Apple Commits to 5 Years of OS Updates for New iPhones

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It’s been a long time since I cared about the iOS vs. Android battle, but for those still keeping score, we officially have another tally on the Android side. In a move to meet compliance standards overseas, Apple has made it public that it intends to support new iPhones with fresh software updates for a minimum of 5 years from release.

Why does an Android blog care about this news? Because Google and Samsung offer its new phones with seven years of software updates, duh! Android wins, neener neener, iOS users. /s

Jokes aside, Apple has a longstanding history of supporting its iPhones and iPads for many years. For example, the iPhone X lineup (released in 2018) just received iOS 17.5.1, the same version running on the iPhone 15 models. Point being, iPhone owners have always been well taken care of in this regard and it’s only somewhat recently that Google and Samsung committed to seven years of updates.

This update competition is nothing but good news for consumers, as it’s looking like people are holding onto their phones for longer than they have in the past. Whether that’s because prices are stupid and ridiculous or people are stuck on 3-year contracts, so long as the phone is getting updated with the latest in a timely fashion, then who cares?

If you’re still on the internet taking part in the iOS vs. Google debate, it’s time to go outside and touch some grass, friends.

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