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Theme Release: JRummy’s Remix Red V.07

You thought last Friday’s theme was spot on with red?  Wait until you see JRummy’s new V.7 themes which include a red version.  This might be the sexiest theme I’ve seen to date.  Scratch that.  This IS the sexiest theme I’ve seen to date.  Obviously you all know I’m a huge fan of JRummy’s work, but he may have outdone himself with this one.

*Note 1* – For rooted users only.  Rooting instructions here and here.

Instructions for installation…

1.  Open ROM Manager
2.  Tap “Download ROM.”
3.  Tap “JRummy.”
4.  Choose the red theme and allow it to download.
5.  When prompted to “wipe data and cache” and “backup” read below…

JRummy’s V.7 themes are based off of Cyanogen  If you are coming from a 5.0.6 ROM you can skip “wipe data and cache.”  I even managed to go from without having to “wipe data” but it’s up to you.  If you are coming from anything before 5.0.5, you should probably “wipe data.”

Backup is a good idea just in case you are nervous or don’t have a current one.

6.  Tap “OK”, allow the magic to happen and your phone to reboot.
7.  BAM!  Enjoy!

Check out the official JRummy thread which includes additional goodies here.

*Note 2* – Many of the JRummy’s themes run on a low voltage kernel so you may want to upgrade to a standard voltage.  Bekit kernels in ROM Manager offer you all kinds of options.

Questions?  Comments?  How you liking the red?

  • Ernest

    how do i get my facebook widget black like that?..mine is still white.

  • o5g35

    Just downloaded rom manager and when i hit jrummy it says 'error occurred while processing the rom list'.. and suggestions will be greatly appreciated..

  • brooklynboy031

    im running jrummys red remix but a few of my apps arent red any more and i havent updated any of them. evn tried to uninstall market updates. and it works till i agree to the terms

  • brooklynboy031

    im running jrummys red remix but a few of my apps arent red any more and i havent updated any of them. evn tried to uninstall market updates. and it works till i agree to the terms

  • Jer

    hey all…root noob here…i am running Cyanogen with this Jrummy Red Remix…i installed the goodies package with Root Explorer and enabled the scripts in Terminal…it said it installed correctly but I dont see any “goodies”…any suggestions please? Thanks guys.

  • Some of the custom icons and widgets (Facebook widget, Handcent icon) are still stock. Help please?


  • Some of the custom icons and widgets (Facebook widget, Handcent icon) are still stock. Help please?


  • I love tis theme but the helix launcher 2 that it came with isn't working correctly. When the launcher comes up all the icons are fine but the text under them is off to the right and cut off. Any suggestions?

  • mexi414

    Need a little help:
    I just rooted (went great thanks to this site, thanks) and am having a problem installing JRummys custom themes. Ive tried different colors and installing multiple times but every time i install i lose root access. Dif apps tell me that they arent being allowed root access where before install i was running rom manager and setCPU just fine. Please help. Thanks.

  • kschris

    A couple questions.. I just installed this through SPRecovery.

    The first time I opened the Market, after closing it, it reverted to it's default color scheme losing the red that came with the ROM. What happened, and can I fix that?

    Also.. I had set the default home screen to the Launcher, but I can't figure out how to clear the default to check out the other ones..

  • alefuego

    heeeeeeeelp since i rooted my fone i now do not recieve video messages…anyonwe know why and how i can fix it?

  • alefuego

    heeeeeeeelp since i rooted my fone i now do not recieve video messages…anyonwe know why and how i can fix it?


    Does anyone know how to pick the kernel that you want? Do you need advanced mode selected? (Rom Manager)

  • syntakk

    Updated to JRummy Remix .07 today, after running SetCPU my device would freeze after about 5 – 10 seconds and reboot itself. Had to wipe data/cache to get it running again. I downloaded and installed the bekit 5-slot 1.0 GHz standard voltage and everything now seems to be running fine.

    On a side note, I recently came to a realization that I've been spending way too much time messing around with my phone. My wife just had a baby and at night sometimes I wonder if he's too hot or cold, and I've found myself waking up thinking that maybe if I change kernals it will help….yeah, I know…

  • andrew401


  • nitrofumes

    I just rooted last weekend and its the best thing i ever did with this phone…the red theme is nice but def prefer blue…I was running UD 10, that's a nice rom but jrummys themes on top of koushs roms make this phone completely customizable. Especially with goodies that i just downloaded…unbelievable job guys…keep up the stellar work…and thanks to kellex for running this site…awesome job all of you!!!!!!!

