Wednesday Question: How Much Phone Storage are You Using?

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We have an easy question for you today: How much storage are you using on your Android phone? As the years have gone by, companies are giving us more storage as a base, but lately, it’s looking like 128GB is that standard amount of base storage, with phones continuing to top out at 1TB.

Speaking of the 1TB option, are there actual human beings that need that much internal storage on a phone? What are you doing with all that? Maybe I don’t want to know, but still, it seems much easier to keep things on the cloud, unless you’re one of those SD card lovers. More power to you, but they have certainly disappeared from our Android phones.

As for me, I’m looking at 94GB used of 256GB on my Galaxy S24 Ultra. According to the phone, 55GB of that is due to apps. YouTube is taking quite a bit (I have some videos downloaded just in case), Marvel SNAP takes 3.5GB, and YouTube Music also has a hefty chunk at 2.3GB (more downloads). Assorted videos and images take another 9GB, but I do my best to keep things synced with the cloud, as I still tend to switch phones every now and then.

How’s your storage looking in 2024? Would you say you’re using more storage or less compared to a few years ago?



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