Mystery Motorola Device Coming on Father’s Day?

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Sorry for the late start this morning, I’m still depressed after last night’s Blazers game. So to get the blood flowing again, I just wanted to drop some rumored Motorola devices on you that I’ve caught wind of over the last week.  And no I’m not talking about those ugly flippy covered ones that have been pictured across the blogworld.

The following info was sent to me from a new source, but one that appears to at least know what he’s talking about and also personally knows one of Motorola’s final stage engineers.  The second phone on this list, he had a chance to handle and was impressed to say the least.

While it’s tough to confirm anything without pictures, I thought I’d just drop the info on you guys and let you do with it as you please.  Who doesn’t love a good rumor or two?

Interesting stuff to say the least…

1. “Droid 2”

  • This is already in works.
  • 1gHz processor.
  • Same basic desgin as Droid 1 but BETTER keyboard.

2. Unknown name as of now (Possibly the “Shadow”)

  • 4.3″ Screen (not AMOLED)
  • 8MP Cam
  • Odd but so far not planned for 1gHz processor. This one had a 700 (or mhz)
  • Moto Blur 2.1
  • HDMI output
  • Records @ 720p
  • Physical buttons in front
  • Had physical keys (just like HD2)
  • The “camera button” (physical) is metallic red like HTC has been doing. Yes, its Verizon as it has the Verizon branding on it.
  • Its final build stages. Software still not final revision.
  • Very slick design & thin. The back is thin from bottom then when it gets towards top of phone, it bulges up to a thicker part (hard to describe)
  • To me, its the answer to HTC Evo.
  • This phone is slated for Fathers day release time frame (tentative).
  • 16GB onboard memory & 16GB expandable memory card (atleast his came with that capacity card).

Intriguing?  Anyone interested in Motoblur on 2.1?  How about a Father’s Day release?  We’ve heard the name “Shadow” before but was some odd looking Droid knockoff.  If I get any deeper details or pics, I’ll be sure to share them.  Until then, it at least gives us something to banter about.



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