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Rumor: Android 2.2 Hitting DROID1, Incredible and DROID X Next Friday?

The guys at AndroidSpin have received word from what they believe to be a reliable source within the Verizon camp that Android 2.2 could possibly hit the Droid 1, Droid X and Incredible all next week starting on August 6th.

If this actually happens, it might be the greatest day in the history of the Droid Family.

Reminder, this is a rumor and this date could change, so take it for what it’s worth.

Source:  AndroidSpin

  • it surely looks yummy 🙂 but now there is ice cream sandwich released and more infos on http://www.androidfreeapp.net 

  • I just wanna know when we can play the facebook games that I was told would be available by july 13th)

  • I just wanna know when we can play the facebook games that I was told would be available by july 13th)

  • Guest69

    I got my hopes up for July 13th. Not going to happen again.

  • Chris

    August 6 of what year?

  • mgavina23

    i just rooted my droid inc. haven't installed any custom roms at the moment so will i still receive the OTA for froyo when it arrives?? or do i need to un-root?

  • I'd get the X…if it wasn't for Motoblur. Damn obstructive colorscheme.

    • Paul hahrgiss

      Launcher pro kills off blur.

  • edwards311

    Bring it….don't sing it !!!!!!!! Show us the flash and froyo love !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JimmyD

    My Droid is not rooted, when it eventually receives the official OTA 2.2 update, will I see any changes to the processor clock speed? …or will I only be able to speed up the processor by rooting and overclocking like many have done?

    • Option

      I've got the same question…

    • Paul E.

      Not a stupid question at all.
      The processor speed will remain at 550 MHz, just like it is now.
      What WILL change is the implementation of what's called Just-In-Time (JIT) processing. This means the phone is able to compile and execute the java must more efficiently. Your phone will be noticeably faster in performance, but the processor speed won't change.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Paul E.!

        • Paul E.

          You're welcome.

          Someone more into the nuts and bolts than I can give a better explanation of what JIT is, but that's my understanding of it anyway. My rooted Droid running Froyo gets 12+ MFLOPS and low benchmarks even barely overclocked to 700 MHz.

          • JimmyD

            Thank you for the reply, Paul E.!

            I totally forgot about JIT processing. I recall reading about it a while ago on one of the many Android forums out there.

            That said, I'm *still* on the fence about rooting my favorite tech toy! I'll wait another few weeks to see if Froyo calms me down for a bit, then reconsider rooting at that time.

            (I'm sure I'll probably just end up rooting my Droid when my wife dumps her Blackberry Curve for the Moto Droid X in a few months when her new-any-two contract is up)


          • Paul E.

            You're welcome.

            Rooting is, honestly, the best thing I've done to this phone. I got Froyo months ago, I can overclock when I'm using it, and have it underclock to save battery when I'm not. It backs itself up, including ALL my apps.

            On top of all that, it's actually EASY to do with the right apps from the market. 🙂

  • Yay! Frozen Yogurt For Our Non-Rooted Droid Family =)

  • Daveknight001

    I got some raondom update for my droid x this morning around 4, I saw my phone scrn tun on so I went to look and its downloading stuff, so I looked at the check software update in setting and it said please wait your software is being update… Anyone know what that update was about, and my droid 1 used to ask me if I want to update or not instead of do it itself….

  • OrGnLDrOiD

    oops ment flash.

  • OrGnLDrOiD

    I've been rockin froyo on my droid one since the DX launched, i dont have falsh though sadly. 🙁

    • Jason N

      You can get Flash from this link: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/17/download-f
      I rooted the other night and now running froyo and was disappointed when I couldn't get flash from the market. A quick search of Droid-Life and found the download. Now rocking Flash!

  • crazyhobo5

    Please be true. An Update on my birthday would rock!

  • palomosan

    Fake, there's no way that Verizon will drop three updates the same day, that'll be too much on the network, besides.

  • The_Other_Ray

    off topic but check this out.


  • Manny

    Hate rumors!!!

  • facts

    i am an employee of VZW and we have no release date yet. Sorry. The rumor i heard is droid 1 might not get it. they are reserving it for droid 2

    • NYCLawyer

      No one likes this.

