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Download: Adobe AIR Froyo 7-5-2010 Build

So we leaked a build of Adobe AIR for Android over the weekend plus a bunch of apps and since then, a new version has been released.  This new version is by no means a leak and is readily available to people who have signed up to the pre-release AIR program.  Below is the file we received almost 2 days ago on Sunday night (Monday morning) at 2:34AM.  Specific right?

Download: Adobe AIR Froyo 7-5-2010

This version is for Froyo only.  Works with the Froyo folder of apps posted here.

Cheers Luda!

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  • Guest

    Dead link

  • Guest

    Dead link

  • jbl306

    does this require root?

    • Mrpicolas


  • Wonderyak

    Anyone getting 'filetype air not found' errors when trying to open air programs?

  • briderx

    Any reason Google has a shemale as their logo today? Mustache and all.. C|:-{()->8-<

    • Wow, epic insult to an amazing artist 😛
      Surprised no one flagged this lol

      • briderx

        Yeah.. Went back and read who it was.. Tell me at first glance that didn't look as described above….

        • I will admit, you might be right…..but still lol keep it cool

          • briderx

            Done son. We need some update posts to keep my mind from wandering..

  • Android4LYFE

    nice. grabbed this off of androidoverdose.com a couple hours ago. seems a little smoother than previous builds

  • Straylight

    Any word on when we can all get our hands on the final FLASH build?

    • StephanC

      Whats wrong with Flash as it is? I haven't had any issues yet.

      • P!X3L

        well it doesn't implement hardware acceleration yet for one thing…

  • tabrad

    After installing I press the launch button and get “Activity Not found – com.adobe.air”. Im using moto droid, and the new jrummy kangerade

    • tabrad

      NM got it now, I didnt realize that I had to go grab the other zip file with all of the games in it

  • Trug

    How does this differ from the other one?

    • kellex

      Not really a big difference from what I can tell, but is about 20 days newer than the 6/17 Froyo build. It should upgrade the other version.

      • Trug

        Alright cool!

  • Sweet! Thanks kellex!

    • congrats on the mod bump.

      • Thanks Tony. Definitely keeps me busy at work now. Thank the lord lol
        And I swear it doesnt give me an advantage in the run for “first” lol 😛

        • kulz

          “And I swear it doesnt give me an advantage in the run for “first” lol :-P”

          hahaha! you're too funny! btw..you did steal his first 😡

          • Guess he should have been quicker 😛

    • You stole my glory of commenting first on my first submitted content post. ::points and says “see my name up there?” – How does that make you feel?

      • I don't even know how I sleep at night after doing that…so sorry :-/