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Google Messages for Web

Google Messages on Web is Changing Addresses

When Google's Messages app gained web support in June of last year, you accessed it by visiting messages.android.com and then scanning a QR code from your phone to pair up your computer's browser. That original address you visited is likely going to change to...
android imessage google messages

Android Messages Gets Much Improved Search Options

Looking through conversations in chat apps in an attempt to locate shared photos or address can be a real pain. In a move announced this week, Android Messages is getting a comprehensive search feature, allowing you to pinpoint the exact information you're...
Galaxy S9

Samsung and Google are RCS Besties Now

RCS will be cool in like 5 years when we have more than 1.5 carriers and some phones that can utilize it. Messages will be filled with typing indicators and higher-res images and all the group sh*t you could ever get into, in a group message. Trust me, we've...