    • mhoe

      you are out of the loop.

    • Nktizzle

      Droid 1 has already finished testing 2.2.

  • Better be I have been thinking about rooting and have a friend trying to convince me to root

  • can you use SetCPU while rooted to overclock your Droid to like 1 GHz or do you need a custom ROM?

    • Legacy23

      You need a custom “kernel” to go any higher than 600mhz

  • thebourbonnflip

    as long 2.2 comes along before classes start up again ill be glad

  • mjf

    Booyah cant wait!

  • Nabooska

    im downloading an update now, at 5% and its been goin at it for 5 mins. could it be?! (android n0000000b here)

  • Hmmm, is there anything that is different in the froyo when your rooted (right now) as oppose to the real froyo that is “apparently” coming the 6th? In other words, since i am running froyo right now, should i unroot once the real froyo comes then root again once there is an easy way to root while running froyo

    • Flyinion

      Nope no need to un-root. Anything that comes down in the official OTA that is different will somehow automagically appear in future updates to the rooted Froyo ROMs 🙂

      • Saaweeeet…thats awesome news. Yea cuz I couldnt really tell a difference of speed from going to 2.1 to 2.2, it was just because Im over-clocked right now which makes a difference. My theory is that the rooted version of 2.2 doesnt have the JIT, which is suppose to make ur phone super fast

        • Flyinion

          Maybe you're just not using something that really benefits, the JIT is definitely in there. Go run a Quadrant benchmark. When it shows you the results, look near the bottom. That is where a stock 2.1 droid will always come in. Even with overclocking it will still be down there.

  • NMMI89

    Oh crap, here we go again.

    • Michael_NM

      Completely off-topic but, NMMI eh? Very cool! I begged my parents to send me there and would have been 89 as well.

      • NMMI89

        Off-topic. Yeah it was cool. One of the few cadets that loved every moment there. Made some friends for life for sure.

  • Niteperson

    Off topic, after a nerve wracking 30 minutes last night I finally rooted my Droid and installed the latest Cyanogen mod. Everything is great except for the fact that some of my favorite apps aren't available in the Market anymore.

    Is there any way I can get them back?

    • Chriscunning79

      In the search box at droid-life..type in market fix..then scroll down a bit…you have to download the fix (BGill Market Fix.Zip or something like that) then install using Rom Manager and then you'll be able to see everything in the market!

      • Niteperson

        I checked this out, and think I'll wait for an updated ROM. Too many complaints of some apps still not showing up even after the market fix. I'll just have to get by until then. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

        Can anyone recommend a good alternative to Bedside? I like the widget that activates it so overnight emails and such don't wake my family.

    • Mrpicolas

      the wendor file for 2.1 and 2.2 for the market are different. So the rom developer has a few options, 1. is to use the 2.1 vendor and use that (this would allow you to see those apps your not seeing but the downside is it doesnt always work well with 2.2. The second option is to use the leaked 2.2 vendor file it shows the 2.2 apps and works better with the 2.2 roms but you wont see those old apps. when the official 2.2 hits there will be a vendor file released that will fix all these issues but till official 2.2 is released there is not much that can be done. i suggest looking for a simillar app to what you were using and trying that

    • NYCLawyer

      I am using FRG01, which is a pretty basic build. It allows me to use stuff like SlingPlayer, which is not supposed to work with Froyo yet (see http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000243.html) , and still gives me access to Flash. Kind of the best of both worlds (now I sound like Hannah Montana <shudder>).

  • Once this hits then ill root

  • gamboo

    Boy I love me some froyo!

  • The_Other_Ray

    Root, root is good for your droid,
    Root it now instead of being toyed,
    The less you are toyed, the better you'll feel,
    So root your droid and have froyo for real.

    • (To the tune of Log)

      What loads some nice froyo
      on your new Moto toyo
      and makes me feel nice and calm?

      What's great for all phones
      with friends or alone
      It's roms, roms, roms!

      It's roms, it's roms
      they're slick and easy to use
      It's roms, it's roms, a great way to stay amused

      Everyone wants some roms,
      Your gonna love it, roms
      Come on and get your roms
      Everyone needs a rom


  • dxflip

    As long as 2.2 comes for my X within August I am good… anything later I'm gonna have to stab somebody!

