Telegram Adds 6 Improvements to Message Effects, Captions, Calls, More

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Telegram pushed out another decent update over the past several days that includes at least 6 noteworthy changes. Folks can now use message effects in 1-on-1 chats, captions can be properly placed, there are global hashtag searches, you can collapse those massive messages, and calls on computers should look better.

We quickly run through the changes below, so you can get back to life in a hurry.

  • More message effects: When in 1-on-1 chats, you can now send messages with animated message effects. To do so, type out your message, then press and hold on the send button to choose from 6 free effects. Premium members have hundreds more it seems.
  • Captions above media: Adding captions to media used to only show below whatever you just shared. Going forward, you’ll be able to move those captions above, which seems like the proper position to me. Great.
  • Phone number menu upgrade: Tapping on a phone number now brings up a redesigned menu for starting calls, adding it to a contact, copying it, etc.
  • Global hashtag search: I didn’t know hashtags were a thing on Telegram, but they certainly are and can be. Now global, hashtags can be tapped on within chats to bring up searches of those same hashtags from public channels. So feel free to hashtag whatever you like to find others commenting about similar subjects.
  • Collapsible quotes: Ever type out a lengthy message, but don’t want it taking up so much space in your chat? You can now quote parts of your text to shrink them behind an expandable button. To do so, highlight the portion of your message you want collapsed, then tap Format>Quote when those options appear.
  • MacOS Calls more colorful: In the voice and video calls UI on MacOS, Telegram now has dynamic backgrounds and animations like you already see on Android and iOS.

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