    • tneison2

      How did you download the first rom at the very beggining right after you did the sp recovery?? please email me back asap. thanks

  • sdouglashceng

    Love it! I was running Smoked Glass-esque on CM, and just flashed this without a data and cache wipe, and it worked beautifully. All I did after was upgrade my kernal to a standard voltage instead of the low voltage the theme comes with. Easy as can be. BTW, if you are wondering what happened to your NexusMod LWP (as I was since I couldnt find it after messing around with some of the custom LWP's this theme comes with) it's the lwporiginal in the custom wall papers within the theme. Just open up Terminal Emulator, slide open your keyboard, type SU then hit enter, then type lwporiginal then hit enter, and you have the original sexy Nexusmod LWP back. Thanks JR for an AWSOME ROM and theme!

  • dylan84

    Big fan of JRummy's roms, ever since I saw Kellex post the cyan one. I downloaded and installed the red…but after a few hours I decided that I like the cyan one more.

  • dtrue21

    hey guys,
    just installed red theme then went back to blue because i had trouble loading live nexus wallpaper and i cant download any skins from beautiful widgets..any suggestions?? thanks!

  • dpu328

    Forgive my ignorance here, but I seem to be missing something. I installed the JR Red. I couldn't find any options for CPU setting. So I followed the link for installing kernels from Rom manager. I did it just fine. I still have no clue where to find these settings or options. Not in Spare Parts or settings that I can see. Anyone?

    • nkhex19

      Did you install SetCPU from the market? I think its $1.99 but totally worth it. You can use that app to set your overclocking speeds and profiles.

      • dpu328


  • Tom

    Would it be possible to get preview screen shots of all the themes in rom manager? Wiping the phone each time just to see what each is annoying.

  • dtrue21

    hey guys just installed this theme..pretty sick..for some reason though i cant load the nexus live wallpaper..any suggestions???

  • NikolaiVolkov

    I'm a big fan of jrummy's roms, he does solid work with a lot of sweet scripts and add-ons. Also when I had a question about switching to his rom on cyanogen forums he responded to it in a matter of minutes. Having said that the ability to switch roms so freguently got me burnt out on jrummys for the time being and im running Haxzamatic NexRom which has a cleaner feel to it, however, I'll probably switch back to jrummy next week because his work is so solid

  • rneal_ra

    I seemed to be changing ROMs and themes daily, but I think I have finally found one that will stay on my droid for a while. This red theme is truly beautiful. Thanks to jrummy for his awesome roms and themes and to droid life (kellex) for helping me really realize what my phone can do. Keep up the good work!

  • kyclover237

    Loaded this last night and love it! Also put my wallpaper as Nexus Live in red!

  • Timbo1

    Cool, I was gonna try the red last night, but flashed up the blue, Im loving it too, although I noticed a few bugs from time to time, but I like it still.

  • Avery42

    i like the jrummy my only prob is for some reason the rom places maps in system so its always running got sick of having to kill it in task killer all the time

  • schmaltzy

    Noob question—-Scripts….what are they? Do I need to download them? If so, how to install them??

    • sdouglashceng

      If you are rooted with one of these ROMs/themes you should have, in your app drawer, an app called Terminal Emulator. Open this up, slide open your physical keyboard, then type SU and hit enter. You are then able to type the scripts just as JR has listed them for us. You can add/remove/backup/restore…pretty much anything you want with these scripts. Just read the description of the scripts to find out what they do.

  • josh1980

    Hey Kellex,

    I'm on stock 2.1 and considering flashing SPRecovery so I can root and get custom ROMs. My question is when I go into SPRecovery can I make a backup on the stock recovery just to have if needed?

  • Crackerjack06

    I installed the Blue theme and it's great. One problem…

    My Helix2 only has 4 columns, no matter how much I mess with the Spare part setting.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • Crackerjack06

    I installed the Blue theme and it's great. One problem…

    My helix2 is only showing 4 columns no matter how much I mess with the spare parts setting.

    Anyone else having this?

    • Tom

      Uh… that would be everyone. Helix2 has 4 columns, but has the 4 icons at the bottom, and up to 7 screens which you can modify [in other words you can choose the amount of screens you have]

      Launcher2, has 5 columns, but no 4 icons, and 5 screens only.

      • Crackerjack06

        Right you are, thats disappointing. I guess i just assumed it was Helix2 when I saw the screen shots. thanks for the responce

  • hawgpapa

    I keep losing the root access (Super Ninja) no matter what. Any help with this?