  • Michael_NM

    Just finished checking the Farmer's Almanac, and it looks like August 6th is also the day when pigs fly. This is a great rumor! As others have pointed out 3 devices in one day is a pipe-(smokers)-dream. I'd bet even the folks at VZ are chuckling to themselves about this. On the other hand, I'll take away every bad thing I've said about VZ if it's true.

  • 1bad69z28

    Ok, Kellex what are the odds and let's place a bet lol

  • If true = YES!

    If false = I AM ROOTING!

    • Tyler

      if you're on a moto droid, root now anyways…

    • Joshua

      I am right there with you. I have been on the fence, and every time I get close because there is an awesome new theme/build out, another rumor of a near-future OTA comes out. This time I really am thinking about just taking that Saturday morning and just doing it – especially because of the rumor that the DROID won't get an OTA of Gingerbread.

      • jbeise

        just root it already i was on the fence for two weeks and that was over a month ago, im so glad i just decided to do it, and its not that complicated at all

      • otter34

        I was on the fence for a month and finally rooted. I was worried I would screw up my phone, but I didn't and now that I'm rooted I'm so glad I did. I just added a theme today and it is sweeeeeettt!

    • Jano

      rooting wont get you 2.2 anyway….really no reason to root a droid x at this point unless you want wireless tethering

      • or titanium backup or setcpu(to underclock of course) or adfree , or remove a few apps

    • I think you should root anyway. Rooting a Droid is much much much easier than many people think and the risks are pretty low. Also, rooting and applying a custom rom are two distinct things. You can root your Droid with a simple manual update and you'll have Wifi tethering and a bunch of other goodies!

  • xmetl

    hmm i remember the last time we heard a rumor from a “reliable source”

  • Will it be the same exact build as the leaked versions of Froyo? Maybe more stable and faster?

  • joesred


    did anyone see this


    • Rizzidy

      What rock have you been living under?

    • Gil

      lol….I get it

  • dl readers who are into games i found this ps1 emulator you can play playstation games on your phone only works for android phones on 2.0.1 and up go to the link and watch the youtube video on the site and download the apk.edit i also believe its in the market place just put psx it should pop up http://www.getandroidstuff.com/2010/07/psx4droi

  • Don't beg.

  • Don't beg.

  • Jduffy118

    ugh! they said as early as july 13! another month, o well, thats not official. still hoping for sooner!

  • Well, I'll take it with 'another' grain of salt. However, the date is inching closer to the ever 'late summer' release which Moto has boasted about…and considering people have now supposedly seen 3.0 in the wild, it does begin to make sense. You know how it is. Give us what was the best out there only to be down yet another rev the moment you get it 🙂

    Whether this is real or fake, it's nice to see that more and more rumors are coming about almost weekly now which is an indication that we're getting closer.

  • thebourbonnflip

    Droid 1 should be first..then couple days or weeks later the DI, and then before D2 comes out the DX will get it, thats the plan IMO.

  • Yea, There's no way this is happening next Friday for all three devices at once, I wouldn't even classify this as a rumor, more like wishful thinking.

  • And if this actually happens, then we have to wait longer to get root again!

    • Why would you have to wait longer? 2.1 still hasn't been rooted yet. At at least I don't believe it has. As far as I know that you can flash a 2.1 ROM that has been rooted but there is no actual root process from 2.1 itself. Correct me if I'm wrong. I've been using Froyo since the very first leaked version and I may try the stock Froyo when released, but I think I will miss features available in custom ROM's, so I probably won't stay with it.

      • Tung T Ly

        Yes. You're correct. No one is working on a root method for 2.1 and no one will probably root 2.2 either. If you're on 2.1, you'll have to flash back to 2.0 and use the root method and then install a 2.2 custom rom. There's really no point in looking for a root for 2.1 and 2.2 because you can just flash back to 2.0 and root it and then put whatever rom you want on it.

    • Ryan C

      I never updated past 2.0.1 on my Droid 1. I let the dust clear and as it turns out everyone has to root back to 2.0 or 2.0.1 anyway. Me FTW!



