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Verizon CFO Denies Tiered 3G Data Plans are Imminent

As you may recall, a nasty little rumor was started last week that suggested Verizon could be moving to tiered 3G data plans as early as July 29th.  This completely came out of right field and at first seemed highly unlikely especially without another rumor in the wild confirming a move as big as this.  Luckily our sources pulled a shot from Big Red’s system which showed them only willing to address this news as “rumors”, giving many of you a sigh of relief.

Well, you can breathe even easier today as VZW CFO John Killian, has confirmed that tiered 3G data plans are not imminent and that the company sees plenty of opportunity without moving in that direction…

So our business is continuing to perform extremely well. You have not seen us rush out to make any kind of a change. We will continue to monitor the situation, of course, and look at opportunities that will say what is the best equation for us to drive long-term shareholder value, and we will be very focused on that. I cannot say enough, though, about the opportunity we see ahead given where we are today with smart phone penetration.

LTE (4G) on the other hand is a different story.  You can almost guarantee they are coming with that launch which is on-schedule for Q4 of 2010…

We have indicated in the past, as we move to an LTE world and LTE pricing, we will probably look very hard at tiered pricing, and that continues to be our thinking right now. So more to come on that. By the way, I should say that all of our efforts, all of our plans on getting LTE launched in the fourth quarter are on schedule.

All those data hogs out there feeling better now?

Source:  ZDNet
Via:  DroidForums

  • Lane252

    you sir are correct

  • Hank Spank

    LEFT field, left field. Things that are strange, or unexpected come out of left field…

  • Lane252

    lol does anyone see in the title that it is imminent then in the paragraph it says breathe easier that it isnt imminent….Kellex get some sleep bud. 🙂

    • JimmyD

      Ummmm… did you read the WHOLE title?! Did you miss the word “DENIES”?!
      😉 LOL, I think Lane252 needs to get some sleep!!! 😉

      • Lane252

        you sir are correct

  • Doolidg

    lol he said “smart phone penetration” lololo

  • timarnette

    This is a very good thing!!!!

  • Madcow06

    Glad I will be grandfathered in with the unlimited data plan since verizon just randomly sent me an early upgrade email even though my NE2 isn't till 3/11, droid x for me!

  • Like others said, Im not a data hog but I still like not having a limit. I sleep better at night. I used 5geebees this month.

    • Michael

      the cap on the unlimited data plan for Verizon is 5 gig though

  • aczm1988

    Im not exactly a “data hog” but i do use 3-4Gb data per month and dont feel that they should tell me any different. Im paying 30$ a month for unlimited data and i expect to recieve just that. If i have to move to tiered data plans verizon might lose a customer….EVO here i come? Blah! Lol

  • ChrisSBU

    I'm actually a little sad that I don't have this option. I'm not a data hog, and would love to save a few $$ each month by going to a limited access plan. For my wife's droid, which uses very little data, it stinks to pay the full $30/month. But that's just my $0.02.

  • skltr21

    off topic but this theme for cm6 rc2 is siiiiiiiick! the pictures he posted aren't the best but check it out. the notification bar is rad. the icons are cool too. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-themes/6

  • nkhex19

    Good to hear. I don't use much data but still I like knowing I have unlimited usage incase I start using data like crazy.

  • StephanC

    I can breathe easier as I tether my Droid to my laptop to watch Hulu.

  • yes, yes i am. :-p

  • Tom

    So basically what they are saying is that 3G is staying where it is for now, but LTE will be tiered. Fine by me… unless something comes out that will REQUIRE LTE speeds, I doubt I'd be using it much…

  • Chris Nimon

    Does anybody know what the 2 apposing arrows are on this power widget from CM6 RC2?

    • El El Kool J

      I have that same question myself Chris! I cannot figure it out. When I have it turned on there is no feature enabled in the settings menu either??? Is it maybe a tethering feature? I haven't check that yet.

    • pappy53

      It toggles your 3G on and off. You can toggle it off and still receive and make calls, just no data (such as e-mails). Might save a little battery!

