YouTube TV Gets a Last Channel Shortcut!

YouTube TV 4K

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YouTube TV continues to be one of the best streaming TV options around, thanks to its excellent channel line-up, included DVR, and slick apps on several platforms that seem to get a regular dose of new features. This week, it picked up yet another one that is incredibly useful, yet also should have been here several years ago if not from day 1.

Over on reddit, the YouTube TV team announced that they have rolled out a Last Channel shortcut and it should be available to everyone.

What is a last channel shortcut? Well, if you’ve spent time with any cable subscription dating back to the early 2000s (or probably before that), you may recall a button on your remote that said “Last” or “Previous.” That button would take you to the previous or last channel you were on in the quickest way possible. It’s basically a standard TV viewing shortcut that YouTube TV has (for some reason) not had up until this point.

Soooooo, hooray for YouTube TV subscribers!

To use this new shortcut, YouTube TV says to do the following:

  1. Open the YouTube TV app on your TV
  2. Play any video
  3. Choose and play another video
  4. Long-press (press-and-hold) the OK/Select button on your remote while watching the second video
  5. You’ll be taken back to the last channel or video that you were watching




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