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Download: Flash 10.1 Beta 3 for Motorola Droid

The newest version of the Flash 10.1 beta was released today as build V10.1.72.7 and as you may have guessed, is not available to Motorola Droid users in the market like it is for the Nexus One.  Luckily for us, we have an amazing developer community who uploads just about everything needed to fulfill our dreams.

Haven’t seen a changelog just yet, but we are getting word that switching your phone from portrait to landscape while watching something in Flash works seamlessly and it also loads website and Flash material separately.

Obviously you need to be on Froyo for this to work.  (Guide to rooting and installing Froyo.)

Download: com.adobe.flashplayer-1.apk


1.  Download the apk to your SD card.
2.  Open the app when it finishes, select “upgrade” and let it work its magic.
3.  Enjoy!

Please thank the guys at XDA again for providing the apk.

And drop your thoughts on this new version in the comments.  Is it better?  Worse?  Tricks?  New sites working?

Source: XDA Forums

Cheers scrizzo!

  • Tonicfeline

    I miss the bunnies

  • Minorux90

    I think I installed it wrong, because I tried to install the app but it blocked me off from installing it (Moto. Droid)

  • PinchingScreens

    This is great but I uninstalled since it messed up my pinch-zoom/scrolling. Trying to scroll with 1 finger would cause a pinch-zoom (very annoying). Otherwise awesome.

  • Bonhomie

    Just installed Flash, it's very simple really. Here are the steps

    1) Download the file TO YOUR COMPUTER from the link above
    2) Transfer the file from the computer to phone via DropBox or just good old-fashioned USB
    3) Find the file on your phone using Astro File Manager or some other file manager app
    3) Select the file and choose “install” (you may have to enable “install apps not downloaded from android market”)
    4) ????
    5) Profit

  • kmg

    oh how fine is this? this apk just made the droid SOOOO much more useful. how did we live without flash on the phone until now? seriously.
    thank you guys for this. got my 2.2 this morning. now this. great day indeed.

  • Candyrossy99

    I need more instructions to download this. I am doing exactly as you say but I can seem to get it to load

  • Jazzchiq

    My Droid received its 2.2 update the other day, so I decided to install the FlashPlayer-1.apk. I followed the instructions. The app is “installed”, but I find no icon for it. When I go to the app manager to launch it, I received a message “Activity Not Found – com.adobe.flashplayer.

  • rachel

    works great thank you just got my update today and couldnt wait to use the flash

  • Just installed after a LONG day of learning to root, unroot, install roms… themes.. power+X button, fix EZ Root screw ups… reinstall backed up apps… oh yeah, backup apps with astro. What a day… but my phone is rooted… my Android is Froyo and my 30 second bunnies run on my phone. Which is funny… because 30 second bunnies announced today that they are not making anymore productions. ha

    Thanks to CheeseMcGee for getting me started and Tim for all the help getting me set with a rom… twice!

    • Tonicfeline

      I miss the bunnies

  • Lucky4sav

    Thats awesome they released flash player just uploaded it and it works amazingly. My question is when it's officially released for the droid in marketplace. Is the official version gonna be able to occupy the full screen and run flawlessly like mpeg videos or like the videos you would watch on the youtube app.? With the ability to rewind or fast forward, etc?

  • Overdrivemotors

    Works great. thank you so much nerds!!!

  • Ford5pt0

    look like a dead thread, but i'll try anyways. I download the flash player on my phone, try viewing espn videos and get nothing, any suggestions?

  • Igotabelly85

    when i hit launch it says no activity found

  • Fstyleboard

    if you cant download from this url then go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=

  • Lildabo

    you need astro file manager, put this in a new file you made, then open astro on your phone, find the file and download

  • Cdhoward32

    i drag flashplayer to the sd card what do i do next

  • Stsmt

    You guys ROCK!

    Moto Droid
    Petes BB

  • MDD1031

    Im new to rooting, just did it about an hour ago following the tutorial from this site. Im kind of confused on how to do this, any help would be appreciated.

  • sonic03venom

    I just rooted this week an MAN!! I wish I did this sooner…. Froyo rules on my Droid!

  • D4L (droid 4 life)

    thank you !!!!!!! this is what i have been waiting for. Still a little choppy , but we are getting closer…
    A couple of more updates and we are in there…. Maybe i am pushing it a little too much…, maybe i should just wait for the original 2.2 update to hit…and maybe i should stop cheating on my wife..LOL..

  • Austin

    You can't download this from your phone, correct? Why use megaupload if it stops you from dling directly from phone? I really don't feel like finding my cord to transfer the APK. I guess I'm going to download this APK and upload to my own webspace so I can install…ugh

  • Alex

    I keep getting a message saying. Parse Error – There was a problem parsing the package? Never works PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help!!