  • slatejones

    I came from jrummy, I did the wipe data. Wanted to start fresh. I LOVE THE RED. This ROM is awesome, I may never change… until JRummys next update that is.

  • kaos2flo

    It looks so good! I love it!
    But one thing though, is anyone else's wifi tether not working? Because mine isn't working for some reason.

    • brandonmee

      I haven't tried the built in tether. That is partly due to the fact that I was using barnacle before the wifi I ever changed from stock roms. Try it out…it works great.

  • bkoz

    I have been a loyal follower of Pete's Bugless Beast ROMs and am currently running BB 2.1 V0.9. However, Pete has been busy and I have been itching for a new ROM to try out! Anyone who is a BB convert or has any feedback on Cyanogen Vs. Bugless Beast?

  • I may be dropping ultimate Droid. I just switched to v10 and its pissing me off. Ever since blackdroid started stealing from cyanogen its become more trouble than its worth. This theme looks pretty sweet and having all the options in ROM Manager makes it so much easier.

  • Mike C


    Houston, we have a problem.

  • dpu328

    Ditto, it's not there

  • Mike C

    Uhh, I just checked ROM Manager and V7 is nowhere to be found, just V6, I even cleared my download cache to make sure.

    • Try going to V6 first, then you'll see V7. That was my experience.

  • steelerman

    I was running JRummy Green v0.6 and updated to red with no issues. I did uninstall my Handcent prior to updating and loaded the Goodies v.0.7. I ran the addhandcent script in terminal emulator and everything is fine except my Handcent icon looks like my messaging icon and it is blue & white. Any ideas on how to change it to the red one?

  • evax00x

    So i installed it today but now my superuser ninja is gone. Now i can't use rom manager anymore because it says that an error occured while attempting to run privileged commands. I tried running update zip out of clockworkmod recovery and i got the superuser ninja back but i still get the same error when trying to use any program that needs root access. Anybody have any idea what I should do?

    • chris

      same problem here

  • trumpet444

    red nexus boot animation??? thats awesome jrummy!! (if you're reading this)

  • trumpet444

    dedicated to blue theme usually, but i'm gonna give the red a shot. creating a blue backup right now

  • jesh00

    i still like the original JRummys Remix with green theme

  • gwright1974

    First time rooter!! This is great. The video really put my mind at ease. With the new options in the spare parts can someone point me to an explanation of the options. Also what is “Super User' for.

  • Jarred

    I had the red theme for about 2 minutes, and I had to go with the cyan. I still have ol' red backed up there in case I ever feel in the mood for it, but cyan is just soo nice, especially with that new launcher button.

  • may have to try the red one…been using the smoke-esque theme for a while now and really enjoy the darker layout.

    This looks more like a Houston Rocket red 🙂

    btw Kellex, I always see Clyde Drexler out and about and I'm sure you remember him playing during his Blazer days…a really good guy.

  • Moeyknight

    I've been dragging my heels, but I am definitely rooting this weekend.

  • scorpion77

    Great job Jrummy i am a fan of the blue one myself but the red one is cool too … 🙂

  • I was running JRummy v0.5, but could not see v0.7 in ROM Manager. I used ROM Manager to upgrade first to v0.6, now I see v0.7 as an upgrade option. I'm downloading that ROM now.

  • johndoughto

    sweet! my first rom ever was jrummy 0.6 (is what pushed me to root, thanks to droid life making it simple and straight forward!) – just used rom manger (yes i actually paid $) to installed this red…
    Thanks to all, esp to Jrummy for my nice new droid…

  • DeeMat

    Very nice. First time installing JRUMMY. Love the red. Thanks!

  • droiddadi

    Finally did it but I don't see those red moving lines on nexus live wallpaper. Any help is appreciated.

    • kellex

      Neural live wallpaper.

  • iApex

    Running this now. Migrated smoothly from UD10. Icons changed automatically. Runs nice and smooth at 1.1ghz. I wish the power manager widget was more clean like it is on Ultimate Droid Black Droid.Great ROM nonetheless

  • syntakk

    Perfect, I've been waiting for the JRummy release built on, and the red makes it even better. Now I just have to decide if I want red or cyan…

  • sittingbill

    its not in my rom manager, i tried uninstalling and it updated but still only v.06

  • slimbeaty

    For some reason Cynanogen mod runs slow on my phone so i tried Bugless Beast through Rom Manager and it runs flawlessely. Also looks cool with the Black Smoke Live Wallpaper that matches the Black theme that comes already on the ROM.

  • droiddadi

    *Note 2* – Many of the JRummy’s themes run on a low voltage kernel so you may want to upgrade to a standard voltage. Bekit kernels in ROM Manager offer you all kinds of options.

