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Tip: Watch Hulu on your Motorola Droid

Still enjoying Android 2.2 on your Motorola Droid?  What about Flash?  Ready to watch your favorite shows on Hulu yet?  This seems to be goal number 1 for many of you and we’re pleased to announce that it can be done fairly easily.


1.  Obviously you need to have Froyo installed.

2.  Obviously you need to have Flash 10.1 installed.

3.  Open up your stock browser.

4.  Type “about:debug” and press enter.  (No quotations)

5.  Hit “menu” and then select “Settings.”

6.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the settings and tap on “UAString.”

7.  Select “Desktop.”

8.  Back out of settings and go to this URL:  hulu.com/widget/player

9.  From there, find a show to watch and done!

Comments or questions?  Who is not loving life right now?

Cheers Ray!


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  • Just want to add that this isn’t necessarily a limitation of the
    phone, but of the mobile platform in general. No matter what smartphone
    you get, you will run into the same problems as of right now.

  • Cool. seems okay on my HTC Driod Incredible

  • Cool. seems okay on my HTC Driod Incredible

  • Grapeeyes


    They do not block the droid

  • Grapeeyes

    Try crackle instead of hulu…works just fine.

  • Sexy_lada

    Yup, all steps worked as described up to the point when u have the widget player up and actually try to watch something. Obviously even when being recognized as a desktop rather than a droid, they still have found a way to keep us droid users out!! Very disappointing, especially because I purchased the droid2 when it first came out thinking that its flash capabilities would finally allow hulu on my phone! Sad 🙁 HAS ANYONE FOUND ANOTHER WAY?????!!!?

  • JAMwv

    just tried this and they've shut it down again. how sad that hulu wont let you view it on android

    • Jimmyjack12

      Typing about:debug just opens up more options from the settings menu tree. 


  • Comk4ver

    yea, hulu has shut out android users… how sad. I'm running dolphin on CM 6.0 rc3 (froyo kernal 1100). I ran everything and it didn't work. any ideas?

  • Comk4ver

    yea, hulu has shut out android users… how sad. I'm running dolphin on CM 6.0 rc3 (froyo kernal 1100). I ran everything and it didn't work. any ideas?

  • Tommy

    Works fine. Just Tried it.

  • it doesn;t wotk!!! it always says “this video is not available at this site”… HA!!!!

  • Just tried it in Dolphin and “this video is not on this site” or w/e it says displays. Guess Hulu fixed the workaround…jerks. God forbid they let us watch TV on our mobile devices. They could solve all that by just making their own Android app, but will they do that? Noooo of course not…grrr…oh well at least I’ll have Flash for other sites that don’t suck.

  • Darryair87

    I only have android 2.1 and I did the whole “about:debug” just to see if it really works. Well now all my webpages look weird and I want to reverese it. How do you reverse “about:debug”?

  • $creamDROID


  • Samsonite801

    Skyfire Browser has a quick button right on the tray that lets you change from Desktop to Android to iPhone on the fly too.

    • Grapeeyes

      Try crackle instead of hulu…works just fine.

  • Chris K.

    Not working anymore, they must be blocking it by IP or something else.

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  • Overman

    Urgle! I'd like to be able to do this for other sites, but when I type ABOUT:DEBUG and press go, I get nuffin. Either a Google search for about:debug or it just sits there…. what am I doing wrong here?

    • Androyd

      You're not doing anything wrong. Typing about:debug just opens up more options from the settings menu tree. Look through all of the setting options for thewebpage-in-question, then try it again after the about:debug entry

    • Guest

      you should not see anything happen when you type about:debug and then press enter. but when you go to settings and go to the bottom you will see new opptions

  • David

    I tried it with the Dolphin browser, and I'm getting the same “This video is not available on this site.” message that I got on the stock browser. Perhaps they've further locked things down?

    • Androyd

      Yep. Here's the order:
      1) It worked on the stock browser with Skyfire browser and Android 2.1, then Hulu killed it…
      2) It worked on the stock browser with the pre-release 2.2, then Hulu killed it.
      3) It worked on the stock browser with the pre-releade 2.2 and the UAString fix, then Hulu killed it.
      4) It worked on Dolphin Browser with the UAString fix, then Hulu killed it.

