Site Reminder Time…

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Before we head into a long weekend, it felt like a great time to remind the readers of this site that we hope you can continue to do your best to follow some simple rules that will create the best reading experience for everyone.  With the Droid franchise as popular as ever, this site is definitely reaping the benefits, but sometimes with success, comes some negativity that isn’t always easy to push aside.  However, with the continued support of all of you, we can make this happen for a long, long time.

So here we go!  Three quick ones…

  1. Conversations – This site grew up really fast because of the positive reader conversations that took place almost from day 1.  We want to keep it that way.  We’ve been seeing more and more flaming going on lately and ask that it stop immediately.  Let’s continue to keep this baby clean, light and fun.  There are some great personalities out there, and we want those to shine, just do it in a PG13 manner.
  2. Using the “Flag” link – We’ll continue to do our best to remove spam, trolls, and flaming from the comments, but with many posts seeing well over 100 comments these days, we need your help.  If you ever see something that includes excessive swearing, flaming or simply makes you uncomfortable, feel free to hit the little “Flag” link.
  3. ModeratorsUpdate: Requests to be a moderator have closed.  Thanks for applying!  We won’t be able to respond to everyone as we received a mass amount of requests. Thanks again.

Thanks for your help everyone!  We couldn’t do this without all of you.


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