      • Chris Nimon

        Thanks, ive been scouring Cyanogens website for an hour trying to find a changelog or something. Now i can stop looking 🙂

        • nkhex19

          How are you liking the new Cyanogen? I am running JRummy's test release 6.0.11 and its fast and smooth. Was thinking about trying out Cyanogen.

          • Chris Nimon

            im having some FC's but I didnt wipe, i just went over RC1. Im running jdlfg 1.2 Ghz kernel and its pretty smooth. I was getting jittters when holding icon in jrummy but I really like jrummy 509. I totally like how customizable the nofications are. can change colors of the bar and everything in it. When they get a final version I think this rom will destroy all other roms.

          • aczm1988

            Where did u find his test release?

          • nkhex19


            Click on JRummy's post that says Testing Anyone?

          • aczm1988

            Thx, how is it?

          • nkhex19

            Its his fastest and smoothest release yet. No themes out for it yet.

          • zero

            Has anyone had any issues flashing Jrummy Roms from Rom Manager. Doesn't seem to like it on my phone for some reason. It just kept crashing out. I flashed and had to restore like 6 times before getting it to run then flashed a Chevy Kernel and same deal. Just went back to CM6 RC1 since it was stable on my phone.

  • This is how Verizon works guys. Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny, and then when the time comes, Admit.

    • So they were denying a true fact when the wsj said they were getting the ipad this spring? There was NO evidence suporting these claims, if there were screencaps or some other evidence and they denied you might be right. But what happened is like them denying that verizon handsets are secretly unicorns.. sometimes a denial is just a denial.

    • StephanC

      Hmm… That strategy sounds similar to another company… Who could it be? Oh! That's right! It's Apple!

      • CompCrash

        But Apple would have to admit first for that to be true.

      • except with apple its deny everything and make counter accusations

    • If the glove don't fit, you MUST acquit! lol

  • villian1998

    I feel alot better “oink”

  • The original “article” was on Engadget and had NOTHING substantiating it, The whole article was just made up to drum up attention for Engadget, Its simple one of their writers couldn't find something to write about so he made something up that sounded plausible. Gotta love the Engadget… : they are hard core apple fanboys anyways every article they run with Android featured usually has something snide in it or mentions apple in some way its actually pretty disgusting

    • EggoEspada

      Well, not all of Engadget.
      theres writers there who love Android. Its easy to point out who's who.

    • I agree with you on the point about Engadget and Apple…but that recent antennagate/droid x article shocked me. If you read engadgets pink links throughout the page, it sends you to a Steve Jobs quote about nobody wanting or buying big phone (a dig on our Droid x) and the last link to a page that shows a screenie of droid X sold out (the link says “really”)? I found it refreshing that they are slowly understanding the mass amounts of people that they piss off being one sided. Even that chubby asian girl that does the reviews for cnet is on the wagon now. She was the biggest cheerleader for apple at one time, even her review of the first Droid was biased and she knew nothing about any of its features. Now she seems a bit tired out since the nexus one and incredible reviews. The droid x review made me laugh, “well they did it again over at Motorola and Android”…”I wish my iPhone did half this crap”. You can tell its pretty painful but she does it.

  • Dra$tiK

    if they do go to tiered plans my contract is null and void and i want new phones!!!

    • Only if they don't grandfather you in, and they always grandfather people in for stuff like this. Your contract prevents you from changes for its length, it doesn't promise that there won't be changes, it just promises they won't happen to you.

      • El El Kool J

        Well said Menno!! There is customers today still with Alltel plans and Verizon phones. So they will definetely grandfather you in.

      • exactly.

  • Good!!! I'll go back to using only 2GB a month instead of my 10GB…

    totally kidding!

    I'm glad there isn't a cap though, caps just make me nervous… even though the highest I've ever gotten was 4 and a half, I'm just glad there isn't a cap

    • gratz, i've racked up a measly 3… 😉

    • StephanC

      I've stopped watching how much data I use each month because I realized that; if Verizon Wireless really cared about our data usage they'd remove apps like PDANet from Android market.