Verizon Calls Tiered Data Plans Just “Rumors”

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This is one of my favorite Verizon emails of all time.  “Due to recent blog activity…”  Who us?

As expected, Big Red is reminding their employees not to comment on “speculative stories or rumors” meaning they are trying to stay as tight lipped as possible with this talk about tiered data packages on the horizon.

Word on the street says that these tiered plans could be here as early as July 29th which is just 7 days away.  This seems pretty unlikely, but the source behind this news has been pretty reliable over the last week.  Guess we’ll know next Thursday.

On a related note, even if a change were to arrive, you are all locked into contracts.  It is my understanding that VZW can’t just slot you into a new plan unless your contract is up, so don’t freak out just yet.  You should also know that if they do force you into a tiered plan, that would mean a new contract, which would also mean a new phone for you!


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