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Exclusive: Motorola Droid 2 Activation Screen

Check out our latest Droid Life exclusive screenie. See anything unusually fantastic?   Motorola logo at the top.  A955 on the activation screen.  You betcha.  That looks like the Droid 2 to me baby.

And feel free to compare this to all of the Droid Xtreme shots we had last week (here and here) so you can see that they are without a doubt different devices.


  • Droid xtreme is the best droid phone to use. I have seen many reviews of this product as well and found it to be the best functioning mobile phone.

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  • is it just me, or does this look exactly like the droid 1..

  • Lookxitsxcarn3y

    The buttons are arranged differently.

  • is it just me, or does this look exactly like the droid 1..

  • Jt

    Should I get the droid or wait for the droid 2 to come out??

  • bosco

    So when is Motorola going to release these phones? What are they waiting for? Right now if I want an up to date Android phone I have to wait three weeks for a HTC Incredible. Can't Motorola get these in to Verizon stores now? Or is Verizon trying to unload their current stock of 7 month old Droids?

    What gives?

  • Shutech

    This is lookin great.

    Ok I have the Droid1 brother has env2 and it is starting to crap out.

    Don't know if we should keep waiting for the Droid2 or go with the Droid 1 for him.

    I don't follow releases too much but I did with the Droid 1 and there was a release date out for it way ahead of it.

    So my question is this?

    What do people think will Verizon/Motorola do a release of the release date or just one day release the phone and that is it? Besides the Droid1 what has Verizon/Motorola done with the other Androids lately as far as the release goes?

    If I think they will give the heads up first and a release date on this phone that I think I will go for the Droid1 as the Env2 is shutting down on him like crazy and he needs to get another quick?

  • picaso86

    does it look like a bigger screen from Droid 1?

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  • Chris Nimon

    as far as that chrome edge goes, I think any case is gonna cover that up.

  • Bas

    That phone looks very similar to the droid prototype (sholes). I think it is actualy the sholes. Picture of the sholes: http://v2lab.com/theory/wp-content/uploads/2009

    • Lookxitsxcarn3y

      The buttons are arranged differently.

  • Ulf

    Can anyone confirm that this will have hardware querty and 8mp camera? Why dont you offer an exclusive shot with keyboard open? 😀

  • John

    Is that a chin I see at the far right of the picture? -.- I thought there wasn't gonna he a chin

  • Chris Nimon
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  • uly

    Its the droid’s sexier younger sister. Slightly rounded corners, shiny silver shell, and bigger screen? wow!

    if it runs vanilla on a “snapdragon fast” processor then i am totally sold and will no longer be jealous of tmo for getting the galaxy S.

  • How are you able to tell that this is a droid 2? It looks just like a milestone to me.

  • the truth

    WTF?? why does the extreme have a bigger size screen then the droid 2?which ones gonna be the flagship device and which ones gonna be the secondary,

    • Steve

      It's the Xtreme, man, not extreme. Think 1998 and Mountain Dew or something else a decade old.

  • Can Motorola compete with iPhone with this Droid?

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  • neednewfone

    Motorola better release this phone quick before everyone gets sick of it. Teasing only is effective for so long.

  • Jgrey2003

    Physical keyboard or vitual?? 🙂

  • I am also a XX fan who really like this! I also like XX, and purchase lots of it every time,
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    like-minded friends can have a look ,we can communicate by the way~~

  • Someone with knowledge

    Well… MAYBE I`ve seem one of those. …unfortunately I cannot give more details! Lets just say that a mix between what scrizzo and EC8CH said would be a good description of the device… Wait and see for yourself!

  • droidaholic

    off topic but i was wondering if anybody could help. i purchased rom manager but it wont install.. its really frustrating because all i have is the free version with just cyanogen and i want the rest.

  • Sean

    The back/menu/home/search buttons at the bottom of the phone look like Droid 1. The other Droid 2 picture has different looking buttons….

  • NIkoB

    I love how i see this then maybe 3 hours later it pops up on cnet (: I LOVE DROID LIFE!!!

  • palomosan

    Nice, I'm pretty sure it'll have everything that we want on it.

  • One thing's for sure. We need to find out who these people are taking the exclusive sneak peek pics of these phones so we can tell them to use a better camera, take shots that are not so tight and quite frankly take more and release more. I want to see the whole phone but from what it seems they are helping Verizon to keep the everything about the phone other than the look a tight closely guarded secret.

  • mike

    so which should i buy??
    droid 2 or droid Xtreme

    • aczm1988


  • aczm1988

    New *drop theme* for the new froyo that everyone just got. Should work for other froyo but i havent tried it.

