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Download: Flash 10.1 Beta 3 for Motorola Droid

The newest version of the Flash 10.1 beta was released today as build V10.1.72.7 and as you may have guessed, is not available to Motorola Droid users in the market like it is for the Nexus One.  Luckily for us, we have an amazing developer community who uploads just about everything needed to fulfill our dreams.

Haven’t seen a changelog just yet, but we are getting word that switching your phone from portrait to landscape while watching something in Flash works seamlessly and it also loads website and Flash material separately.

Obviously you need to be on Froyo for this to work.  (Guide to rooting and installing Froyo.)

Download: com.adobe.flashplayer-1.apk


1.  Download the apk to your SD card.
2.  Open the app when it finishes, select “upgrade” and let it work its magic.
3.  Enjoy!

Please thank the guys at XDA again for providing the apk.

And drop your thoughts on this new version in the comments.  Is it better?  Worse?  Tricks?  New sites working?

Source: XDA Forums

Cheers scrizzo!

  • Tonicfeline

    I miss the bunnies

  • Minorux90

    I think I installed it wrong, because I tried to install the app but it blocked me off from installing it (Moto. Droid)

  • PinchingScreens

    This is great but I uninstalled since it messed up my pinch-zoom/scrolling. Trying to scroll with 1 finger would cause a pinch-zoom (very annoying). Otherwise awesome.

  • Bonhomie

    Just installed Flash, it's very simple really. Here are the steps

    1) Download the file TO YOUR COMPUTER from the link above
    2) Transfer the file from the computer to phone via DropBox or just good old-fashioned USB
    3) Find the file on your phone using Astro File Manager or some other file manager app
    3) Select the file and choose “install” (you may have to enable “install apps not downloaded from android market”)
    4) ????
    5) Profit

  • kmg

    oh how fine is this? this apk just made the droid SOOOO much more useful. how did we live without flash on the phone until now? seriously.
    thank you guys for this. got my 2.2 this morning. now this. great day indeed.

  • Candyrossy99

    I need more instructions to download this. I am doing exactly as you say but I can seem to get it to load

  • Jazzchiq

    My Droid received its 2.2 update the other day, so I decided to install the FlashPlayer-1.apk. I followed the instructions. The app is “installed”, but I find no icon for it. When I go to the app manager to launch it, I received a message “Activity Not Found – com.adobe.flashplayer.

  • rachel

    works great thank you just got my update today and couldnt wait to use the flash

  • Just installed after a LONG day of learning to root, unroot, install roms… themes.. power+X button, fix EZ Root screw ups… reinstall backed up apps… oh yeah, backup apps with astro. What a day… but my phone is rooted… my Android is Froyo and my 30 second bunnies run on my phone. Which is funny… because 30 second bunnies announced today that they are not making anymore productions. ha

    Thanks to CheeseMcGee for getting me started and Tim for all the help getting me set with a rom… twice!

    • Tonicfeline

      I miss the bunnies

  • Lucky4sav

    Thats awesome they released flash player just uploaded it and it works amazingly. My question is when it's officially released for the droid in marketplace. Is the official version gonna be able to occupy the full screen and run flawlessly like mpeg videos or like the videos you would watch on the youtube app.? With the ability to rewind or fast forward, etc?

  • Overdrivemotors

    Works great. thank you so much nerds!!!