  • markinter

    My DX just rebooted and gave me a message that I received some update (not 2.2) system ver 1.13.604.MB810


  • LiiiiiiiiiiEEEEEEES! Ebil liars! Must u toy with our love for droid? *dramatic sigh*

  • hickerbocker

    it's funny reading these… i've had Froyo for forever now… root people!! you'll have Froyo plus a ton of other goodies.

  • Rodeojones000

    I also heard these same sources have captured a live unicorn and know the location of Jimmy Hoffa's body.

    • Mrpicolas

      Shhh… I don't want people knowing I have Hoffa in my basement 🙂

      • MarFan

        At least he is using Android…

  • yeah cuz thats not gonna BLOW UP their servers at all much..

    • Bingo. 3 devices? Yikes. They send out the update in batches to people on one device so as not to melt their OTA servers. But 3 devices? Good God. And imagine if somehow their servers botched the updates. Imagine thousands of people calling into customer service complaining about 3 different freshly-bricked devices.

      This rumor is a load of BS.

  • Awesome! CANT WAIT!!! :.) Come on already….

  • Justin

    As a rooted user, i say meh..


    ill see you guys december 10th <The REAL date.

    • kellex

      Beezie you speak to me now!

      • OBEEZIE

        haha what?

  • dl readers who are into games i found this ps1 emulator you can play playstation games on your phone only works for android phones on 2.0.1 and up go to the link and watch the youtube video on the site and download the apk. http://www.getandroidstuff.com/2010/07/psx4droi

  • nkhex19

    Custom recoveries block OTA Updates so you will have to unroot via RSD Lite if you want to receive the official update. I'm sticking with my Kangerade! 🙂

  • RLJSlick

    …..”fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”

    • Jduffy118

      haha and he was our president!

      • Yeah to bad the media would do there job. Obama has said some stupid things but you dont hear about it.

        • balthuszar

          because there'd be no room for any other news if they reported on all the stupid stuff he says…not saying bush was much better…lord knows i couldnt stand him either

          • Evermour

            I cant stand any of them.

        • bishless

          You mean, “Too bad the media won't do their job.” … right?

          And, it's all about ratios, my friend. While Obama isn't the 'savior' he was made out to be, the stupid:intelligent ratio with our current president is nowhere near as high as it was w/ the previous president.

          Also, Froyo FTW!

          • Romma1

            At least the last president was not a Marxist

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Right…. he was a Fascist… and you obviously don't even know what a Marxist is… so move along.

          • Guest34

            Says the guy who knows nothing about Marxism, socialism, communism, capitalism, fundamentalism, democracy, or politics in general.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Uhmmm… ok. Whatever you say bud. My double major B.S. in History and Poli Sci says otherwise, but “Guest34” has figured everything out! Whew.

          • He wasnt responding to you, he was responding to Romma1.


          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Yes sir, which I noticed too late, which I would love to correct, but no delete or edit choices. So it goes down in history… forever. Oh well! Life will go on…

          • Anonymous

            I’m not sure why I’m responding to you, but I saw your comment in the “recent comments” list, and had to see why you were calling us stupid. Now, I feel compelled to respond.1. It’ s really bad form to come here an insult folks with your first comment.2. This site is not about politics. However, I have a deep understanding of Marxism; it’s implications, prevalence in educational theory, and influence among many political leaders. However, this isn’t a forum for those discussions. I mention this only to rebut your “no clue;” my opinions about Marxism are irrelevant here.3. Why are you responding to a comment that’s over a week old and has nothing to do with living the Droid Life?4. I imagine you found this site because of some interest in Android. If so, welcome to the best Droid dedicated blog on the planet. If not, feel free to find a political forum to demonstrate your high opinion of your “superior” understanding.

        • Socalrailroader

          Thank you Rush Limbuagh, geez, leave the politics out of this.

        • Guest34

          Learn to spell if you want to jump in on political discussions. Their =/= There.

    • Rizzidy

      Ban everybody that replied to this.

      Me included.

      • geleenjavelina

        Bellick from Prison Break, I guess?