  • Bk1

    Anyone know if you can change the defaul for webpages to always open in full instead of the mobile versions. Rooted, Droid BB 0.4. Froyo

  • When I go to a website with Flash content after installing this the page won't scroll. I'm I alone in this boat?

  • Cazdesign

    How do you open the file from the SD card?????

  • Larryboyce

    So I rooted my 2.1 Droid. I installed Froyo. I installed this Flashplayer, but I have yet to be able to play a flash video. Still says “Cannot play video Sorry, this video cannot be played”

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • Aaronhilo

    anyone elses download stuck at 1.9 mb on megaupload?

  • otter34

    took about 4 minutes to “load the skin” on espn around the horn podcast, then my phone shutoff before I saw anything. So far, no good

  • if u add me to dropbox i will share all my files i download and installed on my device


  • djenks24

    Still kind of bummed out that alot of flash websites are blocking the Android system. I changed the UI setting and I know its a legality thing but….guess I thought I would have my desktop in the palm of my hand:)

  • otter34

    Is the only way to download this to my sd card by mounting my droid? I long press on the link on my droid and I don't have an option to save it there. Also I read another post or 2 that megadownload.com had a virus so now I'm a bit worried

  • ggggg Blurryfingazn

    I downloaded the apk file and installed it but the open app option was dead and so I couldn't open it. Any suggestions? By the way. I'm using kangorade. Does flash work on that?

  • misterw

    Kellex thank you for Droid-Life! I check your site at least ten times a day from my moto droid and have been for a long, long time. I have a big dilema and need a bit of advice. I am currently running BB 1.1 with nextheme, ADW launcher and I LOVE IT! Yet I have been really wanting to try FROYO. But according to the posts all over droid life people seem to be having three major issues, any one of which is a froyo deal breaker for me.
    Market problems (cant see the apps!)
    Google navigation problems (its missing and in some cases maps is gone too!)
    and Flash problems (without this I am not sure it is even worth going to FROYO yet)
    It has been a while since you have done a video and I think now more than ever may be the time to put something together! It would be AWESOME to have an all inclusive video of going from rooted 2.1 to 2.2 with all the best fixes to all of the froyo issues. I would just wipe data and cache and flash 2.2 (BB 0.2.1) but I am hearing people on here who have issues even restoring their backups after a froyo flash gone wrong! Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?

  • Almighty1

    works fine with fancast, hulu still has it blocked.

  • Krimsongraphix

    Any word on when Verizon is going to officially release Froyo? I still have concerns on Rooting my Motorola Droid.

    • If I were you I would just jump in and do it

    • Flyinion

      Rooting is the easy part. Choosing a ROM/theme is another matter entirely 😀 lol

    • otter34

      I rooted mine about 5 hours ago. After a few weeks of deliberation I figured what the heck? kellex said that it's better to root now than wait for 2.2 where it might not be possible. I started out slowly so I'm “only” running around 850Mhz according to quadrant whereas before I was at 400ish. I'm so happy at how much faster it's running and I haven't even started playing w/ things yet. Everything was bogging down and I got sick of it.

      I'm getting used to new things, but it's soooo much faster that I already love it. It's an easy process if you follow the directions and DON'T change your update to update.zip!! Just make it update and windows takes care of the rest. Your phone looks the same as it did before and it works better

      Now, w/ that said there are some bugs I'm running into w/ the beast v 2.1 like the market not loading, but I know there is a fix for that someplace.

      What are your concerns? Maybe I can help ease your mind because my palms were sweating when I was flashing sprecovery and when I made one other dumb mistake I was worried, but thank you so much Tim for coming to the rescue.

  • Btpetrina

    most of the stuff works with this beta 3 but on espn I would say that about half the videos work. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Corenojc

      none of them work for me but its only espn

  • Tom

    BTW…. A thought just occurred to me. Who remembers that Palm Pre vs Droid thing… Didn't those users say that the Pre was going to get flash first? What ever happened to that…? Android is now on its 3rd beta, and I haven't even seen one for the pre…. Android wins again?

  • Beta 3 works amazingly!!!
    I'm watching southparkstudios.com right now on my droid and its perfect. im watching the desktop version of the site over wifi and im OC to 1100Mhz using the dolphin hd browser. Even the full screen works adobe is really going to stick it to apple with this. After 13min of watching the tiger woods episode the CPU is at 107.6 degrees F and the droid is warm next to the usb port but that is to be expected. Thank you adobe and thank you droid-life.com

  • Tom

    All I know is that I can play Unicorn Robot Attack on Adultswim.com. And I don't need to pay $2.99 to do it.

