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Exclusive: Motorola Droid 2 Activation Screen

Check out our latest Droid Life exclusive screenie. See anything unusually fantastic?   Motorola logo at the top.  A955 on the activation screen.  You betcha.  That looks like the Droid 2 to me baby.

And feel free to compare this to all of the Droid Xtreme shots we had last week (here and here) so you can see that they are without a doubt different devices.


  • Droid xtreme is the best droid phone to use. I have seen many reviews of this product as well and found it to be the best functioning mobile phone.

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  • is it just me, or does this look exactly like the droid 1..

  • Lookxitsxcarn3y

    The buttons are arranged differently.

  • is it just me, or does this look exactly like the droid 1..

  • Jt

    Should I get the droid or wait for the droid 2 to come out??

  • bosco

    So when is Motorola going to release these phones? What are they waiting for? Right now if I want an up to date Android phone I have to wait three weeks for a HTC Incredible. Can't Motorola get these in to Verizon stores now? Or is Verizon trying to unload their current stock of 7 month old Droids?

    What gives?

  • Shutech

    This is lookin great.

    Ok I have the Droid1 brother has env2 and it is starting to crap out.

    Don't know if we should keep waiting for the Droid2 or go with the Droid 1 for him.

    I don't follow releases too much but I did with the Droid 1 and there was a release date out for it way ahead of it.

    So my question is this?

    What do people think will Verizon/Motorola do a release of the release date or just one day release the phone and that is it? Besides the Droid1 what has Verizon/Motorola done with the other Androids lately as far as the release goes?

    If I think they will give the heads up first and a release date on this phone that I think I will go for the Droid1 as the Env2 is shutting down on him like crazy and he needs to get another quick?

  • picaso86

    does it look like a bigger screen from Droid 1?

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  • Chris Nimon

    as far as that chrome edge goes, I think any case is gonna cover that up.

  • Bas

    That phone looks very similar to the droid prototype (sholes). I think it is actualy the sholes. Picture of the sholes: http://v2lab.com/theory/wp-content/uploads/2009

    • Lookxitsxcarn3y

      The buttons are arranged differently.

  • Ulf

    Can anyone confirm that this will have hardware querty and 8mp camera? Why dont you offer an exclusive shot with keyboard open? 😀

  • John

    Is that a chin I see at the far right of the picture? -.- I thought there wasn't gonna he a chin

  • Chris Nimon
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  • uly

    Its the droid’s sexier younger sister. Slightly rounded corners, shiny silver shell, and bigger screen? wow!

    if it runs vanilla on a “snapdragon fast” processor then i am totally sold and will no longer be jealous of tmo for getting the galaxy S.

  • How are you able to tell that this is a droid 2? It looks just like a milestone to me.

  • the truth

    WTF?? why does the extreme have a bigger size screen then the droid 2?which ones gonna be the flagship device and which ones gonna be the secondary,

    • Steve

      It's the Xtreme, man, not extreme. Think 1998 and Mountain Dew or something else a decade old.

  • Can Motorola compete with iPhone with this Droid?

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  • neednewfone

    Motorola better release this phone quick before everyone gets sick of it. Teasing only is effective for so long.

  • Jgrey2003

    Physical keyboard or vitual?? 🙂

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  • Someone with knowledge

    Well… MAYBE I`ve seem one of those. …unfortunately I cannot give more details! Lets just say that a mix between what scrizzo and EC8CH said would be a good description of the device… Wait and see for yourself!

  • droidaholic

    off topic but i was wondering if anybody could help. i purchased rom manager but it wont install.. its really frustrating because all i have is the free version with just cyanogen and i want the rest.

  • Sean

    The back/menu/home/search buttons at the bottom of the phone look like Droid 1. The other Droid 2 picture has different looking buttons….

  • NIkoB

    I love how i see this then maybe 3 hours later it pops up on cnet (: I LOVE DROID LIFE!!!

  • palomosan

    Nice, I'm pretty sure it'll have everything that we want on it.

  • One thing's for sure. We need to find out who these people are taking the exclusive sneak peek pics of these phones so we can tell them to use a better camera, take shots that are not so tight and quite frankly take more and release more. I want to see the whole phone but from what it seems they are helping Verizon to keep the everything about the phone other than the look a tight closely guarded secret.

  • mike

    so which should i buy??
    droid 2 or droid Xtreme

    • aczm1988


  • aczm1988

    New *drop theme* for the new froyo that everyone just got. Should work for other froyo but i havent tried it.

    Download and put into a folder on sdcard. The go into clockworkmod recovery and choose instal zip from sdcard. Navigate to the theme and install it.

    Just so you know it will take AGES to boot to the point where you want to pull the battery. DONT it will go as much as i wanted to pull out the battery.

    Same drop theme style if you used the other one for 2.1