Sony’s Xperia 5 V Micro Should be Real

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Every year when April 1 rolls around, I find myself upset because some of the ideas that are shared strike me as pretty good, then I find out they’re not real. It’s rude, honestly. Take this idea from Sony as an example: Xperia 5 V Micro. Flagship phone in miniature size? Genius.

Sony’s tweet says, “This pocket rocket of a smartphone has a tiny camera that packs a punch.” In my mind, a “pocket rocket” is a reference to a lady’s sex toy, so props to Sony for having fun with this and not being afraid to go there.

But seriously, I’ve tried the mini phone before and it’s the worst thing ever. I don’t even have overly huge hands and they’re all impossible to use. Neat idea, but let’s not.

No pricing or availability for Xperia 5 V Micro was made available.



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