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Rumor: Motorola DROID Receiving Android 2.2 July 13th

We just received word from one of our most reliable sources that the official Android 2.2 update will be hitting the Motorola Droid starting July 13th. I know, I know, here we go again right?  After the pain we all experienced with 2.1, it’s hard to even mention a rumored Froyo update date, but this one feels legitimate enough to share.

Let me just toss out some thoughts as to why this could easily happen…

  1. We’ve already seen July mentioned in a couple of Verizon systems.
  2. The Droid X arrives 2 days later on the 15th.  What better way to keep your millions of Droid 1 customers happy than by dropping a major OS update on them a few days before a new device takes over the Droid throne.
  3. July 13th is a Tuesday, and if you remember the 2.1 update, Verizon tends to like Tuesdays.
  4. We saw the release of an extremely polished Droid Froyo build (FRF84B) this week which should mean we’re closer than ever.

Thoughts?  Fingers and toes crossed?

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  • Realist


  • Realist


  • 5. I wished upon a star.
    6. I asked a leprechaun.
    7. The magic 8-Ball said “very likely” when asked if the update would come.

    On a lighter note, SC2 next Tuesday, that's guaranteed.

  • Pieceocrap

    I haven't got it yet. July 19th.

  • Carle Gustavison

    I would root but the phone is under warrenty and if I brick it I have nowhere to go for help. I expect 2.2 about September after they strip all the useful features off of it so they can charge us to reinstate them. Open source???

  • well this sucks, it's the 15thand theres nothing yet 🙁 im thinking about rooting idk yet, im just too lazy to do it

  • The froyo is a lie

  • John

    Um, it's the 14th….

    (just sayin')

  • Tedge250

    Has anyone got the update yet??

    • Nwlly

      Nope i havent gotten it yet! wonder if anyone else did

  • Hellodamen

    today is 13th…. any update?

    • The inFamous

      the first thing i did this morning before saying good morning to my family, was go check my droid for any notifications for the update. No emails, no thing saying “Hey! You want the update?”, nothing like that. Im starting to dought, but mybe later today.

  • ericsorensen

    July 13 is Tuesday! Will it come?

  • HwaA18

    im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited

  • Nathan

    Do you have to go to the store to get the update or will they just send it to your phone?

    • Anthony_m

      They send it to your phone OTA.

  • T3lancer2007

    (Screams like a little girl)

  • Let's hope so, i was ready for froyo since may 😀

  • I actually had to call tech support for something the other day and figured I'd ask if they heard anything about this, but the guy on the phone said it's still scheduled for August and they don't have a specific date. So I'm not getting my hopes up, although it'd be freakin sweet.

  • i have decided after debating for awhile the tonight im gonna root any suggestions on what the best roms are

  • First Stylish

    Review Motorola’s Droid X smartphone which aims to compete with the HTC EVO 4G and the Apple iPhone 4. http://stylishfirst.com/motorola-droid-x/

  • Its coming definitely… any bets against?

    • I'll put a bet in against receiving the OTA on the 13th. Here's why. Money. Verizon can make a ton of money if they hype up the 2.2 update and then don't deliver. All of those current Droid users will be so ready to get 2.2 that they will go ahead and go buy the Droid X.

      I think the Big Red knows if they deliver 2.2 before the Droid X goes out the door there will be lost revenue. Hype and then deliver an upgrade option (see early upgrade deal) in the form of Droid X.

      • Mrpicolas

        Yeah but who knows anymore they could also say hey get the x and you'll have your update right away

  • Sradin1

    A lot has been written on Droid Life the last few months about managing a rooted version of 2.2 . Some of us are not rooted and would like some info about managing the new 2.2 when it comes out. What alternate keyboards are available; how do we make calls via wireless; how do we make screen copies, etc. etc. etc. Basically how do we take most advantage of the actual 2.2 when it exists in its issued version.

  • Xtremedude23

    Being new droidster, dont know what this 2.2 is all about. 1st. Is this something automaticly will happen or will I need to 'download this'? 2. If it is a choice to download, do I want to do this? 3. Is this different from 'rooting', I dont know what that means either? 3. Is there not a droid for dummies so that I can figure out what the hell I'm doing,ahahaha?