    Download and put into a folder on sdcard. The go into clockworkmod recovery and choose instal zip from sdcard. Navigate to the theme and install it.

    Just so you know it will take AGES to boot to the point where you want to pull the battery. DONT it will go as much as i wanted to pull out the battery.

    Same drop theme style if you used the other one for 2.1

  • Kriven4437

    anyone having problems downloading from the market?

  • EggoEspada

    Such a tease man… 🙁

  • brendan

    After this picture I'm leaning more towards the extreme it looks exactly like the first Droid now if the Droid 2 had a dualcore snapdragon 1.5ghz processor I could deal with the looks

    • EggoEspada

      Nah… OMAP4 would be a beast, 🙂

      • brendan

        ya i was trying to remember that name but the best processor i could come up with was snapdragon dual core

  • New Pics from MobileBurn.com that Motorola released of the MOTOROLA II called MILESTONE XT720 with Android 2.1 and 8 megapix camera http:/bit.ly/aQ67zA. I am sooo disappointed the Qwerty Keyboard is gone they have went with the virtual Keyboard I really thought I had a chance at a quality Droid with great specs. And I'm kinda sure that the next droid being released will also have a virtual keyboard. What about physical keyboard users? I will probably have to stay with my BB if I don't try the LG Ally. Unbelievable so many iphone clones.

    • kellex

      That is the Milestone 2 which is in Europe only. The picture above is the real Droid 2 and definitely has a keyboard.

      • Thanks sooo much when they refered it to the Droid 1 on VZ I was confused and thought it was Droid 2. I am happy again. As long as the keyboard stays I guess I will become a Droidian lol. Do you know if this one will also have the 8mp camera? Kinda new at the droids I'm reading your blog but not sure which droid has the 8mp.

  • jay

    If it doesn't have a front facing camera ill keep my 600 bucks lol. They HAVE to release this baby when the iPhone comes out.

  • Chris Nimon

    Droid Pro? 4th quarter? imagine that, about the same time as my next upgrade. 🙂

  • jason w.s.

    And this my friends, is exactly why i didnt jump on the “Incredible Bandwagon”….I will own this phone, THE DAY it comes out 😉

  • DD

    If it's anything like the new Milestone they are releasing in the UK I hope it doesn't have MOTOBLUR on it…..but love the Xenon flash

  • andrew401

    OOOOOOOOO BOY TIME TO SELL MY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! ( especially since i doubt it's ever going to get rooted )

  • spyderman

    Planning on rooting tomorrow… is there anyone that would be willing to assist via Facebook chat?

  • snafu009

    Looks a lot like the current Moto Droid which, IMHO, is fantastic. I have absolutely no complaint with the physical design of the current Droid but really look forward to an updated processor (and minor keyboard revamp). Just please let it continue to be made out of metal and Gorilla glass, the perfect combo!

    • aczm1988

      +1 Agreed

  • Ace Z.

    This is/was the moment I've been waiting for since receiving the first DROID. I can't wait for it to once again destroy the iPhone. Kellex…man…I love you bro lol. I wished you lived in New York damn I would be treating you like P.Diddy. Thanks for the Froyo too, forgot to thank you its running perfect on my phone. Thanks for everything bro…I know I haven't been commenting a lot, but I'm always on this site on a daily basis. Does anybody know when approximately this bad boy is coming out?

  • EC8CH

    I swear that pic is getting blurrier each time a look at it.

  • evaD

    Looks like the same styling as the Motoroi, minus the “camera bump” thing. Looks like its also running the same Android 2.something/MotoBlur/NinjaBlur/Watever that the Xtreme has (same notification bar at the top, same styling in the touch-sensitive buttons at the bottom ie. the one on the left is the 4 square design).

    Also betting on a 4.something inch screen, due to the relation in size of the screen to the size of the design on the touch buttons on the bottom row.

    This is pure speculation, of course…

    • EC8CH

      If the Droid2 doesn't have vanilla android, I'll eat my Droid1.

      • evaD

        I'd prefer it as well. I've never actually used a device that has motoblur – is it really as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

        I also saw people saying that motoblur can be turned off somehow. If you do so, are you left with regular Android?

    • Russ

      no, no motoblur! We need to start a “Tell Moto their hardware is enough. Say No To Motoblur, because we are just going to replace it with Launcher Pro anyway” campaign.

  • gregk

    Droid2, droid x, now droid pro! Man with all these phones coming out every 3 months I don't know which to choose! Its going to come down to specs. tough case and gorilla glass best cpu ect, ect.

