Chrome on Android Gets New Floating Picture-in-Picture Feature

Chrome Android - New

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Already live for users, Chrome has received a sweet new feature called Minimized Custom Tabs.

When in select apps, such as Gmail, whenever you open a web link that opens a Chrome tab, you can minimize that page into a floating picture-in-picture, allowing you to quickly jump in and out of Chrome and the app you were using. Just like any floating bubble on Android, you can move it around to wherever works best, too.

The Chromium team is clear that this is a Chrome feature, but hopes other browsers will adopt similar functionality.

I already checked to see if this is working from Gmail and I can confirm that it is. When you open a web link, you’ll see a new downward facing arrow in the top toolbar. Tap on that arrow and you’ll minimize the tab to quickly be back in Gmail.

Thanks, Chrome team.

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