    • eddieonofre

      The Update will notify u then you can chose to download it and install it.
      I would say that u really want these. Froyo seems to be smother, and faster (at least all the builds I have used so far are)
      This update that is coming is not rooted.
      Rooted is the equivalent to jailbroke for the i*hone, it means you get special access.
      Think about being an administrator instead of a standard user.
      Droid fro dummies… no offense dude but if ur are a dummie go get and i*hone. Droid is for real people

  • Made Sukahatya

    I'm eager to be the first to try it

  • RayP

    Every 2.2 Rom I have tried on my Droid so far causes Slacker and Pandora to sound like songs played through a tin can. Slacker sounds great on WiFi, that's because it uses a MP3 Codec not the Acc+ or whatever. 2.1 sounds good. So it must be something in the source that screws up the codecs. Anybody else notice this?

  • If your already rooted, stay where you are. If there is any tweaks or fixes released in the official OTA that are not already in your rooted rom, it will be a mere day or less before your favorite rom developer incorporates it and releases an update.

  • Can't wait 🙂

  • Can't wait

  • BeRay

    this is FALSE! They will not release 2.2 on droid Motorola before the droid X. Pure marketing sense. non happening till after the 15th of July. I'm positive reliable sources

  • would love it, but really I'm in no hurry.

  • Julio_alge

    what about mexico? i buy the droid in iusacell company… it comes here too?

  • the frf84b that we have for rooted droid, does it not include some stuff? because when i watched the google 2010 conference on android they had other things such as being able to take photos in a site,map rotation and bunch of other things.

    • eddieonofre

      nether the nexus has those features, if u watched the i/o u should have heard that those are upcoming features not related to froyo.

  • Jammer71477

    I am glad to hear that! July 14th is my birthday, so it's kind of a birthday present. I also am running stock 2.1. because while I am tech savy enough to do plenty of things with my beloved Droid, I don't want my lack of knowledge with custom Roms and how they work to cause me to brick my phone.

  • Does anyone know if this will apply to us mexican iusacell motorola droid users?

  • Mexigreek

    Since my Droid is a work phone, I haven't rooted it. So a official update to 2.2 will be nice.

    • EC8CH

      Didn't stop me!

  • Nice, beautiful song

  • timarnette

    Tim are you using the new BB rom? Thanks Tim

  • mike

    July 13 is my birthday 🙂

    • Julio_alge

      july 12 mine 😀

  • dave

    im new to this but a google devoloper just contacted me and said he has a moto droid unopened with devoloper software on it is he wants to sell it to me for 225 should i get it and if i do what can i do with it

  • Droidzilla

    If it's got gimped USB tether and a 550MHz cap, I can't see trading my FRF57 root for it. Still, it'll be good for the unwashed masses.

  • Art

    Anybody knows anything about Milestone?

    • jUbib

      I will second that question. Will 2.2 arrive for Milestone at the same time? How did it go with 2.1? – did the Droid and Milestone recieve initial 2.1 update at the same time?

      • Felipe

        The update for the Droid was announced first, but due to all those delays to update to 2.1 some countries received their Milestone update before the Droid. This time there's no word from Motorola about an update for Milestones to 2.2 (just rumors) so I guess the Droid will receive its update before.

  • tommyz

    Will this update over WiFi? I maybe away from CDMA coverage during the UPDATE.

    • It will keep pumping the update to your phone until you are in range 🙂

  • The fact that one previous release was on a Tuesday does not create a pattern. Also, wouldn't it be weird to release 2.2 on the Droid on Tuesday, and then release the Droid X with 2.1 on Thursday?

  • Dyancey11

    I must say I was nervous about rooting my phone and thought I messed it up and one point…just a tip that some beginners may not know…..when you have to rename the file “update.zip” you don't have to put in the “.zip” part, just rename it to “update”. SPRecovery wouldn't recognize the file when I named it “update.zip” and I thought I bricked my phone. But I managed to get my SD card remounted and named it just “update” and it worked!!! Whew!!!! Best thing I've ever done!! Though it was a scary process….

    • Bemenaker

      That is because windows hides “known file types” if you turn that stupid setting off, you will see that file was already named .zip. The file has to be update.zip. Windows hides it so if you type in update.zip, you are really naming it update.zip.zip

  • The_Other_Ray

    has anyone installed the new jrummy rom?

  • Awesome, if you don't want to root. Will be nice to see what Mr. Alfonso cooks up with the polished up official version. Running and developing on Adobe Air I really need that over-clocked goodness. Adobe Air is really choppy and sluggish @ stock speeds. “Rumor has it the Adobe team has to do the same thing” just a Rumor.