      The moral of the story is that Android phones are capable of watching Hulu, but Hulu won't play ball. They're licensed to stream movies/tv on computers, but not mobile platforms. They also know that someone will make a “Hulu Downloader” app that can skip commercials. They have to negotiate mobile pricing with the content producers, and try to make a distribution platform that won't circumvent the commercials.

  • Matt

    It worked before now it say's “This video is not available at this site.” and I don't know why

  • LRiley

    been watchin hulu on 2.1 with skyfire browser

  • Budhhatown

    Yep, I do believe they have plugged the hole. No more hulu for me.

  • ohiobuckeye7

    This no longer works. Getting a message that Hulu has blocked the application because it appears it's accessing it through a proxy server

    • HeathCliff

      i'm getting the same message. But I've never gotten through. Tried all the solutions suggested.

  • Steve Drees

    Didn’t take long for hulu to block this method.

  • Steve Drees

    Didn’t take long for hulu to block this method.


    If you can't get the stock browser to work clear your browsing history and try again, type in about:debug and go to settings.

  • Unknown

    Hi everyone, I been having a little problem see if anyone can please would help me out. I can watch videos just fine but no matter if is at the start of the video or at the end it soonest I zoom in, it makes my phone reboot everytime I do it? Any ideas for my little dilema!

  • Rezin

    too glitchy but at least its an option…is there anyword on when theyll enable hardware accelleration? will there be another beta or will they wait for the actual release?

  • Even if I dnt have 2.2 can I still switch my stock browser to the desktop setting and if so how…. always wanted to know how to do that on stock

    • Chris Nimon

      open browser, menu, more, scroll to bottom. settings, user agent.

  • lenny

    I don't see this step????
    What did I do wrong?

    6. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the settings and tap on “UAString.”

  • Sounds good. But I'd rather just wait for JRummy. {{-_-}}

  • droid4life

    When do we get official 2.2

  • evltwn


    So Blackdroid has copy pasted Kellex's work and posted it on his own site without any mention of Droid-Life. Not cool if you ask me. At least Kellex gives a source on his info.

  • iammebane

    my video is really choppy….. is anyone not having that problem

  • HeathCliff

    Since installing the 2.2 my wifi doesn't seem to connect, or connects only intermittently. I can't get through the Hulu. That circular hourglass goes round and round, and finally I get a message about the internet connection. Anybody else have this problem, with 2.2? What's the solution?

    • SFC Airborne51

      Make sure you installed one of the new Kernals. The stock one that comes with the 2.2 ROM does not have a working wifi. Try one of the updated ones from this post here http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/05/android-2-… and see if that doesn't fix it for you. I am running the 1.1 Ghz one even though it gives me 1200 Mhz as a option. I hope that helps.

  • DeeMat

    By the way, thank you for the detailed instructions and screenshots, Ray.

  • Anyone figure out how to fix the choppy video??

  • AndroFan

    I've only been able to get 1 video to work. the other 3 I got an error message saying “sorry, you're trying to use an anonymous proxy outside of the US” and wouldn't let me play the video. Anyone else get the same error message?

    • SFC Airborne 51

      Did you make sure you enabled location awareness in your browser?

      • AndroFan

        Yeah, it's enabled. It's ok, I tried it for Dolphin like someone below recommended, and it works perfectly. Thanks!

        • SFC Airborne 51

          Hehe cool that was me that recommended Dolphin Browser. I like it better then the stock browser so I wanted to see if it would work and since I didn't see anyone else post about it I did. I am glad that it is working for you and you are enjoying it!

      • HeathCliff

        I was getting to anonymous proxy message. I installed Dolphin, check the location box under settings but still getting the proxy message.