    I'll continue searching and testing….

  • Austin

    Kellex, I am under the impression google sites has unlimited bandwidth just like megaupload.. correct me if I'm wrong

    Megaupload sucks with their crap image verification and wait line

    • Flyinion

      Not to mention ESET popping up with trojan/virus alerts for the ads every other time I go there 🙁

    • djspikezz

      yeah megaupload sucks

  • Mark

    Hey everyone. I have not been able to download the flash beta. I am running Jrummys new Froyo Rom. Anyone have any idea why? It says theres a Parse error. There is a problem parsing the package? Everytime i try and download

    • Lee

      I also am using JRummys Froyo Rom and I don't have any problems. I downloaded it and installed with no problems.

  • Jeff99

    Hey guys i tried downloading this and have the unknown apps box checked and i am rooted with petes bb v0.2.1 but for some reason when i have been trying to download things off the internet to my phone be it themes or the adobe flash beta 3 it keeps say that it is no compatible with my device prior to the download…is that just something people are getting on petes latest rom or am i messing up somewhere….

    • Jeff99

      okay i used dropbox and downloaded it from there no issue so it just mmust be a bug right now to download straight from the phone

  • I was Froyo'd with root 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't figure out how to install Flash and get it working. This apk finally got Flash on my Droid. I just copied it to the SD card and used ASTRO to open it. Installed no problem and I tested it out on the Verizon site, at the Droid X flash page.

  • Ksmckay

    anyone tried watching fox on demand videos? I can watch them but once they get to a commercial break they get stuck.

    • Tom

      Which rom are you using? Some roms block ads and that interferes with playing content like that

      • Ksmckay

        yeah i tried unblocking ads but that made it worse b/c then the ads interfered with everything. Ads didnt seem to work right and covered the whole screen. so whether that fixed the problem I dont know.

        • Tom

          I'm going to try and get back to you

  • Off topic and I'm sorry for that, but does anyone know what ROM that is in the screenshot? I've been trying to find a pink themed ROM for the wife and I'm striking out so far. Also, thanks to Kellex once again for being the first to bring the awesome details for us to munch on.

    • Ksmckay

      JRummy, pink-life. check out page 3 of droid-life and its right htere.

    • nkhex19

      That is JRummy's Kangerade Pink Lemonade (Pink-Life). Its in Rom Manager Premium. Kellex also posted this ROM a few days ago I believe.

    • Jbstutes

      jrummy froy kangrade v1.0

  • These megauploads downloads never work for my on my phone, at least not using the native browser. Is there a way I can send the file directly to my phone using chrome to phone?

    • I actually use dropbox to install these apps and it is great 🙂

      • Tkimball00

        hell yeah dropbox is so much easier!

    • jrdaepi

      It worked fine for me using xscope

  • Mine never asked to replace or update it, is that a problem?

    • Chris Nimon

      only if flash still doesnt work

      • It works, i just don't know if it is update or not lol, doesn't matter i guess since it works great already!

      • Bren

        Mine didn’t allow me to update or open flash after installing it… but I then when to SouthParkStudios.com and it’s working.

        How will we get updates to this in the future?

  • Dito_Muertez

    I'm know i'm not the first to say it, but chrome to phone is freakin awesome…

    • Anyone else peep that some folks got Flash workin' on the EVO and Incredible unrooted on 2.1? It sounds like it's hit or miss.

  • MegaFishSticks

    Does anyone know if Froyo is going to have screen shot capabilities and flash? Also is there any idea as to when Froyo is going to be available to non-rooted droiders?


    • Lee

      Maybe you guys will get it in a few months or so.

  • Nam

    Tim-o-tato: What is the messaging widget in your left most homescreen here? http://i48.tinypic.com/rsbmtx.png

    • Oooo, that's not my homescreen.
      I was actually replying to the author
      because I <3 his Beautiful Widgets skin lol
      Let me research…brb

    • that looks like chomp sms….its in the market

      • beat me to it!

        • I used the power of my Almighty Droid to beat The Legendary Tim-O-Tato lol

          • Chris Nimon

            immoveable object vs. irresistable force?

          • The ladies say irresistible 😛

          • Chris Nimon

            my wife calls me impossible.

      • Nam

        Thanks guys…

    • AH HA!!!
      It is ChompSMS

  • schmaltzy

    Is anyone else's really choppy? I went to a site that shows live coverage of the World Cup and it's like watching a bad webcam, really choppy. I've seen a couple video sites and it's the same thing. Is it just mine?

    • Bren

      Yep. Southparkstudios.com videos will play, but video seems to not play all of the frames.

  • TheAndroidArtist

    yesss!!! finally ! check out my blog of photography all taken with the motorola droid mophomovementDOTcom

  • Hell yeah mexico won!