    • If any one wants to try the Adobe Air for Android 2.2 find me via twitter. – Have to be a bit sneaky.

  • EC8CH

    FYI, anyone who entered into the Wirefly's Android can beat up your Iphone contest…

    They have posted that the winner will be announced on Monday 7/5/10:


  • I have seen all of the wonderful goodies that will be coming with the froyo update and am as anxious to get it as it seems everybody else is. In all of the comments, though, I have not seen mention of whether or not it has any effect on battery life. If I were to pick my number one complaint it would be that my phone does not last a whole day with “normal-for-me” use. If froyo helps in that regard I am even more excited to get it. Does it?

  • Dane

    Think of kittens. Each update speculation and thread kills another kitten

  • i know its abit off subject but phandroid.com has a full review of the droid-x and its pretty sick. My question for anyone who has watched the review is what are the chances that the new camera functions will be able to be ported to the Droid 1?

  • Rachel

    I have SPRecovery installed but Im not running any Custom Roms and Im not Rooted…Will me Droid be ok to receive the 2.2 update?

    • Yes

      • Darkcomartist

        I thought you had to be stock to receive the update notification. That was the case with 2.1. Is that not the case anymore?

        • Darkcomartist

          Sorry, hadn't read teh original properly. My bad. Didn't realize the 1st comment wasn't a rooted user.

  • geonerd

    COME ONNNNNN !!!! stupid question, which are the main benefits of rooting?

    • Speed, customization, god-like status with your friends and family…lol

    • EC8CH

      You don't need to worry about official OTA updates like this anymore…

    • Dyancey11

      I like the overclocking…..Less force closes, and when you switch screens and open up the launcher you phone won't skip a beat.

  • Kaufkin

    I have complete faith in Moto and Big V to get it out.
    Sure Happy It's (on) Tuesday. 😉

  • ericsorensen

    Good news – looking forward to seeing it work on my wife's Old Tyme hand-me-down Droid. Hopefully my new X will be upgraded shortly after…

  • Darkcomartist

    I'm running root but i'd happily go stock to get the official Froyo. I'm hoping for proper sd card installation (only 1 app which is less than a meg is installed in my sd card, other's won't allow) and I'm wondering if that JIT would make it faster thant rooted or at the very least, much faster than stock and close to or just as fast as rooted. After all, I rooted mainly for the speed and if JIT gives me the speed I'd go with that. We'll see. Kellex, any way you can set up a video of how to unroot Plz?

    • brando56894

      JIT provides a massive speed increase. The JIT that was in the 2.1 roms doesnt even compare to the JIT thats in froyo (the major factor is that apps werent built to support JIT in 2.1, including android itself, but in 2.2 the whole os supports it and a lot of apps do also)

  • yes, fingers crossed. must… keep… hopes… at… reasonable… level…

  • El El Kool J

    of of twitter “if anyone wants to try a fresh CM6 FroYo build for DROID, http://bit.ly/aYpzpt“ @optedoblivion” Im downloading now.. see whats up?

  • Me

    Nothing will dethrone the Droid 1!!!… except maybe the Droid 2

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question, but can someone share what the Droid Froyo is going to look like as far as features/fixes? What is Mot giving us different from the original Google Froyo?


  • Question for you guys…..once the OTA update is released, as rooted BB user, what should I do when the update comes out? I'm assuming ignore it. Can I ignore it and never be pestered about it again, or is the phone going to constantly remind me to update?

    • brando56894

      AFAIK you can ignore it and go on as you always have.

    • nkhex19

      Your Froyo ROM will block the OTA Update so you won't be bothered by it. 🙂

  • Ewhitak

    Has anyone had issues with the new froyo rom stock launchers and not being able to rotate into landscape mode. Any have tips on how to fix this. Im using bbv0.4 with smoke theme. Launcher pro and adw do rotate to landscape just not the stock launcher.

    • brando56894

      Want to know the reason why? That feature isnt available on the stock launchers 😉

      • Ewhitak

        Well kellex has a picture in the droid x theme with the screen in landscape with the stock launcher.

  • Joe

    I wonder if wifi tether will work with the new 2.2 build, or will it still require root.
    Will there be a guide on unroot our phone to prepare for the official release?

  • machinegun68

    I'm still running BB V03. Is version 04 solid or another ROM of another kind? Want the most Froyo I can get, but stable.