    Any advantage i upgrading to standard voltage?

    • Tom

      Chances are it will run better, but have a shorter battery life. Low voltage will give you better battery life at the expense of performance. High voltage will give you better performance, but I'd wager that not only will the battery life worsen, but the risk of burning out your device will be heightened.

  • nickrad3

    I just rooted stock 2.1 per video posted yesterday, I have confirmed SU status and bought premium RomManager, but when I click on “download Rom” I get ” you must upgrade your Rom manager to the latest version!” Any idea what to do…no update available on the Market? I really want this theme.

    • On_Droids

      Uninstall free rom manager, then reinstall.

      • trumpet444

        haha awesome avatar (on_droids). its the exact same one i use on droidforums.net!!!

  • Daballa

    Jairomeo's “licorice flavored ice” is my theme of choice right now. Don't know if I'm feelin' that red. JRummy has some nice stuff though. I liked the cyan.

  • droiddadi

    V0.7 is not yet up on Rom Manager. How did you get in Rom manager? Btw I have premium

    • Rechbo

      I downloaded mine on ROM Manager about 4 hours ago.

  • Tom

    I like the red… But I have to say…I am a huge fan of the Cyan theme. Besides… The cyan theme launcher app drawer thing is the Cyanogen logo! Which I consider win

  • JTloc

    I'm really liking the Red theme, thanks for posting.

  • sdouglashceng

    Quick question: I'm running Cyanogenmod with Smoked glass-esque. Love it! BUT…I think I love the red even more. So, do I need to delete my smoked glass theme before flashing Jrummy's new red theme? Or can I just flash it and everything works itself out? If I DO need to remove my current theme first, how is that done? Thanks everyone in advance.

    • kellex

      Just flash this one and see what happens. 😛

      Should be fine. Make sure to backup though incase something weird happens.

  • palomosan

    I have the blue and I love it but the red one looks nice too, thanks Jrummy16 for the hard work.

  • vonbane

    Hey Kellex, out of curiosity what speed do you keep your Droid overclocked at? I was running 1Ghz on the Cyan theme, and I'm thinking about running the 1.1 Ghz on the Red theme. I wanted to know if you had any battery or overheating issues if you ran at 1.1.

    Also, does your Droid make a really wonky sound after the custom boot animation when you install JRummy's ROMs? I noticed it on both the Cyan and Red themes.


    • kellex

      I'm running the standard voltage 1Ghz kernel overclocked to 800mhz.

      I've used the 1.1ghz bekit kernel as well but only overclocked to 800mhz. Both ran/run fine.

      • vonbane

        OK thanks. I'll run it at 1.1 for awhile, enjoying the blazing fast speed and if it gets too hot i'll crank it back down.

      • Daballa

        Is that the P3Droid Kernel (1Ghz) Kellex? What are your thoughts on low voltage vs. standard kernals?

      • I'm running Red now, but how do I check the kernel I'm running, and how would I change to the standard if I'm running something else?

  • cwietbrock

    So i was running jrummy's blue v.6, and really liked that, but red is my favorite color and i've been waiting for the v.6 red to come out, but then this came along, and its quite the beauty. I'm loving the red!

  • I'm only seeing v0.6 versions of the theme. How does one get the 0.7 versions? I just updated Rom Manager before trying to install the new theme.


    • kellex

      Not sure why it's not updating. Give it a little bit. I think it just got posted.

      • “Give it a little bit.”

        Those are like the worst words ever for an early adopter. – Modern Family

        I guess I can wait. Boring, ol' rooted Droid. Your screenshots are mocking me…

        Will it auto-update in ROM manager, or will I need to upgrade to a new version of RM in the market?

        • kellex

          Hah yeah sorry about that.

          You could always try uninstalling ROM Manager and then re-installing. It definitely should be there for you.

        • Ray

          No mine didn't auto update you actually have to go into rom manager and update to version .7 yourself

  • I know rom manager is good and easy, but there is a way to do if for free from cyanogenmod.com/forum If you could can you check it out and tell us how to do it that way, cause that is how I and most others would enjoy to do it cause it is free

    • kellex

      This is true, you can do it for free.

      It's basically the process I've outlined here: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/14/video-inst

      But you would be using Clockwork Recovery instead.

      • Thanks so much, you are really the best, I love this site, and you are very user friendly.