  • SFC Airborne 51

    Okay since I didn't see anything in here offically about this I thought I'd comment on using this in dolphin browser:
    1. Obviously you need to have Froyo installed. Same as above
    2. Obviously you need to have Flash 10.1 installed.
    3. Open up Dolphin Browser
    4. Type “about:debug” and press enter. (No quotations)
    5. Hit “menu” and then select “Settings.”
    6. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select User Agent
    7. When the pop up menu comes up select Desktop.
    8. Back out of settings and go to this URL: hulu.com/widget/player
    9. From there, find a show to watch and done!

    * Based on what Ray posted (THANKS RAY!!) just adapted for Dolphin Browser. It does work. I did want to make a side note here and that is if it tells you on the video that it is found at http://www.hulu.com then it will take you to the actual Hulu website. This will then enable the block and that specific video will NOT play. I just wanted you to be aware of that. Not all videos will work this way. I also enabled location awareness in Dolphin Browser which helped to avoid the you are not in the United States messages. Well enjoy having Hulu on Dolphin Browser!!

    • SFC Airborne 51

      One more thing. By enabling this you have to realize that until you disable it all websites you visit will be the full desktop versions. You will no longer be visiting the mobile sites for any webpages. I am not sure if everyone realizes that. I am not trying to insult anyone's intelligence either. This is an awesome site with a ton of great people but I know a lot of new people come here as well and may not realize this and get frustrated. I just wanted to point that out. Thanks Kellex and Ray for all you do!!

      • Thanks for the little bit of logic thrown into this otherwise sideways argument.

      • Thanks for the little bit of logic thrown into this otherwise sideways argument.

    • AndroFan

      I wasn't able to get it to work with the stock browser, but could with Dolphin because of this. Very helpful – thanks!

      • lithium630

        Same here. The stock browser worked yesterday, today it says Hulu does not allow proxies. Maybe hulu is intentionally fixing the workaround. Dolphin browser works great.

    • benjr06

      I wonder if they changed something already. I only get message stating that video isn’t available on this site.

      • Nomad1125

        same here

    • StretchinAZ

      ~shakes head~

      Dolphin Browser > More > Settings > User Agent > Desktop


      • StretchinAZ

        Please disregard comment above, no longer works. Will work for some other websites.

    • mrbbelle

      I tried everything that was mentioned on this page but I still can't watch family guy or anything for that matter on hulu. I have the motorola droid with buglessbeast v0.2 froyo 2.2, any suggestions?

  • Will it work on the N1?

    • StephanC


    • dominguez619

      You should flash the group that kellex posted a while back specifically for the N1. It includes wifi teetering and everything else it is supposed to include. I did it for my brother in law and he's had no problems as far as I know.

  • poeddroiduser

    Maybe this site should be renamed droid-ROOTED-life.com? Haven't seen a thing about how those playing by the rules can install 2.2 and Flash or did I miss something?

    • joshua

      That's because those playing by the rules CAN'T DO ANYTHING. Stop playing by the rules.

    • StephanC

      The content on this site is very diverse. There will be some rooted content and some non-rooted content but don't expect to be able to get custom ROM's or new OS's without root access.

    • Ray

      thats like asking why is everybody passing me I'm in first gear. Well get the hell out of 1st gear if you want to keep up. If you want to be behind wait 2 months and you will have Froyo!

    • Derek R

      How did I break the rules by rooting MY phone that I paid for? I'm also paying for the data plan so why not make the most of it? As far as I am aware the only thing I've broken is my warranty and I'm ok with that.

      As for why there isn't any info on how to do this without root the answer is simply because there currently is no way. Register for that alert when official 2.2 comes out and then you'll know as soon as anyone else. Until then, you just have to be patient.


      “Those playing by the rules” have to wait for the OTA and still can't enjoy the phone to it's full capability. Read, root, rom. You won't be disappointed.

    • Get your non-rooted Froyo here:


    • broderick

      You're not breaking any rules in rooting your phone and installing custom roms. It's your phone that you paid for and you own. You are going outside of your warranty, but there's nothing illegal or unethical about any of that, just some slight financial risk on your own part (really there's very little chance of ever harming your phone in anyway from this stuff, the disclaimers just need to be there so no one gets sued). If someone's not ok with that, that's fine, but they also shouldn't act entitled or disappointed that they can't do everything with their phones that people who are willing to break warranty are.