    • brando56894

      Its built off of a different (more recent) base, v0.5 will probably be released soon since the latest base just changed again (was FRF84b now its FRF91)

  • qudwis

    i have rooted and am using kangerade 1.1…..
    do i have to unroot and go back to 2.1 in order to get 2.2 ota???

    • nkhex19

      yes you would have to unroot to receive the ota update. But would you really want to?

    • brando56894

      yes, but IMO theres no reason to, you already have froyo lol

  • YankInDaSouth

    I've been on the fence whether or not to root my Droid … this news makes the decision more difficult! Do I wait and stay legit, or go for it and root? Decisions, decisions …

    • spyder00

      Hey Yank I was in the same boat as you then said screw it and Rooted…and have never been happier! It's totally worth it I just followed Kellex's Video and not a single problem.

    • brando56894

      Go for it, that way you dont have to wait 2+ weeks to have froyo 🙂 if you dont like it, just go back to stock.

  • I honestly think that it will come the 13th.

    • G33kdrummer

      i like the positive thinking

  • I personally dont care too much for the actual official update im prob gonna wait for it to be rooted before i download because the only thing missing on the leaked version is the ability to resize photo frame widgets

  • Dmarriott93

    this mean we should start unrooting?

    • brando56894

      If I were you Id wait until like a day or two before the initial day they start sending out the OTA updates, no point in being stock for two weeks when were not even sure if this is true.

      • I Agree, Could Be Another Let Down Like Cuz Big Red Has Been Promising This For I Wanna Say Two Months Now…

    • EC8CH


  • Mrpicolas

    Wondering if jrummys new kangerade tethering is fixed or not myself

  • tbaybe


  • I really hope this happens…just one more reason to not go buy a 4g iPhone.I love my Droid and can't wait until November for an upgrade to either the Droid x or Droid 2

    • You actually need a reason not to buy one? lol

    • kulz

      one more reason? xp

  • El El Kool J

    Ok so i just downloaded jRummy's new froyo kanderade V4.0.7 strawberry (red theme) How many times a day do you change ur ROM…(rooted users?)

    • aczm1988

      Well i backup my Rom probably once a day minimum. And i switch Roms probably once a day minimum lol. And now thanks alot im changing again. Jrummy here i come lol 😛

    • Ewhitak

      These days I can my rom or theme atleast twice a day.

    • the most I have done was 4 times

  • datboijon

    i finally rooted and am loving stock froyo so far hoping that this date sticks so that all droid users can experience it

  • mathewdev

    Froyo improves allot of things, I hope the “official” build gets out so it can be rooted! I'm guessing it will a different build from what was leaked.

    • brando56894

      There will most likely be minor differences, most likely the custom roms (using an official base) will end up performing better than the official ones. I'm waiting to see how CyanogenMod 6 will be since he builds the roms from source and doesnt just tweak the prebuilt roms like most of the other devs do (nothing wrong with that though).

  • So a question for Kellex or one of the more expert readers out there. I'm relatively new to this, and started flashing ROMs after 2.2's were floating around.

    How much more stable of development will we see from the official Moto Droid version of 2.2, or will it really not be any different than what we are getting for the source release? Do they do much coding on a model by model basis to make Android fit?

    • eddieonofre

      I speak from experience when 2.1 was coming the roms where as goos as the Stock 2.1. And even better (coz the root access and overclocking)
      And advice wait until the update comes and we see what build number is. If it the same build that we got the differences will be none. If is a different build I'm pretty sure they will port it within 2-3 days.

    • nkhex19

      The custom Froyo ROM's are getting more and more stable at this point, mainly being that they are based off of source and/or builds leaked by Moto/VZW. If anything once the devs have enough time with the source code they make their ROM's just as stable as the official release and add many extra enhancements that you won't get with a Moto/VZW release. Plus custom Froyo ROM's give you scripts you can run to delete bloating apps and stuff that Moto/VZW include in their update. Stick with the Froyo ROM's, it will always offer more then the official OTA Update.

    • they are all really stable but the most stable are the leaked versions. only like minor features are missing, you probably dont even notice them they are so minor.

      • I'm running BB.3 right now and it's great, a few bugs here and there, but I chose BB in part this time because he had OTA updates for the ROM set up through his BB Toolkit, which makes it easy to see when a new release it out when it hits the interwebs. I'm just waiting for a release with some sexy themes.

        I'm secretly hoping that someone pulls together these Droid-Life boot animations, wallpapers, etc; and ties them together into a sexy theme(s).

