Samsung’s Galaxy Ring Stops Through FCC and Shows Off Everything

Galaxy Ring - SIZES

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring might end up being priced higher than some were expecting and could come with a monthly subscription, but we’re still looking forward to it. The wearability of a smart ring is something to consider over smartwatches, which are often bulky and a fashion nuisance. We’re constantly on the hunt for Galaxy Ring news and today we have uncovered some.

The Galaxy Ring stopped through the FCC today and has revealed 9 different models, pictures of each, battery capacities per size, and the charging cradle that will keep your ring powered.

The FCC filing for the Galaxy Ring is listed under A3LSMQ503. That gives us a model number of SM-Q503, which is referred to in the filing as the “basic model” and is the smallest size. They do include the rest of the sizes with this same model too.

We get models of┬áSM-Q500, SM-Q501, SM-Q502, SM-Q503, SM-Q505, SM-Q506, SM-Q507, SM-Q508, and SM-Q509, all in an FCC document. The document shows off every single size of the 9 different Galaxy Ring versions next to its model number. And for those curious, yes, Samsung already confirmed that there would be 9 sizes available. Typically, these images would be hidden from view until well after a device is official, but Samsung has already showed off the Ring. I still wonder if this was a mistake on someone’s part.

Galaxy Ring - FCC Size

Samsung Galaxy Ring - Sizes

Beyond the images of each Galaxy Ring, the FCC filing shows off the size that corresponds to each model and also their battery sizes. The smallest battery is at 17mAh, the mid-range battery is 18.5mAh, and the largest ring will have a 22.5mAh battery inside. The documents we viewed also confirm that connectivity only happens via Bluetooth LE, which is to be expected.

Galaxy Ring - Battery Sizes by Ring Size

We’re still diving in to find more info, but the filings also reveal the charging cradle for the Galaxy Ring. This is where the FCC label will live on the bottom of this cradle and also in the user manual. It appears that Samsung will have separate model numbers for each ring’s charging cradle, though we aren’t sure if the sizes of the cradles will change.

Galaxy Ring - Charging Cradle

We’ll let you know if we find anything else.



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