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Droid Xtreme Officially Becomes Droid X?

How many times is this damn device going to change names?  The guys over at Phandroid just got a hold of some shots from what appears to be a Verizon marketing system.  The shots all clearly state that our pal the Droid Xtreme, is actually the Droid X by Motorola.

From the shots below you’ll see a couple of interesting tidbits…

  • 4.3″ screen. NOT 4.1″.  (Just like we said.)
  • Browser type “Safari.”  Huh?  Is that a type-o?


And head over to Phandroid to see the rest of the shots.

  • DroidDude

    How does Droid X compare to Droid Incredible?

  • DroidDude

    How does Droid X compare to Droid Incredible?

  • Tazenman

    Definately Droid2. I love having a physical keyboard because of my big fingers!



  • WhereIsTony

    “I know I sound like a broken record on this, but I really don't think they will ever release a phone with the name Droid 2”

  • This should have been the Droid 2 specs, don't know why MOTO did this to the beloved Droid.

  • noob
    • It's for markets outside of the United States.

  • Chris Nimon

    JRUMMY KANGERADE test 5. up to 7 screens, APP DRAWER – up to 6 x 6 in portrait mode, 8 x 5 in landscape mode, vertical or horizontal scrolling, change background color. customize your desktop, way too many possibilities to list here. (I reinstalled chaos black ice over it)

  • JCarroll

    So wait… does this mean that this device does NOT have an SD card slot?
    Now that I think about it there hasn't been a sign of one in any of the pictures unless its on the top, bottom, or behind the battery.

  • guest
  • Anilraj420

    i just got the droid incredibule lancher with the pinch zoom out screen thing heres the link

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey Kellex, I must agree with the majority of the comments. The Droid 2 needs that 2Ghz, front facing camera with all the bells and whistles. This is the device that launched it all for Android and put Motorla back on the map. C'MON MOTOROLA. Do the Droid JUSTICE!!!

  • Kosmoskid

    Someone may have already said this but the browsers that Android devices use is based on Webkit which is developed by Apple (hence the Safari reference.) It is a mistake to call it Safari though because Nokia, RIM, Google, and Apple work together to enhance Webkit as it is an GNU software license.

  • odds are the “Safari” is a typo for WebKit 4.0 browser…..never said people internally writing these things are the brightest crayons in the box. ever see our vzlearns? *shudders*

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  • sr_erick

    Pre-ordering one of these just as soon as their available. I'm sooooo, so hoping it's a 4.3 inch display. Paaalleeeaaase!

  • EnergySurge

    The default Android browser is and has always been Safari:

    When I visit a website with my Moto Droid, this is the User-Agent field sent in the request headers:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.1-update1; en-us; Droid Build/ESE81) AppleWebKit/530.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Safari/530.17

  • Spaniard85

    I like Droid X much better than Droid Xtreme. This thing has the specs to play on the EVO 4G's and iPhone 4's level.

  • Beatyb21

    Off topic guys but seems like a dumb question to me but how the hell do u get your phone to vibrate when receiving a text message. I'm running BB FROYO

    • Duuude, open “messages” to where you see all your threads.
      Hit “options” soft key, the hit settings…
      Then go down to “vibrate”…

      BOO YAH! lol

  • EvanT

    out of all names, I deffinitly like the Droid X the best. Droid Shadow just seemed like it would be worse than the Droid for some reason (and as you can see that is not the case), and the Droid Xtreme just sounded cheesy and kind of silly. But Droid X I like. The “X” gives it power and makes it seem awesome….

    • yellowboy74

      Some people are just plain stupid. They just abbreviated Xtreme with X so it could stay centered in the column. If u go back and look at the pic again if they were to include the whole name of the phone the column would be out of alignment.

  • Safari? yeah okay! Is that how Apple plans to get ahead of the game by handing out their crappy browser?

    At this point they call it triple X but it better be worth it and better be a stepped up model not like the moto droid -2. really?? what were they thinking?

  • Delphs

    I need some advice. I have a Blackberry Curve 8330, which isn't bad by any means, but I have had it for two years now, starting in the beginning of May. So I started looking at verizon phones, and liked the Droid because it had a physical keyboard and is light-years ahead of my phone functionality-wise. But I did some research and saw it has been out for 6+ months already, so after more looking for upcoming phones I see these two phones are coming out soon, and start checking this site every day for news.