        • brando56894

          buy rom manager and you can have access to OTA updates for about 10-15 different roms 😀

          • Have the paid version. 🙂 I noticed the JRummy rom that came out initially off the source had OTA updates disabled.

        • Yeah his BB toolkit was a deal breaker – Really shows the depth of craftsman ship.

    • Thanks nkhex and eddie. I'm still kinda curious how much forking goes on from device to device, but that answers my main question, which really boiled down to, will we see rapid and improved enhancement after the OTA. To which the answer seems to be no, the boys already have everything they need.

    • brando56894

      There will most likely be minor differences, most likely the custom roms (using an official base) will end up performing better than the official ones. I'm waiting to see how CyanogenMod 6 will be since he builds the roms from source and doesnt just tweak the prebuilt roms like most of the other devs do (nothing wrong with that though).

  • sdierks

    And Droid sees it shadow and its 6 more weeks of 2.1

    • Hahahaha

    • andy

      yeah seriously bullshit. I was going to root, but then I saw there was going to be an offical release. I'm tired of dealing with Verizon and its utter nonsense of not putting out updates.

  • We can all only hope Verizon doesn't pull another 2.1 and make all the non rooted Droid users wait forever…. running bugless beast v0.4 and would just like to say so far it is flawless

  • Official Froyo?!? I'm already running “I can't believe it's not Froyo”. Lol. Does this mean I should revert back to an unrooted 2.1 to get the OTA?

    • yes, if you want to go back, but you may loose rooting for a while

    • brando56894

      Depends on if you want to be rooted or stock. Myself I dont care about OTA since (IMO) the stock roms are less feature rich and it almost feels like im crippling my phone by going from custom to stock.

    • aczm1988

      Just wait man. It literally takes about an hour not even to get everthing back to stock. I wouldnt jump the gun just yet. If you remember 2.1 you will understand lol. Anyways ya its so easy to get to stock its not even worth it.

      P.S. im pretty sure if Kellex gets his hands on the 2.2 ota manual update you probably wont have to do anything. Just update.zip install it and everything should be good.

      • Exactly. You would have to be crazy to unroot for something we pretty much already have 🙂 lol

  • Rjoudrey

    I am looking forward to a rooted final stock ROM.

  • Ace Z.

    Dude no way in blue hell am I doing the official update…mess around and my Verizon bill will come out to be $500 for tethering! Thanks for the news Kellex!

    • brando56894

      Apparently they can only find out if you use the built in tethering app

      • Ace Z.

        Really I thought it was any tethering app…thanks bro!

        • brando56894

          no prob bro, just trying to spread the good word!

  • El El Kool J

    Hope its true, cuz now i'll have customers comin in askin if its true..

    • tbaybe

      its very comical to me that even Verizon employees follow this site for insight ton their products 🙂 but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

      • El El Kool J

        actually tbaybe.. I am a private ower of Verizon Premium retailer.. so believe it or not this site is one of the most informitave an most accurate one out there..

        • tbaybe

          i didnt mean anything bad by it, i think its awesome, im sorry if it came off that way. I love this site and its great to see the variety of people who use it!

          • El El Kool J

            no your good tbaybe.. no offense taken..

          • spyder00

            I work for a Premium Verizon Dealer and Rock this site eveyday I wouldn't even have a Droid if it wasn't for this site!!!!

        • brando56894

          Thats pretty funny, after i had my droid for about a week I went to an official verizon store to get the multimedia dock and the rep asked me how i liked the droid cuz he was thinking about getting one and I said I loved it and showed him all the rooted goodness and he was blown away by it, he even had another one of the techs come over to check it out too.

  • Jbarb21

    So………..Pros and Cons….Would it be best to root prior to the official OTA 2.2 rolls out OR just wait for it?

    Concerned it might get more difficult to root after this?
    I really need BT calling and HAVE to have my work email exchange working. I use TOUCHDOWN app for exchange now and it works flawlessly, I'm concerned if I root that that may get messed up?

