Here’s the OnePlus Watch 2, Launching February 26

OnePlus Watch 2 - Official

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OnePlus might have teased the OnePlus Watch 2 yesterday in the vaguest of ways, but they’ve already asked us to forget all about that moment in a new reveal. OnePlus has officially outed the OnePlus Watch 2 and told us when to expect it along with an incredible battery promise.

The image above is the OnePlus Watch 2 in black and silver, with full-round displays and a design that matches the one leaked months ago. The back shows off what appears to be a PIN charging system and large health sensor, plus a band system that fits perfectly into the watch’s lugs like we’ve seen Samsung do. The black model includes a black rubber strap, while the silver model has what appears to be a green band.

Unlike many watches, the OnePlus Watch 2’s rear case doesn’t reveal a bunch of specs. We often see other watches talk about their materials, if they have GPS, their level of water and dust resistance, etc. For this watch, OnePlus has put their corporate address and the FCC ID, which is 2ABZ2-OPWWE231. That has not yet passed through the FCC as far as I can tell. (UPDATE: The OnePlus Watch 2 has landed at the FCC here.)

OnePlus Watch 2 - Charging

OnePlus has opened up a landing page for the OnePlus Watch 2 to prepare for launch. Launch is happening February 26.

On this new landing page, they’ve also revealed a $50 off deal that you can buy for $0.99. They are planning to run a trade-in program too that’ll get you $50 off with the trade of any watch in any condition. Time to ditch that old dead watch sitting in your sock drawer.

In a separate forum post, OnePlus says to expect 100-hour battery life in this new Watch 2 when running in “full Smart Mode.” The body is made of stainless steel and the display is covered in sapphire glass. The case colors are officially known as Black Steel and Radiant Steel.

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