OnePlus Kicks Off OnePlus Watch 2 Teasing

OnePlus Watch 2 - Teaser

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When we heard the news that Fossil was officially leaving the Wear OS space, our initial reaction wasn’t to worry about the future of Wear OS or that this could be a sign of Google’s commitment. We know that Google is all-in with its Pixel Watch line and that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line is doing numbers for the platform.

Instead, all we could think about was the fact that Fossil exiting meant one fewer choice for consumers in a product space with very few options. There doesn’t appear to be a growing line of companies looking to enter the smartwatch arena with Wear OS and that sucks because Wear OS is finally getting pretty good.

That said, we do believe OnePlus is willing to take a shot at it and that’s great news. We need more companies to show us what a smartwatch can be and do, because we’ve seen the vision from Google and Samsung. We need to see what else can be done.

OnePlus has started teasing its next smartwatch, a watch we believe will be the OnePlus Watch 2. This watch leaked in great detail back in November with a design that matches the first big tease.

OnePlus’ first teases all include the same image (above) and with taglines of “It’s time, to do it right!” and “It’s about time.” They’ve posted the teases to Instagram, Twitter, and their own community forum.

They haven’t said yet that the watch runs Wear OS, but it sure seems like they are hinting at it. And again, big leaks have suggested it will indeed run Google’s wearable platform.

The device above is a typical round smartwatch, but OnePlus is at least mixing up the design on its side with what appears to be two buttons in a custom housing, one that might even rotate. It looks like brushed metal in a dark color will be at least one of the finishes.

Guys, we at least excited about this one? I kind of am.



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