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Fix: Logwrapper Issue when Installing Froyo for DROID X

If you were running into the “logwrapper” issue when trying to install the leaked Android 2.2 update for the Droid X earlier, we apparently now have a fix.  The issues seems to be stemming from Clockwork Recovery’s DX Bootstrap and can be fixed with a few file removals and edits…

*Note 1* – I have not attempted this method, but have been told by 2 reliable testers that it works.


-Open Root Explorer
-Go to the System folder
-Go to the Bin folder
-Tap the button in the upper right corner to mount RW (This lets you edit files in there)
-Scroll down and find the file called hijack, long press and delete it.
-Scroll down to the file named logwrapper, longpress and delete it.
-Directly underneath that is a file named logwrapper.bin, long press and RENAME it to just logwrapper (so take off the .bin at the end)
-Tap the button in the upper right to mount as RO again
-Reboot into recovery and apply the update!

Have fun!  Instructions for installing Froyo here.

Via:  MyDroidWorld

Cheers Brandon!

  • alken2626

    H i try droid 2 method did not work for me to root dx window (cd promp adb not recognized external and internal command)

  • Callindril
  • Am0795

    Well i think it completed it, it takes a long time to turn on but OMG…IT DID IT!!!! WOOOO

  • Am0795

    Well i think it completed it, it takes a long time to turn on but OMG…IT DID IT!!!! WOOOO

  • Am0795

    Well i think it completed it, it takes a long time to turn on but OMG…IT DID IT!!!! WOOOO

  • Am0795

    Well i think it completed it, it takes a long time to turn on but OMG…IT DID IT!!!! WOOOO

  • Carlos

    i keep getting signature error???

  • Chris Goldsmith

    I would really appreciate it if someone could get me that SBF file. Thanks everyone.

    • What's your email?

  • One_ina_milli

    can someone help me,im stuck at the motorola sign and i tried the sbk method but everytime it hits 100%progress,it fails.i would appreciate the help

    • You mean the SBF method? If that's failing then you might be in trouble. I would try removing and reinstalling the phone drivers from one of the walkthroughs on droidforums.net or something and giving it another shot. Or maybe trying a fresh copy of the SBF file, maybe something go corrupt in that when you downloaded it?

  • Codydd1993x

    cdma shodow missing on my phone………. i trtied the updatye cuz my phone is messed up and i dont know how to fix

  • Hey guys, I'm the one that made that post on Mydroidworld.com for the fix. I should state I just reworked a fix someone found using ADB, this just lets you do it with root explorer instead. Either way I just want to point out this ONLY fixes the issue from installing Koush's recovery. If you're getting the error 7 about the actual update.zip file, or if you're stuck at the M logo when you reboot then there is something wrong with the update.zip you got and/or your installation got messed up at some point during the install.

    The only way I've seen to fix this right now is to do a full recovery from an SBF file, and to make matters worse that file has been yanked from practically every site after Motorola sent out some legal letters telling them to take it down.

    If I happen to come across any other fixes for these errors that don't require flashing an SBF file, I'll be sure to let Kellex and you guys know!

  • WOW

    On Mac you can use safari to download but you can use google chrome and the file works great! Pretty sweet to have Froyo on the Droid X…..

  • Ant

    I deleted logwrapper ans went to rename the bin file. As soon as I deleted it, it popped right back up which wouldn't allow me to rename the bin file

    • Try uninstalling the the Droid X Bootstrapper application from your phone. This should remove logwrapper for you and leave you with just hijack and logwrapper.bin. So you would only need to delete hijack and rename logwrapper.bin

  • Jeffreycarroll85836

    how do u open root explorer

    • Trongable

      Root Explorer is an app on the market. Buy it to open it.

  • k1cks

    Worked great!

  • Ufish2

    First flash ever on my DX….worked gr8..no issues..and lots of Froyo LOVE..BIG THANKS TO WHOEVER put this update out…..smoking X..:):)::):):):):):):)

  • Blckrex1313

    am i suppose to unzip on my computer than transfer the folder to sd card or just save the unzip folder directly to my s card

  • Blckrex1313

    i keep getting this error assert failed get prop ro. product cdma. shadow.. E: error in /sdcard/update.zip status 7… i downloaded from computer and saved it on the sd card…

  • Blckrex1313

    im still getting errors, im rooted using easy root


    I just did this about a half hour ago but now I have no root access. Does anyone no what to do?

    • That was my worry and why I haven't already done it.


        Well I'm sure someone will fix this problem soon enough but I would probably rather have 2.2 for right now anyway. 🙂

        • DROID VADAR

          no one with a fix yet I take it?

  • I need help i accidentally deleted logwrapper.bin and now my phone just displays the motorola logo when it boots what do i do?

  • Their is a guy that lives in my town and he has a Droid X and he is running official Froyo 2.2 that cam OTA to his phone. He was contacted as a tester and it is AWESOME

  • I was searching all over the place and then when someone new what to do i tested and sent to Kellex. I felt everyone needed this. But I LOVE FROYO. I missed it from having a root D1. But not root with froyo. Kellex thanks for that universal rooting app. I love it. Good find.


    Man I was disappointed for a minute. I was on mydroidworld all damn night then it finally comes out and I couldn't get it. Then the page did a 404 and I was getting real impatient and then DROID-LIFE comes through! Thanks guys 🙂

  • tab00t^2

    fix worked, thanks. root is still good.

    with 2.1 quadrant averaged ~1278, now with 2.2, hitting 1489. didn't run the linpack previously, but 14.459 mflops with 2.2

  • Robsmith Nikon

    Don't have a DX… but I am glad to see that the rooting community is still cracking the new devices. I hope my step up from my D1 is to a cracked device sometime next year.

  • StephanC

    Wow, after hearing all of the trouble that you guys go to trying to root and ROM the X, I'm kind of glad I stayed with my D1. I guess I'll wait until I see one of those 2 GHz Droids before I make a purchase.


      Not to much trouble with a one touch root button, 2.2, and soon to come ROM's for it in the first month. I think that was faster then the original Droid. 😛

  • El El Kool J

    This phone is now very tempting to get..root access is all I was waiting for

    • I'm still holding out for custom ROMs AND kernels.

  • Username

    First! I think