      After all, there's no point in making a website post for something if your only option and procedure is “download it from the market”, anyone can do that without instruction. So don't be surprised if things require actual instruction are for people with rooted phones.

      If you're on a site dedicated to the owners of a particular car, and people are making posts about cool modifications they're making to their car, would you post, “But that breaks warranty, why don't you post some mods that don't?” Of course not, because if you're not willing to break warranty (again nothing wrong with that) why would you be looking to do extra things to your car in the first place, or even visiting a website about the car. Clearly you can't change, diagnosis or really do anything to your car on your own if you're going to be faithful to the warranty. You would only drive it as is, and take to the dealer for any problems. That's ok, but again, what would you want the website for? Why should you be annoyed with those you use a website to enjoy their cars differently?

      No pressure to root your phone, I understand the hesitance, but please remember that there's no rule breaking involved, you're only acting outside your warranty and to be honest and frank, putting a decorative sticker on your phone or a non-officially licensed protective case could also void your warranty. Also please don't be surprised if actual instructive post are often for root users. Again, if it was simply “Go to market and installed official update” there would be no need for any website posts, would there?

      • Kmdavisjr

        Well said

  • tim

    Where is the stock browser? I'm getting nothing………….

    • tim

      Got it working, thank u all!!

  • I really wanted 2.2 specifically for this reason, but with no Google maps and gps not working it's just not an option for me, I really on those too much to not have them.

    • Ray

      not sure what your referring to but my gps,maps,and navigation all work fine although when i go into the market and try to install google maps it says it doesnt work but it actually does so not sure….

      • Well I never actually tried to run Google maps, but I know for a fact it broke my gps. Beautiful Widgets wouldn't locate me and neither would Movies, and my gps icon just stayed at the top like it was constantly searching. Gonna try out blackdroids froyo build now to see if it is any better.

        • Jose Martinez

          Blackdroid's has broken mms, you can theme it with TeamChaos black theme and the mms gets fixed or use Handcent…

          • andrew401

            blackdroid is a clown straight up

        • brandonmee

          The gps is working fine on mine.

        • Just tried Maps on my Droid and the GPS lock worked just fine. Caught my location in a couple seconds like always.

          • Donaldjack59

            After all, there’s no point in making a website post for something if
            your only option and procedure is “download it from the market”, anyone
            can do that without instruction. So don’t be surprised if things require
            actual instruction are for people with rooted phones. 

            nintendo ds r4

    • andrew401

      i'm with the other person who replied to you, everything works for me lovely for me in this build. i did hear from p3droid that google maps was either a hit or a miss. but i guess i am one of the lucky ones that it works for. also did you wipe datd and cache twice before install? if not that might have something to do with it

    • Thanks for all the responses. I did wipe data and cache twice. maybe it was just a bad install, I'll have to go back and give it another shot.

      • anilraj420

        maps work just wont let u update check your app list good its there

  • DeeMat

    Sweet! It works.

  • nick

    When I type about:debug then enter into the browser, nothing happens…When I go to the settings in the browser, none of these options (UA, etc) are even listed…Help!

    • Rejuvination

      same issue here

    • Ninjah

      took me a couple of tries, but keep trying and once you type it look in settings at the very bottom one of those times youll get that extra options..

    • Jose Martinez

      Same happened to me… it seems that when you type 'about:debug' and hit enter it doesn't do anything but it does… try going back into settings again and you should have many, many more options than before (debugging options)… if not try rebooting phone and repeating… many options appeared to me after I did this…

      • Jose Martinez

        For the record, all these sites work with this: hulu, ustream, atdhe.net

  • Ninjah

    just finshed installing flash & froyo but when i go to hulu after doing what this tutorail shows im getting a message saying:

    Based on your IP address, we noticed you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy tool. Hulu is not currently available outside the U.S. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll need to disable your anonymizer to access videos on Hulu.

    anyone else come acrross this or know how to fix it?