  • Jakemerrell

    Anybody know if it would require that we unroot our devices?

    • nkhex19

      Custom recoveries block OTA Updates so you will have to unroot via RSD Lite if you want to receive the official update. I'm sticking with my Kangerade! 🙂

  • Chris Nimon

    If the DX gets Froyo i will order it that very day. Until then im sticking with my Droid. Tried to go back to 2.1 and after using 2.2 for the last 2 months and I couldnt stand not having it.

  • Erich

    Will Verizon block tethering from their 2.2 release?

  • Any one care to.point out major differences between 2.1 and 2.2

    • max

      The biggest difference is the addition of the Just In Time (JIT) compiler that improves performance by like 4x.

    • Nathan312

      faster peewee…jeez, READ!

      • Nathan312

        JK…anyway: Flash 10.1, faster in general, market has a “did you mean” type thing if you type the app wrong…i'll look for more stuff and tell ya

        • alright…. i guess i could just come over and put your phone beside mine….

    • nkhex19
    • nkhex19

      This has the 2.2 feature video


    • Michael_NM

      0.1 😛

  • Denniswrly

    To all it's worth Di owners going to loose sleep pleeeeeeeeease pleaaaaaaaaaaaase pleaseeeeeeeeee…..

  • pdash

    I'm sending my Droid1 back to verizon because of a faulty headphone jack and they told me i'm all set for a replacement but i'm holding out for 2.2. My understanding is that Froyo has better cloud syncing for apps, is this true? Plus does anyone have any advice for transferring all my settings with as little stress as possible? Thanks guys!

    • droidd

      I don't think you really need to do much for settings if you're running stock. I had to factory reset my phone once, and after i put in my Gmail address, it pulled down all my settings. It even saved my WiFi password. That alone convinced me that Google knows everything about me, but its alright. 🙂

      • When yoiu flash stock 2.1 to stock 2.2 all your apps/data and settings should stay. If they are wiped the apps you got from the Market should download and reinstall themselves. Same with settings. At least I'm pretty sure that is the way it works.

    • Did your headphone jack wiggle and cut sound too? God, what an annoying glitch!

      • pdash

        yeah, it drives me CRAZY! I really hope whatever replacement they send me doesn't have the same problem. I've played with a few other droids and I know not every phone has this issue…

  • TheJackofBauers

    BE TRUE!!!!!!

    • LinZbee

      What he said. And…I miss Jack!

  • davesdroid

    Already have 2.2. Jrummy 6.0.11 on my droid. My wife is really looking forward to froyo on her DX though. Having said that, I'll believE it when I see it

  • Dm

    dont believe it

  • sdierks

    I think after my last comment about Droid see its shadow, still got 2 more weeks of 2.1 before it can go to 2.2

  • IseWise

    But I just spent the day rooting and installing 2.2 on my Droid.

    • nkhex19

      Its probably not worth unrooting to get the official 2.2 update. Your Custom ROM will have the same features and more. 🙂

  • nick o

    its hard for me to believe when the dx just came out and also how would htc and motorola both be ready at the same time

  • aarynk

    I would be SUPER happy for my X… Been rocking 2.2 on my Droid for a while now haha

  • Matt4542


  • I believe it when it happens we all know what happened with 2.1 right…

  • OH man I hope this is the date! I miss my 2.2! I am actually loading roms on my Droid 1 since I was bored!

  • zizzybaloobah

    You know, isn't there a story about a boy who cried 'Update!' – I mean – 'Wolf!'? I'll believe when I pick up my Droid one morning and see that glorious 2.2 update message waiting for me.

    • Flyinion

      There was, he was yelling “2.1 update is coming on X date”.

  • kulz

    If true..EPIC WIN!!!!

  • Chriscusto

    first hahahaha

  • Rizzidy

    Yay, more bs

  • Rizzidy

    Yay, more bs

  • Jesus Christ friday's the day I send back my Droid X review unit. THURSDAY PLEASE! =D

  • Jesus Christ friday's the day I send back my Droid X review unit. THURSDAY PLEASE! =D

    • Good to know that the DROID X will be the fastest phone in the market!!!