  • Chris Nimon

    man I love this chrome to phone app. it makes these things soooo much easier.

    • Oh my lord yes!

      • Chris Nimon

        hey, I got you a present to use in future posts

        • THANX! Freakin' trolls…lol

          • kellex

            Haha +1 for sure on that.

          • brain550

            Been trying to use download link, keeps stopping half way through download, any other links I can try?

    • jrdaepi

      I was just about to comment about using chrome to phone for the first time and loving it and sure enough the first post is exactly that already.

    • Lisnakeli

      what does it do exactly? im a little confused haha

      • Chris Nimon

        It puts a little cellphone next to your search bar on your computer. then what ever page you are on gets sent directly to your phone. great for downloading all kinds of stuff. apps, pictures, news stories, etc.

    • Crap I forgot to use it!

    • Crap I forgot to use it!

  • I have noticed more intrusive ads so far.
    Like when I'm on Yahoos home page, or SouthParkStudios.
    The ads that take over your WHOLE screen! I hate that!

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Sweet! Can't wait to try it!

    • ohiobuckeye7

      It seems to handle videos on msnbc.com pretty well.

  • jonathaN

    Can someone tell me if I need the older 10.1 installed first?

    • Paul E.

      That's my question as well.

    • You can always just try it out yourself and let the people know 🙂

      • Paul E.

        Well that's the LOGICAL thing to do… 😛 I want someone to TELL me what to do. LOL.

      • Paul E.

        A question… so if I go to say, espn.go.com, and click on the video there.. it doesn't play it within the browser, but it does open the video player (not the You Tube app) and play it in there. Is that what it's supposed to do, or did I install it incorrectly?

        • Corenojc

          Ive had all 3 versions. ESPN.com stuff played until i downloaded the ad-free app and now it wont, even if i delete ad-free. Someone know what I can do?

    • Chris Nimon

      I dont think you do, when installing it says it will REPLACE, not update, the previous application.

    • jonathaN

      Alright I tried installing without prior versions of flash. It worked fine and is running good. Thanks for the help guys.

  • It helped me put more videos onto full screen so that is a plus!

  • aarynk

    Running better than V2 on my Droid!!

  • root4life

    dam u tim. love flash

    Thanks Kellex!!!

    p.s. im slaughtering lolzz

    • root4life

      tim u runnin the latest bb rom?

      • Nooope. Running JRummys still.
        I'll probably mosey my way back to BB over the weekend.
        My week has been busy 😛

        How abouts you??

        • root4life

          im still on the froyo due to all the issues ive been seein on here but im dyin to see pics of the new bb

          • Ohhh, issues come and go.
            You can head over to forums to see peoples
            pics of the new BB V.0.2.1
            Enjoy! lol


          • root4life

            thanx bro

          • No problem. I always see a bunch of awesome widgets and stuff I like over there.
            Great forum. And I am usually a forum H8er lol

          • schmaltzy

            Tim – I saw some of the widgets that “MAD450r” (the guys with the superman background) has on his phone from the from the first page of the link you posted. Any help with some of those? I would like some of them! The one with the volume settings for the different things (alarm, system, voice, etc.) I've never seen. Any idea what that is?

          • That guy is a Metamorph freak.
            Here is a link to ALL the posts he has done.
            You will find what you seek in there 🙂


          • schmaltzy

            Your link didn't take me anywhere…. I got a “Sorry – no matches. Please try some different terms. “

          • Oh sorry, you need to be signed in for that to work.
            I would recommend registering or signing in to that site to really get
            all the info you want.
            Its a great site. Not as good as Droid-Life though…lolz

          • Hell yeah…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green status bars!!! I do miss not needing setcpu though…

          • aczm1988

            Do you know what the battery widget is called on this site at the top that the guy has running. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/bugless/43676-

          • Nope sorry.
            Battery Widgets are a waste of life lol

        • aarynk

          Loving the new Kangerade… that with ChevyNo1 kernel. Fastest FroYo ROM IMO yet

          • Yea, usually JRum never interested me, but this thing is pretty damn fast 😛

          • Flyinion

            Still running it? Thought you were having gmail/sync issues? Still no froyo for me, got spooked after reading too many comments where it seems like every Froyo ROM is having issues with maps/gps/nav. I'm leaving on a road trip next week and so maps/gps/nav is a must have.

          • I was able to fix the Gmail. Just cleared data.
            Annnnd, I have had no troubles with GPS or Nav so far 🙂
            Make a backup, and try it out lol
            You got nothing to lose

          • Flyinion

            lol ok will do. Yeah I'll definitely be clearing data/cache since I'm coming from 2.1 anyway.