    • eddieonofre

      I got my exchange working with no problem… I'm using BB0.4.
      Something that u might not like is the fact that BB has merged the Gmail calendar with the Corp Calendar so u wont have to revise two different calendars

      • Jbarb21

        Thanks for the info. You are correct…I don't want the 2 merged, I need to keep the 2 seperate,

        • eddieonofre

          I will tell u to try one of the builds instead of BB I have heard (read) that work with no problems. But haven't tried myself so not sure how it runs.l

    • Regarding, exchange, the v2.1 is really easy to setup and get working with MSexchange. My wife has a stock Incredible, and her IT guy (who also has an android, tho not sure which one off hand) had it setup and working in under 5 minutes. No touchdown required.
      BT calling….I would expect that to be in the hacked ROMs, but I haven't tried it

      • Jbarb21

        Appreciate it. I got touchdown back in March and was also really simple to set up. I am sure now I can get by now without the app but it syncs everything for me including tasks and such and even though my company doesn't use active sync (2003 v2) I can still get it to poll every minute if need be. I can get stuff quicker on my phone than thru Outlook on my laptop! Thanks for the feedback.

    • machinegun68

      I'm rooted (BB03)and use Touchdown with no problems at all.

  • poeddroiduser

    Keeping my legit, non-rooted fingers crossed.

    • Katie


    • No reason to be PO'ed sir 😛
      Your patience will pay off!

  • Any news on what the changes will be? I running JRummy's latest build.

  • Igstone2

    not really concerned about this cause im rooted froyo, question though. I was thinking about downloading the new jrummy, does anyone know if it fixed the tethering issue? jw

  • Mando

    Now I really need someones help to bring me up to speed. I need to go back to my moto droid, I miss all the sweet rooted things I could do that I cant do on the incredible. I purchased the incredible when it first came out but didnt know if it was going to be better than my moto droid. Now my moto droid isnt on the latest rom so I need someone to help me install froyo on it. Im willing to compensate you for your time and effort. thank you

    • brando56894

      its pretty simple, if youve rooted your moto droid before all you have to do is root it again and install a froyo rom just as you would any other rom.

      • Mando

        I saw the video how someone rooted their incredible but the instructions arent very clear. I was waiting for kellex to make his own vid but I dont know if he did or not. Do you or know anybody that can talk me through it?

    • its simple is it rooted or not? and this will go faster if you email me on facebook

  • Now they need to get hot and get it to the incredible….

  • Earle Rylander

    As someone who is too afraid to root my phone, I'm very excited about this.

    • tbaybe

      same here!

    • brando56894

      dont be skurrrd! lol I dont see why people are so afraid of rooting theres about a <5% chance that you'll brick your phone. It may take awhile to get used to how everything works and what works best for you but after a decent amount of time you'll know what your phone likes and what it doesnt.

  • Michael_NM

    07/13/10: Add those numbers.. 30. I think that's number of days after July 13th we'll have to wait for our OTA. However, I hope I'm wrong. 🙂

  • I think the only people that will find this rumor exciting are those that are still running stock. For the rest of us, we're already running Froyo.

    • Obviously that means the vast majority of Droid owners are interested in this news.

      • jaredlovesgingerbread

        thats actually not very obvious at all… seeing as how a giant community has been formed to show people in laymans terms how to acheive root, how to download & flash custom roms, how to download new & innovative applications, sometimes free… it kind of makes me laugh when i hear people say eww im too scared to root my phone. well if youre scared, then simply do the research.. put in the time, enlighten yourself… gain a knowledge of what root access means… and then you will realize that there was no reason to be scared in the first place. If you can read your ACSs, then you can root your phone. not only is it easy, but its fun, especially when you have access to downloading thousands of different themes to your phone for free!! who wouldnt wantto have software updates before they come out, wireless tether, overclock ur processor to make it 3x faster, flash player up & running… to name a couple. dont automatically assume that rooting is a bad thing… its just like putting an aftermarket exhaust or a cold air induction on your car, to modify it that way it will perform the way youd desire 🙂

        • Dillinger

          Okay, I'll bite. Where the hell is the giant community who will teach me how to root? All the sites I've visited are frequented by seemingly all developers or teens using terms completely unfamiliar to all of us just jumping into this. Give me a site, please, that will walk us through. Don't forget, as soon as we can navigate this learning curve, we newbies just might be able to contribute some great ideas or innovations. Have some patience and give us a hand up.

          • Mrpicolas

            Look under root and unlock on this site it will walk you through step by step there are even videos to help you out and lastly ask questions many here can help

  • k1ng617

    Great news for non rooted Droid owners, but I am already very happy w/ my 84B update from a few days ago and just finally have it set back up perfectly. I think I might just stick with that unless there is a really compelling reason not to.

  • EggoEspada

    I wouldn't be surprised if we did, they seem to be working hard on this. They had test builds out as soon as Nexus One's official update came.

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