  • Jamerson90

    aww. it has motorola's new menu button. I like the one on the droid 🙁

    • EC8CH

      How in the hell are you able to make that out? It's under the watermark on top of being blurred to no end.

  • greg

    Does this have the gorilla glass?

  • k-man

    Those of you that's want a front facing camara on the Motorola Droid should wait for the Motorola Droid pro that is supposedly coming out q4. If you want to see the specs of the pro check out this sight on droid fourms.
    Here iis the link http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-general-

    • preston

      damn that phone sounds pretty sweet.i wouldnt mind waiting for that

      • K-man

        Ya you should join that thred we get some of the info instantly after it gets leaked.

    • Damn, that phone sounds EPIC! lol

    • Those are the same specs as the rumored HTC Scorpion. Also, moto doesn't use qualcom processors. I smell BS! …………………………………T

  • EC8CH

    Droids should be black… if you want another color, go buy a girlie rubber case.

  • Droidhax….come one Kellex, can you transparent that watermark just a tiny bit more 🙂
    You're blocking my shot lol

  • anilraj420

    whats the point of buying this ima wate for droid 3 when theres a front faceing camera

    • rals

      Exactly, on top I'm not forking any money over for a phone unless I get contract pricing or better. I'll stick with my phone for now!

  • EC8CH

    Hard to tell in that pic, but I've heard rumors that the body is changing from black to some gaudy shiny chrome monstrosity. Hope that isn't true, and I find it hard to believe seeing as how all Verizon's Droids are black.

    • Tony

      It does appear to have a silver/chrome rim around the outside. Not sure I like it.

      • squirt8500

        I think that the droid 1 had that when it was in the production phase too soo maybe it will change

      • That's just its angelic aura as it descends from heaven.

  • DoubleVision81

    Sigh, I wish I hadn't just bought my Droid back in March, it's definitely no where near my 2 year upgrade terms to be able to get the Droid 2.

    • Todd

      Same boat here 🙁

  • nkhex19

    I'm glad they stuck to the look of the original. Can't wait to find out the specs on it.

  • Stephen

    Random Question — Maps was not loading (froyo) and I restart it a bunch of times and it still wasn't working. deleted it, and now I cant reinstall it…Why?

  • looks like ill be getting the Xtreme at 1 year pricing, than using the wife's September upgrade and get the Droid 2.

  • briderx

    OMG! OMG! OMG!…. Not really..

  • EC8CH

    Looks blurrier than my Droid 😛

  • Jus4mee

    Will all these updates happen automatically with the Motorola Droid? U know the 2.2, the Froyo? Because someone like me would probably fry or LOCK my cell and be highly upset about it, lol

  • 1bad69z28

    I argree with with Herrick, I love my Droid to death but after playing around with the Incredible and seeing my own Droid sluggish at times, I really hope the Droid 2 will set the bar as the King of Andriod phones for atleast a year!!!!

  • Mrpicolas

    Haha I beat Tim o tato. Lol….

    • Commenting should not be a race.

      • Mrpicolas

        I know know Tim its just a joke matt

      • No, we know. But truly, it's only cool when I come in first 🙂

      • Thank you!

    • I'm just gonna stop taking lunch breaks 😛

  • scrizzo

    On howardforums a known “Verizon phone tester” did say that it looked exactly like the droid 1, just a tad bit evolved (and missing that bottom “lip”). He also mentioned that the keyboard would not have the directional pad and that it would be incorporated in the keyboard as keys. This description was made a while ago and so far this guy has been spot on. I hope he continues to be right because i think he also said that the droid 2 is a beast, spec-wise.

  • hrmm,

    I dont mind if it looks the same, but I want a serious hardware/software overall from the first droid. It feels so horribly sluggish only 8 months after release.

    • It did for me as well, until I put the 2.2 build from this morning on it. At 800MHz with 2.2, no more sluggishness. If you aren't rooted and running it already, it's definitely something to look forward to, if not enough reason to root outright.

      • hrmm, yah I'm so sick of its little glitches and slow pace I may do just that. I really have nothing to lose from the process.

        • DiGz76

          Jeremy is right. With the 2.2 and the 800Mhz overclock I haven't had any sluggishness. If you're on the fence about rooting it's completely worth it and super easy. There's a ton of people on here that will help you if you have problems. But if you just read the instructions and watch the tutorial video a couple times each you shouldn't have any problems.

          • Thanks Digz76,

            I'm gonna try it out tonight, and if I have any troubles I'll be sure to ask around.