  • I'm warming up to the idea of rooting especially with such an awesome theme from a highly acclaimed ROM. I would like to know whator how you create your backups. I assume there are a few options and wondered what you prefer kellex. Also I don't know what information I won't have after wiping it and clearing the cache. I assume I keep only what's is on my sd card? Thanks

  • jrummy16

    Thanks for the support here. After a little publicity from droid-life I noticed quite a few more people trying out the rom.

  • jrummy16

    Thanks for the support.. I don't think you realize how many people follow you here.

    • kellex

      Keep doin' such quality work and I'll keep trying to support as much as I can.

      Any chance you'd want to make a Droid Life theme with white and pink all over? Hah 🙂

    • droiddadi

      When v0.7 will show up in Rom Manager

      • kellex

        Its there for me. Check the market for an update. Or try reinstalling it.

        • dtrue21

          hey kellex, for some reason i cant load the live nexus wallpaper on this rom..any suggestions?..also i cant downlaod any skins from beautiful widgets, everytime i go to downlaod skins nothings there..please help and keep up the great work man!

    • Denise

      Sometimes my phone will show “This phone belongs to: ____” and “is protected by ____” Where in the phone do we go to add who the phone belongs to? I have checked all settings with no luck.

      • Tom

        that is not a ROM thing… That is a program called antivirus. You can modify that in the settings there. However, in my experience antivirus is more trouble than its worth. Might it help? yes… But how much? I had a winmo 6.1 phone for ages [read the 2 years before I was able to upgrade to my lovely Droid], had no problems with anything, no viruses or what not. So in my opinion, IF you are rooted, and you have a few nandroid images laying around… the use of antivirus is nil. Lets say you get a virus… just restore to a nonvirus infected back-up. Hell… if you don't have them… just do a wipe and reinstall your favorite ROM. So just get rid of that… its BS anyway. It screws with your SMSs and it bothers you about every little thing that an experienced user would be wary against as is.

        • Denise


  • gamboo

    Its got a christmas feel. How do you hide icon you dont use?

  • gonzo319

    I can't see it yet on ROM manager, I checked the market for an updata and there is none…hummmm…maybe I not there yet and will be up later?

  • nkhex19

    I just flashed this using ROM manager and this is by far my favorite rom I have used. I like how it has the updated Superuser App. Anyone rooted looking for a sick rom give this one a shot. The only thing I noticed is my market icon is the original green and not red,not sure how to fix that, all my other icons that are supposed to be red are. Thanks for posting this Kellex!!! What I love about JRummy's roms is they are nice and flashy looking but not overkill.

    • kellex

      If you look in your app drawer, it should be the correct color. Some of my home screen icons didn't change but I just deleted them and grabbed the new versions from there.

      • I have this problem with the Maps icon…even the icon in the app drawer is the stock version…this is after a wipe data/cache install too…

  • So, the reason for all the kernel talk is just for people who want their phones to run faster or what?
    Is it necessary for after you root or anything? Danke!
    You the man Kellex! Keep these coming! 🙂

    • kellex

      Kernel is all about the overclocking yes. 🙂

    • nkhex19

      Downloading different kernels don't matter if you do not wish ot overclock. Different kernels give you different options as far as overclocking. You have kernels that are low, medium and high voltage with 5 or 7 slots. Slots meaning the higher amount of slots in the kernel the more options of speed you have to set your cpu. For example the 5 slot stock kernel for this JRummy rom you can set it at 5 speeds, 250mgz, 400, 550, 800, and 1.1ghz I hope this helps

      • Yagermeister

        Thanks for the great knowledge drop! I was just about to ask that question! What is the difference b/w 800mHZ with low/standard/high voltage if the speed is the same? Is one safer than the other?

      • Thanks so much! That's great! So, I dont “technically” need to overclock to run these ROMs right???
        Thanks again! Love this site 🙂

  • Ray

    I downloaded the blue 1 earlier today its just a matter of preference

    • kellex

      Red is perfect timing for me as my Blazers are battling it out in the playoffs. Gotta represent the team colors!

      • KaZx

        I love the blue myself but this red theme is calling me

        • KaZx

          I found the perfect live wallpaper for this theme “Redeye Scanner”

          • slatejones

            Post a link. Where can we get the live wallpaper?……. please.

          • KaZx

            just search the market for it under “redeye scanner” it sorta looks like a cylon eye

            qrcode is here http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com

      • Ray

        Yeah amd I'm rocking the blue for my denver nuggets!

        • kellex

          Boooooooooo Nuggets 😛

      • fred114

        I have to green for my Celtics….but I want the red. 🙂

        • nkhex19

          Heck yeah, go Celtics! +1