures match up perfectly. i cant wait to get my hands on this beast.

  • mo

    guess ill be getting a fascinate.

  • Rousellbrandon

    Any release date?

  • Justsayitanyway

    WTF!? (What up Frank?) This is a step down. I keep holding out on getting the X thinking some monster is coming for the holidays. So far a lot of let downs. What to do? I know where I can score an X right now, but I don't want a 2 year commitment if a better phone comes. The 4g is rolling out. Will it be like Sprint where nobody seems to be getting enough 4g to worry about or will it be relevant? HMMMMMMM Decisions, decisions.

  • BigFonz
  • Ilhe1s

    I used Google Translate to Translate the page and clicked on the unicon icon to DL exe.

  • Tommy_Subway

    This might be a step up if you have a moto droid, but if you have an Incredible it is a big step down.

  • Patwww

    Well, the specs dont look great at all. But I like how the hardware looks though.

  • Thirty-FIRST!!! lol

  • BKTee

    Meh. These devices aren't making large enough improvements in specs for me to get excited. Seems like every phone this year has been on the same level as the N1. Doesn't seem really ground breaking anymore. Any word if this will support LTE?

    • sylent101

      If you were HTC would you really want to give Verizon high end phones? Look what they did to the incredible, they used it as a flagship for two weeks then dumped it for the x and droid 2. Same thing with the Eris they barely advertised it.
      If I were HTC id just focus on t-mobile.

  • Skilche1

    Not impressed with the specs. Glad I got my Incredible. 🙂

  • Dnvrmark

    I will stick with my DX.

  • 3.8 isn't a very common (yet) screen size. I wonder what the technology is- SLCD or AMOLED?

  • digitalicecream

    The problem I see here are the specs.. why is this phone even coming out? it's still dwarfed by the specs of the Incredible. I guess if it has a keyboard it'll be a good thing but it's a little lost on me. Oh, and what happened to Sense 2.0/3.0?

    • F150Fan

      The processor in this phone looks to be the newer Snapdragon, which even if it is clocked at 800 Mhz should still be much faster than the OG Snapdragon. It should have the 45 nm technology that will use less power and run much more efficiently. How was it put to me, the OG Snapdragon had only one “lane of traffic” but the traffic was running at 1 Ghz, while the newer version has “four lanes open for traffic” with the traffic running at 800Mhz. That is how I understood it, I think it was from the Android Central team.

  • RealGame22

    I wanna see the keyboard. Um thinking, it will be similar to the G2

  • Smashadamz07

    I'm waiting for that EVO-ish device that was shown a few weeks back…front facing camera and 8 meg main…also I don't care for the keyboard it's a waste of space…use swype

    • angermeans

      Yes that will be my next phone I have my debit card ready!

  • digitalicecream

    Downloading now. will post somewhere for XDA.

  • BloodiedWraith

    If this is a CDMA variant of the HTC Desire Z/G2 consider me interested.

    • BloodiedWraith

      And according to the system dump it’s Bing’d up. Looks like if I really like the device I will be rooting regardless. Why the hell does VZW have to do this?

  • Wahmuk

    In the middle of the page, the row of five rectangles… the middle one is the download link.

  • Guest

    no front facing camera?

  • possomcrast1

    FTW if its the same keyboard as the g2 im in

  • peggsie

    Will HTC have a Froyo phone without the Qwerty keypad?

    • WhereIsTony

      You mean like the Incredible?

    • Erics24k


  • Scotty89

    Droid Lexikon actually sounds pretty cool, to be honest. I'd stick with that name and just have a new named member to the Droid family we love so much.

  • kellex

    Feel free to Digg the post!

    /me wonders if Droid Life has the power to front page an article. 😀

    • qmartman711

      haha, i had to translate the RUU website with google chrome..I'm almost done downloading it..let me see if it has anything interesting:)

  • Sslayer22

    Wow, I'm not a huge fan of the senseui but I might have to keep an eye on this guy. Very nice

  • Scotty89

    could this be the Incredible 2? look at the red speaker at the top…familiar to my DInc.

  • Skeltergrave
  • Timoh

    I don't think it's going to be a flagship phone with that Scorpion processor. HTC has said that processor is for “mainstream” devices, even then it can be clocked from 800-1000mhz, this phone might be doomed from the start.

    • Illegalskittle

      im actually anxious to try that scorpion proc. it sounds like it will bridge the gap between hummingbird and snapdragon.

    • kellex

      Yer probably right. 🙁

  • Finally…..time to troll 🙂

  • kellex

    Sorry for the comment closure! I hit a wrong button. 🙂

    Have at it!

  • F150Fan

    Is this a CDMA variant of the G2?

  • Jay P

    Damn Sexy as Hell

  • Mrpicolas


    • kellex

      Oh Picolas. 🙂

      • Mrpicolas

        Huzzah lol

      • Anonymous

        The RUU file is about 242 MB, and is an .exe file, so take caution. I’m downloading it now, no errors so far.