    • Ray

      i got the same message after following the instrustions try going to the site but use dolphin browser instead of the default browser and make sure under system settings that you have the enable location box checked!

  • Angelo Collazo

    Can't wait to get Android 2.2 on my Incredible!!!!

  • drummer26

    When I type about:debug then enter into the browser, nothing happens…When I go to the settings in the browser, none of these options (UA, etc) are even listed…Help!

    • Are you typing it in the stock browser correct?

    • drummer26

      NVM…Got it

    • nick

      how did u do it

  • boostfreak

    im not loving life now:( i keep getting an error while installing froyo… kellex help:(

    • Chris

      i got an error as well but it is working fine

      • boostfreak

        Did yours do the boot loop with the motorola M keep looping? i had to reflash my phone with RDS lite to fix it 🙁 BTW i only wited like 20 secs on the boot loop… i got woried it wouldnt ever boot so i tried to recover with no luck… so RDS fixed it

  • teddyrucks

    Outstanding work!

  • ThePaintPirate

    didnt work for me.

  • TheDon

    I love you

  • Jason

    Anyone elses hulu super choppy? Not really watchable on my moto droid at this point. Do I need a higher kernel?

    • Ray

      thats weird mine is super clear over 3g and wifi it actually look much better than skyfire or any other web video

    • Mine is super, unwatchably choppy on the 1ghz kernel over wifi or 3g. BUT…I've only been on froyo for like 30 minutes and people say everything gets smoother as you use the phone so I am going to try a bunch more times before I give up. 🙂

      • stefanl

        gets MUCH faster the more you use it

  • Dunner23

    Cheers Ray for posting this yesterday! Flash is sweet, but still a little choppy on my phone. Also, I'm not able to make it go full screen. Stupid not optimized for a mobile device warning…

    • Ray

      yeah its not going to hulu doesnt want mobile phones watching their videos thats why we have to do this process to trick the site so you really cant complain

      • Derek R

        From what I understand it's less that Hulu doesn't want mobile viewing and more that they don't have the rights for mobile viewing. Similar to how they don't have the rights to play American shows in England and other such things.

        This is only what I have heard (mostly while trying to figure out if Doctor Who is coming to Hulu) so take it with a grain of salt or two.

  • Mark

    This is not on topic really but i am not sure where to ask other than a new post. So after seeing all of the things rooting can do i tried doing it last night, i've had my moto droid for a little over a month now. And when i went to download spf recovery and the other things kellex said i needed my computer couldn’t open the sbf files. 🙁 So i couldn’t root. Anyone know how i can fix this? So my computer can dl the files?

    • Did you make sure to get the correct bit file? 32 or 64?
      What browser are you using to DL the files? I believe IE will not download the file correctly.
      I used Firefox. Worked well 🙂

      • Mark

        I am running 64bit i dont know how to check if it was the right one or not. I used IE then Google chrome. Should i try firefox?

        • Try Firefox.

          In the post it shows you how to go in the settings of your computer and see what drivers you need,

          • Mark

            Ok i dled fire fox so i should download the driver first? Then try again?

          • Mark

            When i go to dl SPRecovery it ask me open file w/internet explore or browse, or i can pick save file. Which should i pick?

          • briderx

            Install that from your phone browser…

          • Mark

            I cant download SPRecovery or the RSDlite to my computer.

  • Ray

    Damn i couldnt get a cheers Ray for posting this yesterday! thanks anyway LOL

    • Ray=Awesomeness in human form. lol

    • kellex


      Sorry I was out for most of the day and had not had a chance to read through the 500 comments. 🙂

      • Ray

        LOL i was just joking! but thanks

        • Ray has been slaying lately. Keep it up. You're only making this community that much
          more bad ass 🙂

          • DJ

            Yeah for sure I say your comment yesterday and tried it its good stuff.

  • cory


  • I did this last night. Oh and by the way Kellex, YOUR DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • I did this last night. Oh and by the way Kellex, YOUR DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!