    Now, I am in a pickle. I like the Droid, and could get it for 20 dollars, but I would be locked in for two years with it. The Droid2 may come out in the next two months, and I will probably have to pay 150 dollars for it with renew every two, and it is probably only a minor upgrade. The X(treme) looks good, but I do like having a keyboard because I use the phone a lot at work.

    Would you get the Droid today, pay 130 extra for Droid2, or are there other upcoming Anroid physical qwerty phones coming up soon that may be superior?


    • EggoEspada

      The Droid is such a great device. But I'd say the Droid X is great and looking at the screenshots it has a physical keyboard. (?) But other than that the Droid 2 is a nice upgrade if you're coming from a blackberry.

      • Droid X. Does. Not. Have. Physical. Keyboard…

        • EggoEspada

          I figured as much. After everything there was nothing on the Droid X having a keyboard. But it did have a hardware change apparently and of you look at those screenshots it says. “Physical keyboard” its a little confusing…So I guess we'll have to wait to see what that's about.

    • iammebane

      i honestly think that with the size of the screen, and the possibility of swype… you will probably not miss a physical keyboard at all…. also there may be alternative keyboards that you could download now, and over time..i have a droid( and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and i rarely use the physical keyboard..

  • BeeJay

    WHEW! 4.3!! Isnt that EVO- sized??

    • Spaniard85

      Yep! I was at a Sprint store during lunch today, and 4.3 is HUGE. Makes typing sooo much easier.

  • droidrooted800mhz

    i sure hope safari was a typo

  • nkhex19

    Seems to me the specs of the “Droid X” is what everyone was expecting for the “Droid 2” I even have to admit I was hoping the Droid 2 would be the one that would get the big screen and a faster processor of the two. Wouldn't be nice if they made the Droid 2 with the 2ghz processor they mentioned??? That would be SICK!!!

  • Ray

    The droid x seems so much better then the droid 0.2 its a shame

    • nkhex19

      I totally agree. Hopefully Moto decides to make some last minute upgrades for the Droid 2.

      • Adamwaldner

        I hope they don't, cause devices should be tested in-house not us!

    • Egut125

      They have the same internals besides the .4'' larger screen and 5mp vs 8mp camera

      Its not like there is a huge difference between the two phone I'm not sure why everyone is thinking the Droid2 is a huge flop

  • Sampleattack24

    WVGA…WTF. and i was waiting for this to come out before deciding between it and the incredible.

    • Sampleattack24

      ooohhh…didnt get that amoled is still wvga like in the incredibles case. alright so ill wait for it!

  • holidayK

    think the Droid X will beat the Droid 2?

  • Qwkartist2000

    any chance of gettin that droid 2 boot animation for us kellex?

  • Qwkartist2000

    fifth lol

  • Im still pissed the droid 2 is the droid 1.5

    • Michael_NM

      Seems more like Droid 1.0.1 to me. 🙂

      • kellex

        Hah you guys. 😛

        • Falcon34

          I completely agree with you guys. I'm very disappointed with the specs. Why not a 1g processor at the very least? I don't understand releasing a phone which is supposed to be the next generation flagship smartphone for Moto and it's specs are less then the Incredible.

          Maybe it's just me but I'm confused about that one.

          • hoeh

            The processor is comparable to the 1ghz snapdragon even at its lower clock speeds and blows it out of the water in video processing. Dont be fooled, its a pretty good upgrade.

    • memnoch73

      Anyone thinking the Droid 2 may just be a Droid revamp say like the PS3 Slim?? Maybe they will discontinue the current model and the “Droid 2” may just be the newest and only version of the Droid you can buy…

      • I hope thats the case. Its too much like the original droid.

        • Fat

          It's obviously the case, they cannot have two products that similar. It's barely more than a refresh, but since the Droid is pretty darn good, a fairly quick update like this is welcome.

  • Michael_NM

    Nice to see that other sites get “some” breaking news. But the best is still heard here first!

    • kellex

      I'll even admit that we've had a pretty nice streak going lately. 🙂

      • aczm1988

        +1 Agreed

    • Michaelbrandonw

      i am actually new to reading (and hearing about droidlife) and i gotta say…. they are blowin the doors off these hot new moto devices. great job guys. youve got a new avid reader. someone over here must know some important verizon or moto people.

      • i know some important vzw AND moto people……:-)

        didn't i say it was called the Droid X or Droid Xtreme a bit ago 🙂

        anyways, Blur, or FroYo, or whatever, the Droid X is gonna be epic

  • EggoEspada

    I might get the Droid X. The Droid II is a disappointment. I love my Droid and this MIGHT be enough to make me upgrade…