          • DiGz76

            Cool. After you do it your gonna ask yourself what took you so long. LOL
            The only thing that I had any troubles with when rooting was the part where he tells you to rename the file to update.zip before you place it on your sd card. He's on windows 7, I'm still on XP. With XP and I think vista too (I could be wrong) you onlyrename it as update. If you name it update.zip on XP it automatically adds another.zip to the file which then makes it update.zip.zip. In that case the phone will abort and not install. You'll see what I'm talking about in his instructions. Once I got that figured out it worked fine. Good luck and have fun!

          • well dont hate me,

            but i'm more of a mac guy, but luckily I have win 7 on bootcamp so if doing it on osx via terminal seems too hard i'll switch to that.

          • DiGz76

            No hatin from me. I'm ready to make the switch to Mac. Wont be able to do it anytime soon because my wife is pregnant and I can't justify spending the money on it right now. But I'm building my music studio and I'm sick of all the bs issues with PC's. So it will be coming when the time is right.

          • Cool cool, congrats on the baby.

            The price is never fun, but it always seems to be like its worth it. I've been using mac's for 12+ years now, and although I always have a win machine around, they just arn't for me. I have nothing against windows exactly, but Mac's are better for me. I prefer no headaches with my computer.

          • DiGz76

            Thank you, its our first so its exciting and scary at the same time.

            That's pretty much where I'm at with my PC. Sick of all the hardware and compatibility issues when trying to get stuff working in my studio. A buddy of mine just got a Mac and he absolutely loves it. Says all those problems are in the past for him. Though I will keep a PC also, more just for playing around. The Mac will be strictly for my studio and work.

          • DiGz76

            Hey be sure to let me know how it goes for you when you root.

          • Carlos

            I'm getting sick of seeing all this rooting and romming going on here! But seriously I want FroYo on my Droid but have a MacBook. Is there really a way to root on a Mac besides using boot camp?

          • greg

            I'm on the fence too but might leap off tonight or tomorrow . I just don't want to brick it. Can't afford another one

          • DiGz76

            It took me about 3 weeks of being on the fence too before I did it. I was afraid too I would brick my phone. After I did it I was like man that was so easy what the hell was I afraid of. He has to warn you of the dangers, and yes if you're a dummy you can damage your phone. I'm by no means a tech guru, and this was super simple for me. And there are a ton of people on this forum that will help you if you have problems.

          • Greg

            lol, thanks. I'm watching the video now.

            I have been reading this forum and noticed people are having problems w/ the 2.2 roms, whether it be google maps not working or wi-fi not working, etc. I'm considering rooting and staying with 2.1, however if the official froyo update comes out within the next couple weeks will I have to unroot to receive that OTA update or will I receive it if I'm rooted?

          • DiGz76

            The wifi issue has been fixed. Just make sure you use them 2.2 rom he posted yesterday and not the one from Saturday. As for the Google maps mines working fine. I know some people are having some problems, but its only because Google hasn't released the froyo update for maps yet since froyo itself hasn't been released. But I assure you its coming. You wont receive the ota update if your rooted. And you definitely don't want to root now just to unroot in a few weeks. Once froyo is released (and maybe even just before) you will see then all of the 2.2 custom roms coming out. And that's the whole point of rooting anyway.

          • Greg

            Good points. Thanks very much. I kind of forgot that the custom rom is always going to be better than stock. Will backing up w/ Astro do the job or should I back up w/ another program? I would have to pay for backup pro. Will my widgets and shortcuts all be backed up to their current positions or should I make a note of where everything is?

          • DiGz76

            No problem. Everyone on here has always been real helpful with me so I'm just trying to pass it on. Astro is the best I know of to backup with but it doesn't save your settings, so it is a good idea to note all that stuff. Not sure about widgets and shortcuts, I would make notes for that too. I unfortunately didn't know about astro before I rooted so I just pretty much had to start over with loading all my apps and stuff.

          • Greg

            I connect my phone and it comes up as removable disk (F:). If I drop update.zip here and into no folder will that put it on my SD card automatically?

            So anything I drop into the removable disk F drive will automatically go onto my SD card unless I specify otherwise?

          • Greg

            DOH! Wish I could delete this comment because as I watch more of the video my question in answered lol

          • DiGz76

            Yes removable disk F: is your sd card. Put it straight on there, not in any folders.

  • StephanC

    Looks a lot like my current Droid.

  • 1bad69z28

    Hey Kellex, I am wondering if the Droid 2 will have a 1.5 Ghz precessor with all of the more advanced features to reclaim the thrown and set the standard once again for the Android nation.

