New Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Images Show Its Squircle Body, Could Cost $700

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra - White

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The design of the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra is a topic we could discuss for hours. Is it hot? Maybe. It is goofy as heck? Also, maybe. Do we still love the thought of Samsung switching it up and bringing out their weirdness after years of playing it safe in the watch space? Absolutely. Are we (at the same time) shaking our heads at this likely being the too-close-for-comfort response to the popularity of the Apple Watch Ultra? Yeah, man. Still, I like it! Sort of!

Over the weekend, new images of the supposed Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra appeared and are said to be official renders. They will only fuel that conversation above, but I’m also more in love than ever. This watch is fun, funky, goofy, and I can’t wait to get one on the wrist.

The images arrive via @Tim_tom_0 on Twitter, who claims these are official. They certainly look official and not just 3D renders created from a third party. They look far better than the previous set of images we saw and it’s probably because they are far more realistic.

We have a charcoal or darker metallic version (below) along with a silver or white model (above). We also can see orange accents in the crown, which is flanked by buttons. That squircle design comes through, but not in such an odd way like it did previously. Instead, these looks like fresh takes on a likely-to-be-rugged design meant for more punishing days on the wrist. Or, like the Apple Watch Ultra, a watch meant for bros who want you to think they are active, but instead just wanted to spent a ton of money on a watch to look cool.

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra - Black

Speaking of price, the folks at 91Mobiles believe Samsung will price the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra at around $700. They were sent info that suggests a 47mm case and Titanium Gray colorway, although they do not mention that lighter silver version above. If we look back at the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, when Samsung first attempted this more premium watch, they gave us two shades of titanium and a starting price of $450.

Starting at $700 is a big price jump. Then again, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 currently sells for $800.

Fresh thoughts on the design and reported price?



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