    • They *just* announced those, don't get your hopes up for anything higher than 1GHz – there hasn't been enough time for the faster ones to make it into phones yet.

  • Brandon

    If you close if definitely not the first droid. The buttons below the screen are different, the back button is second from the right instead of far left on droid 1

    • EC8CH

      Why do they keep screwing with the button layout? GRRRRRR

      • I agree the back button shouldn't be were a forward button would be…lol I dnt lik that that gives me more reson to stick with my baby the droid 1.

  • Hep

    Did they take that picture with an iPhone? (jab for no reason) Hope the 2 is AT LEAST as solid a phone as the Droid 1.

    • raj

      hahaha awesome jab though

    • leniamonio

      This is sweet

  • lol this may sound ticky tac but I would like if it came with a black notification bar.

    • Seriously, that white note bar is the BIGGEST pet peeve I have about stock.
      EWE!!! That white is so bold and takes away from all my awesome wallpapers lol

      • Ray

        Hey tim have you been able to put any themes on this new build that just came out today I hate the white not. Bar. Arrrggg

        • Nooope. I am done with Froyo until Pete releases his ROM.

          Are they not working?

          • Ray

            no non of them are working chaos or blackmodzz. you know when pete is releasing his Froyo Rom?

          • Ouch….
            No true release date. But I'm guessing any day now 🙂 lol

          • aczm1988

            I cant get any of them to work either.

            Sad 🙁

        • Stephen

          I have the blue energy theme right now, but have successfully run the clean black theme too. I'm not sure what the problem may be for you, but they work for me.

  • One thing I wanna know though… where the $%^& do these people get these things from? It's like these companies purposely leak these pics and leave their prototypes at bars so that people can get hyped up about this stuff! Anyway.. I WANT ONE! 😀

    • WhereIsTony

      More like employees seel them to sites and insist that people say they were found.

  • eric sorensen

    I wonder which one (or if any) of these new Motorola phones will have a front-facing camera? I haven't seen one on them yet from these fuzzy shots. Also, screen size looks about the same physical size. I was hoping for something larger like the EVO

  • IMA_210

    Looks like the soft keys on the front of this device are all scrambled out of order. They are not in the same order as our original Droids.

  • Greg

    Well, after all this talk…I'm mad it doesnt have a duel front facing camera. “But apple has it”.. I guess. *shrugs*

    Want to compete with the Evo. Especially since we are the leading Verizon droid, eh…

    • StephanC

      Screw the iPhone 4. FaceTime only works on wifi because of at&t's crappy network.

      • scrizzo

        Personally i dont get what the big deal is with video chat. Its cool but i think the novelty will wear off soon, especially since it requires wifi and a Facetime enabled device. Now if they made a Dick Tracy-esque video chat watch then that would be a big fan of the concept…

  • Falcon34

    I was debating whether or not I needed a keyboard, but I found that it does come in handy now and then. Also, if this has better specs then the Xtreme, then I'm definitely going Droid 2 over Xtreme without worrying about a keyboard. To me, I prefer the phone with the best specs (as long as it can be rooted). 😛

    • DoubleVision81

      I don't personally care about the keyboard for anything but Emulation. I considered making my next phone be more like the Droid Incredible (since I have liked typing with the hardware keyboard), that is until I downloaded SNESoid and got the Game Gripper. I gave the on screen D-pad a fair try and quickly learned that you can't beat that Game Gripper for playing some good old SNES games. For that reason alone I will be sticking with Droid's that have a keyboard when I upgrade in the future.

      • Falcon34

        I haven't tried the game gripper yet – but if they make one for the droid 2 I might give it a try. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

        • DoubleVision81

          It is awesome, I have no complaints about it at all. You would be surprised how well that keyboard works as a controller, when it simply has a piece of rubber with some plastic nubs that push on the keys below them. It comes with the warning for wear and tear and such, but I have played all the way through Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and am working on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (though Yoshi's island doesn't run so well on the droid) without noticing any wear at all on the keyboard from it.

  • scrizzo

    thoughts? i wish that camera took clearer pictures…

  • jt

    is it just me or does it look exactly the same. maybe its just the pic

  • rals

    Damn it still won't have a front facing camera…come on moto…sad thing is I work for Motorola

    • StephanC

      Ooh, what do you do?

      • rals

        Different side of the house. I work with Government and Network Enterprise…..mainly radios and infrastructure. Nothing to do with mobiles 🙁

        • StephanC

          Oh, to bad. Nice though.

  • Trug

    Hoping it has a front facing camera! 🙂

  • dammit where am I gonna get the money for this?

  • nerd but… 1st

  • jt

    hell to the yeah